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    1. You need to see a shrink or something

    2. took an involuntary step back towards his own car, and seemed to shrink visibly in

    3. Cyberia, unaccustomed as she was to seeing the metropolis in its daytime apparel, walked open-mouthed past dingy basement flat windows, down long, dark alleyways and visibly felt herself shrink before the impressive, classically styled porticos of ancient institutional temples

    4. His great pile of cash dwindled slowly at first, but as the weeks progressed the pile seemed to shrink more and more quickly

    5. “You need to eat before you shrink to nothing,” she said back

    6. His temper made her shrink back into her chair

    7. Fear leads me away when the Spirit is going somewhere I don’t want to go and I shrink back

    8. Willow was against the far wall; trying to shrink into it

    9. She didn’t bother to shrink back to the limits of her chain

    10. That those who "shrink back" in unbelief will be " destroyed" Hebrews 10:39

    11. ‘You can take the shrink out of the institute, but---’

    12. ‘---You can’t take the institute out of the shrink

    13. But who would this be – some B’tari appointed shrink?

    14. He hoped the bubble would soon engulf the device and shrink the wave in the predicted time: a picosecond after full power, before it had time to destroy his surrounding’s temporal presence

    15. little minds to shrink; but he whose heart is firm, and whose conscience approves his conduct, will pursue his principles unto death

    16. ‘Look at the blister on your finger,’ the shrink said whilst pocketing the lighter, ‘if there are still doubts

    17. He was left on an open-ended bed akin to an operating table whilst the surrounding walls and ceiling literally appeared to shrink

    18. SAP COIN training was always very realistic and physical, and I have seen men shrink dramatically under SAP COIN’s fatherly concern

    19. ” Naturally Mr Kennedy did not shrink responsibility and I am not suggesting he did

    20. “And did you?” asked the shrink

    21. When the big Greek entered, the kitchen seemed to shrink

    22. While the doctors were both hopeful; (the shrink stuck around, ‘to help out,’ as he put it;) the truth was he was still in a coma

    23. “He’s pretty funny,” said the shrink

    24. That was the difference between the doctor and the shrink

    25. “There’s nothing a shrink likes better than watching people whack off

    26. It seemed to shrink a little to fit my finger

    27. I watch the glass building above the Dauntless compound shrink behind us

    28. When her eyes closed, she seemed to shrink, and her

    29. White Herons shrink in the distance

    30. The ray of light from the outside began to shrink until it was eradicated with a bang and I was surrounded by darkness

    31. Her voice grew louder and louder as she kept repeating that same sentence and soon the flames began to shrink in intensity

    32. Nor do they seem concerned that in so doing these ministers of sensitivity shrink the capacity of their flock for thoughtful analysis of their own lives and environment

    33. crap with the department shrink, but, yeah, it did affect me

    34. I just handed an envelope and Mike’s prescriptions (from an EB paid shrink for Ritalin and Prozac) through the door while all the cigarette smoke engulfed me

    35. you may have to at times shrink the outer edge

    36. To shrink the side of the

    37. to shrink either at the top or the bottom

    38. and even a shrink

    39. “In order to show you that, you will need to shrink this illusion by half, then expand the focus to show the sea for a kilometer and a half in every direction around the island

    40. A moment later, she and her possessions began to shrink

    41. the sessions with Tony by himself he told the shrink:

    42. Lorna tried not to shrink from him in disgust when he sat next to her and covered their legs and lower bodies with the sleeping-bag, which was inadequate but better than nothing

    43. “In order to show you that, you will need to shrink this illusion by half, then expand the focus to show the sea for a mile in every direction around the island

    44. nodded to him; other seemed to shrink back into the shadows as if they'd rather not be

    45. They sensed the forms moving past the counter and tried to shrink into the floor

    46. If you could ride a beam of light as an observer, all of space would shrink to a point, and all of time would collapse to an instant

    47. years, at the same rate as in the past, the orbit of the Earth will shrink about 0

