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    1. There had been a time in his life when he wanted Tdeshi, when he wanted the nonstop party, the headlong rush

    2. In the mad rush of things we have built a culture of ‘instant’

    3. “I don’t want to rush a diagnosis, Christopher

    4. The rush of it all was utterly

    5. The rush to the airport had been a waste of time

    6. Plunk: He lands on the ground two stories below as John and all the class rush to the window to see what has happened

    7. He spills a quantity of soggy wallpaper on the floor as his grip on the bags slips; together, Liz and I rush over to take some of his burden from him

    8. ‘Why Winnie the Pooh?’ he asked as we rush to the other side of the bridge

    9. The nicotine rush faded almost as quickly as it had hit me, leaving me feeling slightly nauseous but suddenly very aware of something new and wonderful

    10. In my rush to get to it before it stops, starkers except for a towel round my hair, I nearly trip up on the bath mat

    11. There’s no rush

    12. The sugar rush turned us into babbling schoolgirls, so unused were we to the otherwise commonplace stimulus of lukewarm cola

    13. “Whatever happens,” I said, holding back an unexpected rush of tears, “we must try to stay together

    14. Hair care was in a rush to go somewhere and she was already really,

    15. ‘What would you suggest?’ she asked, adrenalin flooding through her like a sugar rush

    16. and cold-blooded howls rush through my bursting eardrums

    17. There is a call, a hallway rush of air and voice, a loss of place,

    18. There was a woosh as the door opened and he felt the rush of cold air hit his body

    19. the common understanding of man and woman when the rush of blood has

    20. We both rush over to him, Joris removing the backpack, while I, grabbing Berndt’s arm and finding it all sticky, realise with horror what has happened

    21. just as I will have to understand that the rush of life

    22. not the sigh of rush held

    23. You will want to plop your legs down on the floor in a great rush, but try as hard as you can to resist this impulse

    24. Too fast, too crazy and blatant they were, now the pressure was on them to rush me out of here

    25. The adrenalin rush of the previous evening and the near quarter bottle of Scotch that she had drunk before bed had not mixed well and, when she opened the door to the reporter from the Sun & Mercury, Miss Jones was suffering from the unpalatable effects of her first hangover since her debutante years

    26. One of them, in an insane rush towards Lady Isabol, got a lucky hit on Jackson, flaming his left arm and leg, and singeing Lady Isabol on her left side

    27. We're in a bit of a rush, you know how it is

    28. Is that the phone ringing – who can that be at this hour? I rush back into the house and pick up the receiver, ‘Hello?’

    29. I wandered well off the track left in the grass by the other two, feeling and stroking the boulders as I passed, sometimes a long way behind but happy, whistling, and sometimes even singing in an absent-minded way; a lad again with nothing to rush home after school for, and a long time before tea

    30. But in their rush they forgot one thing

    31. I rush over straight away

    32. She could see that she had been injured in the mob rush to flee the pits

    33. They were loosed too fast, as if someone was in a rush

    34. really in a rush, really hurrying

    35. But not for long, half an hour later, my stomach starts churning and again, I rush to the loo

    36. This cheese-apple was still a strapping young rush in the vigor of it’s youth, no more than thirty decades old, it would have been barely a sapling over planks and tent then

    37. What hSkaiya had was nice enough, but this was connoisseur quality with copious, long-lasting fumes that packed more rush than a big bong

    38. initial rush of anger had empowered him in a

    39. ‘There’s no rush, after all

    40. A sudden rush of blood

    41. Ken keeps a measured pace with his boss, watching the doctor all the while, waiting for a movement or a look, anything that might suggest a rush of blood to the head

    42. Smoke fills the cabin, but the rush of air streaming through the smashed windows clears it immediately

    43. The doors close with a rush of cold air as we settle down for the journey

    44. out of the cabinet above the sink and felt the cold air rush in as she opened the

    45. I rush out to answer it – Katie and Ben have enough to handle at the moment

    46. The door bursts open; the two youngsters rush in and swamp me

    47. Over Abi’s head, I beam at my son, absurdly proud, the rush of emotion causing tears to start in my eyes

    48. In a rush of

    49. He had the tendency to rush to help others even in situations where he clearly had no idea what he was doing

    50. 9They rush upon the city; they run along the wall

    1. We rushed back as fast as we could

    2. Johnny rushed into his room, shoving the door closed behind him

    3. My dad was always active in the village I grew up in and I spent a lot of my younger years shadowing him as he took tickets at various gates or rushed around using me as a ‘gofer’ … thank goodness I wasn’t a shy child, that would have been hell!

