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Frasi con knot (in inglese)

  1. This is a great knot.
  2. A knot of twenty men.
  3. Why does a knot hold?
  4. But one hell of a knot.
  5. I noticed a black knot.

  6. Tie a knot on your shift.
  7. The cord was a kill knot.
  8. Or at least a granny knot.
  9. A knot of pain pushed its.
  10. Just like the Gordian Knot.
  11. We were a fragile knot of.
  12. Oh! what a dreadful knot!.
  13. Eventually they tied the knot.
  14. She looked around at the Knot.
  15. The knot in her stomach eased.

  16. My stomach curled into a knot.
  17. The mood in the Knot was sombre.
  18. The knot in my stomach unravels.
  19. With this third knot, I do bind.
  20. The Meaning of the Gordian Knot.
  21. The Knot followed without a word.
  22. The knot in my heart grew tighter.
  23. I wasn’t ready to tie the knot.
  24. He turned to the rest of the Knot.
  25. With this knot I seal this hex.

  26. And untie the knot from my tongue.
  27. The knot in her stomach tightened.
  28. The Knot did as they were commanded.
  29. He looked at his watch and a knot.
  30. Get back with your Knot Ariella.
  31. I should have tied the knot myself.
  32. Last, with a clinch knot, is the fly.
  33. I present to you your Knot leader.
  34. The second overhand knot will keep.
  35. My stomach was a knot within a knot.
  36. The Gordian Knot was the GUARDIAN NOT.
  37. Bev started to undo the knot of her.
  38. I looked at the knot work in the frame.
  39. I mean, you had that knot on your head.
  40. It is important that you tie the knot.
  41. He had a knot on his head for a week.
  42. Thomas’s stomach tightened into a knot.
  43. This will help the knot slide and seat.
  44. Joe Billie was tight as an oak tree knot.
  45. Seating the knot means to tie it tightly.
  46. That's a special knot they teach Marines.
  47. A small knot of dread rose in his throat.
  48. Louie knew that his knot had been secure.
  49. Sullivan fiddled with the knot of his tie.
  50. A knot forms in the pit of Cass’ stomach.
  51. Several of the Knot had left after dinner.
  52. Now tie off on to your pack with a reef knot.
  53. My throat was a knot, unable to utter a word.
  54. He stood over Gollum, while Sam tied the knot.
  55. Why do they have to untie every knot?
  56. There, hammer that knot down, and we've done.
  57. An immense knot started forming in my throat.
  58. I can’t wait until we finally tie the knot.
  59. Suddenly a knot of them charged Frank's group.
  60. I tie my hair in a knot at the back of my head.
  61. By midday the whole Knot was ready to collapse.
  62. But over the months the Knot started to click.
  63. Fred and Ginger have tied the knot with Elvis.
  64. And deflected the blow with that curious knot.
  65. Knut turned back to the knot and grabbed onto.
  66. A knot of tension caught at his stomach muscles.
  67. It latched on, looped around and formed a knot.
  68. He examined the tie a bit, then loosed its knot.
  69. The knot of his tie was huge and the end of it.
  70. Again, there’s no need to rush to tie the knot.
  71. He bowed and I tied the knot and fixed his colar.
  72. Cami felt the knot in her stomach start to loosen.
  73. Her stomach turned to a hard knot at the thought.
  74. His long hair was neatly oiled and tied in a knot.
  75. He pulled at the knot, but it only became tighter.
  76. That left two hands free to tie a good solid knot.
  77. Libby swal owed the knot of emotion lodged like a.
  78. They tie several leaves together into a knot and.
  79. He fussed with the knot a little to straighten it.
  80. The Knot turned their horses and began edging away.
  81. She gave it a knot at the end to hold it in place.
  82. The Gordian Knot: represents the gored human brain.
  83. A knot that is even more secure than the sheet bend.
