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    1. It was only a little more than an hour till they were out on the open lake where he opened the throttle full and pounded over the water in the last gloom of dusk

    2. Remembrance Day, when it arrives, is cold, grey and damp (as Janet predicted) and casts an atmosphere of gloom over The Laurels

    3. When the clouds and darkness gloom over us, we should continue to endure to the end

    4. A brief flash of red brake light in the gloom and then the snake back onto the straight and true

    5. a pinpoint reflected in the oil gloom glow

    6. Thru the shady gloom she could even see a few stones

    7. In the gloom, I can see Berndt is swaying

    8. We follow him out into the woods, light now in comparison with the deep gloom of the cave

    9. It was the sense of life being extinguished that inflamed my imagination and the deeper we went the more I found myself searching the gloom for signs of Cerberus, the three-headed dog; he who guards the entrance to the Kingdom of Hades

    10. When Alessandra passed me her water I smiled my thanks, but on the verge of gloom like a naughty boy who's been forgiven with a hug and a kiss on the cheek

    11. Yassap stared out into the gloom again, ‘There is

    12. The Sun's first rays lifted the gloom chasing the

    13. the quiet gloom of the bar

    14. Except that the third car to approach Billy’s hedgerow head butt slows as it passes, flashing brake lights in the late afternoon gloom

    15. To what do I owe the pleasure?” He was quite flushed she thought, though it was hard to tell in the gloom, and a little short of breath

    16. backstreets of Troyes in the growing gloom of a foggy,

    17. He edges forward slowly and peers into the gloom

    18. Slowly, their eyes adjusted to the gloom

    19. The ash-filled clouds veiled the sun, covering the land in a dusk-like gloom even though it was not yet midday

    20. Therefore, in the gloom of evening, he let himself down again; but when he had clambered down the wall he was terribly afraid, for he saw the witch standing before him

    21. gloom - entered a world of upland pastures

    22. his back and sensed a lifting of the gloom

    23. "Alan, I'm glad we meet again in more pleasant surroundings," a raspy voice said as her eyes adjusted to the gloom

    24. deepening gloom as he passed

    25. enveloping gloom, and the couple were momentarily

    26. the thud of beating hooves would penetrate the gloom

    27. In place of glint, there was gloom

    28. Rather, the fearsome callers merely drifted along only to disappear into the gloom from which they emerged

    29. She gripped her sword, breathing shallow breaths in the quiet gloom

    30. selfish with private gloom

    31. Exhaustion and great hunger forced them to dis-regard the lingering dangers evident in the scampering shadows and shuffles in the gloom

    32. Heaviness washed over him, a weighty gloom

    33. She had just reached the corridor and vanished into the dull gloom of an alcove when the Quartermaster burst into the hall after her

    34. The main view screen on Captain Husim's bridge aboard the Borantus sprang from the gloom of the Waghtnin embedded cluster that was their refuge, to be filled with the illumined face of the Elf

    35. The older of the two Imperials nodded slowly, bearing a wide and very cynical grin as sorrow inevitably yielded to the usual angry gloom

    36. Perhaps the cheerfulness of the day, one finally without the overcast gloom of the many rainy ones thus far, uplifted her spirit

    37. This mood of gloom was not what Torbin had anticipated

    38. He fumbled in the gloom, and his fingertips touched thick, glutinous liquid

    39. A dark form could just be distinguished in the gloom as it emerged from the tunnel

    40. Several moments of squinting into the gloom let her find tracks trampling the snow beside the trail

    41. A security guard appeared out of the gloom, rain running down the peak of his cap onto the thin plastic mac covering his uniform

    42. It was impossible to see where the animal had come from in the gloom

    43. “Christchurch harbour,” he said watching the lights on the Isle of Wight fade away in the gloom

    44. In the gloom the other cats crept forward, following the first, using the trees as cover, whiskers quivering as they scented the fear

    45. For a moment the mugger thought a nearby car must have blown a tyre, but then, through the gloom, he saw a line of yellow eyes watching him

    46. He could not hide the gloom he was feeling at having to leave me

    47. Wearing a serene expression, his fur twinkling with droplets of phosphorescence that sparkled oddly in the gloom, Thesa stood looking out across the vast space

