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    1. statements and give them the opportunity to affirm or negate your interpretation of their

    2. Always be careful to frame it in a way that does not negate their previous

    3. benefit or at least negate its importance

    4. But when you deny he ever lived, when you negate his very name, it aches like bones that

    5. The earlier news had weighed on his mind for a while, but he knew that this missive would more than likely lift his spirits and negate his boredom

    6. But in recent years, sad to say, the very concept of valedictorian would of course offend and absolutely negate the supposed equality of all that schooling

    7. By this argument alone, worldly and eternal cannot be separated otherwise such equivocations that must inevitably follow would negate the eternal order of things that transcends, although embracing, the worldly order of things each in conjunction with Eternal Designs

    8. Such does not negate, however, its (overall) salutary impact on society

    9. The British very shrewdly as is their way started a land reform plan to negate some of the grievances

    10. Such (lofty) ideals neither profess nor encourage the overriding of critical or independent thinking provided such expressions neither conflict with nor seek to negate another individual‘s right to equally express his or her own private opinions or place that individual in HARM‘S WAY

    11. Such a view would negate all personal responsibility, and life would be mechanistic (not different from a machine)

    12. and buttons in front of him for a means to negate Reno’s actions

    13. These men prefer to either negate the arousal or if the

    14. M: I do not negate the world

    15. abandoned her attempt to negate what her body wanted with the

    16. She closed her eyes to try and negate the

    17. doing the horizontal hula with Xen, didn’t totally negate the pain in

    18. To negate its worth

    19. To negate the power of GOOD into God

    20. It’s a different thing to change your vibration, to negate your special quality and allow magic to affect you

    21. “Furthermore, though you have had the wisdom to not mention her name, you spoke of her during our negotiations, and those of us who know of dragons know that there is only one of whom you could be speaking! You know as well as we that she is among the mightiest wizards the dragons have ever produced, so you must realize that she will certainly detect the effects of the charm, and will be able to negate those effects if she so chooses by merely ignoring them! To top it all off, knowing what I do of her character, there is a good chance that she will be furious with you for using it upon her!”

    22. Being squarely struck by a bolt of natural lightning is devastating indeed, and if you don’t notice the field of anti-lightning building up on you before the bolt strikes, or if you lack the ability to counter the spell or negate the field, the strike is almost completely instantaneous and unavoidable

    23. this act of love and the decision to negate its positive side; furthermore, it is a

    24. consequence of this is that we are forced to either reject or negate the

    25. negate reality because it assures her some pleasure

    26. culpability, I will have to negate it, or displace it and project it onto others

    27. or if they come up with a different angle or a new product or solution, it may negate your

    28. But being good at speaking or writing does not negate the truth of my expressions

    29. And yet, this does not negate the all’s-right-with-the-world view

    30. If you attempt to cast another spell within a short period of time you may negate some effects of the first spell, but not others

    31. This split syndrome would not have helped ease the plunamic condition in any way for their qunams could have tended to negate each other, though in the end the stronger overpowered the not so strong amongst them

    32. Would that one verse negate the many verses I have shown in this

    33. negate the work you do to build a

    34. fond memories of good times shouldn’t negate the bad times

    35. But this doesn’t negate the fact that many marriages around

    36. one additional negation of the prayer that does not negate

    37. Or perhaps he was tormented with guilt and thought curing cancer would negate his sin

    38. For one thing, it would negate loneliness

    39. Your incredible language skills were also a big factor in our interest in you, since they will mostly negate the need to have some local translator follow you, something that often impedes reporting in the field

    40. Why would the bank post one amount and then actually negate the

    41. That doesn’t negate the

    42. That we are unaware of this does not negate its reality, and eventually we do become aware of it

    43. “However, this doesn’t negate the horrific ordeal that your

    44. lege, points out that the Catholicism does not deny or negate people's

    45. Exceptions to the rule do not negate its logic, but offers the

    46. These are anomalies that are outside the purview of the model and negate the possibility of

    47. Wickland shook his head defiantly, hoping to negate the reality

    48. However taking such a view would negate the passage on Gog and Magog in Revelation 20, and

    49. with sweeteners and artificial preservatives that totally negate any

    50. negate the need for a diet plan, although there is the slim possibility that you could end

    1. The fact that she’d been born female negated every argument that she could make

    2. The army that had landed but seven weeks before, in the flush of health and strength, crawled back to the transports in regiments of gaunt spectres, to return to the country whose readiness and anxiety to do everything possible for its defenders had been negated by the unfortunate officialdom and chaos in Washington

    3. The first successful methods against landmines were to fill the vehicles tyres with water which negated the blast tremendously

    4. simultaneously; what is negated is the relation between them

    5. A negated predicate points to the entire spatial set of the subject rather than

    6. In the negated predicate we can appreciate fuller meanings of true and false within exterior

    7. where everything was affirmed as true and everything was negated as false,

    8. negated for another’s advantage

    9. the objective reality is negated, or the child begins to fantasize another love