  84. No… no, he cried, struggling with the knot.
  85. Clip the short ends close and the knot is complete.
  86. Why no news from Matthew? My stomach began to knot.
  87. He felt a tight knot in his stomach at the thought.
  88. She pulls back her curly hair and ties it in a knot.
  89. Father tied the knot of both the groom and the bride.
  90. He felt the knot in his throat, and he pounded his.
  91. Isabella was crying now she not a knot in her throat.
  92. She hung up and felt the knot in her stomach tighten.
  93. My heart felt like it was being twisted into a knot.
  94. The knot of dread in her stomach tightened as Libby.
  95. Before I unfolded it my stomach twisted into a knot.
  96. I wanted to if only to release the knot in my chest.
  97. A knot of youths was easing out of Turner’s Grill.
  98. This is a stronger version of the fisherman’s knot.
  99. A months-old knot inside Marie-Laure begins to loosen.
  100. A thick knot formed in Rhones parched throat as the.
  1. Jade opened the bathroom door, knotting her robe.
  2. His great muscles quivered, knotting like iron cables.
  3. Alec felt his insides knotting at the mention of the name.
  4. He swore gustily, his mighty hands knotting into iron hammers.
  5. I grew antsy and began knotting together a chain of apple blossoms.
  6. Eugene stares at him, his face slackening and his stomach knotting with guilt.
  7. A few minutes later, I was knotting my tie on the way down the back stairs toward the garage.
  8. He likes the idea, but his stomach is knotting with that familiar feeling of fear, bringing doubt.
  9. He exerted all his strength, his feet straining against the floor, the veins knotting in his temples.
  10. I found three in a cupboard stacked with electrical heaters, so made them into one, knotting them securely at the joins.
  11. She was then tied hand and foot and the Catskinner completed the task by securely knotting the cords around Teller’s ankles.
  12. The question loops itself in my head, twisting and knotting and slipping through my fingers as I try to wrap my mind around an answer.
  13. In half an hour she’d traced the entire length of the cable, knotting its other end to a second tree on the far side of the valley.
  14. Quickly, I ran to the Bed, tore off the Linens, and began knotting ’em together in the Hope of making a sort of Ladder for my Escape.
  15. She stood perfectly still, almost afraid to breathe in case the overwhelming feeling of loneliness knotting her stomach crushed her completely.
  16. The smoke moved as though it were actually alive- turning, twisting, seemingly tying and knotting itself up into a giant mixture of spinning, colorful dots.
  17. Madden gave her a rueful smile and grabbed her hands again knotting the rope around one and brutally pulling it behind her back whilst Gisburn moved out of the way.
  18. With hunger pains knotting their stomachs, it took them a long time to go to sleep, with little Richard whimpering and crying until he fell asleep from sheer physical weakness.
  19. They fidgeted in their seats, subtly adjusting their grips on the oars, shifting their weight, adjusting angles, trying to keep their muscles from knotting up and freezing in place.
  20. It was a way to kill something by knotting it and letting the bound living thing die slowly, a way to kill all things by binding them so they were helpless and could be safely killed.
  21. Then she turned out the contents of the bowl of money for the second time, and began knotting them up in her handkerchief, in a chain of separate knots, for safe keeping through the night.
  22. She’d known in my youthful years of the twisting in the soul, the knotting of my stomach, of the missing peace of my life, and fortified every support toward the ministry she could, it pleased her to please the longing held deep within me.
