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    1. several coveys of quail in there recently

    2. and I shivered with delight as a covey of quail loudly fluttered

    3. Davis with eyes that made her quail

    4. On the environmental side, Robson Quality even came up with a wildlife corn that could be planted as survival food for pheasant, quail, duck, and geese when all other wild foods were inaccessible in the northern winters

    5. The ground under the silently moving Indian suddenly exploded in a flurry of dewdrops, leaves and grass as a covey of roosting quail tried to escape the silent danger that had snuck up on them

    6. Russ was seriously pissed but as he took up the search his feelings towards his young son softened and he reasoned that the rooster could fly like a quail, was tough as a pine knot and about three quarters wild anyway

    7. Remembering the quail, he pulled the fist-sized feather balls from his pocket

    8. He clearly remembered catching the birds—but when? Why hadn‘t he eaten them? With thoughtless efficiency Joe Billie started a cook-fire and seared the quail, eating both with a can of beans from his pack and washed it down with a quenching draught of slough water

    9. Ripping it off with a scream of my own, one that would make a Banshee quail, I held the bag high over my head

    10. “Lieutenant Quail, we both know you know where those missiles are going

    11. She then saw a small family of quail running out of bushes in front of her

    12. “Protect, your hen house, Mother Quail

    13. $107,000 was appropriated by Congress for a project to study the sex life of the Japanese quail

    14. If it walks like a quail and talks like a quail, it probably is a quail, even if a person shoots at someone else

    15. He never went quail hunting with Cheney

    16. duc che nee – a new addition to the menu, not unlike Peking duck but with a resemblance to quail

    17. Not if there are quail there

    18. Returning to his chair in the corner so as to avoid any contact with his wife while she ate, Terence replied, “I thought I might go quail hunting today

    19. Discouraged by his unsuccessful hunting outing during which he had failed to bag any of the number of quail that seemed to taunt him by narrowly escaping his shots, Terence returned to the hotel lobby promptly at seven minutes after five upon returning the hunting rifle and binoculars to the game keeper

    20. “No, I was out quail hunting this afternoon and only just returned a little while ago before the storm

    21. That meadow would be ideal for quail hunting, and it was in a convenient position to the hotel

    22. He could smell the aroma of stuffed quail and roasted potatoes,

    23. held black lacquer chopsticks in his right hand with a piece of quail

    24. This kind of talk was quite routine in the Quail household, leading Savannah down a

    25. next day, and gathered the quail (he who gathered least

    26. “Rex Washer and Don Quail came by this morning

    27. What is Donny doing in that cage? That is Donny Quail, right? He looks weird, though … besides being dead

    28. You said Quail met you and the others at Fox’s den

    29. This animal who found Quail then knew where you and the Council were, though as you say, it was ‘classified’, and had the initiative to go to Fox’s Den — in the deepest, darkest part of the forest — to alert you?”

    30. But yes, your idea that Quail was lured here is correct

    31. But the problem is, it was I who told Council Member Quail to meet me here

    32. But I had matters to discuss with Quail, and told him to meet me here, at headquarters

    33. Silas showed them the paper with Don Quail at the barn

    34. Silas was starting to feel anger towards Quail

    35. “Old quaky Quail put in his place … Ain’t gonna be shakin’ with the Council no more

    36. "Fix the election?! Oaktree, I am the only one trying to fix democracy in this forest! The broken democracy! How do you think there is even a Forest Council at all? Or, how it can have members as low in the food chain as a mole, or a quail —"

    37. When Don Quail came up dead, Momma Bear's worries redoubled

    38. Luke Wolf arrived with a birdcage hanging from his mouth, the same brass cage Council Member Quail had been hanged in

    39. Among these would be moose, cottontail rabbit, dove, squirrel, trout, wild turkey, white tail deer, pheasant and quail

    40. of snapping the neck of a quail

    41. grab yourself a piece of that quail, and come with me into the

    42. And yet the same woman will quail before a

    43. A quail with chicks runs away from a hunter

    44. The quail reacts exactly as if it's been programmed

    45. It has not got intelligence, so somewhere there is an intelligence that programmed the quail

    46. in the mornings and quail in the evenings

    47. Walking the path worn in the grass and beat through the leaves of the brush, Where the quail is whistling betwixt the woods and the wheat-lot,

