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    1. coaching and the tools will help you succeed

    2. He tried not to spit but didn't quite succeed

    3. I’m not saying that you have to move to the rich neighborhood to succeed

    4. affecting your ability to succeed

    5. Follow these hints and you will succeed

    6. There are other groups among the Brazilians who want it, more because they are vying to succeed him in some custom they have called 'governor,' that I don't understand very well

    7. Bronner’s soap business - though entirely unique and induplicable -is testament to the fact that upstanding ideas and pure and natural ingredients can indeed succeed

    8. One last hard push and BOOM! They succeed

    9. Fog: If you are walking in fog, it means that you should try harder if you want to succeed

    10. Fountain: If you are at a fountain and its water is clear, you will succeed in business and love

    11. Stars: If they are shining, you will succeed in business; if they are dim, you will have problems

    12. Storm: An omen of imminent danger; it also means that you have great power inside you, which you have to harness and use correctly so as to succeed in life

    13. Second try, I succeed in opening it and grope around inside for the stone

    14. “I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life, and that is why I succeed

    15. It would be a shame to succeed and to then let money be your Achilles’ heel

    16. Smiling, the woman makes a comment which I don’t understand … but who needs translation? A reassuring moment of normality in a turmoil of madness – this, after all, is the reason it is so important that I succeed in my quest

    17. All they will succeed in doing is dropping another metal devise to the earth; and we will pick it up and put it with all the others in the lava pit

    18. that belief, and you will not succeed

    19. they will usually succeed

    20. better that way you only succeed in making what could be better, worse

    21. “He will try,” replied Tarak in a flat voice, “but he will not succeed

    22. He was not worried that Boras would succeed; he had made plans of his own to ensure that it never happened

    23. There was no doubt that she would succeed with the creature; and it would, no doubt, become a fierce protector of the Hold

    24. Touched, Kai placed his hand on her shoulder, “but they didn’t succeed, Lady Rayne

    25. If in giving the Elders this plan helps them to succeed; then maybe I will be rid of the

    26. need to succeed online all in a flash

    27. As you may have come to know yourself, my daughter is greatly talented, but lacks the singular discipline to truly succeed a proper human should have

    28. will not succeed or help him

    29. She thought of it as inspiration to succeed in Zhlindu

    30. Rafe feared the worst, and that he did indeed succeed in killing the machine; though he deeply hoped he only killed its voice

    31. Vikki Hankins is living proof that if given the chance, anyone can succeed no matter what is

    32. He had to succeed in this

    33. We cannot succeed alone and are therefore at their mercy," Brice said, though he seemed uncertain and had not smiled once the entire day

    34. What a shame General Greroff’s plan did not succeed

    35. She had begun to believe he would never succeed, but now

    36. "The imp will succeed, he has never failed me yet

    37. If he tested Anon now, he would be the first to succeed

    38. To avoid such a fate, Anon had to succeed, and quickly

    39. And to succeed, the King’s Wood staff had to be in the hands of the Elf Prince

    40. But there was also a chance he could yet succeed, though it was an incredibly slim one

    41. usually forget the God, thinking that they succeed by

    42. Not only they did not succeed, but they

    43. that succeed in doing nothing are not happy

    44. well, but did not succeed

    45. It is curious that while there are people who succeed in gathering a lot of useful information regarding many aspects of life, their fellow men remain seemingly blind, even to the existence of those additional layers of knowledge

    46. This is why some grandparents succeed in it

    47. they will never be happy in this life, nor will they succeed at what they desire —

    48. trying hard enough to succeed

    49. She’d imagined that Lady Phyllis might succeed in sending her to Stenarch’s mine someday, but that sentence, though cruel, would be mercifully brief

    50. succeed to do so with the vigorous ones,

    1. If Althart had been correct in his back-of-the-envelope calculation of dendrite growth rates we probably would have succeeded and Narrulla's Tear would be inert wrecks of abandoned starships

    2. He succeeded but with some effort

    3. say they have succeeded in floating a frog in air

    4. He had succeeded in his task and had kept his promise to the Father; now he could rest

    5. Sheila felt again the satisfaction she had experienced when she had succeeded in grabbing the small bird

    6. She paused for comment, but had at last succeeded in gaining their considered attention

    7. 'Then King Philippe has succeeded in stopping us,' said

    8. Where Carl had failed to spit out his beer, I succeeded, spraying every last

    9. If Roman didn’t win my money back I’d still succeeded in at least

    10. succeeded in getting better Press (the cynic in me puts it

    11. Where Johnson had failed to stop Heather, he succeeded with me, catching

    12. The hero succeeded, and escaped Crete with the daughter

    13. She succeeded in eluding everyone

    14. It is my belief they finally succeeded in you

    15. He sang and whistled as they went, and even succeeded

    16. succeeded in doing this within the Church of America

    17. "But what makes your Master so certain he has succeeded?"