  1. She knotted two long hands.
  2. Anticipation knotted in her gut.
  3. Emily's hair was knotted and dirty.
  4. A ball of anger knotted in my chest.
  5. So twisted the cords, & so knotted.
  6. Apprehension knotted in her stomach.
  7. Jason’s gut knotted but he nodded.
  8. Sylvia waited, knotted with anxiety.
  9. Knotted branches and the occasional.
  10. Every muscle in his body was knotted.
  11. Simon knotted his brow and frowned.
  12. Kay’s stomach knotted in frustration.
  13. Thy knotted and combined locks to part.
  14. It wasn't that hard, I knotted sheets.
  15. His legs had knotted as he fell, numbed.
  16. She knotted her fichu round her bare head.
  17. The meshes of his net were stoutly knotted.
  18. The streets were knotted with morning traffic.
  19. The line curled, tangled, knotted and tripped me.
  20. She felt her stomach knotted up, she was nervous.
  21. His hair was knotted, his face streaked with pain.
  22. Investing in a good knotted rope halter will make.
  23. Panic fluttered in her chest, her stomach knotted.
  24. And the knotted ropes are too slender for my weight.
  25. My fingers knotted in his hair, clutching him to me.
  26. There is a knotted rope hanging on that left side.
  27. His eyes already turned dark and my stomach knotted.
  28. He had long knotted hair, unkempt and scraggy…….
  29. His eyes stared at me hungrily and my stomach knotted.
  30. Overthrow the government? His brows knotted together.
  31. Every time I saw him, my tongue knotted up; thereby I was.
  32. My stomach knotted at the thread of pain through his voice.
  33. I knotted my fingers in his hair while he pulled me closer.
  34. Brice saw the top of his head -- a heap of knotted gray hair.
  35. Gary’s mouth was dry, his stomach knotted into a tight ball.
  36. The muscles of his shoulders bunched and knotted with tension.
  37. Then, Richard’s stomach tensed and knotted into a tight ball.
  38. A few minutes later his eyes opened wide and his stomach knotted.
  39. It still left her stomach knotted with anxiety as she waited, though.
  40. The cord was cut! Quickly Pippin took it in his fingers and knotted.
  41. The executioner knotted the cord firmly round the unfortunate man's.
  42. Whoa, he said, and yanked threateningly on the knotted tripwire.
  43. She had dirty brown hair that was all knotted up and she was bleeding.
  44. They ran with flaming sides and legs, knotted calves and burning lungs.
  45. Coffee and a cigarette are often taken to relieve that knotted feeling.
  46. Her scarf, knotted round her head, fluttered to the wind in the meadows.
  47. It represents the knotted mass of the human overpopulation of the earth.
  48. He knotted one pants leg into a loop and quietly placed it over his head.
  49. But as I pulled myself through, my dress knotted on a catch in the metal.
  50. A handkerchief, cleverly knotted about them, prevented their falling out.
  51. Even his dark red tie sat in a perfectly knotted position around his neck.
  52. Her fingers knotted together on the brightly printed tablecloth from India.
  53. He separated his bony, knotted hands clasped behind his back, to shake his.
  54. Oh…I won’t, she smiled and then knotted her hands around his neck.
  55. Buddah-s real mind became knotted to a heart of oak linking hell with heaven.
  56. I felt completely betrayed because he lied about it; my stomach knotted up.
  57. Matthew knotted Ollie’s tie after watching him make a mess of it three times.
  58. His face flushed with anger, and his brows knotted over his blue Teutonic eyes.
  59. My mind wandered fast to the moment on my couch last week and my loins knotted.
  60. Where does that leave us? His stomach knotted and he felt sick with dread.
  61. Parental worries returned, Robert’s stomach knotted, and Bart’s heart ached.
  62. I knotted it up the best I could so I doubt it will rupture again but he’s.
