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    1. Other psychological factors, including depression, lowered self-esteem associated with overall loss of physical strength and the onset of physical signs of aging, anxiety, and substance abuse can all contribute to male impotence

    2. It came more from their depression than reality, but it had hurt Kira a great deal

    3. Professional services of trained counselors may also be made available free of cost to senior citizens who are in the grip of anxiety, depression, grief arising out of bereavement and conflicts due to problematic relationships with family members

    4. Women are particularly susceptible to developing depression and anxiety disorders in response to stress as compared to men

    5. could occupy it, instead of letting it be filled with fear and depression

    6. Thus began the depression, the madness that allowed time without end to pass unnoticed here in the darkness

    7. Maybe my body was unbalanced and so, in the depths of depression, was my mind

    8. When they disappear, all my psychological problems disappear as well: stress, nervousness, depression, timidity, self-pity, misery

    9. If ever one of us awoke with that brooding depression that was never far from the surface smile, the other always seemed to rally round and, with care and light-hearted humour, would lift the mood

    10. Despite the hope and the warmth that comforted me during those first few days with Menachem, that conversation about my father was the catalyst for a spell of deep depression

    11. It transpired that during my week of foul, self-centred temper and depression, Menachem had been leaving notes

    12. That was just enough to stave off the worst of the depression that cutting off yaag could bring, leaving her functioning but with a sad and quiet air

    13. This fit of depression is purely the result of overdoing things both on a physical and emotional level … okay, so that makes perfect logical sense … but doesn’t actually alleviate things one iota

    14. Vitamin D controls the calcium content in the blood; excess of vitamin D results in a number of disorders, including diarrhoea, depression, and severe toxic disturbances

    15. I don’t know if Jane mentioned it, but my mother suffered from depression just like you do

    16. Treatment of depression was not very advanced then and she was scared of being put away in a home for the mentally ill a lot of the time

    17. ‘Does the depression still clobber you like it used to?’ he asked, almost gingerly

    18. depression, anxiety and other unwanted feelings that

    19. stimulation works to cure depression and other

    20. blackest depression, when he suddenly remembered the old woman

    21. Heart-Walls can lead to depression, divorce, and abuse

    22. Heart-Walls, we have seen cases of severe depression

    23. that the trainer hated him), depression at age 3,

    24. That fact lifted a load of depression and sour moods from her life, and mine

    25. In drugs related cases, where depression of the central nervous system is caused by external factors, there will be a battery of tests to complete before she can be classified

    26. Poor woman had a nervous breakdown and still suffers from depression pretty badly sometimes, though she doesn’t talk about it

    27. It showed all the little villages in Slump County, including Trouble Valley, which was nested there in the centre of the depression

    28. of helplessness and depression

    29. They also usually suffer from depression

    30. The wind rolled him away from the shredder into a depression in the ground

    31. I sat in depression until it was six

    32. However, the one time they saw a large group in the distance and Axel made them hide in a depression in the landscape, gray plastic covering them

    33. The side of the road literally exploded with flame trapping the Belmarsh boys in the depression

    34. So far as their quantity in any particular country depends upon the former of those two circumstances (the power of purchasing), their real price, like that of all other luxuries and superfluities, is likely to rise with the wealth and improvement of the country, and to fall with its poverty and depression

    35. depression, and then acceptance

    36. Alternatively, it may also be indicative of sadness and depression

    37. with my anxiety and panic attacks or depression thoughts I felt weak, different than

    38. Studies of depression in the population show relatively high rates of affective disorders in healthcare workers, social workers, and nursing home workers, among others

    39. You know, you did hold it once, hence Mim and Yula's deep depression after your capture

    40. [135] See Tammy Worth, “10 Careers With High Rates of Depression,” health

    41. For example, we could help tend to our neighbor’s kids, so that their parents could attend a dinner function or spend time listening to the grievances of a friend, in their time of depression

    42. They grew up during the great depression and were able

    43. The laudable motive of all these regulations, is to extend our own manufactures, not by their own improvement, but by the depression of those of all our neighbours, and by putting an end, as much as possible, to the troublesome competition of such odious and disagreeable rivals

    44. This state of discouragement and depression was felt more or less in every different part of the country, and many different inquiries were set on foot concerning the causes of it

    45. There were various control panels with screens, which were probably once illuminated interface controls, in a semicircle around a depression in the floor

    46. It was like he had just given up altogether and if he didn’t pull out of this depression soon I didn’t think he would pull out of it at all

    47. ” I didn’t know what to say to this and a black depression settled on me as I realised that Elijah was blaming me for his condition

    48. “However your friend there will be leaving on the next hospital ship in two days time at home he can be taken care of better and they have more expertise of caring for his face wounds and the depression that is gripping him

    49. With Archie gone it was nearly unbearable and a black mood descended on me and I moped about the ward like a dead man walking locked into my depression

    50. I could feel the black depression descending on me again and the almost tangible hate that I felt for those shirking bastards stood at the bar waving their money and drinking

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