    18. "Then your Master has finally succeeded

    19. 'You may have only succeeded in bringing about your own destruction, Red Mage

    20. He succeeded the Sultan when he died, and reigned for many years, leaving behind him a long line of kings

    21. did, he succeeded in surprising all who knew him by

    22. one of his horse’s legs, but only succeeded in terrifying

    23. only succeeded in distressing the poor girl even more

    24. He didn’t imagine he would have succeeded, but he knew he had to try

    25. succeeded in untying the knot, and turned to give Richard

    26. philosophy, he did not succeeded to build the

    27. Though the feudal system has been abolished in Spain and Portugal, it has not been succeeded by a much better

    28. did when he did not succeeded in keeping a rational

    29. Many business have succeeded by finding ways to out price

    30. like jealousy, to those that have succeeded

    31. We succeeded only to cross the

    32. people had succeeded in their preserved attempts of beating the

    33. was used to revive Rajit, was tried on our sir and it succeeded yet

    34. I was terrified and if it were not for Darniil who came to my rescue, they might very well have succeeded with their sordid plan

    35. gradually succeeded a species of farmers, known at present in France by the name of metayers

    36. To this species of tenantry succeeded, though by very slow degrees, farmers, properly so called, who cultivated the land with their own stock, paying a rent certain to the landlord

    37. He had succeeded in his mission as the Hebrews were all able to speak the Babylonian tongue fluently

    38. The civil wars of Flanders, and the Spanish government which succeeded them, chased away the great commerce of Antwerp,

    39. He can choose to feel triumphant, having succeeded once again in making it to the top of the mountain

    40. This expedient succeeded so well, that it more than doubled the price of their goods in the home market, notwithstanding a very considerable increase in the produce

    41. She usually succeeded in getting what she wanted from the boy, for she was extremely careful to invite only those boys who had the look of lust about them, young though they might be

    42. having not quite succeeded in reaching the water

    43. And so, if we had succeeded in drawing the attention of the crew of that British naval ship we, very likely, would have been taken prisoner and all of our possessions, as likely, would have been seized

    44. From the end of the first to the beginning of the second Carthaginian war, the armies of Carthage were continually in the field, and employed under three great generals, who succeeded one another in the command; Amilcar, his son-in-law Asdrubal, and his son Annibal: first in chastising their own rebellious slaves, afterwards in subduing the revolted nations of Africa; and lastly, in conquering the great kingdom of Spain

    45. On a couple of occasions he had succeeded in making her job harder by insisting that they stick rigidly to procedure

    46. Much to Chris’ relief, it turned out that Fletcher had succeeded in freeing up the shuttle bay door mechanism before he had been so unexpectedly murdered

    47. Earlier this week, I succeeded

    48. To prevent any oppression by those bye-laws, it was by the same act ordained, that if any seven members of the company conceived themselves aggrieved by any bye-law which should be enacted after the passing of this act, they might appeal to the board of trade and plantations (to the authority of which a committee of the privy council has now succeeded), provided such appeal was brought within twelve months after the bye-law was enacted; and that, if any seven members conceived themselves aggrieved by any bye-law which had been enacted before the passing of this act, they might bring a like appeal, provided it was within twelve months after the day on which this act was to take place

    49. They have, accordingly, very seldom succeeded without an exclusive privilege ; and frequently have not succeeded with one

    50. ” Sebastian raised his gun and blew off the arm of a demon that had succeeded in getting half his upper body through the window

    1. “Not again,” Henry said as he lifted up the paper and got a napkin, trying in vain to wipe the jam off the paper and succeeding only in smearing it around even more

    2. ’ He went on, barely succeeding in sounding civil he changes the subject so quickly

    3. “Oh I don’t believe our record keeping is that good,” he was still trying to act casual, but not completely succeeding

    4. There is a strange uneasy feeling around the house all evening with everyone trying to be normal and nearly succeeding, but I am not the only one who is relieved when it is time for bed

    5. If the society were annually to employ all the labour which it can annually purchase, as the quantity of labour would increase greatly every year, so the produce of every succeeding year would be of vastly greater value than that of the foregoing

    6. In the succeeding years of plenty, it was more difficult to get labourers and servants

    7. and the succeeding crop is mortgaged for the payment

    8. It had been the Tahoe that had opened up new vistas of trade, added new members to the Alliance, opened the frontier even further, and inspired the succeeding generations toward a greatness that hadn't beckoned them before there was a Tahoe

    9. “Kill us all, stop the mission succeeding, anything she has to, in order to stop the colonisation program

    10. She positioned herself next to Parmayan, trying so hard to appear relaxed, but not really succeeding

    11. comprehended in one lot, which may sometimes consist of twenty or thirty persons, of whom the survivors succeed to the annuities of all those who die before them; the last survivor succeeding to the annuities of the whole lot