  63. There was a hole in the toe of one of her boots and both laces were much knotted.
  64. When it was full she pulled it from the stream and knotted its stopper into place.
  65. His right hand, knotted into a first, pounded against the star, against his chest.
  66. He turned back to Aesa, his teeth clenched and his fists knotted for another blow.
  67. The red-bearded chin sank to his breastbone, the big brows knotted in concentration.
  68. I pulled off my T-shirt and knotted it into a little bag, which I filled with stones.
  69. When he got up in the morning, his whole being was knotted up over this one thought:.
  70. At the end of a short corridor rose some knotted stairs, trodden and tarnished by the.
  71. Lyndseye gave it to me and then knotted it into the thong that held the blue Star stone.
  72. The headmaster’s eyes watered, his flesh was grey and the tendons on his neck knotted.
  73. I couldn’t believe that after being dominated the entire game, we were knotted up at 3.
  74. His eyes smoldered more vividly; his muscular hand knotted harder on his hilt; that was all.
  75. Dude, this is where you answer the question, Musafir knotted the top of a rubbish sack.
  76. She wiped her tears away wishing she could wipe her headache and knotted up insides away too.
  77. Though it looked tangled and knotted on one side, the other side created a beautiful picture.
  78. Altschul’s questions, the Buddha-like invitation of those flattened but not knotted fingers.
  79. Barrad stretched his muscles which were still knotted from the previous day’s spear practice.
  80. My stomach knotted, and I decided to continue our conversation which was left hanging in the air.
  81. He stood tense, his muscles aching from standing so still, his mouth gone dry, his stomach knotted.
  82. A glance back showed Valeria Olmec sitting on his throne, chin on knotted fist, staring after them.
  83. His arms were very long even for such a tall man, and the huge, bony hands were gnarled and knotted.
  84. Melanie held out a man’s handkerchief, soiled and highly perfumed, in which some coins were knotted.
  85. They were tied haphazardly, knotted over and over again to make up in force what they lacked in skill.
  86. A wadge of material filled his mouth and was held there by a bandanna knotted at the back of his head.
  87. As she wriggled it free of the sand she saw it wasn’t one but several bags knotted together and torn.
  88. Instead of a knot, they had knotted a spar through so that I could grasp and pull it like a water skier.
  89. One of them carries a long, knotted rope and in their midst stumbles, rather than walks, Simon’s mother.
  90. It represented the knotted mass; humans had gotten themselves into by becoming enslaved to their own tools.
  91. Again the veins in his temples knotted as he strove to break the invisible shackles which crushed him down.
  92. What had been as white as snow was now stained with dirt and grit, clumps of sand had knotted in the damp fur.
  93. She did not protest but glared in hatred as the bonds were knotted and she breathed a guttural: You bastard.
  94. Paul's hands were wrenched, torn out of the scarf in which they were knotted, and he was flung away, helpless.
  95. Perspiration glistened on his livid face and his fingers were knotted in the cover of the divan on which he lay.
  96. For a long time she lay in the bed with her arms knotted around him, wishing that she could go to pieces herself.
  97. I think you jest, my daughter, yet perhaps you should not! Yazadril stated grimly, his brows knotted in anger.
  98. I knotted my fingers in his hair at the base of his neck, pulling slightly to deepen our kiss further, and he moaned.
  99. The muscles in his cheek and jaw knotted, his hands clenched and he slammed a fist into the cushioned seat between us.
  100. The thought of that scared me sick, and I was always knotted up with anxiety before entering his office in the morning.