    48. joustings, marshal tournaments, and prove himself noble, generous, and magnificent, and above all a good Christian, and so doing he will fulfil the duties that are especially his; but let the knight-errant explore the corners of the earth and penetrate the most intricate labyrinths, at each step let him attempt impossibilities, on desolate heaths let him endure the burning rays of the midsummer sun, and the bitter inclemency of the winter winds and frosts; let no lions daunt him, no monsters terrify him, no dragons make him quail; for to seek these, to attack those, and to vanquish all, are in truth his main duties

    49. In that last hour, to make him quail

    50. I think I’ll have the quail

    1. The old woman quailed in fear

    2. And then, a vision came to John so powerfully magnificent that his spirit quailed before the awe of it

    3. 37 My fathers shall receive me pure, not having quailed before your

    4. 37 My fathers shall receive me pure not having quailed before your compulsion though to death

    5. I quailed, terrified of exposure and changed the subject

    6. She looked out into the now inky blackness of the forest again and quailed

    7. Until you could actually shock your enemy: with the reflected image of his own hate-filled face… as he saw himself in the mirror of the other killer’s shield, and quailed in fear: at the ugliness, and filthiness of his own hate and insanity reflected back at him

    8. The weary arms; the stout hearts never quailed

    9. The keeper, then, in full detail, and bit by bit, described the end of the contest, exalting to the best of his power and ability the valour of Don Quixote, at the sight of whom the lion quailed, and would not and dared not come out of the cage, although he had held the door open ever so long; and showing how, in consequence of his having represented to the knight that it was tempting God to provoke the lion in order to force him out, which he wished to have done, he very reluctantly, and altogether against his will, had allowed the door to be closed

    10. Don Quixote's heart beat quick and Sancho's quailed with fear, for the persons approaching them carried lances and bucklers, and were in very warlike guise

    11. The minister quailed before this outburst of sarcasm

    12. "From information I have received," said he, looking round at us as we all quailed before him, "I have reason to believe there is a blacksmith among you, by name Joseph—or Joe—Gargery

    13. His services were so recent that the President-Dictator quailed before the obvious charge of political ingratitude

    14. Monygham was sure he would have quailed before him

    15. She quailed a little as she thought how white with mortification Ellen would would forgive her when she saw her happiness

    16. It succeeded in enforcing submission from the jaded man this morning: his empoisoned system at this moment quailed before Bulstrode's cold, resolute bearing, and he was taken off quietly in the carriage before the family breakfast time

    17. I quailed even though my certitude that she thoroughly saw was never greater than at that instant, and in the immediate need to defend myself I called it passionately to witness

    18. There were Nine Riders at the water's edge below, and Frodo's spirit quailed before the threat of their uplifted faces

    19. For a moment the orcs quailed and the fiery shadow

    20. quailed in the shadow

    21. with a passing dread, while the less stout-hearted quailed and wept

    22. Aragorn said naught in answer, but he took the other's eye and held it, and for a moment they strove thus; but soon, though Aragorn did not stir nor move hand to weapon, the other quailed and gave back as if menaced with a blow

    23. him and known the grief that his escape would bring, he might have quailed

    24. From all his policies and webs of fear and treachery, from all his stratagems and wars his mind shook free; and throughout his realm a tremor ran, his slaves quailed, and his armies halted, and his captains suddenly steerless, bereft of will, wavered and despaired

    25. Armed and armored, trained and strong, the five men still quailed before the Princess’s wrath

    26. Now he quailed before the knowledge of his men’s laughter when they discovered his embarrassment

    27. The three mates quailed before his strong, sustained, and mystic aspect

    28. And when I had reached this confession and the practical deduction from it, I was fully rewarded for not having quailed before the deductions of reason, and for following whither they led me

    29. " The child quailed a little, and her brow wrinkled

    30. Then he fell back on his cushions and shot a look at Alethea, before which she quailed

    31. And as his glance quailed before mine, I turned away to conceal my exultation

    1. Near a minute these two bold and untamed spirits stood regarding one another steadily in the eye, neither quailing in the least before the fierce gaze he encountered

    2. Thenceforward, he sat all day over the fire in the private room, gnawing his nails; there he dined, sitting alone with his fears, the waiter visibly quailing before his eye; and thence, when the night was fully come, he set forth in the corner of a closed cab, and was driven to and fro about the streets of the city

