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Negate in a sentence | negate example sentences

  1. M: I do not negate the world.
  2. To negate the power of GOOD into God.
  3. For one thing, it would negate loneliness.
  4. She closed her eyes to try and negate the.
  5. Time and the timeless One negate the thoughts of men.

  6. Still, that did nothing to negate the fact that some.
  7. In order to negate this thought, and your reaction to.
  8. These men prefer to either negate the arousal or if the.
  9. This absence doesn’t negate the fact that DIA was going up.
  10. But this doesn’t negate the fact that many marriages around.
  11. Wickland shook his head defiantly, hoping to negate the reality.
  12. However, this doesn’t negate the horrific ordeal that your.
  13. Exceptions to the rule do not negate its logic, but offers the.
  14. Why would the bank post one amount and then actually negate the.
  15. Would that one verse negate the many verses I have shown in this.

  16. I negate the first statement, the second statement, and all the.
  17. And yet, this does not negate the all’s-right-with-the-world view.
  18. Such does not negate, however, its (overall) salutary impact on society.
  19. Jesus said he was not there to negate the old testament but to confirm it.
  20. Would he then negate all that precisely synchronized advanced symbology.
  21. Always be careful to frame it in a way that does not negate their previous.
  22. But being good at speaking or writing does not negate the truth of my expressions.
  23. Or perhaps he was tormented with guilt and thought curing cancer would negate his sin.
  24. But when you deny he ever lived, when you negate his very name, it aches like bones that.
  25. However taking such a view would negate the passage on Gog and Magog in Revelation 20, and.

  26. These are anomalies that are outside the purview of the model and negate the possibility of.
  27. That we are unaware of this does not negate its reality, and eventually we do become aware of it.
  28. However, to negate the ego is pure hypocrisy, for it is the ego itself that is doing the negation.
  29. The British very shrewdly as is their way started a land reform plan to negate some of the grievances.
  30. But what is to be done when it happens neither one way nor the other? Give myself to God, negate myself.
  31. The main reason is that we did nothing to negate and appease the wrath filled in the minds of assailants.
  32. Of course, too many lower lows will eventually negate the long-range uptrend, and thus nullify this setup.
  33. Of course, too many higher highs will eventually negate the long-range downtrend and thus nullify this setup.
  34. It’s a different thing to change your vibration, to negate your special quality and allow magic to affect you.
  35. But the difficulty of precisely quantifying these matters does not negate their importance nor is it insuperable.
  36. Such a view would negate all personal responsibility, and life would be mechanistic (not different from a machine).
  37. President Hilton wanted for some one other to break the ice and negate views and expressions of President Bashrove.
  38. Concepts can at best only serve to negate one another, as one thorn is used to remove another, and then be thrown away.
  39. If you attempt to cast another spell within a short period of time you may negate some effects of the first spell, but not others.
  40. She didn’t say anything that might negate McCoy’s feelings of failure, nor did she lash out at him for the pain she was feeling.
  41. All THIS always, at any moment of Time, “was”, “is” and “will be” — whether we know about it or not, accept it or negate.
  42. Attacking from very low will also mostly negate the threat from 88mm guns firing proximity-fused shells, which work badly near the ground.
  43. The earlier news had weighed on his mind for a while, but he knew that this missive would more than likely lift his spirits and negate his boredom.
  44. But to prove to you that to love your neighbor is a benefit to you, or that it is the only way to live the good life is to negate the nature of love.
  45. How helpful would it be if you could find a way to negate these emotional waves, and thus free yourself to follow your system strictly and profitably!.
  46. But in recent years, sad to say, the very concept of valedictorian would of course offend and absolutely negate the supposed equality of all that schooling.
  47. Some spiritual practices are specifically designed to negate false identifications, such as the practice of seeing that you are not this and not that until nothing is left.
  48. In fact, I’ve found a building that is almost empty and the savings in property management fees alone will negate the cost of moving key personnel from Europe to Virginia.
  49. This is one basic rule of gap-up breakouts—they negate or exonerate any negative or weak action in the base, such as the erratic, failed breakout of GME in Figure 5.
  50. To accept this unfortunate truth doesn’t negate all that this woman was in her lifetime—it just forces one to accept that Marilyn’s story isn’t simply one of glamour and fame.
