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    1. knot of grim faced mothers

    2. Unless you've been there, you can't understand the knot this kind of waiting puts in your gut

    3. What he saw looked like a knot of malevolent hoses slowly flying through shafts of light and shadow

    4. She set her feet against the bundled knot of writhing spindle-limbs and pulled with all her strength

    5. Fred and Ginger have tied the knot with Elvis

    6. He straightened his long coat, checked the knot at his waist, and smoothed back his long mane

    7. It disappears as two of the club's clientele squeeze past a knot of female drinkers and talk to him

    8. A knot of pain pushed its

    9. The knot of his tie was huge and the end of it

    10. decided it was time to untie our mangled knot

    11. Next, she pulled her hair up and twisted it in a tight knot, at the top of her head

    12. In the corner of the room, the pair of serving girls were a knot of flesh, quivering beneath an orgy of rutting shadows

    13. turn himself in to the town Bailli, and a knot formed in his

    14. A knot of twenty men

    15. As the nourished Gods looked down, a knot of widows waited for their share of meat

    16. succeeded in untying the knot, and turned to give Richard

    17. The tight knot in his stomach just didn’t want to go away

    18. As she was urging the still fuming Homer to accept her assistance, a knot of men approached the pier

    19. Her little knot of conscripts entered what appeared to be a galley, though the only 'food' was a gloppy gelatinous muck that the Naud gulped and slurped with relish

    20. “I’ve got a special badge for knot tying,” she said apropos of nothing, but with evident pride

    21. I hadn't been dwelling on the task I had committed myself to, although there had been a heavy knot in my stomach all night

    22. Aspen looked very clean and fresh in her suit, her hair pulled back tightly from her face in a severe knot

    23. A knot in her breast made her feel she and Jeff were playing a cat and mouse game with each other and she didn’t

    24. A knot of tension caught at his stomach muscles

    25. The knot in her stomach tightened

    26. Imbrahim glanced at the first officer and felt his stomach knot in anticipation

    27. She gave it a knot at the end to hold it in place

    28. It’s so awful what they did…” Her breath caught behind a high, tight knot in her throat

    29. The thought of it made a cold, hard knot in the pit of my stomach

    30. Piers wrinkled his nose as he pushed the last chicken into the plastic sack and tied a knot in it

    31. Macey felt her stomach tighten into a knot and her body began to tremble uncontrollably

    32. And that only helped to tie my brain in a knot, not as large as the proverbial Gordian one, but still, definitely a pain

    33. I guess he still had his shirt in a knot over what was in the parcel Paula Langdon had given me at the restaurant? I went to bed

    34. “Hurry!” A knot came loose and one foot dropped to the deck

    35. He felt a knot in his stomach at the thought of her giving up, burying him in that little ritual they buried their dead kinsfolk with no body to say her farewells too

    36. The tightening of a knot, the sudden ache in Clive’s stomach confirmed this general hypothesis

    37. I managed to undo the awful knot and pulled his manhood out

    38. Double Island’s north side was protected from the forty knot south-easterlies and for some reason the ocean was calm and a pristine blue compared to the other side

    39. She had not had the time to find that out before Alaric came, and now all she could feel was a cramped up knot in her stomach

    40. Russell stared at the distant stars and the pit of his stomach twisted into a knot, and like a lost child, all he wanted at that moment was to go home

    41. Whatever I did, it couldn’t be helped, he silently reasoned, as he veered toward the distant canal bank where a small knot of trees grew

    42. Andy checked the finished knot around Ethan’s hands, raised his brow and said in a professional, neutral manner:

    43. That, which made her stomach turn into a knot and let her know that as soon as he left, she would break down

    44. 00 from the knot of

    45. The thought alone left an ice-cold knot of pain in her stomach

    46. Her stomach turned to a hard knot at the thought

    47. What the hell did he mean? I could feel the level of my anxiety rising and the muscles in my stomach beginning to knot

    48. The knot in my stomach unravels

    49. I tie my hair in a knot at the back of my head

    50. Her hair is pulled back in its usual knot, but her blond hair shines like gold

    1. "She can do forty five knots, it's eighteen hundred miles," he said

    2. "How long can that thing run at forty five knots?"

