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    1. It was the inferno, the black pit, the desolation

    2. the pit of her stomach

    3. I was a wretched ghoul held in a pit, a wraith, a rat in a trap

    4. Moreover, it will prove to be a money pit

    5. He doesn't see the harm anymore, so he decides to soothe the beast that dwells in the pit of his gut, "Can I have that food now?" In moments, a steaming hot plate of fish and vegetables appear on the table, and Apollo doesn't hesitate to gorging himself on the generous helpings

    6. The heavens split wide open and I fell into a void, a pit of dense, black, smothering raven feathers

    7. So here she was, about to walk down the ramp and into the underpass, with the first dread impulse to run back to the lights and bars rising from the pit of her stomach

    8. ” said the soldier as he pointed to the fire pit which was now covered

    9. great light that came from the fire in the fire pit

    10. to the sides of the pit

    11. that go down to the stones of the pit; as a carcase trodden under feet

    12. That wisdom needs to be expressed in such a way that when Christ returns and casts him in the pit, everyone knows

    13. Archaeologists excavating a trash pit at the An anthropologist proposed a game to children in an Jamestown colony site in Virginia have found the African tribe

    14. He is locked up in the pit for 1000 years

    15. Satan is bound by chains and thrown into a pit (Revelation 20:1-2, Isaiah 24:21-22)

    16. In Isaiah chapter 24, it speaks in the last few verses about a time when the kings and rulers of this world will be tied up and thrown into a pit for an extended period of time

    17. She, the Lady Frances, lies mouldered in some lost pit,

    18. There were no stones here, so they dug a pit for their fire

    19. and the sickness in the pit of his stomach

    20. of the flooded pit shaft

    21. Towards lunchtime father emerged from his pit and stumbled down to the kitchen

    22. After being put in the pit for a few days to calm down, things started to get better

    23. “Not times, places, and positions, if that’s what you think I’m asking, I never even visit this flesh pit you’ve dreamed up,” he said as his eyes took in the forested sides of the vale

    24. The house had the latest in modern kitchen appliances, a brand new corner bathroom suite, fitted wardrobes in all three bedrooms, and a lovely garden in which the businessman had a swing, a climbing frame and a sand pit installed

    25. All they will succeed in doing is dropping another metal devise to the earth; and we will pick it up and put it with all the others in the lava pit

    26. The now familiar wrench in the pit of my stomach happens again, I daresay I shall get used to being linked with Alastair in time

    27. Roasted Kuyou was similar to a side of beef being roasted on a pit and placed on a large tray

    28. “Fearing annihilation, the Ogatu females closed ranks and hid themselves from the laser pit and the eyes of their so-called, ‘Masters’

    29. They knew how much these creatures feared the laser pit, so they whipped them up into a riotous frenzy, and in the inevitable panic that followed, made their way to the docking area and waited

    30. Lucy wept and wept throughout the ordeal, hanging onto her mother’s arm with feral strength as they dragged Alan’s torso out into the garden and rolled it into the pit that had been dug for the patio

    31. overcome the sense of revulsion rising from the pit of his stomach

    32. The men immediately began to light two enormous fires in a pit in the center of the cave

    33. Thick pads of straw woven into long mats had been placed about the fire pit and piled high off the ground

    34. During the night the Hausa left their pens and came to the fire pit in search of their riders

    35. The only thing she had ever seen like it was an animal pit in Alan’s Trastrab Basin, but even there there are video screens and amplified music today

    36. had a swing, a climbing frame and a sand pit installed

    37. whose agony is was and will be stricken out, cast into the pit

    38. dictator to be overthrown? Have him thrown into the brim pit

    39. She rolled him into the pit, turned around and walked away

    40. An inhuman cry of anguish erupted from the pit

    41. When finished, they mounted their Hausa amid gurgling sounds from the pit

    42. rising from the pit of his stomach and was about to turn on his heel

    43. “I wasn’t involved in that project, that comes from the snake pit

    44. ‘Bed, I think, don’t you?’ I said, a now familiar tingling starting in the pit of my stomach

    45. into the garden and rolled it into the pit that had been dug for the

    46. Davie hears the buzzard's high pitched squeal of annoyance and imagines the bodies in the pit, in their death throes, pleading for light