    3. He was restless and sleepless, but still quailing and manageable

    4. All the good Things I had gain’d—leaving Lymeworth to seek my Fortune, making my Mutiny within the Brothel, insisting upon my own Terms for being kept by Lord Bellars, becoming Whitehead’s Scribe, altering Lancelot’s Pyrate Articles, learning the Craft of Pyracy itself—were gain’d thro’ killing the Lady in myself and playing the Pyrate! The Lady and the Pyrate! ’Twas as if two people battl’d for Supremacy within my very Soul: one a Vapourish Lady and one a Daring Pyrate, and they were so unlike each other they were scarce on speaking Terms! Whilst the Lady in myself was quiv’ring and quailing in Cowardice, the Pyrate was itching to breathe free! ’Twas the Pyrate who could command a Ship, scale a Shroud in a trice, climb to the Top of a Crow’s-Nest, and scour the Seas expertly with a Spying-Glass! ’Twas the Pyrate who had beguil’d Lord Bellars into keeping me, all unknowing of my True Identity; and ’twas the Pyrate who had earn’d Whitehead’s wary Trust by becoming his Amanuensis! ’Twas the Pyrate who had endur’d a Childbirth few endure, but ’twas the Lady who, in her Guilt and Vapourish Fear, allow’d a Wet-Nurse to tyrannize o’er her and steal the very Jewel of her Existence! ’Twas the Pyrate who amended Lancelot’s Articles, but ’twas the Lady who at first resented Bonny both for her Beauty and for her Freedom! O I must learn from Bonny, not resent her, I thought; for she is what all Women long to be! E’en Chaucer says it thro’ the Wife of Bath: The Fair Sex seeks that “absolute Command / With all the Government of House and Land; / And Empire o’er his Tongue, and o’er his Hand!”

    5. Inwardly quailing, I forced myself to purchase drinks for young women in the hope of initiating some sort of contact

    6. And there was the chief reason for his quailing

    1. 13 And it came to pass, that at even the quails came up, and covered the camp: and in the morning the dew lay round about the host

    2. 31 And there went forth a wind from the Lord, and brought quails from the sea, and let them fall by the camp, as it were a day's journey on this side, and as it were a day's journey on the other side, round about the camp, and as it were two cubits high on the face of the earth

    3. 13 And it came to pass, that at even the quails came up, and covered the

    4. 15 So says the Almighty Lord The quails were as a token to you; I gave you tents for your safeguard: nevertheless you murmured there 16 And triumphed not in my name for the destruction of your enemies but ever to this day do you yet murmur

    5. The quails and their

    6. The gringos, who later on brought their languid wives in muslin dresses and large veiled hats, built a separate town across the railroad tracks with streets lined with palm trees, houses with screened win-dows, small white tables on the terraces, and fans mounted on the ceilings, and extensive blue lawns with peacocks and quails

    7. Several birds, quails he believed, suddenly flew out of a patch of hawthorn bushes in the gardens and startled him as they broke the peaceful and serene atmosphere of the scene

    8. It doesn't intelligently assess a hunter and say this is a hunter with good aim with a loaded gun whose bullets will kill quails

    9. flock of quails came and landed in the camp

    10. quails are birds that taste a bit like chicken when they

    11. That evening a flock of quails came into

    12. The large room was emptying; the stove-pipe, in the shape of a palm-tree, spread its gilt leaves over the white ceiling, and near them, outside the window, in the bright sunshine, a little fountain gurgled in a white basin, where; in the midst of watercress and asparagus, three torpid lobsters stretched across to some quails that lay heaped up in a pile on their sides

    13. physical malady which has caused degeneration? Certainly my heart quails when I think of that horrible cavern in the hill, and the certainty that it has some monstrous occupant

    14. With such facts before us, can we doubt that the many birds which are annually blown by gales across great spaces of ocean, and which annually migrate—for instance, the millions of quails across the Mediterranean—must occasionally transport a few seeds embedded in dirt adhering to their feet or beaks? But I shall have to recur to this subject

    15. If a man quails before the truth, and, on perceiving it, does not accept it, but does accept a lie for the truth, then he never will learn what he ought to do

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