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    1. I remember that day, that was the day we decided to follow Tdeshi to the Yakhan

    2. the angels have no choice but to follow you around and

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    4. He couldn't believe Herndon was right about her, that she had been raised only to follow Ava on the trail of that cargo

    5. "Pppp," Ennil said about being raised to follow Ava

    6. I can't image being raised to follow Tdeshi even though she was hot

    7. Doing what you said you would do long after the mood you said it in is simple if you follow what we are talking about here, but it’s not easy

    8. If you miss a dose, follow your doctor or pharmacist's directions

    9. More shops, specialising in continent specific sales, are to follow

    10. Follow pre- and post test instructions carefully

    11. There were days when I thought Toby would follow in the footsteps of his father

    12. Follow pre- and post-surgery instructions carefully

    13. Follow with a monthly spraying of liquid seaweed

    14. It was also clear that there was probably no one alive who could follow his line of thought, at least not very well

    15. and wonders should follow you

    16. Mark: 16:17: And these signs shall follow them that

    17. Johnny rose from his spot behind the car and indicated that Nancy should follow

    18. Using this glove I can deaden certain electrical pathways, and trace superficial surface currents for it to follow

    19. Smells great too! Many insects do not like this mixture of scents! Just follow instructions or formulas

    20. Follow these hints and you will succeed

    21. It can be safe if you follow instructions

    22. Where they go, their eggs will follow

    23. Patience - the ability to delay gratification – is another important lesson one should follow

    24. We must follow all correct procedures, have PAN number allotted and include all taxable income in the Income Tax return

    25. Here are some maintenance steps that you should follow:

    26. Just follow instructions for its application

    27. Moles in the lawn: See the chapter on gopher control and follow same procedure

    28. One day, some of the other dragons decided to follow Eddie to the cliff to see what weird things he was up to

    29. Ants like most creatures except man, follow the path of least resistance

    30. I follow him into the kitchen where he is getting himself a coffee

    31. In spite of the fact that they were unwittingly spitting in the eye of ancient tradition, Unitarians follow the new-age Sunday rule

    32. Follow instructions on all labels

    33. Follow the Law of the little bit when spraying

    34. We still compare ourselves with others or follow them

    35. Follow it and learn from it

    36. Wash your hands, and follow the instructions carefully

    37. While DE is safe to use, it would be wise to follow a few safety rules:

    38. I follow him into his bedroom

    39. point in the cycle of analysis and discovery that is bound to follow, be you the walker

    40. "Thirty four, twenty one, thirty three," doostEr answered, not breaking stride as he entered the alley they had to follow off the south end of the docks

    41. Other two-syllable adjectives follow the -er / -est pattern as the one-syllable adjectives do

    42. "Do you follow the theater?" doostEr asked him

    43. the people of faith are testimonies for us who follow in their footsteps,

    44. I follow Molly into the house, trying not to feel out of place … how could I have ever thought that the owner of this could … but you didn’t know he owned this, did you, Liz? And he held my head over the loo while I chucked up! Oh hell!

    45. Bolt and the other teachers follow suit

    46. I follow him out of the lift and along a corridor

    47. Someone fires a machine gun into the air - RAT-A-TAT-TAT - and then two more militants follow suit in rapid succession

    48. "I guess his sonar don't work well at all, he can't even follow a conversation with it," the shots dolphin said

    49. One motions for him to follow

    50. Glenelle didn't follow what she was doing for the Heavenly Mother too carefully, it had a lot to do with partitioning simulation space and it took up a lot of crystal

    1. He followed Herndon down the tiny ladder

    2. this can be if you use those two little words, followed by a negative

    3. ” Sam assumed his adoring look as he followed her to the limousine

    4. Lung cancers cause the greatest number of cancer-related deaths in women, followed by breast cancer, then colon cancer

    5. What three steps she followed to obtain

    6. steps, she followed, why they are not mentioned in a

    7. or formulas they followed

    8. He followed the little ant back to its nest and licked all the little ants up

    9. Supernatural signs and wonders followed the apostles’

    10. As her eye followed it she saw there had been many improvements there also, stones put in for steps in the steepest parts

    11. Johnny shook his head and followed after her

    12. These can be followed by respect giving salutations, cleanliness, loving others, and other experiences to give them the foundation to develop in to a good human being

    13. From that, everything else followed as a matter of course

    14. That was followed by Herndon's voice

    15. He went charging in there, she and Elond followed

    16. followed by another and another

    17. An awkward moment followed

    18. whiff of stale tobacco and wet earth followed him

    19. Most adjectives have the positive degree, the comparative degree followed by ‘ than’ to compare 2 things, and the superlative degree preceded by ‘ the’ to compare more than 2 things

    20. Theo followed the glance down to the Garda's left hand

    21. I was pretty certain that they followed me

    22. He followed the news enough to know the Yingolians were as behind in medicine as they were ahead in starships

    23. She followed him

    24. "Would have stayed with him," Estwig said, "or followed him

    25. ‘What’s up?’ I asked Stephen as he comes into the sitting room followed by Liz

    26. He followed Jesus

    27. There followed a storm of soundless lovemaking

    28. Everyone who followed Christ became enveloped in the flames of the

    29. Such mentality is followed

    30. heard a deep sigh followed by a long intake of breath

    31. Melinda had followed Theo's rise to stardom in the fight against international crime, but this was all he had? He expected her to take a giant professional risk that could blight her career while he nosed around the tattoo parlors of Darklow town?