    3. Slowly they found a calmness that unwound the knots in their stomachs, and they

    4. In it they were able to get up on a plane easily and push over forty knots wide open

    5. That meant they had to average thirty knots

    6. That left him just enough water along the side to carve along at about thirty knots

    7. The car kicked once and lifted at the front end as the tyres fought for grip, and then, amid a sea of spray, she bit hard into the tarmac and hauled her graceful weight forward at an ever increasing rate of knots

    8. After an excruciatingly difficult fifteen minutes in which she tied herself in several knots, she gave up trying to explain stone technology only to get horribly bogged down virtually immediately in the various historical differences that had affected modern day cultures … comparative history had not been her strong point

    9. A couple weeks from now we get into some real knots with lots of sandbars, then we'll have to do some navigating

    10. wrap themselves in knots

    11. themselves in knots, see the two-headed talking calf

    12. tied up in knots of conscience,

    13. By lunchtime, I am more or less calm again … I can cope with bad news, it’s not knowing that ties me in knots

    14. Grief unravels the knots that hold the fabric of everyday lives together, and Billy is a loose arrangement of tangled threads and regrets

    15. Trees, where they stand in thin knots, are bent and misshapen, pointing out the path of least resistance to Atlantic squalls

    16. My stomach was in knots on Monday, the day we got our mid-term back

    17. She had the girls help tie a few knots, and before long, she was properly covered, without fear of the sheet slipping

    18. "We had to tie the knots, Mom couldn't reach

    19. She lifted her head, the curls of her hair were clumps of knots, and turned to find the freckled face of Tetloan grinning at her

    20. By all appearances, it seemed like Emily ignored him, standing gracefully and walking to the front of the class, through his years of training and an overly acute eye for detail, Brice detected a hair thin thread of blue leave her body and work its way toward Tetloan's sandals where it rapidly tied his laces into knots

    21. His laughter gone, an arrow at his cheek, Alec searched the tree line, his stomach coiling into knots with dread at what he would see

    22. Some would swear it was travelling at two hundred knots by the time it reached Clothier’s farm, where it ripped over the paddocks and over the Dort river snatching and enveloping

    23. As the moments passed, tenseness increased, the knots in all of their guts tightening and twitching

    24. My gut was twisting in knots, but I continued

    25. Once all the knots were tied and checked, Chris and Fletcher moved a safe distance back from their respective edges and braced themselves

    26. You cannot allow this to work you into knots

    27. floats were all around, they dared not to exceed six knots speed due to the danger of the ice floats, and there were five sails seen ahead

    28. As soon as Raven saw her, his breath caught in his throat and his stomach twisted into knots

    29. She’d told Dave that the fact her fist was approaching the poor sweet young lad’s testicles at a rapid speed of knots was all part of her feminine persuasion techniques

    30. Fully charged they would power the Dawn along at a cruising speed of four knots

    31. She stared at the knots, trying not to see her bindings as the shackles of failure, trying not to feel as if the last two weeks had been for nothing

    32. Awaking from his sleep, Darkburst stretched languidly, shaking the knots from his muscles

    33. They wore their school ties short, with large knots, over white blouses

    34. She has brown eyes, and her hair was puffed up, and combed out, not overly formal, or tied up in knots or a bun or anything like that

    35. The room was relatively silent as the train sped along the open countryside at thirty knots or so

    36. Winds gusted to twenty-five, thirty-five knots sometimes

    37. The squatting man too fought to free himself, twisting his head upwards to bite at his knots and offered no answer, stopping his chewing only to smile broadly in Truman’s direction then resumed working the rope with his teeth

    38. Cracks in the ground made the heavy and totally un-sprung little machine trundle precariously along as it gained a couple of knots

    39. LP slowed to six knots as he beached his ski

    40. The guard glanced once or twice at the knots in his hands, but Andy stepped between them and asked the guard something in Igbo

    41. The Amity sit on the floor, most with their legs crossed, in knots and clusters that vaguely resemble the tree roots to me