    48. By now, I was only a couple of feet away and could see their outlines in the gloom

    49. The effect of my appearance out of the gloom was quite stunning

    50. Heaving a sigh of relief, I threw my arms around my old uncle as he appeared out of the gloom

    1. I left the pavilion and walked into a recess gloomed by firs

    2. She had helplessly gloomed at the upper regions

    1. Did I not always see some hard fiber in her nature? Did I not, even at the time when I was proud to obey her behest, feel that it was surely a poor love which could drive a lover to his death or the danger of it? Did I not, in my truest thoughts, always recurring and always dismissed, see past the beauty of the face, and, peering into the soul, discern the twin shadows of selfishness and of fickleness glooming at the back of it? Did she love the heroic and the spectacular for its own noble sake, or was it for the glory which might, without effort or sacrifice, be reflected upon herself? Or are these thoughts the vain wisdom which comes after the event? It was the shock of my life

    1. She would be sensible, and shake herself free of melancholy; or, if she couldn't shake herself free of it, at least rejoice that being an unattached woman she could be as melancholy as she liked in peace, without involving a husband or children in her ill humour--helpless persons who couldn't get away, and were bound to suffer when the wife or mother had a fit of the glooms

    2. sometimes when hes asleep the wrong end of me not knowing I suppose who he has any man thatd kiss a womans bottom Id throw my hat at him after that hed kiss anything unnatural where we havent I atom of any kind of expression in us all of us the same 2 lumps of lard before ever Id do that to a man pfooh the dirty brutes the mere thought is enough I kiss the feet of you senorita theres some sense in that didnt he kiss our halldoor yes he did what a madman nobody understands his cracked ideas but me still of course a woman wants to be embraced 20 times a day almost to make her look young no matter by who so long as to be in love or loved by somebody if the fellow you want isnt there sometimes by the Lord God I was thinking would I go around by the quays there some dark evening where nobodyd know me and pick up a sailor off the sea thatd be hot on for it and not care a pin whose I was only do it off up in a gate somewhere or one of those wildlooking gipsies in Rathfarnham had their camp pitched near the Bloomfield laundry to try and steal our things if they could I only sent mine there a few times for the name model laundry sending me back over and over some old ones odd stockings that blackguardlooking fellow with the fine eyes peeling a switch attack me in the dark and ride me up against the wall without a word or a murderer anybody what they do themselves the fine gentlemen in their silk hats that K C lives up somewhere this way coming out of Hardwicke lane the night he gave us the fish supper on account of winning over the boxing match of course it was for me he gave it I knew him by his gaiters and the walk and when I turned round a minute after just to see there was a woman after coming out of it too some filthy prostitute then he goes home to his wife after that only I suppose the half of those sailors are rotten again with disease O move over your big carcass out of that for the love of Mike listen to him the winds that waft my sighs to thee so well he may sleep and sigh the great Suggester Don Poldo de la Flora if he knew how he came out on the cards this morning hed have something to sigh for a dark man in some perplexity between 2 7s too in prison for Lord knows what he does that I dont know and Im to be slooching around down in the kitchen to get his lordship his breakfast while hes rolled up like a mummy will I indeed did you ever see me running Id just like to see myself at it show them attention and they treat you like dirt I dont care what anybody says itd be much better for the world to be governed by the women in it you wouldnt see women going and killing one another and slaughtering when do you ever see women rolling around drunk like they do or gambling every penny they have and losing it on horses yes because a woman whatever she does she knows where to stop sure they wouldnt be in the world at all only for us they dont know what it is to be a woman and a mother how could they where would they all of them be if they hadnt all a mother to look after them what I never had thats why I suppose hes running wild now out at night away from his books and studies and not living at home on account of the usual rowy house I suppose well its a poor case that those that have a fine son like that theyre not satisfied and I none was he not able to make one it wasnt my fault we came together when I was watching the two dogs up in her behind in the middle of the naked street that disheartened me altogether I suppose I oughtnt to have buried him in that little woolly jacket I knitted crying as I was but give it to some poor child but I knew well Id never have another our 1st death too it was we were never the same since O Im not going to think myself into the glooms

    3. glooms when the wind is in the East?'

    4. The weather of the world remained fair and the wind held in the west, but nothing could waft away the glooms and the sad mists that clung about the Mountains of Shadow; and behind them at whiles great smokes would arise and hover in the upper winds

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    gloom gloominess somberness sombreness glumness dejection depression melancholy malaise sadness despair dimness obscurity shade shadow darkness dark