pit sätze

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Pit sätze (in englisch)

  1. Into a pit went Mr.
  2. It fell into a pit.
  3. The pit can stay in.
  4. Then he saw a fire pit.
  5. The bottom of this pit.

  6. The pit with the bodies.
  7. Roman was down in the pit.
  8. The pit opens at 10:00 a.
  9. An enormous pit opened up.
  10. They brought him to a pit.
  11. He was thrown into the pit.
  12. Instead, I pumped the pit.
  13. A pit symbolizes the most.
  14. There's a pit behind us.
  15. We walk fast toward the Pit.

  16. Put all the ashes in a pit.
  17. We passed the volleyball pit.
  18. Also in the pit was a grand.
  19. Pain in the pit of your soul.
  20. In the pit of my stomach, I.
  21. In the centre was an open pit.
  22. Throw him into this pit that.
  23. The disheveled man in the pit.
  24. He shone his light into the pit.
  25. Sir, they were at the pit this.

  27. Maybe I should choose the pit.
  28. Okay, said Ben, the pit.
  29. The Angel of the Bottomless Pit.
  30. The pit starts trading at 8:20 a.
  31. Bobby was a pit boss at the Sands.
  32. The central fire pit was readied.
  33. The fool machine hit a tar pit!.
  34. She paused briefly at the fire pit.
  35. It was our turn in the target pit.
  36. A sick feeling grew in the pit of.
  37. The pit of my stomach felt twisted.
  38. A slab of flesh is now on the pit.
  39. It was a bottomless pit, lit by a.
  40. In the middle was a large fire pit.
  41. A beautiful eyelash palm pit viper.
  42. I’ll pit him against that paltry.
  43. Ben turned toward the pit and yelled.
  44. My life was in the pit, and in the.
  45. I wanted to see you out of that pit.
  46. The pit contract trades from 8:20 a.
  47. It’s at the far end of the pit.
  48. Coldness filled the pit of his belly.
  49. Into the charred pit of understanding.
  50. Dread pooled in the pit of her stomach.
  51. It was built into the wall of the pit.
  52. He turned and looked back into the pit.
  53. Fury bubbled in the pit of his stomach.
  54. Unease settled in the pit of his belly.
  55. Soybeans trade in the pit from 10:30 a.
  56. The three guards over the pit continued.
  57. He felt numb in the pit of his stomach.
  58. As soon as he entered the pit he took.
  59. Besides, Party Town was only a pit stop.
  60. The terrified toy dog was inside the pit.
  61. She had done it! She was out of the pit.
  62. I got the last hole for the fire pit.
  63. He could see the walls of the pit move.
  64. Katy felt the pit of her stomach tighten.
  65. Pit, Angel of the Bottomless Pit, Earth.
  66. He was making his way toward a fire pit.
  67. She made a pit stop along the way.
  68. As ugly as that goddamn white Pit Bull.
  69. Jesus Brought Salvation into the Pit.
  70. We can’t leave them here in this pit.
  71. Grave (sheol) and pit (bohr) are parallel.
  72. The pit extends more into the forest area.
  73. Grave [sheol] and pit [bohr] are parallel.
  74. Killed had been the people of the Pit.
  75. Reuben returned to the pit; and saw that.
  76. He walked around the edge of the pit and.
  77. A knot forms in the pit of Cass’ stomach.
  78. You pulled souls from the pit of darkness.
  79. There are many other ways to use pit noise.
  80. Moreover, it will prove to be a money pit.
  81. I had a sinking feeling in the pit of my.
