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    1. This results in cheers from the entire wall

    2. Their technicians maintain the entire system and you never have to worry if it has problems

    3. pays for the entire system all by itself

    4. Put the castor oil into this container and spray the entire area that has the gophers

    5. This is unlike the CI rider where the entire amount of CI cover is paid to the individual

    6. Ants take bait back to colony where it is distributed through out colony and kills entire colony within 3 months

    7. It is said that entire mountains were destroyed and thousands of human slaves lost to obtain enough ore to smelt it

    8. When brandished, the sun lit the blade so that the entire battlefield was hammered by its glare

    9. The physical, social and spiritual needs of the children were to be met by the entire community with values inculcated by the elders

    10. You can spray the solution directly on the spiders or you can bathe (place) the entire plant, pot and all into warm water with a dash of Dr

    11. Safer Entire Flea and Tick spray does not contain this PB

    12. The room was draped in shadows, the only light coming from an entire wall of regular monitors

    13. Sniders and the entire class were looking at him

    14. The entire mob began to weep violently, adding saltwater tears to the beach

    15. If the mood caught him, he would depopulate entire cities

    16. Eddie complained the entire way there

    17. The entire medical profession is trained to keep people alive, rather than keeping people comfortable so that they can die with dignity

    18. By the late 40’s he was mixing up tubs of his soap with a broom handle in the Los Angeles hotel room he was living in, and selling it after his lectures about his peace plan and the “FULL TRUTHS” he had come to understand could unite the entire world

    19. Cars and football were my entire raison d’être back then

    20. Our investor has five sixths of the entire world stock of this series and he thinks they're going to be popular

    21. "I have complete backups," Ava said, "We can eventually bring back the entire crew

    22. The entire 11th chapter of the Book of Hebrews is about faith and heroic

    23. in a lifetime craving, a passion that inflamed her entire being beyond anything that she

    24. entire being is made up of nothing but disappointment, pulled a red handkerchief from

    25. The entire ship had been vented and both inner and outer door to the airlock stood open

    26. The entire 'carburetor' of the antique daedalus engine that drove this early starship was gone

    27. The entire Old Testament demonstrates the fact that it is impos-

    28. The entire world lay in sin

    29. The entire world was subject to the

    30. entire lifetime on this earth

    31. On the other end, Ginger had been standing next to Chris the entire time

    32. It had gotten to the point where the generals were so desperate they were always planning to wipe out entire towns just to stop the random bombs and mayhem

    33. It felt like she had been there for hours, she was exhausted, more exhausted than she had ever been before in her entire life

    34. entire star field of breweries than could an ant recite the works of Rabbie Burns across

    35. The soul of Talstan was determined to cure the entire human species of the germ of the idea of the 'sovereign individual

    36. In this case, absorption of energy takes place in deeper levels, since religious leaders are obeyed and worshiped by entire populations, while they systematically rouse guilt and terror

    37. A call to the entire congregation for much prayer is essential to the success of having a good strong leadership

    38. "That virus is the mechanism that enforces the individual sovereignty policy by which the Kassikan rules mankind on this entire planet

    39. That cabal has ruled this entire planet for twenty four hundred years, twice as much area as Earth, for as long as any great civilization has ever existed

    40. Entire civilizations have disappeared from the face of the earth, civilizations that once thrived on vast continents for many thousands of years

    41. The entire church must want to grow and then

    42. Read the entire verse

    43. Apollo stared at his feet the entire time, but now he raises his head and looks directly at me, "You told me yesterday I could do whatever I wanted, as long as I always did the right thing

    44. Except for one, its entire surface is a large window, and on the opposite side is a room that matches Apollo's, exactly

    45. Apollo is also embarrassed when he realizes he's been staring at her this entire time

    46. The possibility of contact was so close now that it filled the entire world

    47. On the next landing we walked through another set of identical utilitarian swing doors and into a large open space, a space that covered the entire width and length of the building

    48. She could feel the need, could sense the exquisite pain of that once in a lifetime craving, a passion that inflamed her entire being beyond anything that she had known in all these years of absolute and necessary thirst

    49. The little man, who looked to all intents and purposes like a fifty-year old accounts clerk, the sort of man who is equally hen-pecked and ignored because his entire being is made up of nothing but disappointment, pulled a red handkerchief from his jacket pocket, wiped first his brow and then his glasses, and then finally, and with an almighty bulge, he blew his nose

    50. Can you imagine an entire nation of Pauls going to and fro throughout the earth to proclaim the freedom that they have now experienced in Christ? It will be during the Millennial Kingdom that Israel will fulfill her ultimate purposes of being the priestly nation to the nations (Exodus 19:6)

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    entire stallion full total intact integral unmitigated complete thorough unqualified unrestricted whole continuous perfect unbroken undiminished undivided completeness entirety totality intactness universality wholeness