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    1. hell does she want? This is so embarrassing

    2. This action of embarrassing Saul was unnecessary, and the very heart of David recognized it

    3. He insists on binding my thighs with soft bandages before we move on – a process which is embarrassing and at the same time bond-building

    4. He was thinking of getting either the captain or Glayet here, but if it really was Ava driving this cherub that would be very embarrassing because she could easily cover her tracks

    5. His chat up lines developed from monosyllabic grunting into the crudely embarrassing hope of youth before finally passing into the hopelessly threatening swagger of the seventeen year old

    6. She also knew that Lucy would be out at a friend’s house until nine o’clock, leaving her at home all alone, alone with Alan, who was at an age when he still preferred a set of headphones in his bedroom to the embarrassing company of his father in the pub, no matter that his father would pay for the beer

    7. Alexei felt an embarrassing stirring as he bowed

    8. I quite see that it could be embarrassing for some of them

    9. embarrassing hope of youth before finally passing into the

    10. She returned it with interest, embarrassing Ava and making her look away while their hands fondled each other

    11. I am denied the right to go to church, because of my embarrassing condition

    12. In an attempt to shun away embarrassing questions, devotees usually replaces the word ignorance by mystery

    13. Vorous also had an embarrassing problem

    14. After that, my mother told Savannah embarrassing stories about my childhood and Savannah spent most of the evening laughing, which I was grateful for

    15. “Shame on you, dear, for embarrassing her like that

    16. From one fruitless care, it was turned away to another care much more intricate, much more embarrassing, and just equally fruitless

    17. “How did our scanners miss that?” Song muttered in disgust at herself---she'd done the last recalibration to them and this was embarrassing

    18. If but one of those overgrown manufactures, which, by means either of bounties or of the monopoly of the home and colony markets, have been artificially raised up to any unnatural height, finds some small stop or interruption in its employment, it frequently occasions a mutiny and disorder alarming to government, and embarrassing even to the deliberations of the legislature

    19. ‘That’s a relief,’ she said, but thinking how her bedroom wasn’t clear of some embarrassing items

    20. “Remember in like Flynn get the guns put out of commission and get out no hanging around, right is everyone ready?” We all acknowledged that we were and then we made a final check of our weapons making sure we had a round up the spout and that our bayonets were attached properly and would not fall off at an embarrassing moment

    21. embarrassing endearment towards him but by the time Jack had

    22. We held each other and just talked and then we fell asleep when we woke we made love for the first time it was a bit awkward at first but we laughed our way through the more embarrassing bits

    23. embarrassing episode to a man that would most probably laugh at my raging incompetence and lack

    24. embarrassing thing I have ever had done at the doctor’s in my life

    25. Jean felt hot flushes in her cheeks! It was sometimes embarrassing to share your thoughts with another woman

    26. It had come, too, after a spate of embarrassing losses

    27. Nope, our trousers went down once which was embarrassing as the nurses, even though they were as old as our mothers, were still women

    28. ” Since I never did that I cannot remember the rest of the rhyme but it was embarrassing

    29. There was an unfortunate rumour that the first Casspir ever was built, was built with the wrong steel and not armoured through some embarrassing mix up at the factory

    30. "What are you doing here anyway? Are they going to kill you too?" Comfrey asked the stranger in a quiet voice, trying to steer the conversation away from his embarrassing behaviour

    31. That her nomination and subsequent rescission proved embarrassing to the president took some of the ―sting‖

    32. The most embarrassing failure of all was to find absolutely no nuclear, biological, or chemical weapons in Iraq

    33. Recent events embarrassing to the Church should be properly understood as microcosms of the moral failings of an increasingly dysfunctional society that has given free rein to the inherent short-comings of individuals of weak or questionable character rather than the regarded failings of the Church (qua) Church

    34. She smiled maliciously, imagining him standing at the reception desk feeling shy about speaking personally in public, and considered forcing embarrassing comments from him, but just giggled, saving him the torture

    35. Rather embarrassing: he needed to regain control, but she had already switched subjects, moving ahead to his work, so he had to manufacture a lie, and that spoiled everything

    36. His embarrassing near-blunder at last night’s festivities at the announcement of the Last Holy Campaign as it was officially now named, had not gone unnoticed: it had become the subject of sarcastic comments and irony even at the lower echelons of the Ministry and the Army, but had only naturally been ignored by the Procrastinators in whole

    37. The outpouring of such raw emotion suddenly felt somehow embarrassing

    38. “deeply embarrassing to all of us” but said he had no intentions of resigning

    39. That was a little embarrassing

    40. It was embarrassing on its own, but more disturbing still was to have it discovered in that manner and be totally unaware of its presence

    41. The governor of New York tried for a motor-voter program in his state, before his, ah, embarrassing little predicament

    42. How could Sierra do that? How could she take something so sensitive, so embarrassing, and spill it out to the city for entertainment? Here she was, still shaken up by the second horrific vision she had had about her sister falling off a cliff

    43. There was an embarrassing pause

    44. Dad tends to say things that I find embarrassing

    45. "Chelsea has been withholding some information that is embarrassing in nature, but will give her an alibi for the murder

    46. And not one picture is embarrassing, catching her drunk or making a funny, or with red eye, or in bed with a frat boy or animal

    47. embarrassing the situation became, the more I held

    48. This had been embarrassing for him

    49. I didn’t comprehend his need to turn, Adrinius wasn’t exactly threatened by me and as embarrassing as it was to admit, he had completely overpowered me in this instance

    50. Levi noticed me watching him, and took my surprised confusion for jeering, automatically embarrassing at what he had just let out while reddening in the cheeks from blushing

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    awkward embarrassing sticky unenviable mortifying unpleasant untimely touchy uncomfortable annoying inauspicious