    4. Blood rushed to his throat, visions of Elissa as she was the afternoon before she disappeared flashed through his mind

    5. So he rushed

    6. The dream slipstream rushed across my face, sucking the air out of my lungs

    7. The simple fact that there was no tray, that I was rushed through my ablutions, that I was made to change out of my underground clothes into a new pair of jeans and a clean, white shirt, all of these became portents

    8. rushed behind him, stabbed him in the back through his chest, pulled him

    9. children had already rushed out with Shibani to catch a

    10. Flushed and rushed along with the thrill of it all

    11. Daniel rushed up the mountain so fast that he was out of breath when he entered the hatching ground

    12. The next morning just as they were finishing up breakfast, Becky jumped up and shouted, “He’s here! Gotta go!” and rushed out of the Hall

    13. She rushed up to the cave and burst in huffing and puffing

    14. Collin rushed into the chamber his eyes wide

    15. Michael rushed to the hatching grounds with Sally at his side

    16. There came a roar of panic and dread as everyone rushed toward to the bow where it became obvious the hawsers were still firmly attached to the bollards on the jetty

    17. Pantelis rushed to be by her side from somewhere abroad, but she died before he arrived

    18. The lady rushed over and snatched the lighter out of Ruby's hand and turned off the gas

    19. Dragons and riders rushed to the mesa to see what had happened

    20. The photographer did at least have the dignity to let her change out of her dressing gown and slippers, but everything was still rushed and she looked as if she’d just gone three full minutes with a welterweight boxer

    21. As soon as the soldier gave him a marrow bone biscuit, the dog rushed back out into the night

    22. After I stuck my head under the shower, I locked up the house, shoved the key into my pocket and rushed to the Antonis

    23. He rushed over to his friend’s car and tapped on the smoked glass windows, gesticulating wildly at the vacant spot where his lovely sparkling convertible had been standing

    24. He rushed to her, catching her before she hit the ground

    25. Daniel rushed forward and took Kate from him

    26. Valotin lowered his head as James rushed up and threw his arms around him

    27. He rushed back to the country manor house and told his master and mistress immediately that the tomatoes came from their very own greenhouse

    28. Fresh, sweet, cold air rushed in

    29. Rayne spotted him and rushed to his side

    30. She rushed to her bedside

    31. He rushed forward with his spear and shield at the ready

    32. She rushed to close them with Tarak right behind her

    33. She rushed to grab it

    34. She couldn’t look at her step-father, knowing that if she did she would unravel, so she mumbled an affirmative and rushed out of the room, collected her school bag from the foot of the stairs and ran out of the house, her eyes brimming with tears

    35. van rushed up Whitehall to where they were protesting

    36. I can’t get over how unbelievably good Abi has been about the whole thing – she even commented that she felt she was coming home on the way back … bless! It’s her birthday soon and I’m trying to get my head round something special for her but with memorial service at the weekend and the wedding preparations, I’m rushed off my feet

    37. It was lusty, very physical, violent, rushed, and extremely sensual

    38. The lady rushed over and snatched the lighter

    39. slippers, but everything was still rushed and she looked as if she’d

    40. Altera rushed forward, “How dare you put your hands on Lord Tarak’s mate,” she shouted as she came towards Alexei

    41. They made wicked, lusty, rushed love; as tho’ they might be found out any second

    42. He rushed over to his friend’s car and tapped on

    43. They rushed him

    44. Then he rushed down the hall and stuck

    45. He rushed back to the country manor house and told his

    46. Making haste they rushed directly for the stairs leading to the roof

    47. They fought fiercely for at least five minutes when suddenly the Scather rushed forward swinging his sword wildly

    48. She rushed over, put eyeshades on her and thrust a juice glass in her hand

    49. in this rushed and bustling world

    50. circus, the young man and his new wife rushed over to the happy

    1. I shake my head as he rushes into his study … oh Stephen, Stephen, you do wear your heart on your sleeve! Chuckling, I take myself out of earshot … it would be far too tempting to listen in and Stephen didn’t close the study door properly

    2. He rushes off to open the door while Liz and I stand in the kitchen looking at each other

    3. The bedroom door bursts open and, by the light spilling in from the sitting room, Stephen rushes in, his hair all awry, wearing his dressing gown

