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    1. If the car that you are driving doesn’t have the energy it needs to get to where you want to go because you didn’t put the gas in the car, you are not going to get there, so choose to have energy

    2. The demand for electric power, petrol, diesel, gas, wood and manufactured materials is so high that we are forced to destroy the environment to meet the demands of the current population while making the future bleak for the coming generations

    3. She had stopped for gas twice, the first time around five in the morning, and the second time also for lunch

    4. and how the cosmic gas and dust coalesced to form the planets

    5. If, along with suns, molten planet cores and gas nebulae, Smith had invented

    6. Rampone grabbed hold of a 10m Staas container with the mighty claw-foot in the rear and gave a burst of gas to grasp another of the belt-iron steel containers and bring it in contact with the first

    7. The Squidies that got hit with that wave vented clouds of snowy gas out their ruptured suits

    8. This star was barely more than a gas giant

    9. For a brief moment I thought that we were all saved, that government forces had smashed into the apartment and would, in a few seconds, lead us hostages out through tear gas and back into the wintery sun of cold and forbidding England

    10. Heroic scenes all the way back to the American puppet's gas attacks were shown, as if carved in real time in the stones of the temple

    11. It's spacious, brightly lit with gas lamps, rather new, and a little raucous

    12. They have a gas lantern also, I imagine she's got that going

    13. Kelvin would have thought it convenient that the natives were all in the water when he released the gas, leave less evidence

    14. thriving on the heat and stream of flaming gas

    15. They went around turning off the gas, and closing up the school

    16. the door slams on a gas strut,

    17. There, in broad daylight, Ruby was trying to light a really old and very large gas oven with a lighter so that she could boil the kettle

    18. The lady rushed over and snatched the lighter out of Ruby's hand and turned off the gas

    19. That's why it smells of gas", said Kirk

    20. the gas stove and settled down for a nice brew

    21. light a really old and very large gas oven with a lighter so that she

    22. out of Ruby's hand and turned off the gas

    23. That's why it smells of gas",

    24. it is not good to put old gas in a new car

    25. The other concession is two gas heaters, both of which are on permanently

    26. The lights went out; a gunshot shattered the silence; the taxi driver cursed and jammed the gas pedal to the floor, forcing her the rest of the way into the back seat

    27. Amanda flipped a red switch and the bike moved faster as a servo poured more gas into the carburetor

    28. Joseph turned the gas to compensate for it but it only increased in speed

    29. He soon found the electric, gas, and telephone disconnected

    30. He soon found the electric, gas and telephone disconnected

    31. You weren’t interested in much but hose clamps and gas equations that last year

    32. “These paintings were all she did here in Chardovia, while she was studying to be a gas technician so she could support herself at the study of art and fashion, her real goal

    33. The steamer sits quietly on top of the gas range

    34. Just have enough gas

    35. ” They had a gas flame here and he put a thin pan of water on it and gently coaxed the thesh under

    36. There was a tall gas flame to dry in front of, its heat welcome in early Dawnsleep

    37. ‘Do you reckon that’s a real fire or one of those gas imitations?’ he asked craning his neck to see if he can work it out

    38. ‘Hmm … has to be a gas one, I reckon

    39. We came to some small town in Illinois and stopped at a gas station that

    40. d was go to the Kassikan and study Yingolian crystals for a career? After finding that she could master the technology of gas piping, she might have been drawn deeper into science

    41. She stopped in town for gas and munchies, and while there, she picked up a notebook, so one of the girls could write down the stories Emma retold from Jims stories the night before

    42. They stopped for lunch and topped of the gas tank in Nephi at the base of Mount Nebo, one of Utah's rare glaciers covered mountains

    43. ” I pushed the gas to the floor

    44. with water in the gas line

    45. on milk cartons and gas station windows of missing young women would never

    46. ‘I have to look after this little creature, but in a few hours’ time I have to put it in a container and gas it!’

