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    1. She was a good enough actress that her lip trembled when she said it

    2. Dizzie tongues her lip ring in anticipation

    3. ’ I bite my lip trying not to laugh at his tone of utter exasperation

    4. Ahmed is so moved at the thought that his lower lip begins to quiver and a teardrop trickles down his cheek

    5. moisture on Stu’s forehead and top lip as he made the gentle climb inland

    6. The little man in tweed and corduroy slid forward and sat on the lip of the

    7. Ginger's be-freckled golden skin, which matched the golden hair that she kept tied up tight in a bun, along with her aviator sunglasses and bright pink lip gloss, masked the harsh interior life of the tireless watchdog

    8. I bit my lip to stifle the scream when I felt warm human fingers touch my arm

    9. He was lowered into them for a second, a couple took great chunks of his lip and face

    10. Just above the lip, these had two more eyes where a normal fish would have nostrils

    11. Behind us, the ragged lip

    12. Lack-A-Bed bit his lip and tasted

    13. and in the corners of his slack, cracked bottom lip

    14. Liesse was sitting back, elbows on the arms of the chair, his fingers steepled and just touching his bottom lip; he looked thoughtful

    15. On his upper lip, a pencil-thin, moustache

    16. On the outskirts of the city he met an old woman with hideous, blotchy skin and a bottom lip that stretched all the way down to her chest

    17. When at last I caught up with the others, they were on the lip of a wide plateau of sandy rock and there, emerging from the wiry scrub, stood a tidy cluster of stubborn ruins and dry stone walls that seemed determined to stand forever

    18. Meridian, which begins in the center of the upper lip,

    19. blotchy skin and a bottom lip that stretched all the way down to her

    20. While chewing my lip, as I wait for the traffic lights at the third set of road works to turn green, I allow my mind to go over the dream I had last night

    21. Her lip was split and bleeding, but otherwise she was okay

    22. The lip of truth shall be established for ever: but a lying tongue is but for a moment

    23. With the basics done, both girls spend the next hour studiously making themselves up to look like they don't care; hair professionally unkempt, foundation, a hint of lip gloss, a dash of sparkle, nails scrubbed, and in Leona's case painted purple

    24. Glancing back along the path she couldn’t discern any difference in the land surface … so how come there was a cliff here? This unanswerable question causing her to chew on her lip in frustration, she looked about her

    25. Grinly clung to the lip of the overhang listening to

    26. disappeared over the lip of the hollow

    27. He’d been gone nearly two months now … he chewed his lip as he worried at what he would do if he couldn’t buy a bus fare

    28. He nicks his top lip shaving beneath his nose and dabs at it with toilet tissue, tearing off a small dot and sticking it onto the cut

    29. unlit cigarette stuck to his lip, and using what brain cells he had left to keep his

    30. He manages to put his forefinger to his lip at the second attempt, and then as he slides off his stool he says, "Nice to meet you, Victor

    31. His long, thin fingers tapped his upper lip

    32. Chen felt the fire singe his skin, but he bit his lip and made not a sound

    33. He starts to shout for help, and as he does so he reaches out for the metal bar and inserts one end into the lip where the plastic cover fits snugly into its hole

    34. Monica thought for a while, biting her lip, then biting her fingernails

    35. within a mile radius—not only did metal occupy his tongue—but his top lip was

    36. his lower lip thoughtfully

    37. Heather’s eyes squinted and her upper lip curled like a Rottweiler about to

    38. Biting her lower lip the way she did when she was hurt, and flexing her right hand, she asked in as smooth a tone as she could manage

    39. Heather kissed Roman on the cheek leaving a white lip print of toothpaste

    40. Her hands and bottom lip were trembling

    41. " His lip was trembling, almost as fast as hers was

    42. He sat sucking his bottom lip trying to think of an

    43. She bit her lip in the process

    44. He bit his top lip as he

    45. Bruce shrugged his shoulders and bit his lip

    46. ” Otto leant back in his chair with his hands behind his head and his half burnt cigarette hanging from his bottom lip

    47. Tom forced a smile and faint beads of perspiration appeared on his top lip

    48. " she stuttered out the words, biting on her lower lip

    49. Tom frowned and bit his lip

    50. "No," Emily's lip trembled as she mouthed the word

    1. She joined him, took the offered hand and planted a soft, ruby lipped kiss on

    2. There were a couple of the women, not the ones so active with their data connections, that were the lush, bosomy, thick hair, thick lipped Minoans or their descendants

    3. He bit her and licked her; tongued her, lipped her

    4. Throwing caution to the winds, she lipped his cock, getting the thing into her mouth as far as was possible, considering its condition

    5. He replied tight lipped, “You could help me then rather than

    6. lipped smile, the malice of which was signified in the cold, hard glare of her eyes

    7. is every splay footed, hump backed, thick lipped, flat nosed, wooly headed, ebon colored Negro

    8. The commissioner and his officers would close ranks, and would certainly be tight lipped about what had happened that day

    9. glance over his shoulder at the purple lipped body, “Solmund is

    10. with narrow red eyes and a thin lipped smile

    11. The thin lipped mouth had fangs jutting over the lower lip

    12. Tom’s mother was tight lipped, watching in silence with an angry look on her face

    13. lipped blossoms in the breeze,

    14. ‘If there had been a bill, sir, I would have picked it up myself,’ she said forcing a tight lipped smile, ‘as it happens she never turned up

