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    1. I might have spent it a little more slowly without her, but you know those sandals you bought me in Zharvai?"

    2. Sporadically you might earn a little bit more but consistently you will not earn the type of money that you want to earn

    3. Everything in here was tiny and compact, even a little Eye and keyboard

    4. this can be if you use those two little words, followed by a negative

    5. While I was here this world underwent a revolution in communication, and it seemed to make little difference, it was a fashion fad for a few years, decades I mean, and everything is the same

    6. But Ann told her little girl that it didn’t matter what the

    7. The only thing that fooled us is that most people are poor here, all they have is a little piece of ground and a hut

    8. “And it’s more than a little unfair

    9. motivational little sayings but overall this is a waste of your time

    10. She gets a little company by helmet, she's resurrected a couple others

    11. activity? How can I use my time more effectively in order to create and live the life I want? How about those little times that we talked about, like putting something in the microwave

    12. "So little interest that he threw it out," Herndon said

    13. "Ava said those papers were of little importance

    14. · Not letting little things bother to an extent that is unrelated to its seriousness

    15. Try looking beyond the present to how future circumstances may be a little better

    16. She hesitated a little, and then added,

    17. He felt a little hurt, but was not surprised

    18. “Come to the kitchen, Tatania, I think we need a little water

    19. He felt a little teary, but he wasn’t going to give the game away

    20. He might have been a little harsh on Herndon in telling it and made him sound more convinced of Venna's role

    21. With that and his old place, he could buy a pretty nice place in town, a couple acres on the lagoon just a little ways down the point

    22. 1John: 2:1: My little children, these things write I unto you, that ye sin not

    23. Walking briskly on a daily basis not only results in calorie burning, it increases enzyme and metabolic activity that may result in increased calorie consumption for up to 12 hours after walking as little as 2 miles

    24. Most of these people would look and feel much better by simply walking as little as two miles a day and drinking an ounce of water for each kg of body weight on a daily basis!

    25. He hadn't met her yet, but she was practical and could cook and helped a little with the garden and had a nice enough body and wanted to play with his

    26. When I sit in it, I feel a little closer to him

    27. He’s a very grabby little guy

    28. Sarah jumped a little as the door hinges squeaked open

    29. This kooky old man reminded her a little of her Pap Pap, even though he was a little uncouth

    30. His shoulders were little larger than hers, he was soft spoken and self deprecating

    31. Micah ignored his little brother, taking the bin to the fire escape and dumping its contents into a dumpster below

    32. He asked relatively little of her, and gave more in return

    33. He had to admit, she was a little scary

    34. She probably would have been afraid of him on Earth, he could have thrown her to the mattress and taken her and there would have been little she could have done about it

    35. Remember every little bit of toxin adds up to a lot

    36. She had not been friendly with Kulai until just the past couple local years, she'd lived here a little over three months as she had counted time on Narrulla's Tear

    37. One was just clothes, some hanging up and some folded neatly in their little cubbyholes

    38. But I’m trusting you, you can trust me a little too,” Johnny said

    39. By reaching out to someone in need, be it your neighbor, an orphan, or people in a homeless shelter, we add a little more peace and hope to the world

    40. After I left you I was content with a little place on the prairie, well, not that little, but compared to a nation it was nothing

    41. Nancy was a little taken aback upon seeing all the pimples all over his face, but she did her best to hide her reaction

    42. It wasn't until our little dog, Sparky, started yelping that Millie burst out, flashlight blazing

    43. The effect was more than a little unsettling

    44. “What is death?” the little ant wondered

    45. The anteater stopped and blinked at the little ant

    46. “I’m just curious,” said the little ant, peering out from below a piece of what was once a caterpillar

    47. The anteater paused for a moment, confused by the little ant

    48. He followed the little ant back to its nest and licked all the little ants up

    49. Brandon was a little put off by this, but he guessed small town charm wasn't universal

    50. There was a little cat-boat in the lagoon behind it, a nice roasting firepit and a privy under a lean-to roof

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    Synonymes pour "little"

    little fiddling footling lilliputian niggling petty picayune piddling piffling trivial small minuscule slight short minute diminutive tiny infinitesimal petite wee ineffectual brief insignificant unimportant minor paltry inconsiderable narrow selfish stingy mean bigoted illiberal niggardly barely hardly seldom rarely infrequently just