  82. He is locked up in the pit for 1000 years.
  83. His face glowed with the light of the pit.
  84. From the pit of his being, he despised it.
  85. It was a pit of mire in a cavern of night.
  86. Bury any unburned refuse in a garbage pit.
  87. Watch the pit, Amaranthe told Akstyr.
  88. Resting on the stone edge of the pit were.
  89. The pit of her stomach dropped to her knees.
  90. Could they put an immortal soul in a pit?
  91. The pit of her stomach dropped, How?
  92. Pit in the first place, and turned it into.
  93. His chance to play golf was now in the pit.
  94. With it, something sunk into the pit of my.
  95. He could see the pit and the ensuing battle.
  96. I may be a pit bull, but he’s a lion, Nat.
  97. Miller blew a ring of smoke at the fire pit.
  98. In the pit of my stomach, I knew something.
  99. Hazel remembered the stones by the well pit.
  100. He had prepared a fire pit near the opening.
  1. Pitting their wits against.
  2. Pitting her mother and father against each.
  3. This strategy can help protect her life by pitting male against male.
  4. There’s even a ‘clutch’ for stopping, or pitting, without powering down.
  5. We are just pitting our skills in the arena against those of the other gladiators.
  6. His eyes were streaming with tears as the toxic fumes started pitting into the exposed skin of his face.
  7. Legend had it that the Clan of Zalcan trained their young warriors by pitting them against sharks in wrestling matches.
  8. He was struggling for her and for her alone, pitting all his manhood and risking his pride against his brother to prove himself to her.
  9. The strength of the British was in its well equipped and disciplined army, policy of deceit and coercion, and pitting one group of Indians against the other.
  10. Shall we both course it?’ answered Nicholas, seeing in Erza and ‘Uncle’s’ red Rugay two rivals he had never yet had a chance of pitting against his own borzois.
  11. Shall we both course it? answered Nicholas, seeing in Erzá and Uncle’s red Rugáy two rivals he had never yet had a chance of pitting against his own borzois.
  12. Soon the hill held by the Marines was the scene of hundreds of desperate firefights, each pitting two or three American Marines against groups of four to five KPRA soldiers, all firing at each other from distances of five meters or less.
  13. Neither does it improve matters by exposing the modern viewer to imaginary, trumped-up ―reality‖ survival programs pitting women, who are just as likely to cop the coveted prize, against men in feats requiring athleticism and strength.
  14. For example, if a KM initiative reveals that higher-level employees are performing tasks that could be done less expensively by other employees, then the burden of work may shift, pitting the higher- and lower-salaried employees against another.
  15. Why not make the courses for the horses instead of flogging the lagging but to no avail; it’s only in the sports that the differing capabilities are appreciated to devise ways and means for all to have their place under the sun; won’t the bantam and heavy weight classification in boxing, wrestling and weightlifting suggest that; the perils of pitting a lightweight champion even against a heavyweight trainee are not beyond anybody’s imagination.