    48. to shrink the excess tissue

    49. Set roared with outrage, but the avatar began to shrink

    50. They, for their part, accept this shrink of their names without problems, what has simplified much the terms of our living together in the house

    1. He understood what that meant, it meant that this was their world and Earth would be a shrinking memory that might be just a localized legend among some old-timers around here a local century from now

    2. The Incredible Shrinking Bogey Bear

    3. Archibald edged closer to the cage bars, shrinking back from the papery skin and pallid, baleful glare

    4. He felt sorry for his friend, trapped in that shrinking and doomed universe

    5. Archibald edged closer to the cage bars, shrinking back from the

    6. Since human life appeared, about two thirds of the years have had thirty weeks, a slowly shrinking one third have had thirty one

    7. their numbers constantly shrinking

    8. To dream that you are in an enclosure that is shrinking indicates that you feel restrained and confined in some circumstance

    9. To see objects shrinking in your dream indicate that they are not as important as they once were

    10. I bowed my head, wishing I could let Him go without feeling as if my very soul was shrinking

    11. was no shrinking violet either, because he later went to prison in Arizona for having a man shot and killed

    12. I felt very small beneath her gaze, like I was shrinking into nothing

    13. She tried to avoid shrinking beneath his gaze

    14. Alaric walked between the last smoking, shrinking corpses collecting the arrows, which were still on the ground where the bodies had fallen

    15. Everywhere lay the smoking, shrinking corpses

    16. So short from him lay the karawian, smoking, shrinking, but still his one hand held the long sword, that was red with Elior’s blood

    17. Norman put his huge brown hands on his knees and leaned forward, staring into Faith's pallid, shrinking face

    18. Lower salary increases, increased expenses and the third aspect is interesting, since you have to pay for something else with your shrinking salary

    19. shrinking the soft chair, tried to sleep but could not

    20. at the glass were now shrinking with terror at the rear of their

    21. They are famous in recent times for shrinking heads and killing missionaries

    22. ” They do not seem to consider that in selecting words to delete from use they are not only shrinking the English language, they are shrinking the minds of those who use their product, and their own minds as well

    23. My previous life is becoming a blurred vision, and memories of the above world are dimming and shrinking the farther I crawl into the Earth

    24. I hug the Administrator and feel her shrinking in my arms

    25. up the defined-benefit plans available to 44 million employees and retirees, but there’s no stopping the trend of companies shrinking their plans or not letting new hires join them

    26. may thicken already solid walls that close in an ever shrinking space

    27. outer most edge back shrinking it towards the

    28. The newspaper and broadcasting station categories that were the basis of his media empire are hurting big time because of the shrinking advertising budgets and business closings caused by the economy and competition from the internet

    29. “I am unclean! Unclean!” she sobbed shrinking from his strong embrace

    30. The tumors are shrinking

    31. Walid looked over his shoulder at his friends who seemed to be shrinking in their shoes

    32. moderation and patience, without ever shrinking

    33. 8 Having therefore this example let us come in without shrinking to his will; let us work with all our strength the work of righteousness

    34. was still cowering near the rail; and shrinking more by the

    35. The orbit of the Earth is shrinking

    36. To add to the problem, shrinking markets have

    37. Shrinking of throat tissue is also a common method of creating solutions

    38. She gave his fast shrinking penis a good soaping then rinsing under the water

    39. The lion seemed to be melting, the way dead monsters do sometimes, until there was nothing left but its glittering fur coat, and even that seemed to be shrinking to the size of a normal lion's pelt

    40. ‗I want to congratulate you,‘ Lysander said in a husky voice, his gaze never wavering from the apparently shrinking yellow pouch

    41. purest love, without one touch of fear or shrinking

    42. It also helps to prevent the sagging skin that usually follows weigh loss -- shrinking cells are buoyed by water which plumps the skin and leaves it clear, healthy and resilient