    32. Leonora was already walking towards her when she wearily climbed out of the car, followed by her livelier nine year old daughter

    33. has followed Me fully, I will bring into the land where he went, and his

    34. As he turned I followed the spread of tattoos up the back of his neck and under his greased and shiny black hair

    35. " Timms’ eyes shifted and when Tig followed them he saw the black exosuit near the deck on the far side of the consoles

    36. The junk maneuvered after that like it was under fire, but another impact followed

    37. Be sure all the laws of God have been followed on these matters (Matthew 18:lsff)

    38. not willing to object the matter passed and resentment followed (I have personally known of that happening)

    39. There was a very noisy week when we rehearsed to the sound of carpenters constructing the set, which made it very difficult to concentrate, followed by a weekend papering and painting the result of their labours to make it look like the interior of a house

    40. In the days that followed Smiler’s callous little display of brutality I counted the passing moments of my life through the waves of pain that accompanied my steps along the corridor for the morning’s ablutions

    41. We followed the routine

    42. mother of Jesus, and the other women who followed Jesus and ministered to Him of their

    43. He followed Eve into sin with his eyes wide open

    44. She knew they had a grant line and that was exactly what he followed

    45. He began to get concerned as he followed it farther into the female side of the ship

    46. But instead, he went down the power bus into the female side and followed every single pin

    47. We mention this definition to point to that an "example" is to be followed or imitated

    48. We mention this definition to point out that an "example" is to be followed or imitated

    49. As about her brother, he didn't utter a word; he only followed obediently

    50. More shouts followed from the other room

    1. Advertising can take place on or off the Internet using newsletters, e-mail automation techniques, or by following leads that are provided by your existing customers

    2. To answer this question let look at the following

    3. of the following pieces of doggerel† included here for your reading

    4. "She has been following me since Herndon," Ava said, "She has been paid by people to keep watch on me

    5. Naturopaths recommend following a cleansing programme, or short fast, a couple of times a year, preferably in spring and in autumn, to cleanse and strengthen the digestive system

    6. If you are having tests or surgical procedures performed, you can safeguard against testing errors and also help ensure the best results with your surgery by following these steps:

    7. · When it comes to preparing and cooking food, naturopaths advise the following:

    8. The following recipe makes approximately 47 pounds

    9. The following recipe makes about 30 pounds

    10. your Lord and Savior into your life, say this following

    11. The investment may provide for the following type of returns:

    12. After following this process you may observe that the targeted rate of return is not feasible

    13. You have the following options:

    14. ‘… Inspector Ditton told our reporter that the police are now following up a new lead and hope to make an arrest in the very near future

    15. If you feel that some of this rings true for you, why not try the following to put the zest back into your relationship

    16. Following is a story of a man who chose to do nothing but wait for God’s help

    17. Summer: To 5 gallons water add the following:

    18. You can increase effectiveness of the above mixture by adding one or more of the following combinations (depending on use):

    19. The following is a Basic Yoga Session for the Elderly

    20. Filling in the Raised Bed: The following should fit just right into the raised bed

    21. Since then, he has acquired a sort of cult following which surged in the 60’s with the peace and Earth-loving hippies and has continued on into the 80’s and 90’s with New Ager’s buying the bulk of the over million bottles hand packed annually

    22. The following Adjectives are exceptions:

    23. The answer is easily seen in the following examples:

    24. So the following sentence is incorrect

    25. Please find out the sentence pattern of each of the following sentences

    26. ONLY, please point out which is a noun and which is a verb in the following sentence

    27. Summary (At this first stage, it is good enough to understand the following

    28. Please find out the subjects and objects in the following sentences:

    29. There are many types of matching as the following sentence shows

    30. ’ She said following me into the kitchen

    31. It was late and I had a lot to do the following day

    32. slowly down the lane, following a left hand bend as the road wound down and along

    33. ’ I agreed, following her down the path leading to the back of the shop

    34. Ricci sits beside his driver, glances back at the long row of trucks following the lead truck, smiles

    35. would settle all with him the following evening when she was due to leave for her

    36. After a comatose night of rest in the Darklow Bridge Hotel Theo didn't intend wasting any time the following day

    37. "Too much to catch up on there, I'm just following the details of the evolutionary sequence, that's been my study

    38. By noon the following day I was in front of Sammy the Sharks 'office' on Main Street, otherwise known as the Darklow Cash for Gold shop

    39. There following are the organizations that the home group of Iri-

    40. Later, at Janus, we all had a pleasant surprise: Alexander finally agreed to our attempting a technique for astral projection in class, which consists of the following steps:

