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    1. Try annoying them to move first

    2. “Do you know what the Super Chip does?” Nancy said in her most perfectly annoying lecturing voice

    3. “Just try to be less annoying than usual

    4. Ackers was being more annoying than usual

    5. The doors at the end of the corridor open inward automatically with an annoying buzzing sound, and John and Zitteraal enter

    6. An annoying nasal voice gives the call to noon prayer just as Terry Bolt - decked out in traditional garb -

    7. More laughter, annoying laughter now

    8. bark of the oak tree, scratching a persistently annoying itch

    9. This afternoon she couldn't contain herself and burst out before everybody, complaining that Lisa and Nina are always giggling and acting the giddy goat, annoying the rest of the pupils

    10. He had to notice it, he was genuinely worried about it, but separation got it done, got Alfred his own vessel and got all the annoying souls away at ever-increasing speed toward a destination twelve billion miles out of his hair

    11. He shifted it against the rough bark of the oak tree, scratching a persistently annoying itch

    12. “Yes, it is most annoying

    13. Wolf was sometimes annoying as hell, John was thinking

    14. Oh well, who needs peace and quiet anyway - just hope it’s not that annoying man in personnel again fussing about one of the part time contracts

    15. Five minutes later he comes into the kitchen, ‘I’m glad I remembered that, it would have been annoying to have found out on Tuesday afternoon that Abi’s books are in North Wales

    16. It’s only his brotherly protectiveness coming out, bless, but all the same it’s annoying

    17. I hate the idea of annoying the neighbours

    18. But also know that being overly respectful is annoying

    19. I heard that the wife … oh, it is annoying that I can’t remember her name! … really took one particular guy to pieces

    20. ’ The man on the end of the line went on, his pseudo grief annoying the Inspector

    21. Of course he wanted to take this Afternoonday off, so that was annoying

    22. Thinking it was a dumb prank his little brother Wiremu was playing; he brushed away at the side of his face, but didn’t hit anything, no little annoying brother, nothing

    23. But as soon as Tipene closed the door he was greeted with the most annoying noise in the universe

    24. However, sometimes his obedient nature could turn out to be most unhelpful, when not merely annoying

    25. And then the annoying biology department had to go raise a mortal in a lab, tease it with androids until it went nuts and then let it loose on the surface

    26. It reminded me of trying to close the annoying pop-up ads

    27. Not just an annoying inconvenience, but a real problem

    28. The dizziness in my eyes was replaced with annoying

    29. The annoying thing was that we felt

    30. Klarrain then reeled in the net, with Alan trapped in it, and drifted off, leaving Alfred's android to find a way to get its starship working again and take off before the crowd that was starting to gather got annoying

    31. amusing and some annoying

    32. For the moment the most annoying and pressing problem

    33. though, at first was annoying

    34. more than annoying! During

    35. annoying to other people, but it stops the flow of creativity and relaxation

    36. And he found it extremely annoying

    37. " That eminent gentleman shot his friend a look which seemed to suggest that he was more than equal to dealing with this increasingly annoying intrusion himself, but Mr Pinscher failed to read the meaning of the expression, and carried on regardless

    38. Marla had just shaken him off as though he were an annoying puppy

    39. I thought they were annoying but harmless

    40. It’s so annoying, she got this close to the medical supplies

    41. Hindsight can be a very annoying thing

    42. What he was saying was lost in the volume of the band and the buzz of the crowd, but the closeness of his huge bulk and his breath in her ear must have been annoying, judging by the expression on her face

    43. “Everyone keeps asking about the ‘Big Push’ you get sick of the questions when’s the ‘Big Push’ going to take place and then where’s it going to take place it really is sickening not to mention annoying

    44. We also now got extra training on attacking trenches in formation and it got bloody annoying as attack after attack was simulated as the Officers tried to get it right

    45. cats in a negative way, talking about how she had seen them kill birds or, while living in Omaha, how cats would come by and use their children’s sandbox as a litter box, annoying creatures that they were

    46. Essential oils that are completely natural and without the side effects often associated with chemical flea treatments are fabulous for deterring annoying insects

    47. Again, the pirates guffawed in their annoying way

    48. She was annoying him

    49. The other questions lingered in her mind, but she probably was walking the line of being annoying, so she merely gave him a wave and left to prepare a meal

    50. Fighting the temptation to brush the annoying badger to one side and continue arguing his case with the remaining Custodians, Brock gathered his dignity as best he could and stalked from the Great Chamber

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    annoyance annoying irritation vexation bothersome galling irritating nettlesome pesky pestering pestiferous plaguey plaguy teasing vexatious vexing unpleasant untimely touchy uncomfortable embarrassing awkward inauspicious