    47. ingenious, rock-enclosed, pit to help dissipate the

    48. On the opposite side of the hole, Sheila was hauling her top over her head with appreciative commentary from Mickey, now standing on the side of the pit beside her

    49. ‘I hated that stinking pit

    50. The pit with the bodies

    1. The ground here was rough gravel, they would have a hard time digging scrapes and the top would never stay up, so they only dug into shallow pits

    2. It poured like it was heavy as molten metal and fumed the like pits of hell

    3. down into the pits of Hell

    4. She could see that she had been injured in the mob rush to flee the pits

    5. Pete was certain he was about to be squashed by the fearsome giant, when a hooded man stepped forward; his eyes empty pits on his head

    6. Dead, black pits

    7. Secondly, he could hide out in the work pits where the Keeper rarely tread, for according to Nicola, LeCynic had lately been taking any child with potential from the High Tower, keeping them for his own

    8. The inside of the fortress was cool and musty, smelling vaguely of old books, leather and smoke from kindling fire pits; it felt every bit as archaic as it looked from the outside

    9. Because the communal latrines were just pits about ten feet long a yard wide and about five feet deep above the pit was a trestle with a pole resting on it that ran the length of the pit

    10. Her sense of him was that he had turned suddenly cold, though the cold was like falling through pits of endless flames

    11. I flicked on my lighter and used the light from it to look into his eyes I saw they were completely blank no recognition of me or where he was in fact they were like bottomless pits staring into nowhere

    12. Kay knew these networks ran for miles and featured deep drop-offs and jagged pits

    13. men of this world have lain, set up traps, spread forth snares and dug many pits, by which many are held captive

    14. All this was before I had seen the gas chambers and crematoria and the deep pits and trenches that were dug throughout the camp

    15. The pits were full of ash that was removed from the crematorium; human ash of complete families, children, babies and the aged; no one was spared

    16. We would have loved to visit much more of that delightful and truly eolith city: more of its museums, more of its abundant flora, its Botanical Garden and especially its renowned “Bottle Box”, located 30 feet below surface in one of the underground pits of Canning Park Fortress

    17. The ear vein and horn pits

    18. That way lay madness, and a hard fall from grace into bottomless pits of despair and unworthiness

    19. Everything had to sift through the gargantuan train of Ministry processes, officials and hearings to disappear in its labyrinth offices, clerk pits and then back up again through the same path, in order to probably but not always most likely, make something useful and tangible in the end

    20. The remaining Badgers dug pits, holes and tunnels to prepare for the oncoming onslaught

    21. The pits have now all gone and the huge reclamation of Lochore Meadows has been a remarkable success

    22. This place was the pits

    23. “The car has a lot of damage, he’ll be into the pits for sure, but he has to make it all the way around

    24. Bear in mind, coming into the pits takes at least thirty-five seconds on a drive-through

    25. Brett pulled into the pits, on his thirty-fifth lap, still in fourth place, and with forty laps to go in the Las Vegas Grand Prix

    26. i saw also small pits in the side of the hill,

    27. and in thickets, and in rocks, and in high places, and in pits

    28. His eyes look like black pits, and he wears a smirk that spreads too wide across his face, forcing wrinkles into his cheeks

    29. Marcus’s eyes stay on mine for a few seconds, and I can’t help but see them as black pits, like they were in Tobias’s fear landscape

    30. because of the remains recovered from them had been at first pits for provisions

    31. of some special pits for the remains

    32. - pits for the domestic remains – in most of the cases, the

    33. 85 The proud have dug pits for me, which are not after your law

    34. 3 And their nobles have sent their little ones to the waters: they came to the pits, and

    35. water pits and other surface water

    36. water you do not dig small pits all over the place, but drill deep

    37. 10 And Bera King of Sodom, and the rest of his men that were with him, went out from the lime pits into which they had fallen, to meet Abram and his men

    38. “Fuck you Jesse, I hope you burn the darkest pits of hell” he cursed and threw the chip; I smiled catching it, quickly checking if it was the real one

    39. 25 And Simeon said to his brothers, note the man of dreams is coming to us this day, and now therefore come and let us kill him and throw him in one of the pits that are in the wilderness, and when his father shall seek him from us, we will say an evil beast has devoured him