    12. In view of what he has accomplished to date, and this should come as no surprise, he is well on his way to succeeding

    13. The more allies we have working for the cause the greater the chance of succeeding

    14. It commanded the succeeding rows of trenches on the hillside and the strongly fortified and barricaded outskirts of the city, that rose like a wall along the next crest

    15. The 16th, 6th, 9th, 13th, and 24th Infantry formed along the captured ridge, while Pearson's Brigade, 10th, 21st, and 2nd Infantry, which had extended on the extreme left, swept over a succeeding ridge, driving in a second outpost of the enemy

    16. Nine succeeding rows of trenches must first have been captured on the slope leading from San Juan, the terrible barricade of barbed wire, protected by the forts and blockhouses, surmounted, before the stormers could reach the city and its immediate defences

    17. The end of this strange looking stem was attached to a stout root buried in the ground, and no matter how hard the young badger pulled at it, he couldn't free himself, only succeeding in drawing the plant stem tighter about his leg until it began to disappear into his flesh

    18. Sophisticated Americans, or those who fancy themselves as such, may oftentimes try to imitate or adopt European manners without quite succeeding in pulling it off; much in the manner of a saloon girl vested in all the gaudy trimmings feigning respectability at the opera house!

    19. Gordy personally, did more to help the people than did the federal government and, following each succeeding hurricane that hit the coast, his charities were the first to arrive – with the cameras rolling, of course

    20. Neither the preceding nor succeeding texts seems to reveal much about how this practice got started

    21. The post-Exodus Hebrews dared not call their God by his ancient name “EL” for all the centuries of their succeeding history, substituting the Tetragrammaton, Yahweh (YHWH)

    22. It only squeaked in at the last possible moment of the council, whose responsibility it was to codify a uniform work that would be able to be used to present the Word to the world of that and succeeding generations

    23. The scant “clues” that we have inherited don’t allow us the pleasure of positive confirmation, but all of history succeeding that time seems to positively affirm that the “traditionalists” went on to eventual extinction, or at least their ideas did, as Man’s next best guess expanded toward the more powerful forces seen within climatic disturbances

    24. Now that the Surge is succeeding, the battle for Iraq has largely disappeared from the news pages

    25. He established himself as a general, but politically remained in the shadows until succeeding Augustus at age fifty-five

    26. this case, as in so many others, partly succeeding

    27. Both sides were succeeding only in frustrating the other

    28. Even though the enemy was outnumbered, they were succeeding

    29. and succeeding beyond their original expectations

    30. And they are succeeding

    31. Fed up with trying to have children and never succeeding?

    32. The record shows he is succeeding --- fertility is viewed as a hindrance not a blessing, men and women are viewed as the same, the government has now established a powerful tool to enforce contraception, and the role of the father is being marginalized

    33. Much more about this situation will be shown in succeeding chapters

    34. In the September issue of Forbes magazine, a prominent business publication just out on newsstands across the nation, my father conveyed the impression that I had failed to prove myself, and, at the least, was unworthy of succeeding him

    35. Yours is the greatness of serving as an example to succeeding generations of men and women who would realize their own dreams—an example that proves that vision, ability, hard work and creativity lead to success

    36. Always trying but never really succeeding

    37. "I am positively pleased to meet you," the Doc told Charmaine, succeeding with masterful will power at keeping his eyes on her face and not on her tits

    38. Moshe's feet told him that they were succeeding rather well

    39. Gary Croot had been the Duluth COTP for one month, after succeeding Cmdr

    40. Whether the perpetrators are succeeding by design or merely by sincere belief does not alter the outcome

    41. the decrease it becomes cumulative for the succeeding year

    42. the posts of how other network marketers are succeeding online, you

    43. In effect, I have pointed you in the right direction so your chances of succeeding have enormously increased

    44. Without the moral strength - the belief that what you are doing is good - you will have a hard time succeeding

    45. He seems to be driven by a strange mixture, a need to be seen to be succeeding as well as the real need to have power over everything around him

    46. as a clock for the succeeding 6, 7 and 9 Output for the seven-segment’s in the order: pin 6=F, 7=G, 9=D, 10=A, decade counter in a multi-decade through 13 11=E, 12=B and 13=C

    47. Succeeding philosophies were more powerful and overlayed earlier ones

    48. It organizes by modeling through and aligning succeeding work execution levels

    49. seems to think he can win her over from her evil and he seems to be succeeding

    50. It was a dark family Christmas that year and everyone tried to make the best of it without succeeding

    1. If she succeeds she need never worry about losing her man

    2. where twenty fail for one that succeeds, that one ought to gain all that should have been

    3. most hazardous of all trades, that of a smuggler, though, when the adventure succeeds, it is