  51. The president is forbidden to grant pardons only in cases of impeachment, as that might involve a conflict of interest and would negate the legislative branch’s power of impeachment.
  52. There are two valuable lessons here: First, the weekly chart does not clearly support a long trade, but it did offer enough upside evidence to negate a potential short setup on the lower time frame.
  53. This split syndrome would not have helped ease the plunamic condition in any way for their qunams could have tended to negate each other, though in the end the stronger overpowered the not so strong amongst them.
  54. Your incredible language skills were also a big factor in our interest in you, since they will mostly negate the need to have some local translator follow you, something that often impedes reporting in the field.
  55. By this argument alone, worldly and eternal cannot be separated otherwise such equivocations that must inevitably follow would negate the eternal order of things that transcends, although embracing, the worldly order of things each in conjunction with Eternal Designs.
  56. Such (lofty) ideals neither profess nor encourage the overriding of critical or independent thinking provided such expressions neither conflict with nor seek to negate another individual‘s right to equally express his or her own private opinions or place that individual in HARM‘S WAY.
  57. Being squarely struck by a bolt of natural lightning is devastating indeed, and if you don’t notice the field of anti-lightning building up on you before the bolt strikes, or if you lack the ability to counter the spell or negate the field, the strike is almost completely instantaneous and unavoidable.
  58. Strange it may seem, won’t the socialistic slant negate the economic justice that it seeks to provide? After all, socialism, as per the COD, is a political and economic theory of social organization which advocates that the community as a whole should own and control the means of production, distribution and exchange.
  59. And conversely, if you begin to negate the evident, start to panic, feel despair and be angry at somebody or something, saying that “this cannot be”, “I don’t want this”, you will lose any possibility to control circumstances only because of your affirmation that this doesn’t exist or that you don’t want this.
  60. A behaviour between two people, that is solely based and focused on the sexual act of anatomical intimacy for ‘pleasure’, company, and/ or money, or whatever else, can only negate, distract, minimise, and divert the participant’s awareness and attention away from the rewarding positive, interpersonal relational interactions, that incorporate the higher components of human relations and friendship.
  61. All that which you seemingly negate, you in fact affirm, and that which you begin to intensively affirm is automatically created — by you! — in the subjective Reality of your Life! That is why meet any variants of “the future” modeled by you without fear and regret, without reproach and despair, trying to go deeply into the hidden Essence of the processes that happen and perceiving them as a specific beginning of some new “future” achievements in your Eternal Development.
  62. But worse… if you give your hand a linear motion, that does not mimic the actual motion of the object at the other end of the string… even with your supposed reinforcement of that swing, you will find that its swinging will die down… and slow down… until your uncoordinated negative reinforcement of that objects motions actually starts to negate the motion of that object… and you will not only bring it to a complete halt, you will force it to start weakly moving in the opposite direction that its cyclic motion was originally trying to go.
  63. Sorry, but this is some scientific anachronism, to put it mildly! Everything, absolutely everything is alive and has Self-Consciousness! Yes, its perception and principles of existence are absolutely different, as compared with ours, but this fact by no means deprives it of the vested right to be in spite of anyone’s conceptions to the contrary! Indeed, we don’t try to negate or prohibit the possibility of existence near us of sea and terrestrial animals, birds and insects only because they have different structures and think not the way we do!.
  64. Furthermore, though you have had the wisdom to not mention her name, you spoke of her during our negotiations, and those of us who know of dragons know that there is only one of whom you could be speaking! You know as well as we that she is among the mightiest wizards the dragons have ever produced, so you must realize that she will certainly detect the effects of the charm, and will be able to negate those effects if she so chooses by merely ignoring them! To top it all off, knowing what I do of her character, there is a good chance that she will be furious with you for using it upon her!.
  1. I am negating it all.
  2. They are abstract and negating.
  3. I am always negating what I am saying.
  4. And she also knows that by negating reality she can.
  5. This amplifies their effects, rather than negating them.
  6. M: How can I put it into words, except in negating them? There-.
  7. Not this; not this, the analytic process of progressively negating all.
  8. Only when a soul asks for help can another soul render aid thus negating karmic effect.
  9. He immediately regretted it, negating the point of opening his mouth in the first place.
  10. When you throw your microphone in the ocean you are negating their very reason for being here.
  11. Well, the aspiring authors too went along to provide vicarious pleasure to the Western readers by negating India.
  12. The bottom line is that these houses statistically sell for less on average than those sold through an agent, negating any savings.
