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    1. Knowing how thin the margin is between victory and defeat, Ram Devlin races to the Squidies' homeworld moon with a weapon of mass destruction that could end the war in seconds

    2. margin, and 1 kept another ten per cent

    3. They kept only the best quarter of the students but Ava had always been first by a comfortable margin

    4. “What’s this mean?” Ava asked about a scribbled signature in the margin

    5. Anna grabs the pen by the TV and writes the number down in the margin of the TV guide

    6. Klowa began to feel a little sorry for her, for it was Luray who won that contest, and not by a small margin

    7. As she penned in the margin, “B-O-D-Y:

    8. With a higher profit margin you will have more to spend on marketing

    9. The sender's address, the recipient's address, the date and all new paragraphs begin at the left margin, like this:

    10.  High gross profit margin (preferably greater than 65%) and net profits of 20% of sales or better before taxes

    11. A home based information marketing business often has a gross profits margin of 90%

    12. It had pointed out that there was no safety margin left with the food supplies if she woke six people, and had suggested that only two be revived

    13. Only a minor change in time scale but it drastically improved the safety margin

    14. ” replied Felix, “And they would have designed it with a safety margin

    15. Again she lobbed a snowball at him, but in her haste she missed him by a wide margin

    16. ―aberrant‖ or unusual forms of behavior, provides a margin of freedom in interpreting ―sociopathic‖ or ―anti-social‖ forms of behavior otherwise considered offensive to conventional customs and manners

    17. The safety margin between the troops on the ground and the terrorist positions once marked by smoke (white was the best) was sometimes less than 100 feet or 30 meters with machine gun fire and slightly more for cannon and bombs

    18. The Supreme Court, by a six to three margin, recently ruled that the mentally retarded could not be subject to the Death Penalty on the basis of ―evolving standards of decency‖, whatever that means

    19. The House voted to impeach by well over the two thirds margin, almost three to one

    20. She had become the owner of a house badly in need of repair in a comfortable Toronto neighborhood; however she had overestimated, by a large margin, the amount she would earn in sales commissions

    21. In seven states the margin of victory for the Republicans was under 5%

    22. His loss in the polls during that episode was roughly equal to the margin he lost the election by

    23. The report showed him surging to an unbeatable margin over his opponent, as a result of his newfound notoriety as anti-drug champion of the people

    24. cultivate an avocation in the margin of life

    25. remembered, was achieved in the margin of life that

    26. done in the margin of time most persons waste and

    27. It wastes already incurred investments and it gives margin for fraudulent deviations with political and illicit actions; besides causing economic recession that transforms in scrap iron immense productive parks

    28. Peter is second, but when I look at the time listed by his name, I realize that the margin between us is conspicuously wide

    29. When his slim margin of victory in the 1862

    30. “I looked at some numbers last week and I could see that the second CD outsold the first, but I don’t recall it being by a big margin

    31. needed previously to pay margin on the long position, the

    32. margining system of the Clearing House can require margin

    33. The recall won by a small margin

    34. highest gross margin and which contribute little? How are the trends in your business

    35. Determine the Gross Margin you need to cover your overhead and establish pricing

    36. earn the margin you need to

    37. drive revenues and just as importantly the “gross margin” for the business

    38. “gross margin” for the business

    39. reply in the margin that he was too busy practicing law to attend to

    40. Succinctly stated, an economically successful man is the man who has a comfortable margin between what he owns and what he owes

    41. And, of course, what is a comfortable margin depends on what his income is and what his desires are

    42. I only ask for five days as a prudent margin against the unexpected, and if I cannot achieve it by then, I will gladly relinquish command to you, or to whoever this Assembly should choose for the responsibility

    43. The wizards of the gnomes were more powerful on average than the wizards of the giants, and by a wide margin

    44. 9 knots added a margin of safety for the 8 to 10

    45. eavesdropping on a conversation that is towing the fine margin

    46. In effect with free enterprise, consumers benefit by receiving better products at a lower price while the producer maintains or raises his gross margin because his work force is more productive