    15. At the front of the ship was a white face with two huge camera eyes, a thin lipped mouth and a flat nose

    16. ” The voice was a deep purr as thin arms draped themselves around Cloud's neck, a grin touching the full lipped mouth

    17. Phillip turned to him, with a closed lipped smile

    18. thin lipped and shal ow chinned, but she’d been altered by the Sphere and was

    19. lipped, with the double curve of his upper lip resembling Cupid’s bow,

    20. Charlie remained tight lipped as the courier retuned, carrying a medium sized insulated box

    21. Len has been tight lipped about it

    22. lipped on this end

    23. Even the mummies were smiling, thin lipped, sunken cheeked, toothy smiles

    24. The mouth grinned up at him, now open lipped, the tombstone teeth glinting in the screen-light

    25. The sea breeze picked up and the white frothed lipped waves

    26. His lips lipped and mouthed fleshless lips of air: mouth to her moomb

    27. His brown face was bland and his mouth, had not a care in the world and that in itself was startling these days, when other men red lipped, clear cut as a woman’s, frankly sensual, smiled carelessly as he lifted her into the carriage

    1. that develops when the linings of joints degenerate, leading to lipping and spurring of

    1. Mal: 2:6: The law of truth was in his mouth, and iniquity was not found in his lips: he walked with me in peace and equity, and did turn many away from iniquity

    2. "It is likely the only reason she bought this house is to go after those papers," Herndon said, his lips tight

    3. Mal: 2:6: The law of truth was in his mouth, and iniquity was not found in his lips: he walked with me in peace and

    4. All she could hear was the old man smacking his lips

    5. ” He smacked his lips, squinting together his wrinkled eyes against the sunset

    6. commandment of his lips; I have esteemed the words of his

    7. iniquity will not be found in our lips

    8. “Oh, that…” he waves a dismissive palm, pushing his lips out into a kissy-face

    9. His snout became a noise, his lips human again

    10. " His lips were cracked and dried, like he hadn't drunk anything in a long time

    11. Raising the cup to my lips, I drink my coffee, the hot liquid hitting me hard, while the Inspector outlines what happened last Monday evening

    12. As soon as he was up there, Marley Williams Hatch wet his lips and blew out a tune loud enough that all the kangaroos in Australia perked up their ears, and all the whales under the sea sang at once

    13. Strutting back into the bedroom, Liam hoisted the putter over his shoulder and heaved the bottle to his lips

    14. ’ He said, pursing his lips

    15. You wear an eternal grin, the result of your lips melting from your face

    16. ’ He said pursing his lips

    17. 'Dreadfully!' she agreed, shaking her head and pursing her lips

    18. She finds his lips, they begin to kiss

    19. He embroidered full lips of ruby red, eyes of a deep, longing brown, toes that were

    20. embroidered lips and eyes, he marvelled at the workmanship

    21. He bent forward and kissed her on her ruby-red lips

    22. He claws uselessly at the arms of the beast as bright red blood oozes from her lips and the monster begins to retreat over the side of the balustrade with its prey

    23. The Marchese flicked out his long tongue to moisten his thin dry lips

    24. Dave gives a small smile through his sunburnt, chapped lips

    25. Both are badly sunburned with ragged scraggly beards, blistered and cracked lips

    26. Another stares back with an insolent sneer, a cigarette dangling form his lips

    27. of his lips on hers and the definite imprint of his being there

    28. the neighborhood watch thing?" He tightened his lips in supportive resignation and nodded again, like a disappointed undertaker

    29. ’ He commented, pursing his lips

    30. He spots Hassan, one of the layabouts, sitting with a cigarette dropping form his lips, a bare foot resting on a coffee table pitted with cigarette burns

    31. Bolt rattles his head in assent, grins, takes the hose emanating from the hooka, closes his eyes, puts the mouthpiece between his lips and takes a huge drag

    32. ’ He said, pursing his lips as though this is a disadvantage

    33. It was the wrong confession of my lips

    34. She stayed his lips with a slender white finger

    35. A cigarette dangles from his lips

    36. onto the kerchief and, rather than wiping away the dust on his face and lips, he just

    37. ’ He said, leaning over and kissing me gently on the lips

    38. Danton looked at the man in horror and as he did so the spiked head’s lips moved

    39. Rosy gave a little snort and a smile came to her lips

    40. lips that kiss, freedom, hope and love that both had expected

    41. He opened his mouth ready to shout her down and just as the words found his lips, the bus gave a great jerk forward, whiplashing Keogh in his seat and aborting his outburst

    42. He grabs it and carries it to his lips, proceeding to plant a kiss on each of my fingers, causing my stomach turn flip-flops most satisfactorily

    43. " he made a popping noise with his lips into his mic

    44. Insects crawled over his cracked lips, into his eyes

    45. They all have huge smiles on their faces but Apollo instantly inquires, "Where's Grace?" As soon as he speaks two arms embrace him from behind and she spins around him, a planting her lips to his

    46. Even so Bahkmar thought he even saw the quick quiver of a frown on his lips before his attention moved to the next in line

    47. I pressed two fingers to my lips, kissed them, and then transferred my healing love gently to Menachem’s lips

    48. Book shelves covered three walls with doorways let into them here and there; a young woman stood apparently wrapt in the volume she was reading, a thirty-something man with a large backpack at his feet scanned the shelf above his head, neck craned, lips muttering silently as he concentrated

    49. ’ She instructed, directing a straw between the swollen lips of the recumbent woman

    50. Her face is pixie-round but with large sensuous lips

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