    43. That is, growing or shrinking, de-motivating or self-motivating, with their core resonating from love or fear

    44. Its details were still obscure and indistinct, even when it halted so near that it almost touched her shrinking flesh

    45. Twisting his mustache, he let his gaze travel up and down the shrinking queen with an effrontery that made her wince

    46. Perhaps the girl was thinking of her lover lying senseless on the divan under the copper lamps; or was shrinking with fear of what lay ahead of them in the demon-haunted shrine of Hanuman

    47. Sancha, shrinking in the archway, was stunned by the noise and fury; she got a dazed impression of a whirling chaos in which steel flashed and hacked, arms tossed, snarling faces appeared and vanished, and straining bodies collided, rebounded, locked and mingled in a devil's dance of madness

    48. Its clinging, pliant branches wound about the man's naked body and limbs, seeming to caress his shrinking flesh with lustful avid kisses

    49. She was shrinking back against the wall, staring across at something he could not yet see

    50. Lower and lower crawled the mists, shrinking, fading

    1. The company hired shrinks and

    2. He shrinks down into his coat collar

    3. ’ A new way had to be found, and the shrinks could not do it

    4. She shrinks back, releasing my hands, and sits on one of the waiting room chairs

    5. c) Government becomes bigger and more onerous, as the voluntary sector shrinks

    6. The meat shrinks, pulls, stretches, changes shape, changes colour to black and curls up

    7. The alien’s huge body shrinks in size as it reaches the tunnel

    8. Don Moore, because of their having found out that Dixie saw shrinks

    9. starvation the stomach, and the appetite shrinks

    10. Of course, the shrinks would attribute that to my

    11. As the cloud shrinks, it rotates

    12. radius of the ball shrinks to about 6 miles (10 kilometers), the ball

    13. The gods hadn’t been kind to him and, in his myopic view, it was downright unfair that he was now facing disciplinary action, a loss of a plum assignment to London and the humiliation of getting his security clearance suspended---not to mention the not-so friendly chats he was forced to endure with the department shrinks to explain he was, in fact, quite sane

    14. He suspected the shrinks were much more bent in those directions themselves and actually enjoyed interrogating him in detail about his little quirks

    15. His waist shrinks and he sleeps more soundly

    16. Johanna shrinks back and looks at the reptile less slobbery than when she looked at Noël

    17. not even the child shrinks she was forced to see or the police who

    18. enough to warrant a dividend increase and the proposed dividend yield shrinks to cause an

    19. shrinks into the cocoon of her bed, growing tinier with every breath

    20. How many of the wealthy people in this life are unhappy, unfulfilled, and are on anti-depressants and having to see shrinks all of the time because they are so miserable with all of their wealth and the type of lifestyle their money has bought them

    21. I refuse to look away, the tension makes the air tremble and the office shrinks until only the two of us are left

    22. yet shrinks from the remotest contact with

    23. When human race falls behind God’s spirit in wrongs which is the substance the mind shrinks into the line of animals

    24. Social workers, shrinks, judges who themselves were “molested” as kids and/or are into kiddie porn, or so afraid of their own sexual selves that they won’t look at evidence or believe it, let most of the rapists go on having free access to their little victims

    25. It scared her to think back on her past when all the shrinks and doctors were looking at her as if she had two heads

    26. the truth is that she shrinks when she thinks of gaining a high title for herself

    27. “No, he would always tell me that he didn’t need a shrink, he said shrinks are for

    28. If we put chills in the sides, they lose the contact as the casting shrinks, so the

    29. So IT SHRINKS

    30. You forget that we hardly know each other, and that the well-mannered do not thrust their deeper feelings on a person who shrinks from them

    31. Never, however, do they seem to pass so swiftly as when they bring us day by day more near to the dread moment from which every pulse and fibre of our being shrinks

    32. "Then what's that?" Hookhand asks, gesturing at Wesley, who shrinks away and cringes

    33. It had been the suggestion of one of the shrinks my mother took me to when I was a kid

    34. • During the Catagen phase the hair follicle shrinks to about 1/6 of the normal length