  13. By way of negating her comment, the oven door flew open and banged her behind both of her knees, knocking her to the creaky old floor.
  14. Thankfully, while seemingly very fast and agile, the enemy jets made the mistake of coming for a head on pass at us, thus negating their speed advantage.
  15. As for the word yet, it originally serves negating the occurrence of the action in the past until the time of speech but with an expectation of its occurrence.
  16. In recent years some federal judges have taken it upon themselves to overrule the will of the people, changing or negating the outcomes of their votes in some cases.
  17. Despite the bullets still raking their car, Janet reacted swiftly, an adrenaline surge flowing through her body and partially negating the paralyzing fear that was gripping her.
  18. So a cycle of selfishness is sustained, hiding from himself through holding on to things and people and expecting others treat him more importantly, negating his empty feelings.
  19. Application service provider (ASP) A technology that provides access to software through a Web browser, negating the need for the customer to purchase and run the software locally.
  20. Nothing is more frustrating for a lawyer than to do a great deal of work only to learn that the client’s situation has changed, thereby altering or negating work that has already been completed.
  21. What the Court had done in negating an Act of Congress was to launch a subtle but ultimately devastating judicial counter-revolution against the newly adopted Constitution of the United States of America.
  22. Barrad had often wondered what held the God-King inside the Temple for he certainly appeared incapable of leaving, it must have been some kind of time negating magic that held Hadrak within the Prison’s rift.
  23. This is NOT powerful upside action! A few days later the market began to roll over again, negating the follow-through day as the market broke to fresh lows and the bear market of 2000-2001, so far, continued.
  24. Ever notice how we work overtime on negating the best tools we were given to work with? Our sensory organs are better than the fanciest electronic gadgetry any science and technology lab can come up with, yet we constantly try to override them.
  25. Web services involve the use of the Web to provide a standard means of sharing data between applications, whereas ASP technology provides knowledge workers with access to software through a Web browser, negating the need for corporation to purchase and run copies of the software locally.
  1. This one negated the first; I was a.
  2. For this guard, rank negated suspicion.
  3. That, however, is negated by recent researches.
  4. MIT, however, Stallman negated any debate about conflict of.
  5. Object of negation an object explicitly negated by a mind realiz-.
  6. Her laughter was a tinkling refrain that he liked, and that negated.
  7. This last long white day completely negated the previous three black days.
  8. A negated predicate points to the entire spatial set of the subject rather than.
  9. The fact that she’d been born female negated every argument that she could make.
  10. Oftentimes market conditions are such that that good is delayed or even negated altogether.
  11. In the negated predicate we can appreciate fuller meanings of true and false within exterior.
  12. In eight months, any environmental impact in construction is negated by the clean power generated.
  13. But the trend gets negated pretty quickly once price shoots up above the 50 MA in early September.
  14. This thing was an offence and an aberration, by its very being it negated him, it poisoned his life.
  15. There he chose a wooded hilltop in the path of the advancing enemy that negated the cavalry advantage.
  16. Dalynara’s position on the Council could have negated the cost, but their father wouldn’t hear of it.
  17. Once the 50 MA crosses under the 200 MA, even if the 200 MA is rising, the long-range uptrend is negated.
  18. Note: If at any time price trades up into the gap prior to triggering the sell signal, the setup is negated.
  19. He has knowledge of the…energy of magic which he either boosts for Jasra or negated on my father and his wielders.
  20. He’d negated the search warrant on Greg Parkinson’s home having considered the logic of the man’s involvement.
  21. The first successful methods against landmines were to fill the vehicles tyres with water which negated the blast tremendously.
  22. A wise colleague once stated that any good process can be negated in its effectiveness and/or efficiency by a negative work culture.
  23. Thus, when one is rewarded for sharing, by game or custom, the sharing impulse is negated by mating it with a self-interested priority, i.
  24. The ego cannot simply be negated; its energies must be embraced and redirected so that they may ultimately serve as fuel for our awakening.
  25. There is a hint of Three White Soldiers and Three Black Crows in these patterns, but their influence is quickly negated with the strong reaction day that follows.
  26. Friendly and with a familiar manner we immediately had a good rapport which in no way negated the hawk eyes of a predator or the self confidence of success and a deep pocket.