    40. 16 you did pursue them in your storm, you did consume them in your whirlwind, you did turn their rain into hail, they fell in deep pits so that they could not rise

    41. How you have truly influenced my environment…! These last few weeks have been the pits for me

    42. During the pits of his divorce, our 2L, Prior and his 3L roomies, and I cheered Nick up with boys’ nights out at Hyde Park watering holes

    43. There was Marilyn the young woman, not a Mormon, who wore ankle length skirts with long cuffed sleeves to hide the needle tracks up and down her arms and legs to her arm pits and groin

    44. Boiling mud pits and strange colored puddles

    45. mud pits she stopped and leaned against the protective railing to get

    46. wondered what fueled the geysers and boiling mud pits

    47. the geysers and mud pits, because there was no volcanic mountain

    48. 10 And Bera King of Sodom and the rest of his men that were with him went out from the lime pits into which they had fallen to meet Abram and his men

    49. 25 And Simeon said to his brothers note the man of dreams is coming to us this day and now therefore come and let us kill him and throw him in one of the pits that are in the wilderness and when his father shall seek him from us we will say an evil beast has devoured him

    50. 16 you did pursue them in your storm you did consume them in your whirlwind you did turn their rain into hail they fell in deep pits so that they could not rise

    1. He spots Hassan, one of the layabouts, sitting with a cigarette dropping form his lips, a bare foot resting on a coffee table pitted with cigarette burns

    2. " That was no doubt a dusty pitted hulk for it was over two and a half centuries old by now, built of bulk aluminum and steel using big bolts

    3. This was why the techs were kept apart from each other off duty, so they would not know who was who and could be pitted against each other by their bosses

    4. across this pitted diamond mask,

    5. pitted by frost and chipped by ice,

    6. There are hundreds of metal tines on a large, circular wheel, and the entire contraption is pitted and brown with rust

    7. His voice is strong and clear, bouncing off the old, pitted brickwork

    8. Phosphorescent green tendrils of limewort held pitted, half-crumbled blocks and left veiny deposits of new rock on the old

    9. He could no longer hold back his tears as he pictured his youngest son’s anger pitted against the Plague

    10. Demons have been pitted against the holy realm and continue to strike against us

    11. As we looked landward we could see the large yellow jagged steep pitted mound that was called the ‘Sphinx’

    12. I got my first good look at Elijah now the scars on his face where hideous and disfiguring but worse than this was his eyes which were a fish belly white with no pupils or irises and round the sockets the flesh was pitted and black from the explosive that had taken his sight

    13. We used to knock each other around, and after that we were pitted against another platoon

    14. Thus a six feet plus cadet could be pitted against a much smaller cadet

    15. 8 ounces dates, pitted and chopped

    16. “Here?” motioned Blue Bird, pointing at the ground where it was scuffed and pitted by recent foot marks

    17. When he pitted, they were planning to stick pack number six in, for that one had the best charge-discharge history

    18. How far into the race are you? Would changing packs give you the opportunity to pass someone else who hasn’t pitted, and are they faster than you at the present moment? A discharged pack weighs just as much a fully-charged one

    19. A rally of cabs pitted the stand, snout to tail

    20. who has pitted this world with black scars!

    21. Lord were pitted against each other

    22. The book demonstrates that subversion within the West has pitted the traditional moral imagination of the West against what David Gelernter calls “its dead opposite

    23. Thus the United States is denounced as a land where individualism is rampant and people are pitted against

    24. man with a pale complexion and strange, pitted features on his

    25. walking to retrieve the knife from the pitted wall

    26. His pitted and scabbed nose ended in a point

    27. Families were divided and pitted against one another

    28. The attic was filled with Greek hero junk: armor stands covered in cobwebs; once-bright shields pitted with rust; old leather steamer trunks plastered with stickers saying ITHAKA, CIRCE’S ISLE, and LAND OF THE AMAZONS

    29. They pitted humans against one another in

    30. However, this unexpected turn of events would have pitted the stronger qunams against the not so strong of a given plunam

