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Divergence в предложении (на )

  1. That your Divergence is weaker.
  2. This divergence shown in Figure 11.
  3. Two examples of divergence were found.
  4. There was another divergence in the path.
  5. The last foundation I consider is divergence.

  6. Convergence – Divergence of Moving Averages.
  7. This divergence of MACD-Histogram in Figure 23.
  8. Uses of convergence and divergence in analysis.
  9. The message of a bearish divergence in Figure 23.
  10. If there is no crossover, there is no divergence.
  11. This is a bullish divergence and is also positive.
  12. This divergence allowed the researcher to observe.
  13. The bullish divergence: You will favor stocks where.
  14. The Bearish Divergence: You will favor stocks where.
  15. Truly, the divergence tool is a very handy one indeed.

  16. This divergence camouflages the real top in the market.
  17. There was a strong negative divergence shown on the MACD.
  18. Many traders claim OBV's most useful signal is divergence.
  19. The use of convergence and divergence has many applications.
  20. There is no bullish divergence seen in any of the indicators.
  21. There is no bearish divergence seen in any of the indicators.
  22. Crossover and convergence (or divergence) in moving averages.
  23. This divergence between the great amount of financial data.
  24. A divergence is seen as a possible trend reversal indicator.
  25. Also, divergence is often a temporary and fleeting condition.

  26. A bull setup is basically the inverse of a bullish divergence.
  27. He was horror-struck when he saw how great the divergence was.
  28. When divergence is found, RSI is acting as a leading indicator.
  29. A second aspect to oscillators is the value of divergence signals.
  30. I took this trade because the negative divergence was very strong.
  31. Just as the price trends were quite short, so was the RSI divergence.
  32. The MACD divergence switches the review from two-sided to the upside.
  33. In this case, divergence by itself might not be especially significant.
  34. That's where MACD-Histogram ticked up, completing a bullish divergence.
  35. The point of divergence comes at the point that Charlie made her go away.
  36. On those rare occasions when a bearish divergence aborts, I may go long.
  37. Next, the bullish divergence setup is valid when price does three things:.
  38. Note that you need divergence on only two indicators to validate the play.
  39. In divergence analysis, the price and the indicator tend to move together.
  40. If a divergence exists, OBV is expected to move in the opposite direction.
  41. In the rare instances when a bullish divergence aborts, I look to go short.
  42. George Lane identified another form of divergence to predict bottoms or tops.
  43. The divergence was glaring, and in the final analysis, would prove decisive.
  44. This divergence is not without its cause and meaning, as we shall show later.
  45. Bullish and bearish divergence signals can be used to anticipate a trend reversal.
  46. If there are no swings, there is nothing to measure so we cannot have divergence.
  47. After three pushes down, the last of which was on a glaring momentum divergence (i.
  48. Traders also compare the OBV with price to look for either divergence or confirmation.
  49. For example, Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD) tracks two moving averages.
  50. There was a dizzyingly wide divergence of beliefs and practices in those far-off days.
  51. Also, we can't call the pattern of lower indicator tops after the bottom C a divergence.
  52. These differences in performance produced a typical stock-market divergence in valuation.
  53. In order to count as a divergence, MACD-Histogram has to cross and recross its zero line.
  54. Figure 9-16 shows Appel’s Moving Average Convergence Divergence Indicator, known as MACD.
  55. The divergence in direction between historical and implied can indicate the end of a trend.
  56. That’s why the name of the measurement is moving average convergence divergence, or MACD.
  57. Crossover and divergence are significant because they predict reversal before price changes.
  58. A significant move in RSI is divergence, when the RSI direction contradicts the price trend.
  59. Lane asserts that a %D divergence is the only signal which will cause you to buy or sell.
  60. Technicians look for confirmation, but a danger in this is that divergence may be overlooked.
  61. A second and equally powerful method is to compare divergence between price and oscillators.
  62. These also anticipate price weakness when divergence appears between the indicator and price.
  63. Execution risk is the divergence between those intended points and the actual prices received.
  64. A thumbnail picture of a bullish divergence with a false breakout is a reminder of the strategy.
  65. As a consequence, the trend might weaken well before the MNA convergence or divergence appears.
  66. Note the bearish candle on the trigger day and the bearish divergence seen in the MACD indicator.
  67. OBV confirms price moves when it runs with price, and shows divergence when it runs against price.
  68. Next, the bearish divergence setup is valid when price does three things: It trades above the 50 MA.
  69. The base shows bullish divergence in the MACD indicator, confirming that the base is a bullish one.
  70. Once a divergence takes hold, chartists should look for a confirmation to signal an actual reversal.
  71. In other words, it should not break the pattern of the trend and should not show momentum divergence.
  72. Convergence and divergence is applied more often to compare price trends to two moving averages (MAs).
  73. The second divergence takes place when the ES made lower lows on April 1, yet the RSI made higher lows.
  74. A corollary to the preceding is that the best pullback trades will not come after a momentum divergence.
  75. The divergence between OBV and price should alert chartists that a price reversal could be in the making.
  76. A divergence is detected when, for example, the price makes a new high and the indicator fails to confirm.
  77. The divergence itself predicted short-term uptrends in both instances, and both uptrends followed quickly.
  78. The second top of MACD Lines was more shallow than the first, confirming the bearish divergence of MACD-H.
  79. Several technical indicators identify tops by tracing a pattern called bearish divergence (see Section 4).
  80. B: Another thrust to highs fails to see follow-through, and generates a glaring sell divergence on the MACD.
  81. It was one of several stocks that developed a setup for my false breakout with a divergence strategy.
  82. A bullish divergence forms when price records a lower low, but the stochastic oscillator forms a higher low.
  83. When the price and another indicator reveal divergence, it could be a signal that the current trend is weak.
  84. To be specific, if price is moving higher while OBV is moving lower (divergence), that is a negative signal.
  85. A buy signal is given when prices reach the lower channel line while an indicator traces a bullish divergence.
  86. Convergence and divergence is most often thought of in connection with MA trends and as a momentum oscillator.
  87. A bearish divergence forms when price records a higher high, but the stochastic oscillator forms a lower high.
  88. In the 1926–1935 period we note a striking divergence from the exhibit of United States Steel for 1923–1932.
  89. And the greater the divergence between actual life and men's conscience, the greater the extension of hypocrisy.
  90. Another signal you can look for is divergence, which occurs when the stock is hitting new lows but RSI is rising.
  91. Its technical picture looks similar: a double bottom with a bullish divergence of MACD-Lines and MACD-Histogram.
  92. The MACD fast line divergence is a crutch, but it is a useful crutch, especially for new and developing traders.
  93. As prices turned down from their bearish divergence on a 5-minute chart, I scrambled to lower my sell order to $9.
  94. Divergence may signal a bullish change (oscillator moving in a bullish direction versus price in a bearish trend).
  95. When price makes a new high but the MA moves lower (divergence), it signals weakness in the uptrend price movement.
  96. Notice that the breaking of the centerline between two indicator bottoms is an absolute must for a true divergence.
  97. Notice that the breaking of the centerline between the two indicator tops is an absolute must for a true divergence.
  98. After billions of years of evolutionary divergence, we were going to begin the process of evolutionary convergence.
  99. When price makes a new low but the MA moves higher (divergence), it signals weakness in the downtrend price movement.
  100. The chart of Wal-Mart (WMT) provides an example of bullish divergence between price and Relative Strength Index (RSI).

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