    41. please consider the following word study and the application for today's preachers

    42. Following the Power Bus

    43. The most important contacts I observed are the following:

    44. following their own precepts

    45. The most important contacts are the following:

    46. That he is pleased with his CD is very clear, and he immediately starts looking through the book, following me into the kitchen and reading out bits to me as I carry on with my turkey checking … Christmas is proving successful so far

    47. He tried following that and found they were not

    48. Curious little beetles clambered across the mountainous hard core following the unfamiliar animal scents, blood dried and stiff, sweat exuded during the long afternoon hours still pungent in the evening air

    49. ‘Iain, do you know where the Migraine Association office is in Taunton?’ Kara asked, following him up the stairs towards the room designated for her use

    50. ’ Iain said following her down the stairs

    1. Other positive actions that can help us to improve the quality of our life after sixty are as follows

    2. Because walking was essential to our survival during our developmental years, our bodies have developed so that walking and movement are essential to health; as it has been said, form follows function

    3. autoresponder follows up with additional offers based on what the How to Pick a Shopping Cart System that Makes You Money

    4. He follows me through and, while I fuss around putting food on a plate for him, he sits at the table, resting his chin on his hands

    5. John follows, pad and pencil in hand, clearly

    6. The stages in concentration are themselves well marked and can be stated as follows:

    7. The road follows a creek with scrubby brush growing along the edges and here and there a small cottonwood tree

    8. She follows my instructions and pulls into the drive

    9. The arrangement is as follows: You will

    10. Everyone who follows Christ must study

    11. What follows next is dead silence, but then Sabrina speaks again, "Well, are you excited about the ceremony?" I cringe as I sense confusion coming from Apollo as he responds, "What ceremony?"

    12. He tries searching for her with his mind before finally calling out, "Misery!" The hollow emptiness that follows, swallows him as he holds out for an answer

    13. But note that it isn’t simply that this reward follows that commitment

    14. We know there are 10 nations involved, and ultimately the whole word follows the beast, but it is too soon to authoritatively decipher what nations and where the Antichrist will rule

    15. Someone once said to me that success is simply what follows

    16. he follows his shadow

    17. Some stories are as follows: Germanicus slaughtered the population across the Rhine (Belgium, Netherlands, and Northern Germany)

    18. This coach, the bone coach that follows on

    19. ERICK follows her

    20. The last of the seated postures I will describe in this chapter is as follows:

    21. impulse that follows a stagnant pause

    22. Once you get used to the Forward Bend and can do it tolerably well, proceed as follows which incorporates the Yoga breathing as well

    23. When you wish to go a stage further proceed as follows

    24. point for a second or two, proceed as follows

    25. The second method is as follows

    26. “Answers are as follows; yes, yes, yes, very big, and Steve riding Lady Elzbeth

    27. Slowly, she calms down and follows Adamant

    28. ‘Berndt, you have been guard and guide for this woman as she follows her way – I am proud to call you brother

    29. This phase follows the approval of the charter application and includes the actual process of developing the school

    30. That is, as follows:

    31. There are many different ways to ground yourself but a few of the most common are as follows:

    32. that the subconscious mind most likely follows certain

    33. She waves to us as she follows Baz across the room

    34. Dave follows me into the kitchen and stands chatting to me while I cook the spaghetti

    35. The owner swears blind that he follows the rules

    36. He follows the arrow and comes to a pair of heavy swing doors set in the right hand corridor wall

    37. He puts his coat on, picks up his wallet from the mantelpiece where Ken has been testing for dust, and follows the boys out of his top floor flat

    38. As Alex follows the hospital signs the image of his sister changes

    39. He watches the minor fracas at the hospital entrance from the edge of the car park, and once he is sure that the poor unfortunate soul who sparked off the flash bulbs has gone for good, he follows the signs to the main enquiries desk in Out Patients

    40. The houses change as he follows Ted at a safe distance

    41. Ken follows his boss down the stairs, stopping for a moment by the door to the ground floor area of the old barn to listen for signs of life

    42. He follows in his master's wake, hands thrust deep into his coat pockets

    43. ‘Thanks, Sally, I’ll do that,’ she said as she follows Simon out of the church

    44. She follows me into the kitchen

    45. Anna follows me into the lounge and watches as I switch between channels trying to find something with the news on it

    46. Remember it was a 'given' part of human nature? It follows that the metabolism, brain stem and central nervous system, circulation and respiration all are under its governance

    47. She follows me into the hall

    48. The man follows her in; I close the door behind them

    49. But just as night follows day, the spirit which makes each of us, the David who loved and was loved in return is still here - there - somewhere - everywhere

    50. 'They believe that weather follows

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    follow keep abreast keep up conform to stick to stick with trace accompany play along take after travel along pursue surveil survey adopt espouse come after succeed be keep an eye on observe watch watch over abide by comply come postdate fall out ensue supervene imitate conform copy heed emulate obey serve attend support chase trail track train come next arise proceed result