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Primary in a sentence

This is the primary fact.
Primary colors are sets of.
This was his primary system.
They are the three primary.
A primary example is moveon.
That’s one of the primary.
It became my primary method.

The primary sources that we.
This is the primary differ-.
In fact, this is the primary.
The primary use of activated.
Into the Earth's primary one.
They were the primary files.
I’m in debt for my primary.
Primary functions of the heart.
Tobacco was still the primary.
The primary difference in this.
The colon is one primary source.
That should not be the primary.
These are two primary zones of.
It is the primary cause behind.
Patients and their primary care.
Hawes was the primary procuring.
Judgment is the primary way the.
Cause of the primary cosmic world.
What was the primary hypothesis?
The primary role of nutrition in.
These are the three primary colors.
However, the primary focus every.
Protect and respect your primary.
Although my primary intent was to.
Too bad about the lack of primary.
Alyk into his primary supply route.
Creator's primary heralds of wisdom.
This is one of the primary benefits.
A primary Hebrew prophet used as a.
My primary intent was to determine.
Fear is the primary negative emotion.
The primary participation of these.

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