  27. What a nervous time it was waiting for the fresh report, oh, it was the anxiety of a lifetime; but how relieved I was as the second test negated the first result is beyond words.
  28. Thus it can be said in hind sight that it was the concept of swadharma that was the undoing of India for it negated the growth of a unifying religion for all to live by and die for.
  29. Whatever tax benefits GrandGoods may provide will be negated by the cost of providing public services like roads, additional miles of utilities, more of a drain on fire and police time.
  30. Yet the now – not the Now, not the absolute positive negative negated NOW, but now – is perpetual motion, the pulse of being, the rhythm of energy, with in- and ex- somersaulting over each other like the breaths of laughter.
  31. How can the seen-it-with-one’s-own-eyes be negated by what one doesn’t read or hear? Sounds impossible, doesn’t it? Like sleight-of-hand tricks, the secret of success lies in what’s missing, not what’s there for all to see.
  32. All the potential improvements and betterments due to the rise in human intelligence were scotched and negated and reversed by the manipulations and violations of the undead at key positions: in the centralized shitpile of civilization.
  33. In a way, what Hinduism conceptualized as vasudhaika kutumbam, world is but one family, that later day Brahmanism negated with its prejudice, the Christianity symbolizes with its service by reaching out to the non-Christian peoples as well.
  34. The army that had landed but seven weeks before, in the flush of health and strength, crawled back to the transports in regiments of gaunt spectres, to return to the country whose readiness and anxiety to do everything possible for its defenders had been negated by the unfortunate officialdom and chaos in Washington.
  35. The room was inviting and warm, quite unlike the rest of the building he had seen so far, with high stained glass windows along the opposite wall overlooking the courtyard that allowed ample light into the small room and negated the need for the crystal chandeliers overhead and ornate crystal lamps on end tables next to each armchair.
  36. The main reason why we humans cannot be positive: is because we have been born into an artificial negative system that has accumulated negated evil poison for over 12,000 years, and the accumulated negated evil poison of 12,000 years has seeped into out parents and our grandparent bodies and souls… so that when we were born… we were already poisoned and corrupted before we were ever born.
  37. For example, if in our “now”, owing to some extraordinary dramatic circumstances (for example, an impact of strong planetary cataclysms, global nuclear wars), SFUURMM-Forms typical of the Middle Ages were intensively imposed on “people”, then eventually, in rotation Cycles of the development of the present civilized society, as a result of such low-quality refocusings of the majority of Collective Intelligence Forms, scenarios that include cruel practices used during the Inquisition or “witch-hunts” would have appeared, and all new and progressive trends would have been blindly negated again.
  1. It negates that false pretense.
  2. He achieves a knowledge without illusions which negates.
  3. PowerPoint or other electronic presentation that negates the.
  4. Although play is physical poetry, working at play negates play.
  5. Also the symbol “hear” negates the need to say “read”.
  6. This largely negates one of the major benefits of using fiber-optic cable.
  7. Enlightenment is totally a negative state as it totally negates ego and mind.
  8. Corporate and company lobbying should be illegal, as it negates the democracy.
  9. Then, the Almighty said refuting the thought which negates man’s returning to Him:.
  10. Stockholders’ Equity, which this author believes negates the role of debt in reducing.
  11. It’s no proof of woman’s superiority, but it sure as hell negates his, don’t it?
  12. Not only can it lubricate and cool, it negates pressure difference between inside and out.
  13. A close below the lower trendline negates the coiled spring, and so we delete it from our watch list.
  14. This negates the often said saying that the terrorist have to succeed only once and the Agencies may not fail ones.
  15. While the Warren Commission ignored physical evidence (that they published) that negates their conclusions, I do not.
  16. When power creates, negates, and enforces the law, there is no justice, but only privilege, prejudice, and inequality.
  17. In this manner, Perfection negates Potential; that is to say, the potential to grow or develop into something that has yet to become.
  18. I say: that which also negates the raising of our Master Jesus (cpth) to the sky is God's saying: We made the son of Mary and his mother a miracle and gave them a shelter on a hill-side of firm mountain and spring.
  19. Although this sounds like a good idea, I’ve found that traders who don’t understand the psychology start tweaking the system every time there is a losing trade, which negates the whole idea of having an automated system.

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