    4. Adrian immediately rushes off to help her while Stephen pours white wine into the glasses

    5. At that moment Mrs Stavrakis rushes into my office

    6. A distraught woman then rushes down the main aisle, towards me

    7. Gilla starts as though shaken by the reference to our relationship, but rushes off to do her bidding

    8. (KELLY rushes into the bedroom

    9. (SAMANTHA rushes to a chest of drawer and pulls out a pile of her dresses

    10. and the sound of a city rushes by

    11. Drens, having checked his crewman is safely on deck again and sent him off to dry and change, takes one look at Berndt and rushes off in the direction of the galley

    12. Trying to look gracious, I accept the offering and smile my thanks to the child who rushes back to her family jabbering excitedly

    13. With a quick ‘thanks’ she hangs the tea towel up and rushes off to join the men

    14. over, he rushes up and starts humping their leg! It’s

    15. There had been what looked like sweet flags by that waterlogged bit … almost a pond really … and she’d seen some rushes … would they be the edible variety? She wondered what they would taste like

    16. What time does she call this? He makes two attempts to stand and as he does the blood rushes into the void behind his eyes

    17. The passenger window is open a couple of inches and the sound of the wind catching on slabs of metal and glass rushes into the car

    18. Delighted, she rushes through the front room into the kitchen and stands at the back door looking out

    19. ’ She dashes over and kisses me on the cheek then rushes out again, carefully closing the door behind her

    20. She rushes off to turn on the computer

    21. Anna rushes out of the room

    22. Looking self-conscious and considerably upset, she rushes out of the door

    23. Katie’s here; she rushes over towards the window and looks at me anxiously then, she sobs and throws her arms around me

    24. Blood rushes by the ears—

    25. The water rushes up to swamp over his feet before it rolls back out

    26. It was reckoned a piece of magnificence in Thomas Becket, that he strewed the floor of his hall with clean hay or rushes in the season, in order that the knights and squires, who could not get seats, might not spoil their fine clothes when they sat down on the floor to eat their dinner

    27. As the line broke cover, the Spaniards blazed down with Mauser and machine gun, and their fire resolved the assault into a series of short rushes

    28. Standing on the bank, he shouted across the river repeatedly but there was no reply, just the urgent call of a bullfrog hidden in some nearby rushes

    29. The hand of The Lord is raised in battle! The arm of The Lord is stretched out to destroy! The army of The Lord rushes forward to slay His enemies and to deliver every captive!

    30. He felt inundated with honor and love, but he was wary of such sudden rushes of strong feelings, and breathed slowly, carefully rearranging his thoughts and feelings to protect him from the sins of pride and arrogance

    31. Heat rushes into my cheeks

    32. Color rushes into Four’s face, though his expression does not change

    33. Then Al rushes at me like a rolling boulder and throws me over his shoulder

    34. Wind rushes over the lip of the hole and washes over me, and I close my eyes

    35. Pain rushes through my body in sharp bursts, but I try to ignore it, stifling a groan

    36. The air rushes over my body and twists around my fingers

    37. Wind rushes up the side of the building and lifts my shirt from my skin

    38. Someone shouts, but no one rushes to Marcus’s aid

    39. On one of the few high-rising and stable islands, a permanent camp had been constructed of wooden poles and rushes

    40. Cool air rushes over my face as I walk into the compound

    41. Half the room gets up and rushes toward the door

    42. be grass with reeds and rushes

    43. not aright: no man repented him of his wickedness, saying, what have I done? Everyone turned to his course, as the horse rushes into

    44. A rush of fresh spring air rushes by the nanoeye he is seeing through

    45. Normally the old guys in a church never let me near a preacher, but this guy rushes me into the cafeteria, straight to the preacher, and announced me

    46. But Anup, just as curious as me, rushes towards the nearest group before me

    47. A lullaby song that she sang towards the end of her concert brought tears into her own eyes and rushes of anxiety about her boy filled her mind

    48. She rushes from her car to me and pulls my door open

    49. “Lexie!” My mother rushes to catch me

    50. This time she rushes toward us screaming with glee

    1. Earning for our food, rushing to work by various modes of transport, waiting in queues, communication using modern means, social responsibilities, all have been added to the man who was originally created to deal with only nature

    2. ’ He said rushing into the room and stopping dead

    3. And suddenly there came a sound from heaven, as of a rushing

    4. ’ He replied, turning on his heel and rushing out of the room

    5. He could barely hear it over the rushing sound in his ears, inside his head

    6. " Tig’s head swam a little hearing that and the sound in his ears, the rushing waves came back