    47. There is no gas, or special tube in which to destroy it

    48. I desperately need a new car, my car -15 years old; it's a great car but a gas guzzler with about 10 minor things wrong with it

    49. She had to have put gas in the car

    50. The man dressed in a heavy black coat, said that the gas line had been ruptured in the accident

    1. According to physicists, your skin, your brain, the neutrons, the minerals, the gases, the stars, are all built with the very same building block: the quark

    2. Humans and animals have ancestors and, in a way, so have minerals, vegetables and gases

    3. Widespread dents and holes in the hull, many windows blown out, lights inside faltering and the rear of the ship was burning, flames fed by the gases inside shooting out through gaps in the damaged hull

    4. B: -- With more plants around the globe on larger landmasses, the gases that would have been found in the atmosphere, would definitely have contained additional oxygen and having a boundary layer of water outside the atmosphere, could have led to gases being trapped in the atmosphere and an increase in air pressure

    5. We know that today our atmosphere and a thin layer of Ozone alone, consisting of gases only, in conjunction with the magnetic field that is generated by the Earth, protects us from a reasonable amount of the harmful effects of the sun

    6. inasmuch as both China and India were exempt from crippling their economies, with China currently producing more greenhouse gases than America, with more on the way

    7. The hard vacuum, leaving them without breath, letting gases bubble out in the

    8. So strong was the blast that even the boiling storm rolled back in reaction to its hot gases, tamed for once by a stronger force

    9. “The sixteen and a half million tonnes of greenhouse gases are almost an afterthought

    10. “Dispersed gases,” I told him, and I don’t know where that came from

    11. I had to explain it again a couple of times, about little puff-balls of smoke or gases all lined up in a row ahead of the meteor, and how the thing would arrive in Earth’s vicinity as just a big clump of steam; without enough kinetic energy to cause any harm or penetrate the atmosphere, et cetera

    12. costs and likely limited benefits” of using the Clean Air Act to regulate greenhouses gases

    13. research on the health effects of greenhouse gases

    14. regulate greenhouse gases: they would reduce global temperatures by 0

    15. EPA"s rules to curb emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases were cited as impediment

    16. with rockets, followed by two airborne assaults using nerve gases Tabun and Sarin

    17. The gases originate from coal-burning power plants and to a lesser extent, cars and trucks

    18. Some components of the atmosphere were “greenhouse gases

    19. increase in surface temperatures due to increase in the greenhouse gases

    20. greenhouse gases rose steadily, but average surface temperature rose over much of the globe between 1910 and 1940, then fell between 1940 and 1975 despite a more than

    21. gases on the enemies

    22. the thick gases that had drifted from the cavernous core of the

    23. The hot gases and smoke from the intense destruction stifled

    24. Smokestacks smoked, carbon dioxide belched forth, millions of animals produced flatulent gases including CO2, and the “carbon footprint” was enlarged

    25. Other findings indicate that the oceans emit most of the greenhouse gases

    26. output of global warming gases

    27. The EPA has stifled Alan Carlin, a senior research analyst at the EPA who questioned the outdated research on the health effects of greenhouse gases

    28. 2,2011) that would take away the EPA authority to regulate greenhouse gases

    29. Quote: "We write with serious economic and energy security concerns relating to the potential regulation of greenhouse gases (GHGs) from stationary sources under the Clean Air Act

    30. Consider EPA's rules to regulate greenhouse gases: they would reduce global temperatures by 0

    31. greenhouse gases were cited as impediment to growth by at least 30 organizations‖

    32. President Obama, himself, a few days after taking office issued new CAFÉ rules that raised the mileage requirements for cars and quickly followed that with directing federal regulators on to move on an application by California and 13 other states to set strict limits on greenhouse gases from cars and trucks

    33. In February, 2011 both the Senate and the House introduced legislation to remove the authority from the EPA to regulate greenhouse gases and so we see that the Congress is aware that the EPA must be regulated and controlled

    34. coal, creating billions of tons of the greenhouse gases that are now warming the planet

    35. involving the administration of anaesthetic gases such as C02, provided that it is

    36. Loud popping sounds came from under their feet as accumulated gases and air bladders exploded under the pressure of hurrying feet

    37. xenon, to gases with

    38. ated by the different gases may be combined or seen as

    39. and a sudden expansion of the gases generating pres-

    40. dioxide can also react with other atmospheric gases to

    41. ceeds that found in solids, liquids and gases

    42. gases or energy solely and instantly by the will of the inhabitants ’21 In other

    43. Winds are basically movements of gases (making up what we call ‘air’)

    44. about the lines of force and in the process collide with gases in the neutral

    45. Many of the gases let

    46. Gases trapped in these meteorites

    47. frozen gases with bits of embedded rock and dust

    48. gases, which fluoresce like a neon sign

    49. “You’ll be studying the levels of fuel exhaust gases using infrared spectroscopy

    50. Of course the amounts and types of gases emitted depend on what the cows eat, their water intake, etc

    1. "Gassed those natives while they were in the water," he answered

    2. Tony gassed over the coverage

    3. Gassed them all

    4. ” It is hard to get around whatever is now coursing its way through your veins, it isn’t something you have taken before, that is positive, most anesthetics that worked this fast are gassed in

    5. countermanded and Elizabeth gassed the bridge

    6. “Has he really gassed the cabin?”