    10. its future can either be affirmed or negated

    11. A wise colleague once stated that any good process can be negated in its effectiveness and/or efficiency by a negative work culture

    12. the effect was negated

    13. He has knowledge of the…energy of magic which he either boosts for Jasra or negated on my father and his wielders

    14. MIT, however, Stallman negated any debate about conflict of

    15. exhausted, the ‘happiness feeling’ in me negated any negative

    16. In eight months, any environmental impact in construction is negated by the clean power generated

    17. investigated as events negated the need

    18. hunger, which by the way was being negated by the stress of the

    19. This one negated the first; I was a

    20. Her laughter was a tinkling refrain that he liked, and that negated

    21. The room was inviting and warm, quite unlike the rest of the building he had seen so far, with high stained glass windows along the opposite wall overlooking the courtyard that allowed ample light into the small room and negated the need for the crystal chandeliers overhead and ornate crystal lamps on end tables next to each armchair

    22. He’d negated the search warrant on Greg Parkinson’s home having considered the logic of the man’s involvement

    23. There he chose a wooded hilltop in the path of the advancing enemy that negated the cavalry advantage

    24. consumed by her own plak-tow condition, the blood fever, Simone negated all of

    25. eroded or negated by an aggressive competitor

    26. acquired, assembled, developed or negated is of little interest to a large

    27. ‘Secure Mode’ by using the manual override which negated any remote

    28. life quickly negated feelings of guilt, and as a result, these acts of

    29. What a nervous time it was waiting for the fresh report, oh, it was the anxiety of a lifetime; but how relieved I was as the second test negated the first result is beyond words

    30. That, however, is negated by recent researches

    31. In a way, what Hinduism conceptualized as vasudhaika kutumbam, world is but one family, that later day Brahmanism negated with its prejudice, the Christianity symbolizes with its service by reaching out to the non-Christian peoples as well

    32. Thus it can be said in hind sight that it was the concept of swadharma that was the undoing of India for it negated the growth of a unifying religion for all to live by and die for

    33. How can the seen-it-with-one’s-own-eyes be negated by what one doesn’t read or hear? Sounds impossible, doesn’t it? Like sleight-of-hand tricks, the secret of success lies in what’s missing, not what’s there for all to see

    34. Whatever tax benefits GrandGoods may provide will be negated by the cost of providing public services like roads, additional miles of utilities, more of a drain on fire and police time

    35. negated by what makes me not blind

    36. ” Life negated to tell them that Byron may be more than a day coming home, but that would be for later, there would be no value in starting the day with sadness

    37. For this guard, rank negated suspicion

    38. Dalynara’s position on the Council could have negated the cost, but their father wouldn’t hear of it

    39. Thus, when one is rewarded for sharing, by game or custom, the sharing impulse is negated by mating it with a self-interested priority, i

    40. Yet the now – not the Now, not the absolute positive negative negated NOW, but now – is perpetual motion, the pulse of being, the rhythm of energy, with in- and ex- somersaulting over each other like the breaths of laughter

    41. mind explicitly eliminating a negated object

    42. ized by a mind that eliminates its negated object while realizing

    43. Object of negation an object explicitly negated by a mind realiz-

    44. neither exists, both are objects negated by emptiness

    45. is realized by a mind that merely eliminates its negated object

    46. For example, if in our “now”, owing to some extraordinary dramatic circumstances (for example, an impact of strong planetary cataclysms, global nuclear wars), SFUURMM-Forms typical of the Middle Ages were intensively imposed on “people”, then eventually, in rotation Cycles of the development of the present civilized society, as a result of such low-quality refocusings of the majority of Collective Intelligence Forms, scenarios that include cruel practices used during the Inquisition or “witch-hunts” would have appeared, and all new and progressive trends would have been blindly negated again

    47. negated by their aftermaths

    48. that efforts might be completely negated by one's own wrongdoing

    49. Friendly and with a familiar manner we immediately had a good rapport which in no way negated the hawk eyes of a predator or the self confidence of success and a deep pocket

    50. The ego cannot simply be negated; its energies must be embraced and redirected so that they may ultimately serve as fuel for our awakening

    1. In this manner, Perfection negates Potential; that is to say, the potential to grow or develop into something that has yet to become

    2. This negates the often said saying that "the terrorist have to succeed only once and the Agencies may not fail ones

    3. PowerPoint or other electronic presentation that negates the

    4. presentation that negates the requirement to hold anything

    5. all but negates the idea that events in physical reality are symbolic representations of our lesson-circumstances

    6. all-but negates the idea that events in physical reality are symbolic representations of our lesson-circumstances

    7. Corporate and company lobbying should be illegal, as it negates the democracy

    8. While the Warren Commission ignored physical evidence (that they published) that negates their conclusions, I do not

    9. Not only can it lubricate and cool, it negates pressure difference between inside and out

    10. negates the whole point of analytics

    11. Stockholders’ Equity, which this author believes negates the role of debt in reducing

    12. without illusions which negates everything they profess

    13. He achieves a knowledge without illusions which negates

    14. It’s no proof of woman’s superiority, but it sure as hell negates his, don’t it?

    15. Then, the Almighty said refuting the thought which negates man’s returning to Him:

    16. It negates that false pretense

    17. When power creates, negates, and enforces the law, there is no justice, but only privilege, prejudice, and inequality