    4. If the project succeeds, they are commonly

    5. find it interesting how the mind succeeds

    6. Each new set of burgomasters visits the treasure, compares it with the books, receives it upon oath, and delivers it over, with the same awful solemnity to the set which succeeds ; and in that sober and religious country, oaths are not yet disregarded


    8. which implies that if he succeeds at asking the right way then she'll automatically give it to him, regardless of how painful the conversation

    9. Worst case scenario what if the terrorist succeeds in another 9/11? Will it bring you your knees? No

    10. Even when one succeeds in avoiding the dangers of the

    11. This succeeds, but Esau is also blessed, Jacob then gets the older

    12. of the sperms and the oocyte succeeds when the genetic materials are

    13. Even more strangely, they seem to be comfortable with situation since they have had a son, Juan, who will be king over both areas when he succeeds his parents

    14. Epiphanes succeeds to the kingdom: a man of haughty pride and terrible

    15. Any black who succeeds off the victims’ plantation must be vilified and persecuted as a threat to their leaders’ pose of moral goodness

    16. When one is confronted by a rebellion then often the temptation is there to step back and say ‘I don’t need this’, but before you surrender and handover your vision and work to someone else, remember that the one who succeeds by rebellion will undoubtedly use the same tactics to keep control

    17. Thus we encourage you Candidates to strive with your utmost effort to achieve this promise and potential that you have, and we sincerely hope that every one of you succeeds in becoming one of the new gods

    18. “Take it from one who’s a far more experienced leader and warrior; you’re being far too noble for your own good, and far too hard on yourself! You’ll learn with experience that no battle goes exactly as we hope it will, and any that succeeds as well as this one did today is a great and proud victory indeed! Be thankful when luck is on your side, as chance will favor your opponents when you least expect it! They certainly had things going their way in Shinosa Valley and elsewhere, until the Battle of Osbald’s Assembly! And remember above all; they attacked you, as they tried for the second time to murder your new wife and yourself! You were defending yourselves, and your mentor can hardly blame you for fighting then, can he?!”

    19. 15 But on the death of Seleucus the king his son Antiochus Epiphanes succeeds to the kingdom: a man of haughty pride and terrible

    20. only succeeds when everyone pulls together, and sometimes the added strength of one

    21. “If this meeting succeeds, it will be a huge marker-post in our history

    22. Recounting action that succeeds implies that anyone else

    23. Whoever initiates actions after controlling all his sense organs with his mind (getting over his likes and dislikes, and selfish desires) and without (selfish) attachment (to results), succeeds

    24. If he succeeds he may even be elected to the council

    25. o Who cares whether the organization succeeds?

    26. In the film “Sliding Doors”, young Helen finds herself before the doors of the underground carriage: if she succeeds in taking the underground, her life will take one direction; but if the doors close without her onboard, her life will take a completely different turn

    27. Once again, as she succeeds,

    28. Problems begin only after he succeeds

    29. Furiously he rubs his nose with the towel and succeeds in only removing a small amount as his nose and hands still remain slimy

    30. Putting Sharon in the driving seat proves more difficult and Suzy is soaked in sweat by the time she succeeds

    31. But the sniper succeeds in shooting one of them through a break in the smoke, and the remaining escapees are forced to crawl over the undulating ground

    32. When one succeeds we all succeed

    33. If such an attempt succeeds and erases the Global Council as we know it, then we will be erased at the same time, without having the chance to find about that attempt and to stop it

    34. But at that time, Zhang Zhenyu totally believed what Li Hongzhi said: "When he succeeds in cultivation later on he'll get whatever he wants just by extending his hand, he'll have anything he wants, and he'll be able to do whatever he

    35. almost succeeds in the

    36. Franchising as a business model succeeds because it has proven, in the

    37. 'It seems that someone apart from Grobut is attempting to lay his hands on the Eryx, and if he succeeds …' The UPS paused

    38. If he succeeds, the Empire will fall into a dictatorship and wars will break out all over the Galaxy causing unnecessary deaths and hardships for countless numbers of planetary inhabitants

    39. taxation that succeeds in narrowing the gap between the haves and

    40. Succeeds in making them

    41. Succeeds in making

    42. and succeeds is the one who is absolutely certain that he can

    43. with full interest and persistence surely succeeds

    44. But I’ll certainly need his help for the next step, if this succeeds

    45. succeeds a boom, together with the

    46. If the annual application succeeds, then an increase of no more than five per cent

    47. The council said the eviction could take place on Friday if their intended legal challenge to the injunction succeeds

    48. We want to know what your objectives are, and what are the outputs you expect if our solution succeeds

    49. Having taken to me in her own sweet way, would she be averse to marrying me? Why not seek auntie’s good offices as the matchmaker? Oh, even if she succeeds in brainwashing them all, that still leaves a question mark in matching our horoscopes

    50. History has shown, a woman succeeds after lifting her veil for doing the good things that God wants her to do

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