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    1. He lay in the nest for several hours, lost somewhere between fury and dejection, exhausted but unable to sleep

    2. A picture of utter dejection

    3. Hunting up some food, the young badger sat eating, his body slumped in dejection

    4. Dejection is an understandable emotion and probably, by itself, would have been acceptable

    5. His head was in his hands and there was something in his whole attitude that spoke of weariness and dejection

    6. Ashes: Turning from sins; devastation; total death of the old life; consumed; mourning; sorrow; dejection; victory over hardship; to be worthless;

    7. As time went by, the myth faded into our misery and our dejection

    8. In 1984, while Roger was enduring the most disappointing and humbling dejection of his diversified existence, the opportunity presented itself for him to take on a challenge that would eventually revive and transform his life once again

    9. At length, having received nothing else, in a state of dejection, he started back to his tent

    10. dejection and disappointments stare you in the face

    11. Dejection topped by the new knowledge of Donovan’s infidelity

    12. Dejection hung heavy in her voice, and Michael had the urge to

    13. chest with a mixture of pain, dejection and tears forming deep

    14. Dejection weighed on every muscle and bone as he put away the mats, changed back into school uniform and mounted the stairs


    16. Were Vivek to persist, wouldn’t she give in then to him? Wouldn't his youthful exuberance attract her in her state of dejection? More so, how long could she resist his overriding passion?

    17. As he made his way back up the tunnel to the main cavern, a feeling of dejection and complete loss came over him

    18. His gray head hung down with dejection

    19. I didn’t plan this, nor did I question that I had not chosen it, because my dejection had reached the sub-atomic level

    20. Terence, rather embarrassed by her manners, followed obediently, his shoulders slouched in dejection at an unsuccessful evening of attempting to escape

    21. Seeing that these individuals, with the exception of the pompous English couple, were largely removed from the affairs that to them hardly existed on the other side of the ocean, Preacher Cooper frowned and looked towards the ground in disappointment and dejection

    22. Her long hair hung limply at her shoulders that sagged in apparent dejection at having been apprehended

    23. still don’t think it’s for me,” he concluded with a sense of dejection

    24. and dejection in her voice

    25. “It wasn’t that,” Alex said reassuringly but with dejection

    26. “Oh my God, Alex!” Thomas shook his head in dejection and

    27. “Yeah,” Alex answered with a trace of dejection in his tone, “go

    28. dejection, but not today

    29. with dejection in his tone

    30. “Thanks, my dear,” he said, his dejection obvious

    31. He looked at Wickland and shook his head with dejection

    32. Looking toward the floor in what could only be interpreted as dejection, Mr

    33. “I don’t know,” Wickland said with dejection

    34. “We didn’t find a thing,” Wickland said with dejection

    35. “I don’t know,” he said with a sense of dejection and defeat

    36. David walked back to the house-office, trying to hide his dejection

    37. of dejection assailed Michael's mind

    38. Shocked did Mahmud the Hindus into dejection, as Romila Thapar picks up the historical debris of Somnath thus:

    39. As it is I’m forced to watch dejection

    40. ’ Hearing the dejection in my voice, I gulped down the rest of the tea, if it could be called that

    41. Norah felt the sting of his frustrated dejection

    42. ” Urit said with frustration, dejection, and anger

    43. hands on her legs, the picture of total dejection and surrender

    44. As for the believer, when the devil approaches them with his whispering, they feel his temptations and insinuations and suffer from heartache and dejection

    45. Tell me, what mood were you in when you wrote? Was it not, apart from its dejection, one rather inclined to peevishness? You ask, for instance, why I write so much about a tipsy trumpeter when I know you are anxious to hear about the other things I never tell you

    46. But before your kind letter came a few fresh autumn mornings had cleared a good deal of my first dejection away

    47. After his meeting with Sunaina he had gone into a state of dejection and packed his things straight away, once and for all, to go as far as possible from the New Delhi and Sunaina

    48. There was no cart, he said, absolutely none; and the Professor, in a state of fuming dejection, was forced to what resignation he could muster

    49. The mayor's face sagged in dejection as he contemplated the consequence of his negligence to more fully evaluate the woman's background

    50. Leaving the community with apparent dejection, Eugene and I make our way to Emmons Avenue, to the exact place where we caused the last car crash

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    dejection bm faecal matter faeces fecal matter feces ordure stool unhappiness depression despondency gloom melancholy grief blues