    7. On arrival in the east, they were gassed so that they’d have a beautiful red color, but they had no taste

    8. Ask 6 millions gypsies, Jews and homosexuals gassed and incinerated by purity-seeking megalomaniacs

    9. world are gassed by the toxic goose-stepping

    10. Gassed and Burned Them

    11. His father fought at Gallipoli in the First World War and was gassed

    12. dead based on all the other times I’ve gassed someone with my truck

    13. “On the beasts you gassed, you must not have been at the last raid

    14. “I’m being careful, I’m not going on the evening news to explain how I gassed this place with a bunch of kids playing that I didn’t know about

    15. “I gassed the place,” Steve replied

    16. “Me and a friend gassed the prison, all the staff are dead except for a few

    17. I gassed up the car and went to the cemetery

    18. I told myself they had to be gassed for transportation or the jacker prisoners would overwhelm the guards

    19. She cradled him in her arms and dripped Visine into his eyes when he was tear gassed by the police at an anti-nuclear demonstration, but she could never bring herself to chant those silly slogans or actually carry a protest sign

    20. She tried to ignore them as she gassed up the Ford

    21. Besides watching Iraq’s borders and protecting the Kurdish minority, who Saddam had gassed and massacred in the past, U

    22. As soon as I realized that we weren’t getting gassed, I threw off my gas mask

    23. As soon as I realized that we weren’t getting gassed, I threw off my gas mask

    24. As always, the Ford Taurus was gassed up and ready, an ordinary ride with fake registration, fake plates, all matching his fake ID, all good to go

    25. More typical was Treblinka, which only needed a couple of huts for the guards because everyone who arrived there was to be gassed

    26. One night a year ago, Cinco de Mayo, there was a mariachi Mexican Spanish Pachuco conga lineup through the halls and down through the tenement, gassed on wine and enchiladas

    27. “All well maintained and gassed up

    28. The Illustrated Man gassed the air pleasantly from his dank lungs

    29. Thought the fellah might have been gassed, but there's none in there; and hell—he can hit

    1. Closing his eyes in overwhelming helplessness, he lowered the dry guard down to his side, gassing the hot air in and out of his lungs as he hated his suffering

    2. This was gassing off like crazy and over-cooling the reactants

    3. People’s incomes these days are going towards mortgages, gassing their vehicles, electric bills, rises in groceries and food and medical insurance premiums

    4. gassing, injection into the heart (cats), electrocution or

    5. Star prayed the gassing of the body would be contained within the polythene wraps until Max could bury it

    6. And that, right there, was what really made Josh curse himself for not thinking far enough ahead and gassing up somewhere else

    7. It will NOT stop the next Olympic Park, gay nightclub or abortion clinic bomb, the next Waco or Oklahoma City carnage, another schoolkids’ massacre or child-beauty queen’s rape and killing, Japanese Saran gassing, Israeli suicide blast or hi-jacked plane crash

    8. Graveyards are the life killing golf courses of the dead, with greens between tombstone flags marking the holes for one manicured and fumigated by the petrochemicals of mower, fertilizer and herbicide poisoning the lawns choking on the off gassing toxic chemical coffins seeping with the sterilizing fluids of an uninhabitable decomposition

    9. of the tank going into that building, gassing and burning little children, still

    10. Bev then said, “We saw the results of the Nazis gassing the Jews

    11. My life is driving, gassing and more driving

    12. “I suppose that’s what the guards at Auschwitz said when they were gassing Jews and burning them in ovens

    13. And stopped gassing them in buses with carbon monoxide

    14. Time someone thought about it instead of gassing about the what was it the pensive bosom of the silver effulgence

    15. So of course the citizen was only waiting for the wink of the word and he starts gassing out of him about the invincibles and the old guard and the men of sixtyseven and who fears to speak of ninetyeight and Joe with him about all the fellows that were hanged, drawn and transported for the cause by drumhead courtmartial and a new Ireland and new this, that and the other

    16. O, my!' he gasped, as he panted along, 'what an ASS I am! What a CONCEITED and heedless ass! Swaggering again! Shouting and singing songs again! Sitting still and gassing again! O my! O my! O my!'

    17. It’s probably too late to stop the use of the phrase now, but it provides a ghastly euphemism for mass murder (like the Nazis’ ‘Final Solution’ for gassing people) and it should never have been accepted, still less used, by the world’s press

    18. The Germans had been plastering us for about 12 hours with "all calibres," to say nothing of continual gassing

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