    47. Ultimately, weeks went by until the nay sayers gave up the fight and by a narrow margin voted in the PAX initiative

    48. This required a vote of the populace, and in an election, PAXation won by a narrow margin

    49. ‘soul’ had a margin of error of less than 1/100,000th

    50. would trigger a margin call (since $1,000 is the minimum that the dealer requires)

    1. spaced, adequately margined and on a non-

    2. their jutting stories and quaint gable-peaks; the doorsteps and thresholds, with the early grass springing up about them; the garden-plots, black with freshly turned earth; the wheel-track, little worn, and, even in the market-place, margined with green on either side;—all were visible, but with a singularity of aspect that seemed to give another moral interpretation to the things of this world than they had ever borne before

    3. That calm and rosy countenance, margined with light like a lovely full-blown flower, rested the mind, held the eye, and imparted the charm of the conscience that was there reflected

    4. For margined traders, much like with the condor, the call time spread and the one-by-two ratio spread work wonders in repairing an iron butterfly

    5. If your portfolio is fully margined, with half of the money in your stocks borrowed from your broker, a 20% decline in the price of your stocks will cause you to lose 40% of your money

    6. If your portfolio is in nothing but high-tech stocks, or if you’re heavily margined in tech stocks, you are asking for serious trouble if you don’t cut your losses quickly

    7. You must understand that when the general market declines and your stocks start sinking, you will lose your initial capital twice as fast if you’re fully margined than you would if you were invested on a cash basis

    8. If you speculate in small-capitalization or high-tech stocks fully margined, a 50% correction can cause a total loss

    9. You don’t have to be fully margined all the time

    10. Brazil Nut (Bertholletia excelsa) is widespread on dry ground in forests of tropical South America, 30-40m (100-130ft) high, with long, crinkly margined, oval leaves and yellow flowers

    11. Margined stock should not be lent to short sellers without the express approval of the client because it may be contrary to the owner's interests

    12. They are borrowing property, not money, and can short only through a margined account

    13. But it is certainly very distinct by other characters, and strikingly so in its perfectly annular black and red bands; the latter are margined with yellowish and spotted with black

    1. margining system of the Clearing House can require margin

    2. Unlike futures margining, where the clearinghouse sets a fixed margin deposit for each open futures position, there is no single method of determining the margin for a complex option position

    3. In the United States, the Options Clearing Corporation has developed its own risked-based margining system for stock and index options

    4. The most widely used margining system on futures exchanges is the Standard Portfolio Analysis of Risk (SPAN) system developed by the Chicago Mercantile Exchange

    5. Both margining systems create an array of possible outcomes with respect to both the underlying price and the perceived speed with which the underlying price can change

    6. A: As a general rule of thumb, we would recommend margining no more than 60% to 70% of your account at any given time unless you are willing to meet a margin call should you get one

    1. undergrowth at the margins of every road, short and hunch-backed and wallowing

    2. These are the businesses that tend to earn the highest profit margins, and will sell nearly any product to their customers

    3. She got into a copy of one of his trade mags and learned quite a bit about the math behind figuring the margins and what odds to figure for the weather on any of the lakes

    4. We go inspect his cargos together now, I tell him totals and margins, he tells me what he thinks he’ll get per pound in the areas where he sends it

    5. Being the cheapest may just give you low profit margins and poor quality

    6. 5 cm or 1 inch margins on all four sides

    7. Private houses, the dachas, were planned for the margins of

    8. Its (historical) track record has (especially) produced the highest margins among the lowest socio/economic groups in proportion to other income classes that are more financially secure

    9. resilient; that, in spite of the quelling designs of radical feminism, inevitably reasserts itself (regretfully, I might add) later on in life as they (gradually) approach the margins of their child-bearing years