    7. The walls of the interstellar transit tore away everywhere, seemingly rushing at the still open terminus of the transit in a fiery wave

    8. I think that it is entirely possible that what we have at the moment could develop into something permanent, but we could do damage by rushing into it merely because of this baby

    9. ’ Joris interrupted, rushing to greet his hostess as she comes into the room

    10. The local people bustle about, the women – as women anywhere, obviously shopping while herding small children and the men either busily rushing around or lounging staring into space – I watch as a woman with two children makes desperate attempts to stop the elder of the two under her care from pinching some fruit from a stall … the little devil waits until she is occupied in conversation with the stall owner before sneakily nicking an apple and ramming it into his pocket

    11. seeing the steps of a man rushing from our door

    12. Their passion was loud, and not drowned out by the rushing water

    13. Trying to keep out of the way of the crew, all rushing around doing totally incomprehensible things very efficiently while Drens directs operations, I duck under some ropes to stand by the rail taking in the scene on the shore

    14. Men and women were seen rushing up the mountainside

    15. With a deep sigh, he stands up and walks over to the rail gazing down at the water rushing past before continuing, his voice low but audible above the sound of the sea

    16. There should be no rushing over it

    17. I know it isn’t always easy especially if you go out to business as the mornings are filled with rushing about, and breakfasts and bath water, and if something has to be left out—well that’s Yoga isn’t it? This is one of the main reasons, I find, why would-be devotees of Yoga do not pursue the subject

    18. Andrew wasted no time in dressing and rushing down to breakfast to announce to his friends the news to that Emily had been called

    19. Trade was once again established between the towns, but there was no more rushing about, no more hard sell

    20. ‘Of course,’ he said, rushing off to find something

    21. Suddenly she looked about the room, and in an instant was rushing for the door in a panic

    22. Scribble a note on the calendar – oh, is that the phone? Ah, Katie’s rushing towards it

    23. I remember when the first woman produced her baby, I was finishing off some painting in one of the flats and Bunty came rushing in, completely beside herself with joy

    24. was forgotten came rushing back

    25. to help stem the waves of panic and nausea rushing

    26. Damn Ozzie for rushing off before they cleared up! Then sense kicked in – but Chrissie and Ozzie wouldn’t have been able to carry everything – it would make sense not to take all the stuff

    27. rushing down the stairs

    28. Before Andy had a chance to sip the water presented to him by the constable moments later, the ambulance skidded to a halt on the gravel outside the building and, within seconds, a man in the uniform of a paramedic came rushing in

    29. ‘Thanks, Sally, I’ll do that,’ I said rushing out of the church with Simon

    30. over the rushing air

    31. Jameson left the side door of the restaurant and had just made the street when he saw the stragglers rushing to the alley

    32. Rushing her apologies, she pushed on past and nearly flew down the walk, to the back of the house, all the time watching the faces of the crowd

    33. The old familiar feeling came rushing back into her

    34. There was a loud sound like rushing water and the wind

    35. Sometimes the river was rushing, and other times it was calm

    36. ‘I don’t intend to leave you here and go rushing off

    37. The mage continued to sip his nourishing cocktail, not rushing

    38. that I told you,’ he said, before rushing off to meet the

    39. danced in the rushing water and the only sound came

    40. there was a scream, followed by a rushing movement

    41. Instead of rushing the giants, they waited, building their forces and pressing the giants further and further away from Hell’s Gate

    42. for rushing me into this

    43. I had a flash of cops rushing into the clearing and handcuffing Liam and Ash

    44. It sounded so weak an explanation, I felt heat rushing to my face

    45. the timber without water rushing down her nose

    46. It feels weird… for once that a man would actually look away from the figure of my body, rather than stripping me with his eyes while drooling all over the floor with lecherous thoughts rushing through his mind

    47. moments; the mutual realization, reminders, and the sounds of spirits rushing past in a kind of otherworldly tribute

    48. There was also a familiar and promising rushing sound, a roar of what Penelope hoped was water

    49. It was quite fortunate for her that Mercer was not far behind and was looking down rather than up: Penelope nearly walked off the side of the very narrow stretch of land over a very steep course of rushing water

    50. At the top of the hill they noticed a grate with the water rushing down through it, forming the falls they had seen below

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