    42. "Here's some gum for you, Mary," she said, with a little repentant catch in her voice, thrusting all her four knots into Mary's hands, "and I'm glad you have such a pretty muff

    43. It was dreadfully coarse yarn and all knots, and I never saw any of Mrs

    44. through the town at an incredible rate of knots

    45. My stomach was in knots and I had a million questions running through

    46. The endless string of broken knots

    47. Some knots severed with panic

    48. My stomach was in knots

    49. My stomach was still in knots from the whole Jesse and Irina thing

    50. Two knots, one in my throat and another one in my stomach, were forming

    1. to unpick the knotted thread

    2. They ran with flaming sides and legs, knotted calves and burning lungs

    3. Breakers sloshed back and forth, spray burst forth in several locations, tentacles knotted as the battle raged in the depths of the pool

    4. The greying plank of the balcony rails was in the firm grip of thickly knotted vines, heavy with pods and flowers in the narrow crack of sunlight that penetrated this canal

    5. There were knotted old claw-rooted vines pumping up into the canopy above, where they spread purple elephant-ear leaves

    6. It was a strobing madhouse of tiny knotted khumes and vangs with the crush of the underground canal in the middle of it

    7. Brice saw the top of his head -- a heap of knotted gray hair

    8. As the man looked up, the knotted mess of hair on his face parted, allowing Brice to see his eyes -- a pair of black and empty sockets

    9. ” Mary pulled a huge handkerchief from her top pocket and handed it to Betty who looped it around Flitters eyes, knotted it then gently pushed the ends into his ears

    10. So twisted the cords, & so knotted

    11. Before Andrastus could object, I used a scrap of sailcloth to collect stones from the beach, knotted it with the cord that bound my hair, and stepped into the forest

    12. He stood tense, his muscles aching from standing so still, his mouth gone dry, his stomach knotted

    13. None of the others were there when Amaranthe and Maldynado returned to the cannery, though two knotted ropes hung from the rafters, their tufted ends dangling a foot from the floor

    14. Kay’s stomach knotted in frustration

    15. Gary’s mouth was dry, his stomach knotted into a tight ball

    16. She got out of the car and faced him, mouth dry, stomach knotted, realising that this was the last time she would ever see him

    17. ” She wore a smiling, open expression, loosely knotted silk scarf about her neck and white suit with, of course, brass buttons, and had every appearance of being pleased with Sylvia’s safe arrival

    18. Today"s offering included an off the rack lightweight charcoal gray suit, white button downed collar shirt and loosely knotted black and gray striped tie

    19. They were tied haphazardly, knotted over and over again to make up in force what they lacked in skill

    20. squeezed around her neck, and her wings’ feathers were ruffled and knotted

    21. There was a hole in the toe of one of her boots and both laces were much knotted

    22. he was anxious and his stomach had knotted

    23. A few minutes later his eyes opened wide and his stomach knotted

    24. His legs had knotted as he fell, numbed

    25. He had long knotted hair, unkempt and scraggy……

    26. He wore fine jeans and a casual cotton shirt, and tuft of hair knotted into a punk style swinging back and forth as he shook his head

    27. “I think you jest, my daughter, yet perhaps you should not!” Yazadril stated grimly, his brows knotted in anger

    28. “My tongue was like knotted string when we went down there, and I couldn’t have said a word before I was inspired by Mark’s example!”

    29. was supposed to pass for the real thing, a Persian knotted

    30. When he stepped out from under the blades he returned the salute of Captain Tom Myers, the leader of the III Corps Mike Force, who, in addition to his green beret, wore a thin red, white, and blue cotton scarf knotted at his neck

    31. Myers pushed Parker up onto the bar where Lochert knotted the coveted III Corps Mike Force scarf about his neck then kissed him, French style, on both cheeks which, by now, were flaming red

    32. "Here's to a pain killer," Nancy said taking a swig while Sally bound and knotted torn strips over the wound

    33. One of them carries a long, knotted rope and in their midst stumbles, rather than walks, Simon’s mother

    34. She knotted the reins over the horse’s neck, but after a minute’s hesitation slipped the complete bridle over his ears as she did not want the loose reins to be caught on branches, or to have him trip over them and further injure himself

