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    1. Any congregation without elders needs a thorough knowledge of God’s word,

    2. A thorough knowledge of the qualification and duties of elders will help a congregation to properly prepare for the selection of elders

    3. does not have a thorough knowledge of the Word of God, he cannot serve as an elder! For

    4. Breakfast that morning had been the usual hurried, monosyllabic affair, and when she returned home from work Annie was determined that she would sit her brother down and that they would have a thorough chat about the future

    5. thorough, and most gentle healing

    6. “They are slow, and methodical, but very thorough,” she emphasized smiling

    7. a thorough extent Adam’s Bible is able to teach about the use of money

    8. would have a thorough chat about the future

    9. George had been very thorough in explaining about the more curious aspects of the mast's construction to Belle

    10. of her janitors one by one, quick but thorough

    11. “A very thorough investigation by the Kassikan into Tdeshi’s demise

    12. After a most thorough assessment and review of your Entrance Examination, we are at a loss as to the certainty of a proper course of action

    13. After a thorough search of the

    14. Jameson was, by inherited nature, meticulous and thorough, both from his life in the livery and from having been under the tutelage of White Feathers near from birth

    15. And, if that was insufficient reason, his own thorough education already years along would insure his being able to continue his current responsibilities without interruption

    16. and the search became more thorough

    17. George and Belle greeted them as if they were returning family, indeed Harry had made so thorough his frequent mention of one or the other of the Spelmans that they did consider them more than mere acquaintances

    18. “The dramatic Arts inspire creativity and imagination in children, and I find them an indispensable resource for a thorough education

    19. He tried to be very thorough in the whole local area, but he could not find a stairway

    20. The thorough screens should be done with the running stuff in an hour and the quarantined by late tomorrow

    21. It was a good thing it had gotten careless, she would have never found it if it had been thorough

    22. But whoever held her bound, was also poorly trained, or simply not thorough

    23. She’d just be very careful to act with thorough modesty

    24. The sky and slipping thorough smoked clouds

    25. Sidhu, who was a thorough

    26. It must have been the hermit’s salve and his tisane that caused such a thorough healing

    27. thorough and convincing exposition

    28. She could give the house a thorough cleaning

    29. “Until Pim or Song can break themselves away from their pet project and give you a more thorough round of instruction

    30. A most thorough search of the vessel yielded nothing further

    31. Now she remembered that she’d done a thorough job with both once on the ship

    32. “Denalin is a thorough and meticulous bridge officer, who has mastered both the Com and Science Stations' principles, activities and routines

    33. Clodius had always been very thorough

    34. There was time for the Huntress and her two yachts to perform a most thorough survey of the Corona Zed system, as well as the neighboring system not two light-years---four days---away

    35. had been thorough; Torbin wondered how tempting it might have been to get even more involved

    36. Then when I had been at the hospital nearly two months the doctor came to see me he gave me a thorough examination and said

    37. This was an opportunity for the American consul and affiliates to have a thorough inspection of the vessel and to draw conclusions about its reason for being in Australia, and its intentions after leaving

    38. Also treat them to a thorough exfoliation once a week

    39. While the Wyoming was cruising thorough the straits of Shimonoseki, the Japanese land and naval guns

    40. After a thorough inspection, it was determined that the supply was sufficient for the rest of the voyage and all was well at that point

    41. “Well there is one thing you are lucky to have someone representing you at the trial it is only because Colonel Jack Harmon made a thorough bloody nuisance of himself at Division that I was assigned to you

    42. Immortals received more thorough training with the Power during those years, though the mortal wielders were forged into weapons, using teron to tear demons apart with Air, blast them with walls of Fire, or strike them with bolts of lightning

    43. Those investigations were thorough too

    44. They were certainly thorough

    45. Obviously we were not thorough enough and learned another lesson

    46. “It’s going to take time to complete a thorough list without drawing attention, but I’ve started with the higher ups

    47. I was about to call the local Zoo for assistance when I remembered that they were still insulted about the cheetah counting incident (just jealous of our thorough methods and besides they did ask if we wanted to count the remainder)

    48. Holstering his weapon, he began a thorough search of Booker’s study, pulling books from the shelves and emptying drawers onto the floor, adding to the mess that Booker had made when he’d left

    49. It was thorough justified by almost three decades of successful operations in more than three different countries

    50. I don’t think anyone can dispute that the SAP COIN Course was not thorough

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    Synonymes pour "thorough"

    thorough exhaustive thoroughgoing arrant complete consummate double-dyed everlasting gross perfect pure sodding staring stark unadulterated utter total absolute out-and-out unmitigated unqualified