  1. Lord were pitted against each other.
  2. Dachshund was pitted against a poodle.
  3. He is pitted against a foe too great.
  4. Place the pitted plums over the crust.
  5. They pitted humans against one another in.
  6. His pitted and scabbed nose ended in a point.
  7. A rally of cabs pitted the stand, snout to tail.
  8. The town wall was pitted and riddled with holes.
  9. American Marines pitted against thousands of North.
  10. Families were divided and pitted against one another.
  11. However, those dogs that were pitted in ‘baiting’.
  12. You were pitted against a mighty enemy, and you survived.
  13. Military, and also in their arenas as fighting dogs pitted.
  14. The ground was rutted and pitted with potholes and was dirt.
  15. The deep pitted wrinkles above his eyes had softened outwards.
  16. Fate had pitted them against one another, friend against friend.
  17. The area is pitted with impact craters and littered with debris.
  18. Arrange the pitted cherries artistically over the top of the tart.
  19. Knobbed and pitted with corruption was her age-old hide, but ever.
  20. Preferring scars and the beard and faces pitted with small-pox over.
  21. His voice is strong and clear, bouncing off the old, pitted brickwork.
  22. Rapp could have been isolated and pitted against an overwhelming force.
  23. Thus a six feet plus cadet could be pitted against a much smaller cadet.
  24. The two wizards pitted all of their strength and powers against each other.
  25. One has pitted prunes in it and another I made myself at a friend’s house.
  26. Andrew could see the bumpy pitted scars and the hairs growing at odd angles.
  27. And, sitting on a pitted and moss-grown milestone, a black and raggedy figure.
  28. Low wage earners are pitted against each other to keep wages as low as possible.
  29. Demons have been pitted against the holy realm and continue to strike against us.
  30. His bulbous red nose was pitted and looked like a strawberry sitting on his face.
  31. The iron was black, pitted, and almost unmarked by streaks of dark red, for all its age.
  32. We used to knock each other around, and after that we were pitted against another platoon.
  33. The road was highly compressed, rock hard soil, rutted and pitted, but a road none the less.
  34. He pitted people against each other so they would be too busy infighting to be a danger to him.
  35. Doon had told him that he was to be pitted against the Shamen, and had tried to teach him a few.
  36. An island that pitted Cain against Able in a religious hate that exists still on that island to this day.
  37. An Island that pitted Cain against Able in a religious hate that exists still on that island to this day.
  38. The Doom Glacier’s surface was pitted with rocks, ranging from the size of house bricks to huge boulders.
  39. He could no longer hold back his tears as he pictured his youngest son’s anger pitted against the Plague.
  40. Here? motioned Blue Bird, pointing at the ground where it was scuffed and pitted by recent foot marks.
  41. Thus the United States is denounced as a land where individualism is rampant and people are pitted against.
  42. Then he opened what was left of his pitted face and made a screeching noise, one that chilled me to the bone.
  43. As we looked landward we could see the large yellow jagged steep pitted mound that was called the ‘Sphinx’.
  44. And himself? How did he look? Was his jaw sunken, the flesh of his eyes pitted, his brow lined and age-scarred?
  45. When he pitted, they were planning to stick pack number six in, for that one had the best charge-discharge history.
  46. Knowing that their chances of making Canton were slim, they considered Howland, but then recalled the pitted runway.
  47. There are hundreds of metal tines on a large, circular wheel, and the entire contraption is pitted and brown with rust.
  48. Unwelcome memories rose up to overwhelm me, as I remembered the friends that I had been pitted against in death matches.
  49. But he had never been pitted against a blade wielded by thews bred in the wild lands beyond the borders of civilization.
  50. However, this unexpected turn of events would have pitted the stronger qunams against the not so strong of a given plunam.
  51. Phosphorescent green tendrils of limewort held pitted, half-crumbled blocks and left veiny deposits of new rock on the old.
  52. Believe it or not, there was a time when a John, Dick, or Harry could be pitted against a chimpanzee in a ‘boxing match’.
  53. It was Muhammad’s ideal of a puritanical society that seems to have unwittingly pitted the poor of Islam against his penal code.
  54. She really wouldn’t miss this town, especially in winter, when the roads got pitted and the mere act of driving rearranged your skeleton.
  55. A special hull coating that prevented acoustic detection and a pitted surface, so it could slip through the water without drag, just like shark skin.
  56. He spots Hassan, one of the layabouts, sitting with a cigarette dropping form his lips, a bare foot resting on a coffee table pitted with cigarette burns.
  57. This was why the techs were kept apart from each other off duty, so they would not know who was who and could be pitted against each other by their bosses.
  58. If people incomes were equalized enough; then for once, humans would no longer be pitted against each other because of how much money they had or did not have.
  59. Bezobiedoff was a small, slight fellow, with a face pitted over with smallpox, freckled, effeminate hands, and a huge flaxen moustache much in need of the comb.
  60. The Cold War, which pitted the communist (that is, Marxist) countries against the capitalist countries, seemed to prove Hegel’s (and Marx’s) point very well.
  61. Hands tied behind him, propped up against a pitted wall, as the weapon was aimed and the finger took up the tension until there was the explosion and nothing more.
  62. This was the road, and when the surface of the earth became too deeply pitted and potholed with traffic the cars and trucks would deviate and choose another course.
  63. This catastrophe pitted brother against brother and neighbor against neighbor all because some individuals desired to reap huge profits by having others work for them.
