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    1. After closing prayers, the excited congregation burst into the sunlight and made a dignified dash for the village hall

    2. dignified applause in the VIP enclosure

    3. It is a simple yet dignified service

    4. was tall, handsome and dignified in his bearing; the latter

    5. little more quickly than was dignified in the direction of the

    6. Instead he moved Kevin’s limbs into a more dignified position, legs together and arms by his sides, and then returned to the rope that Fletcher was lowering back down

    7. They possessed, too, in a much higher degree than their adversaries, all the arts of popularity and of gaining proselytes; arts which the lofty and dignified sons of the church had long neglected, as being to them in a great measure useless

    8. He tolerated their antics with dignified patience

    9. Serious and dignified, but with a slight twinkle in his light blue eyes, the man was everything Sergeant Ferguson had led Colling to believe he was, and Colling understood why so many of the men in the regiment who had fought beside the Colonel had such a high opinion of him

    10. This dignified dining continued undisturbed despite aerial attacks of seagulls, terns and frigates dive-bombing into their midst

    11. A dignified, gentle presence in my house, she stood erect and watched impassively as I knelt perspiring on the floor at the bathtub, washing my husband's safari suits, my child’s clothes, my dresses and our bed sheets

    12. I shan't do it, of course"--Anne had noted a glint of alarm in Susan's eye--"it would be too unconventional, and we must be conventional or die, after we reach what is supposed to be a dignified age

    13. The dignified guest sported a dark maroon military jacket with brass buttons and two silver bars over a cavalry insignia

    14. Would this not be far more valuable than a tombstone which costs thousands? It seems to me, the cheapest is also the most dignified and honourable

    15. I suppose this was because among the Ani’ Yun’-wiya the women were always modest, gracious, kind, and dignified

    16. less fat, temperament is the feeling of inner feelings and state of an apparent, feel, and state in the body to the royal of muscle, muscle balance fat, dignified man won't be lazy, their comfort and

    17. He replied in kind and I decided to beat a dignified retreat before things got out of hand

    18. I met Hiacoomes’ stalwart ancestors, all tall, dignified, elegant people

    19. I hesitate to even think of that voice of his raised in song and he has always been much too dignified to play

    20. The knives, the arrows, the spears, and especially the swords, all true works of art, dignified of such a master of arms

    21. I had to wonder what the very dignified Cuauhtzin would think of this little green bundle

    22. Anyway, while Cuauhtzin could leave one’s ears ringing on occasion, he was generally very quiet and dignified

    23. I had come to warn you of your impending future the way any dignified brother should

    24. 41 And he placed Terah the son of Nahor the prince of his host, and he dignified him and elevated him above all his princes

    25. 51 Terah was seventy years old when he begot him, and Terah called the name of his son that was born to him Abram, because the king had raised him in those days, and dignified him above all his princes that were with him

    26. 41 And he placed Terah the son of Nahor the prince of his host and he dignified him and elevated him above all his princes

    27. 51 Terah was seventy years old when he begot him and Terah called the name of his son that was born to him Abram because the king had raised him in those days and dignified him above all his princes that were with him

    28. Yazadril had given a shallow, dignified bow at his introduction, and the ladies gave a curtsy

    29. Mark tried to ignore it all, and hoped he wasn’t walking funny, unused as he was to the slow, dignified pace Theramin had set

    30. “This great hall should be more than just a dignified edifice of assembly

    31. He’d intended to sound dignified, but his words came out as a mere whisper, unadorned by pride

    32. The tables and chairs near the front door were artistic and delicate, set with fine linen and silver, and were occupied by formally dressed citizens who engaged in relatively quiet and dignified conversation

    33. By the gods, he will never grow used to this method of travel, which remains neither elegant nor dignified

    34. His paint-smeared face stayed calm and dignified as he sat on the shield, sipping booze from a gold-decorated horn, as his fighters carried him in circles around the fire

    35. the best they could hope for was a dignified stand and an honourable death

    36. dignified, holy and serene, and anyone meeting Him could hardly fail to

    37. with them, if I say that an advanced ego reminds me of a dignified, stately

    38. face speak of Him as in appearance a handsome youth, dignified, benignant

    39. He was a dignified man who personified integrity

    40. His was a dignified manhood; he was good, but natural

    41. Wouldn’t have guruji guessed her fascination for his son? Lost as she was to Suresh’s pictures, how would she have known about it? And, as she saw picture after picture of the handsome guruji and his beautiful wife, how fascinating she felt! When she came to the mid folios, didn’t she find a cute and naughty toddler in their laps? Didn’t she think he bore his mother’s features? How dignified the couple looked in their middle age! Besides, didn’t they look rich and suave? As every picture tied her down, competing for her attention, how long it took her to reach the bottom all again! Didn’t Suresh look handsomer than his father ever seemed?

    42. They sought to embroil him in debate, but his answers were always enlightening, dignified, and final

    43. They wore expressions of dignified solemnity, and all arose to their feet as he approached them

    44. She returned to her own dais, because that was at least more dignified for a queen than groveling on the floor at the feet of a sorcerer, and eyed him apprehensively, expecting reprisals

    45. They raided the shipping, and harried the Zingaran coast towns, just as the Zingaran buccaneers did, but these dignified their profession by calling themselves Freebooters, while they dubbed the Barachans pirates

    46. Conan's answer was neither kingly nor dignified, but characteristically instinctive in the man, whose barbaric nature had never been submerged in his adopted culture

    47. 4 As they made ready to remove the body of Jesus from the tomb preparatory to according it the dignified and reverent disposal of near-instantaneous dissolution, it was assigned the secondary Urantia midwayers to roll away the stones from the entrance of the tomb

    48. 3 Oriental law was stern and arbitrary; Greek law was fluid and artistic; Roman law was dignified and respect-breeding

    49. Realising that her friend was out there, somewhere, feeling hurt and humiliated, she bit down her pride and left the restaurant to find him, in what she hoped was a dignified manner

    50. The PK was considered a royal, dignified, sacred

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    Synonymes pour "dignified"

    dignified self-respectful self-respecting formal ceremonial ceremonious ritual serious sedate staid