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    1. They reach the top of the hill and Alex changes down and floors the accelerator

    2. The doctor makes a quick decision, floors the accelerator and points the car at the fence line

    3. Just in time the doctor realises that the engine is going to stall, dips the clutch and floors the accelerator

    4. Eventually Davie kicks the beast into life and holds the accelerator in the mid-range for a few seconds

    5. accelerator – leaving the poor man to his fate

    6. accelerator as they waved us through

    7. Pandey pushed the accelerator, the engine roared more, and

    8. He was already working fifteen hours a week as a research assistant at the Montana particle accelerator site (a ringway extended for two hundred and fifty kilometres underground, the world’s biggest)

    9. She grinned, showing perfectly white teeth, and a great smile, hit the accelerator and

    10. When she pushed it this time, she pulled in the clutch and left the accelerator alone

    11. Racing from the house Alex jumped in his car, the worn tyres leaving another few miles of rubber on the tarmac as he floored the accelerator

    12. Gasping, blood oozing down his cheek, he stamped his foot on the accelerator, leaning forward into the steering wheel as he urged the car to greater speed

    13. Ramming the car into gear, she floored the accelerator, constantly checking in the rear-view mirror as they sped away

    14. With that said, Frank floored the accelerator and William’s head jerked back

    15. William looked over to Frank’s foot on the accelerator and he could see that Frank was letting up

    16. Uncle Hobart stuck his middle finger in the air, stamping his foot on the accelerator

    17. He knew now that he’d been completely wrong: Sylvia felt no mother-son solidarity with him – never had! It was time to strike out on his own and getting his hands on that coke was the answer! There’d be money enough to be free of her forever! He tromped down on the accelerator of the La Hacienda 4X4 firing a spray of gravel behind as he followed the switchbacks and ruts then, with a squeal, the tires found pavement and he roared off towards San José

    18. He jammed the accelerator to the floor and came over the crest of a hill with enough speed to lift the wheels from the pavement and his heart into his throat

    19. Without a split seconds hesitation, the driver of the car pitched the vehicle into a sudden turn and stepped on his accelerator

    20. With it scraping along the ground, the car refused to be steered, but he forced it along, jamming the accelerator to the floor while remnants of the wheel grated thunderously

    21. LP planted his foot hard on the accelerator, changing from first to second gear in four wheel drive

    22. driver uttered as he pressed down hard on the accelerator on his way to the

    23. Then the Human Accelerator Region (HAR1) accelerated leaving that ancestor of ours as well as our simian cousins in a similar dustbin of time to that which so many others had preceded it to, as archaeology has also uncovered

    24. As earlier indicated HAR1, the “human accelerator region,” kicked in around that 5 million year demarcation

    25. Approximately at the time of the last incremental change was when civilization is thought to have begun, and look where we have ridden this change agent to, but biology by itself most likely will not be a fast enough accelerator to carry us to where we desire to go, if we even know where that might be

    26. Instinctively I pushed my foot down on the accelerator, as we drove through a small village, which seemed to consist of nothing more than a few cottages, a café and a stone church

    27. down on the accelerator, and the tractor lumbered slowly forward toward the rice fields

    28. he slammed his foot down on the accelerator as the first of the

    29. Releasing his pressure on the accelerator, the bike’s

    30. The driver pressed the accelerator pedal down and took another gulp

    31. “Just sort it out yourself!” Taisei yelled as he hit the accelerator and drove off into the distance

    32. alpha level meditation and floors on the accelerator

    33. The young man turning on the ignition and put his foot on the accelerator

    34. Intending to speed off and leave him behind, I press heavy on the accelerator, but he speeds along, racing with me

    35. They were almost back, he stepped on the accelerator

    36. or why they had been fired upon, Selma tromped on the accelerator

    37. do,” he said as he stomped down on the accelerator

    38. With all the crazy traffic and a foot on the accelerator and a hand on

    39. the doors behind him he slammed on the accelerator and the

    40. "There's some kind of field its main accelerator is giving off

    41. You have the ability to move quickly if you put your foot on the accelerator

    42. Mom tapped the accelerator so hard, rocks flew out from the rental car

    43. "Thalia," I said, "lighten up on the accelerator

    44. accelerator and played a game of hit-the-demon

    45. Halfway to Uig my accelerator cable snapped

    46. accelerator could shed light onto the theory

    47. Construction of the Australian Super Collider particle accelerator is underway

    48. on the accelerator, the ATV shot back in the direction of the ship

    49. He glanced over at her and she gave him a little pout so he pushed his foot down a little further on the accelerator

    50. With Richard now safely in the car, E slammed his foot down on the accelerator

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    accelerator throttle throttle valve atom smasher particle accelerator accelerator pedal gas gas pedal gun catalyst