    31. The heads missed her by hair's breadths, but they missed, as she pitted her twinkling feet, flickering limbs and perfect eye against the blinding speed of the scaly demons her enemy had conjured out of thin air

    32. But he had never been pitted against a blade wielded by thews bred in the wild lands beyond the borders of civilization

    33. Where Rachel saw the grand sweep of armies pitted against each other in epic struggles, Wendy saw the details of the movements of individual platoons and regiments as they dealt with the business of vanquishing an enemy

    34. American Marines pitted against thousands of North

    35. Military, and also in their arenas as fighting dogs pitted

    36. However, those dogs that were pitted in ‘baiting’

    37. His bulbous red nose was pitted and looked like a strawberry sitting on his face

    38. Dachshund was pitted against a poodle

    39. Believe it or not, there was a time when a John, Dick, or Harry could be pitted against a chimpanzee in a ‘boxing match’

    40. One has pitted prunes in it and another I made myself at a friend’s house

    41. This catastrophe pitted brother against brother and neighbor against neighbor all because some individuals desired to reap huge profits by having others work for them

    42. it home; the wooden stock pitted and shiny black around the grip; giving it the

    43. The ground was rutted and pitted with potholes and was dirt

    44. � It pitted an international coalition that included the U

    45. Fate had pitted them against one another, friend against friend

    46. and look how it’s pitted

    47. The road was highly compressed, rock hard soil, rutted and pitted, but a road none the less

    48. pitted metal - she couldn’t use her claws

    49. A special hull coating that prevented acoustic detection and a pitted surface, so it could slip through the water without drag, just like shark skin

    50. Low wage earners are pitted against each other to keep wages as low as possible

    1. Neither does it improve matters by exposing the modern viewer to imaginary, trumped-up ―reality‖ survival programs pitting women, who are just as likely to cop the coveted prize, against men in feats requiring athleticism and strength

    2. There’s even a ‘clutch’ for stopping, or pitting, without powering down

    3. This strategy can help protect her life by pitting male against male

    4. sickest and discovered that the ash had caused pitting in the alveoli,

    5. seemed to be pitting themselves against it, no wonder they had

    6. The strength of the British was in its well equipped and disciplined army, policy of deceit and coercion, and pitting one group of Indians against the other

    7. pitting here and there

    8. His eyes were streaming with tears as the toxic fumes started pitting into the exposed skin of his face

    9. Soon the hill held by the Marines was the scene of hundreds of desperate firefights, each pitting two or three American Marines against groups of four to five KPRA soldiers, all firing at each other from distances of five meters or less

    10. He was struggling for her and for her alone, pitting all his manhood and risking his pride against his brother to prove himself to her

    11. Why not make the courses for the horses instead of flogging the lagging but to no avail; it’s only in the sports that the differing capabilities are appreciated to devise ways and means for all to have their place under the sun; won’t the bantam and heavy weight classification in boxing, wrestling and weightlifting suggest that; the perils of pitting a lightweight champion even against a heavyweight trainee are not beyond anybody’s imagination

    12. men that when he saw Nangong Ping, he felt like pitting against him

    13. For example, if a KM initiative reveals that higher-level employees are performing tasks that could be done less expensively by other employees, then the burden of work may shift, pitting the higher- and lower-salaried employees against another

    14. is remains in tact ,but the moment you put lemon juice or tamarind juice, pitting

    15. Legend had it that the Clan of Zalcan trained their young warriors by pitting them against sharks in wrestling matches

    16. " ' Father told me the rest of Desiree's circumstances and I came to understand why she'd been rejected by my Uncle Richard, but why he'd hurt his innocent children by pitting one against another goes beyond my scope of reasoning

    17. Pitting her mother and father against each

    18. Pitting their wits against

    19. turning on themselves, wars pitting brother against brother, deaths over

    20. hat and went out of the room murmuring and pitting his brows like an old

    21. Shall we both course it?’ answered Nicholas, seeing in Erza and ‘Uncle’s’ red Rugay two rivals he had never yet had a chance of pitting against his own borzois

    22. We are just pitting our skills in the arena against those of the other gladiators

    23. Shall we both course it?” answered Nicholas, seeing in Erzá and “Uncle’s” red Rugáy two rivals he had never yet had a chance of pitting against his own borzois

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