    35. neurotically, fingers cradled delicately around it, his face knotted

    36. Knotted branches and the occasional

    37. Barrad stretched his muscles which were still knotted from the previous day’s spear practice

    38. She had dirty brown hair that was all knotted up and she was bleeding

    39. out of our pockets and knotted twine

    40. " Jon vented his frustration on the increasingly knotted line

    41. The line curled, tangled, knotted and tripped me

    42. During this little speech there was an unravelling of furrowed brow, knotted fingers, and the lines compressing the headmaster’s mouth

    43. Parental worries returned, Robert’s stomach knotted, and Bart’s heart ached

    44. The headmaster’s eyes watered, his flesh was grey and the tendons on his neck knotted

    45. Then, Richard’s stomach tensed and knotted into a tight ball

    46. When it was full she pulled it from the stream and knotted its stopper into place

    47. A short, stout, almost chubby woman with greying hair knotted into a bun comes bustling in through the only other doorway, through which I can see a small bed and a trunk

    48. “Ain’t no time for laying down,” she replied nonchalantly, but her stomach knotted at the horrible reminder of the baby they’d lost

    49. My stomach knotted, and I decided to continue our conversation which was left hanging in the air

    50. Matthew knotted Ollie’s tie after watching him make a mess of it three times

    1. "As for your people, Drau'd," she said, her scarred flesh knotting as she twisted her neck in his direction

    2. Alec felt his insides knotting at the mention of the name

    3. She stood perfectly still, almost afraid to breathe in case the overwhelming feeling of loneliness knotting her stomach crushed her completely

    4. I found three in a cupboard stacked with electrical heaters, so made them into one, knotting them securely at the joins

    5. The question loops itself in my head, twisting and knotting and slipping through my fingers as I try to wrap my mind around an answer

    6. His great muscles quivered, knotting like iron cables

    7. He exerted all his strength, his feet straining against the floor, the veins knotting in his temples

    8. 'Crom!' It was an explosive imprecation from Conan's lips as he started up, his great fists clenched into hammers, his veins on his temples knotting, his features convulsed

    9. He swore gustily, his mighty hands knotting into iron hammers

    10. He likes the idea, but his stomach is knotting with that familiar feeling of fear, bringing doubt

    11. She’d known in my youthful years of the twisting in the soul, the knotting of my stomach, of the missing peace of my life, and fortified every support toward the ministry she could, it pleased her to please the longing held deep within me

    12. With hunger pains knotting their stomachs, it took them a long time to go to sleep, with little Richard whimpering and crying until he fell asleep from sheer physical weakness

    13. I grew antsy and began knotting together a chain of apple blossoms

    14. Jade opened the bathroom door, knotting her robe

    15. The smoke moved as though it were actually alive- turning, twisting, seemingly tying and knotting itself up into a giant mixture of spinning, colorful dots

    16. Eugene stares at him, his face slackening and his stomach knotting with guilt

    17. She was then tied hand and foot and the Catskinner completed the task by securely knotting the cords around Teller’s ankles

    18. Madden gave her a rueful smile and grabbed her hands again knotting the rope around one and brutally pulling it behind her back whilst Gisburn moved out of the way

    19. fied, knotting her stomach till she felt sick

    20. It was a way to kill something by knotting it and letting the bound living thing die slowly, a way to kill all things by binding them so they were helpless and could be safely killed

    21. said about Nole knotting his stomach

    22. In half an hour she’d traced the entire length of the cable, knotting its other end to a second tree on the far side of the valley

    23. Then she turned out the contents of the bowl of money for the second time, and began knotting them up in her handkerchief, in a chain of separate knots, for safe keeping through the night

    24. They fidgeted in their seats, subtly adjusting their grips on the oars, shifting their weight, adjusting angles, trying to keep their muscles from knotting up and freezing in place

    25. Quickly, I ran to the Bed, tore off the Linens, and began knotting ’em together in the Hope of making a sort of Ladder for my Escape

    26. A few minutes later, I was knotting my tie on the way down the back stairs toward the garage

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