  1. My stomach was in knots.
  2. His stomach twisted in knots.
  3. Knots of anger, knots of hate.
  4. Some knots severed with panic.
  5. My stomach had twisted into knots.
  6. Even when he kneaded the knots in.
  7. The labyrinth of knots is already.
  8. The endless string of broken knots.
  9. Their airspeed climbed to 525 knots.
  10. At least loosen the knots on her.
  11. Her stomach was twisting into knots.
  12. These are some of the simplest knots.
  13. Same seas, wind 40 knots gusting 65.
  14. It said medium seas, wind 15 knots.
  15. The knots of emotion that bind us to.
  16. The airspeed indicator read 762 knots.
  17. My emotions were turned in many knots.
  18. And the string with knots for numbers.
  19. This cult was tying knots in my nerves.
  20. Barron’s stomach was twisted in knots.
  21. The knots were tight, and time was short.
  22. They were making nearly ten knots an hour.
  23. LP slowed to six knots as he beached his ski.
  24. That meant they had to average thirty knots.
  25. They were bulbous knots of muscular strain.
  26. The wind, mate, it was at least fifty knots.
  27. We had to tie the knots, Mom couldn't reach.
  28. No woman has ever had him so twisted in knots.
  29. My gut was twisting in knots, but I continued.
  30. It'll be a miracle if he's doing seven knots.
  31. You cannot allow this to work you into knots.
  32. Lalea started to lead the Knots from the stage.
  33. The thought tied my gut into tyets—Isis knots.
  34. Turn to heading 320 and accelerate to 350 knots.
  35. He stomach felt like it was nerved up into knots.
  36. I tied him with the Net of Knots and used force.
  37. Here and there they saw knots of tall pine-trees.
  38. I can't take one thread from the knots, I can't.
  39. Swivelling his head to break the knots in his neck.
  40. The rope knots of both ends should be safely tied.
  41. He had made the knots so tight when he tied her up.
  42. The ship is heading due East at about twelve knots.
  43. She was twisting her fingers into knots in her lap.
  44. I’ll be in the sailboat going about six knots.
  45. There are all sorts of knots and no one is better.
  46. When Bender reached 600 knots he came out of burner.
  47. Then plait the three lines together (c) (see Knots).
  48. Step 3: Moisten the line and the two overhand knots.
  49. Tension knots in his neck were finally loosening up.
  50. Her course was parallel to the shoreline at 50 knots.
  51. The Watcher lowered the pine knots he used for eyes.
  52. My stomach is in knots waiting for him to answer me.
  53. They loosened the knots and the laces in their shoes.
  54. Here are a few of the more common knots you can try:.
  55. Ropes have knots and you can get all tied up in them.
  56. Rhones brain twisted in knots trying to unravel the.
  57. Common grade lumber may have flaws and knots that may.
  58. Her stomach was still seriously tied in knots and for.
  59. Select lumber is nearly free of any knots and blemishes.
  60. Katrin kneeled and unfastened the knots of one of the.
  61. It’s been tying me up in knots seeing you so unhappy.
  62. Not yet, I've almost gotten the knots out of her back.
  63. The very thought of Sugar twisted my stomach into knots.
  64. Winds gusted to twenty-five, thirty-five knots sometimes.
  65. She felt as if her whole soul coiled into knots of shame.
  66. Bend: a category of knots used to join two lines together.
  67. But this can't go on; my stomach's in knots all the time.
  68. It made her stomach go into knots even to think about it.
  69. But at what personal cost? I’m tied up in knots here.
  70. Approaching at a great rate of knots, and waving a stick.
  71. She hasn't been to Scouting—doesn't know her knots yet.
  72. Knots are not neccessarily a bad thing, and can sometimes.
  73. It was an ugly piece of work, full of knots and unpainted.
  74. As I walked I brooded over Andrei, trying to undo the knots.
  75. These are knots for attaching ropes to posts, bars and poles.
  76. Reverse course to heading 350 and accelerate to eighty knots.
  77. The four places where these knots occur are four of the six.
  78. The four places at which these knots occur are, in ascending.
  79. But this can’t go on; my stomach’s in knots all the time.
  80. These are only a few of the knots you can use to tie your fly.
  81. Mitch, his stomach still tied up in knots, could hardly speak.
  82. Richard is plucking the knots from his hair and dropping them.
  83. I’ve tied a lot of knots in it and I brought a bag of beans.
  84. There are all sorts of knots and no one is better than another.
  85. Breckenridge smiled as Stokes untied the knots in the rope and.
  86. There are knots in there that would keep them happy for decades.
  87. There are many different knots that you can use to tie your fly.
  88. Cecily stepped close and began to unsnarl the labyrinth of knots.
  89. He was able to work on the knots in her neck, and he smiled as.
  90. Yew was full of knots and they had to be left and worked around.
  91. I could use a finger to begin unraveling one of the knots, then.
  92. Remorse tied innards in knots for not sparing his wife and child.
  93. It carries a crew of 30 and has a speed in excess of 25 knots (47.
  94. These are only a few of the knots you can use to tie your fly line.
  95. My stomach was still in knots from the whole Jesse and Irina thing.
  96. My stomach was in knots on Monday, the day we got our mid-term back.
  97. With your hands in front you can then use your teeth to undo knots.
  98. In still water, the sub would actually be travelling some 30 knots.
  99. It was locked, so he opened it and undid the knots that fastened it.
  100. She nodded defiantly, her hands beneath the table twisted into knots.

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