  64. The book demonstrates that subversion within the West has pitted the traditional moral imagination of the West against what David Gelernter calls its dead opposite.
  65. A perfect example of this is the TV show: Survivor; where a small group is put into a natural environment and pitted against each other for a prize of one million dollars.
  66. He also had a mean streak, what he called toughening us up, and he pitted his sons against each other in competitions where the winner took all, and the loser was shamed.
  67. The winners in the various contests of the day would be pitted against each other until only two remained alive; the victor in the last encounter being set free, whether animal or man.
  68. What I work for is a visually beautiful expression, with a sauce of sour cherries, a marbled almond milk ice cream that is spread out on the plate, and our own, pitted morello cherries.
  69. Walcott of Connecticut, received information that short sellers were planning a series of bear raids to discredit Herbert Hoover before the election that pitted Hoover against Roosevelt.
  70. A thick red beard, piercing gray eyes, a nose without nostrils, marks of the searing irons on his forehead and cheeks, gave to his broad face, pitted by small-pox a most fierce expression.
  71. Kantos Kan had fought several times during the day and like myself had always proven victorious, but occasionally by the smallest of margins, especially when pitted against the green warriors.
  72. With the whole world pitted against them, the more unemployed young men joined either the National Socialist party or the Communist party simply because there was nothing else to do except starve.
  73. In front was a flat space of maybe a mile, all pitted with bog-holes and rough with tussocks, and then beyond it the road fell steeply down another glen to a plain whose blue dimness melted into the distance.
  74. Here and there gloomy pools remained, covered with scum and wreckage; but most of the wide circle was bare again, a wilderness of slime and tumbled rock, pitted with blackened holes, and dotted with posts and.
  75. The heads missed her by hair's breadths, but they missed, as she pitted her twinkling feet, flickering limbs and perfect eye against the blinding speed of the scaly demons her enemy had conjured out of thin air.
  76. During the day I was pitted against first men and then beasts, but as I was armed with a long-sword and always outclassed my adversary in agility and generally in strength as well, it proved but child's play to me.
  77. The attic was filled with Greek hero junk: armor stands covered in cobwebs; once-bright shields pitted with rust; old leather steamer trunks plastered with stickers saying ITHAKA, CIRCE’S ISLE, and LAND OF THE AMAZONS.
  78. Where Rachel saw the grand sweep of armies pitted against each other in epic struggles, Wendy saw the details of the movements of individual platoons and regiments as they dealt with the business of vanquishing an enemy.
  79. How far into the race are you? Would changing packs give you the opportunity to pass someone else who hasn’t pitted, and are they faster than you at the present moment? A discharged pack weighs just as much a fully-charged one.
  80. Looking farther, I was surprised to find that the chips were covered with such combatants, that it was not a duellum, but a bellum, a war between two races of ants, the red always pitted against the black, and frequently two red ones to one black.
  81. Neither tall nor short, neither ugly nor handsome, neither stupid nor intelligent, neither old nor young, it would be difficult to describe in any definite manner this man, except that his face was slightly pitted with the small-pox, and that he had fair hair.
  82. I got my first good look at Elijah now the scars on his face where hideous and disfiguring but worse than this was his eyes which were a fish belly white with no pupils or irises and round the sockets the flesh was pitted and black from the explosive that had taken his sight.
  83. That intangible malignity which has been from the beginning; to whose dominion even the modern Christians ascribe one-half of the worlds; which the ancient Ophites of the east reverenced in their statue devil;—Ahab did not fall down and worship it like them; but deliriously transferring its idea to the abhorred white whale, he pitted himself, all mutilated, against it.
  84. No form can he set on his sensations as he strolls, one blazing afternoon, along the Parisian boulevard and skips out of the way of the royal landau which, looking indescribably ramshackle, rattles along the pitted roadway, saluted by citizens of both sexes cheaply dressed in bowler hats and continental costumes; though a shepherd in kilt, cap, and gaiters very nearly drives his herd of goats between the royal wheels; and all the time the Acropolis surges into the air, raises itself above the town, like a large immobile wave with the yellow columns of the Parthenon firmly planted upon it.