    10. Bryan would have to win all five of the states with the closest margins of defeat for him, under 5%

    11. He came close and missed a young inexperienced Badger by the closest of margins

    12. He used a pencil that he found in the desk drawer to check off items in his inventory and make cryptic notes in the margins of Zabiewski’s list

    13. Colling looked at the banknote and saw that someone had written “Dwiespestka” in one of the margins

    14. Western Medicine is always ready to cut into the flesh or trying to control the illness with medications, extending their profit margins throughout the life span of their unsuspecting patients

    15. But after the ceremony through which Rosh took Abel’s name, Arabel, and formed the new House of Arabel, the margins of their Lands reached to each other and connected

    16. Cost estimations are derived by using the resource cost and infrastructure cost and contribution margin/profit margins and total cost is derived

    17. fibrotic acne scars are usually large scars that have sharp margins and

    18. Predictable and Increasing Profits: Increase both profits and the multiple at which your value is created by developing steadily increasing profit margins

    19. Within the margins of error for this test, it is safe to say that while strumming the tines, Mark is affected by magic at about one twentieth the normal amount, all other things being equal

    20. I boasted about the fat profit margins in television, and he vowed to be part of that emerging industry despite his admitted first love for small-town newspapers

    21. My first reports received C+’s and low Bs with a massive amount of commentary in the margins

    22. Sometimes I thought he was writing more in the margins than I was writing in the article

    23. The path that they were on wound through the middle of the ever-flattening expanse where it came into near contact with the western shore of the new lake and then wended its way along the southern margins toward signs of habitation

    24. and then wended its way along the southern margins toward signs of habitation

    25. The corners were folded over, and there were notations in the margins

    26. The price of the product you are promoting will determine your profit margins

    27. the premiums and the margins that you’re selling

    28. You make lower margins on the initial sale, but you

    29. traffic conditions (even though all of these could be improved, their existing margins of safety

    30. “Okay,” Setne said, “but my original notes would stil be in the margins

    31. mirror margins whereby the margins of the left page are a mirror image of

    32. That is, the inside margins are the same width, and

    33. the outside margins are the same width, and basically the inner margin is a

    34. businesses with healthy profit margins

    35. Of the two, I found the print publication more difficult, just because it required exacting attention to margins and bleed areas, page size, type-formatting (I spent hours just making sure none of the fleurons in the book were left hanging at the top of a new page) and so forth

    36. The management were never satisfied with the profit margins, even though they had increased since their tenure

    37. “Marc was brilliant, told him that _____ had said at beginning of the year that they were going to do so much, and they weren’t going to even to half of that, and that we weren’t an NGO, and we had to make some money on slim margins

    38. acknowledgment of and search for the invisible, for what lies at the margins of any

    39. In other words, they should have the same font, text size, margins, and headings

    40. The Swordsman losses exceeded the settler losses by huge margins, but the weight of the Swordsman force was too great

    41. Even if you’re running a profitable business already, you should consider testing and tracking as a means to increase your profit margins

    42. The Constitution Party, in power since 1946, has been challenged by a number of new political ideals in recent years and it is only by the narrowest of margins that they have retained control of the Senate, the House and the Presidency

    43. Deciphering what some of your scholars have called doodles, which appear in the margins of the Dead Sea scrolls, are codes that alter the context of the stories they appear to be telling

    44. Too often, people thought their employer was looking out for them after they turned sixty-five, but as corporations experienced tough times in keeping up the huge profit margins to pay off upper management and the shareholders, they felt the only option was rolling back benefits

    45. obsolescence cycles moved from around 2 years to 6 months and margins started dropping

    46. perpetuating warfare, because the profit margins are staggering and the invoice

    47. That's because of their simplicity and profit margins

    48. Why do you think profit margins are so ridicilously

    49. the deal, they have fatter margins than you do

    50. With few barriers of entry, the industry invited intense competition; margins declined, and

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