    18. we do not make a thousand foot cake that feeds no one just to set a record and create an epicurean architectural marvel – in an age of hunger, the waste negates the art

    19. Although play is physical poetry, working at play negates play

    20. I say: that which also negates the raising of our Master Jesus (cpth) to the sky is God's saying: "We made the son of Mary and his mother a miracle and gave them a shelter on a hill-side of firm mountain and spring

    21. live rock and a skimmer kind of negates the need for these filter components

    22. emotional response you feel totally negates anything they are saying – positive or negative

    23. Enlightenment is totally a negative state as it totally negates ego and mind

    24. Also the symbol “hear” negates the need to say “read”

    25. This largely negates one of the major benefits of using fiber-optic cable

    26. A close below the lower trendline negates the coiled spring, and so we delete it from our watch list

    27. Although this sounds like a good idea, I’ve found that traders who don’t understand the psychology start tweaking the system every time there is a losing trade, which negates the whole idea of having an automated system

    1. negating state of emotion and being up-‐leveling your vibration

    2. Only when a soul asks for help can another soul render aid thus negating karmic effect

    3. What the Court had done in negating an Act of Congress was to launch a subtle but ultimately devastating judicial counter-revolution against the newly adopted Constitution of the United States of America

    4. dom is eternally negating the unreal

    5. M: How can I put it into words, except in negating them? There-

    6. Not this; not this, the analytic process of progressively negating all

    7. 00 in order to come to the States, completely negating her earlier claims that her business was booming

    8. Barrad had often wondered what held the God-King inside the Temple for he certainly appeared incapable of leaving, it must have been some kind of time negating magic that held Hadrak within the Prison’s rift

    9. one squashing or negating the other as had happened in the past

    10. being and becoming, and they affirmed one while negating the other

    11. And she also knows that by negating reality she can

    12. they try to impose their own laws on life, ignoring or negating that life

    13. They are abstract and negating

    14. Well, the aspiring authors too went along to provide vicarious pleasure to the Western readers by negating India

    15. negating false Deities and stating his or her belief in the One

    16. So a cycle of selfishness is sustained, hiding from himself through holding on to things and people and expecting others treat him more importantly, negating his empty feelings

    17. wholeheartedly accepted into the League of Nations) negating any

    18. no crest on its head negating a close relationship to Earth’s

    19. whatsoever negating any chance of cover or camouflage in case of

    20. she would decline—or at least he assumed she would—thus negating

    21. Thankfully, while seemingly very fast and agile, the enemy jets made the mistake of coming for a head on pass at us, thus negating their speed advantage

    22. Nothing is more frustrating for a lawyer than to do a great deal of work only to learn that the client’s situation has changed, thereby altering or negating work that has already been completed

    23. Despite the bullets still raking their car, Janet reacted swiftly, an adrenaline surge flowing through her body and partially negating the paralyzing fear that was gripping her

    24. By way of negating her comment, the oven door flew open and banged her behind both of her knees, knocking her to the creaky old floor

    25. Ever notice how we work overtime on negating the best tools we were given to work with? Our sensory organs are better than the fanciest electronic gadgetry any science and technology lab can come up with, yet we constantly try to override them

    26. When you throw your microphone in the ocean you are negating their very reason for being here

    27. As for the word “yet”, it originally serves negating the occurrence of the action in the past until the time of speech but with an expectation of its occurrence

    28. He immediately regretted it, negating the point of opening his mouth in the first place

    29. This amplifies their effects, rather than negating them

    30. negating the current circumstances, what you are saying is

    31. companions have opened the bag of winds, it is completely evident how he oscillates between owning up to and negating his madness, by placing the blame for it on sleepiness, on his companions or on the gods

    32. Web services involve the use of the Web to provide a standard means of sharing data between applications, whereas ASP technology provides knowledge workers with access to software through a Web browser, negating the need for corporation to purchase and run copies of the software locally

    33. Application service provider (ASP) A technology that provides access to software through a Web browser, negating the need for the customer to purchase and run the software locally

    34. fect negating all the skills and wisdom he's acquired

    35. “I am always negating what I am saying

    36. I am negating it all

    37. the time, not with the idea of arriving at any point; just negating

    38. negating its accuracy and efficacy

    39. The bottom line is that these houses statistically sell for less on average than those sold through an agent, negating any savings

    40. In recent years some federal judges have taken it upon themselves to overrule the will of the people, changing or negating the outcomes of their votes in some cases

    41. This is NOT powerful upside action!” A few days later the market began to roll over again, negating the follow-through day as the market broke to fresh lows and the bear market of 2000-2001, so far, continued

    42. , by negating oneself and by recognising the meaning of one’s life in the service to others

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