  85. What was the reaction of the Realm of the undead to this religious sea change in the Mideast? They pitted all the people who believed in only one god against each other! You would think that if there are sects of religious orders which all had the common belief in a single all-powerful god, that these people would have the least reason to fight each other… After all, since they all believe in the same God… their sects just come from different prophets, espousing the same basic religious dogma of only one God, but noooo! Instead of this becoming a humane/moral/ethical/religious/spiritual force for the peaceful coexistence of all monotheists getting along with each other and becoming friends with each other; instead this created the worst, the most insane religious hatreds ever conjured up by the fiends of heaven and hell.
  1. That would be the pits.
  2. This place was the pits.
  3. The Haunter of the Pits.
  4. But I have been in the pits.
  5. The ear vein and horn pits.
  6. You can’t be as in the pits.
  7. Heavy dust covered the fire pits.
  8. May your sister rot in the Zi pits.
  9. No; and I like the pits here and there.
  10. In the crystal pits there was no chance.
  11. To the pits with ye, flog that petrel!.
  12. Boiling mud pits and strange colored puddles.
  13. I created pits and grooves, primarily trying.
  14. The remains of animals were put in pits to be.
  15. I found that he had imprisoned him in the pits.
  16. I'll be sending him and his family to the Zi pits.
  17. Maltese were placed inside pits with rats to kill.
  18. There were several pits than reeked of human waste.
  19. He had been in rough places but this was the pits.
  20. The country, for several miles around the pits, (i.
  21. Its main room contained three fire pits, all in use.
  22. Or making nylon stockings or going down in the pits.
  23. This only seeing each other once a year is the pits.
  24. Yea, snares, and pits, and traps, and nets, did lie.
  25. He had been placed in these pits for a definite doom.
  26. The remains of animals were put in pits to be covered.
  27. Her eyes cavernous pits, her mouth a rotting grin, the.
  28. The traps are waiting; the pits, yes, and the pendulums.
  29. Pits of brimstone exploded, concussions rocked the cave.
  30. I'll be spending the rest of my short life in the pits.
  31. Just a couple years ago he sent a whole squad to the pits.
  32. Man, this whole season has been the pits, Parot shook.
  33. Oh my God, she thought, I should have chosen the crystal pits.
  34. Ablution pits had been dug and supplies of clean water laid on.
  35. When people arrived at the offices they would be taken to pits.
  36. They have pits along the sides of the lower jaw which pick up.
  37. Sparks of fire are jumping madly from candles and the fire pits.
  38. Sometimes we had to jump over pits that opened in the floor, or.
  39. He uses it to fight in the Pits sometimes, and it’s never lost.
  40. In the pits, there is always that possibility of escape or rescue.
  41. Stone drove straight on over the pits and bumps, smiling steadily.
  42. Sometimes they were cut across by deep pits that had to be cleared.
  43. The six-gun 57mm pits directed by radar were the worst, they agreed.
  44. Lifting her fiancé up by the arm pits, she pulled him out of the tub.
  45. To be safe, avoid avocado in all its forms and fruit pits of any type.
  46. Isaiah 24:17 Disasters, pits, and traps (which swallow you up) are in.
  47. Ben noticed his clothes were too neat and perfect for the crystal pits.
  48. The stench was horrific, worse even then the latrine pits in ShantyTown.
  49. This is only the second time a woman had chosen the run over the pits.
  50. The room was barely lit by torches and pits of fire scattered throughout.
  51. From the pits of Hell, the red fanged dogs of Satan lunged at my throat.
  52. She could see that she had been injured in the mob rush to flee the pits.
  53. The colliers of the five pits were paid on Fridays, but not individually.
  54. So in the morning the day after tomorrow we'll be on our way to the pits.
  55. It is sad for all of us, but I had rather thought he would choose the pits.
  56. It poured like it was heavy as molten metal and fumed the like pits of hell.
  57. But he has been in the pits tonight, and what he did there, only Mitra knows.
  58. There’s a trail above that leads down to the beach and remains of fire pits.
  59. You spot an open area on a knoll overlooking the watery pits in the mob scene.
  60. She dug pits for low-angle shots and erected steel towers for high-angle shots.
  61. It screamed to the sky its awful hate; it was like a voice howling from the pits.
  62. Then there would be much time to think about her mistakes on the way to the pits.
  63. In this summer season the pits never turned full time, particularly the soft coal.
  64. Kay knew these networks ran for miles and featured deep drop-offs and jagged pits.
  65. The remains of animals were put in pits to be covered and worms (Greek, Maggots-.
  66. Fire pits made of stone can be comprised of a variety of materials relative to stone.
  67. She ended with, After Thorne and Hurd captured the Galaef, they put him in the pits.
  68. These chains have been forged with dragon fire in the deepest pits of the Underworld.
  69. Avocado pits contain a toxin, persin, which can cause death even in very small amounts.
  70. However, the more recent owners installed a few toilet pits that go down to the sewers.
  71. The sellers of these options, in the trading pits and all over the world, are not dumb.
  72. The remaining Badgers dug pits, holes and tunnels to prepare for the oncoming onslaught.
  73. If we look closely, we can see that it is this same conflict that pits a mother against.
  74. But the slow speed ensured that I wouldn’t fall into any more powder pits along the way.
  75. Bear in mind, coming into the pits takes at least thirty-five seconds on a drive-through.
  76. I was a high school drop-out, for heaven’s sake, and my Latin conjugation was the pits.
  77. It remained for Tsotha-lanti to rear the scarlet citadel and open the way to the pits again.
  78. They spent a few human lifetimes doing just that, and thus, the great schmold pits were born.
  79. Lastly they set up massive siphoning pipelines to drain the oily oceans and fill up the pits.
  80. On top of a political system that pits half of the people against the other half – racial.
  81. Naturally, they cleared all of the obnoxious greenery out of the way and dumped them into pits.
  82. This one has two pierced chairs set over clay-lined pits and is reserved for the use of ladies.
  83. The hidden frogs were coming out from their pits and holes, and started croaking for more rain.
  84. Twice we found pits of blue clay, such as we had already seen in the swamp of the pterodactyls.
  85. How you have truly influenced my environment…! These last few weeks have been the pits for me.
  86. Sometimes the victims were thrown into burning pits alive when the gas chambers couldn’t cope.
  87. Through the blacks pits, where the windows had once been, Johnny could see shadows rushing about.
  88. Thus, sir, I have endeavoured to comply with my promise of giving you an account of the coal pits.
  89. That way lay madness, and a hard fall from grace into bottomless pits of despair and unworthiness.
  90. They dumped their nuclear power plants, their nuclear waste, their gold and jewels in the pits too.
  91. Amazingly his death was not related to the fact that he lived on a volatile planet made of tar pits.
  92. The pits have now all gone and the huge reclamation of Lochore Meadows has been a remarkable success.
  93. A hotel in the tar pits of the city, where one day is the pitiless glare of the noon sun, thought Mr.
  94. But it needs to be done in the secrecy of the pits where no one can observe what I'm doing, he paused.
  95. These abreks had taken shelter in pits and had fired at the scouts, declaring they would not surrender.
  96. Swinging from ropes over pits and delivering the coupe de grace with a tripod from a machine gun mount.
  97. Captain Randall and the occupants of the carriage smothered smiles at this naive explanation of rifle pits.
  98. Many of the open sewage pits could be designed to create energy from bio-waste, as when you are in remote.
  99. Heth's pits, now so called, were first opened about 30 years since, and worked to some considerable extent.
  100. The car has a lot of damage, he’ll be into the pits for sure, but he has to make it all the way around.

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