    35. What is accumulated through experience does not grow in size: it actually shrinks in size and becomes simpler rather than more complex: which is in complete opposition to the increasing complexity of tool-knowledge

    36. It explodes and shrinks by gravity so quickly that the atoms are broken up and fused together so tightly they form neutrons

    37. As the star’s cosmic material collapses and shrinks from its immense gravity the escape velocity of material entering the center of this cosmic wonder becomes greater than 186,000 miles per second - the speed of light - so that not even light escapes from its gravitational force and becomes a black hole

    38.  "And if he shrinks back, I [psukee] will not be pleased with him" New International Version

    39. In other words, one side of the lemniscate shrinks to the size of a single

    40. national debt never shrinks as we continue to pay taxes, just to cover the interest? The principal of the

    41. • "And if he shrinks back, I (psukee) wil not be pleased with him" New International Version

    42. Does this mean there are no holes in their buckets? No, simply that by re-affirming the good parts marginalizes or even shrinks the perceived holes so they do not appear to leak as much

    43. • "And if he shrinks back, I [psukee] will not be pleased with him" New International Version

    44. • "And if he shrinks back, I [psukee] will not be pleased with him" New

    45. · "And if he shrinks back, I (psukee) will not be pleased with him" New International Version

    46. Once the blood supply is cut off, the size of the hemorrhoid shrinks

    47. „The shrinks want your help?' I said a little taken aback

    48. "And if he shrinks back, I [psukee] will not be pleased with him" New International Version

    49. The wife who seemed the most beautiful or most gracious woman imaginable, the husband who was looked upon as the strongest or cleverest man in the world, slowly loses this impossible glamour and shrinks to the life size proportions of a real man or woman

    50. Otherwise the heartbeat amplitude shrinks and your heart starts beat-

    1. The flame and noise shrunk in the distance

    2. The courtyard seemed to have shrunk in size with the large creatures milling about

    3. instinctively shrunk back into their hedgerow hiding place as they

    4. The ache in his shoulders and back made him all too aware of how much this urban universe had shrunk in his memory during the past century

    5. From the precise time when Luray shrunk down he thought she had given her real address and hadn't thought of that possibility

    6. “Your point has shrunk a bit, hasn’t it?”

    7. It was certainly quick; in less than a minute the moon had shrunk to a grapefruit size within the viewscreen, which meant she was beyond the range of Roidon's distortion field, but as a precaution she kept the ship moving further into space

    8. This time – as the room and its contents shrunk (or he enlarged) and he commenced the usual tirade of threats that could never be fulfilled – he had the distinct impression that the central L-Seven-Six persona was not present

    9. The world underneath him had shrunk into one big playground, scattered with trees, houses, boulders and sheep as little as tiny toys

    10. She seemed to have shrunk into herself

    11. He was not in the house, or if he was, he had somehow shrunk to the size of a mouse

    12. His robes were drawn in, tightened around his body as if they had instantly shrunk

    13. The united congregation (standing at over 1,800 members at the time of union) subsequently shrunk considerably

    14. When I look at the edition of the Aberdeen Presbytery calendar that was in use when I was Clerk in the mid-1970s and then compare it with today’s edition, I am shocked at just how much the visible church has shrunk in that city

    15. Some churches that had large, strong and well attended congregations (like the Langstane Kirk that I mentioned earlier) have shrunk and disappeared without trace

    16. He loomed huge above me, twice my height or more, and I shrunk down before him

    17. He held his breath to prevent from breathing in the smoke and spun around and away from the dead body that shrunk on the ground

    18. glaciers shrunk faster during the CO2-enriched twentieth century (Pratt)

    19. The colossal being took one step, and just that quickly had shrunk to average

    20. " Rosemary looked down at the spring, which seemed to have shrunk to the size of a dewdrop

    21. Could it see her eyes? Could it feel the fear that had filled her heart to bursting? She tried to draw a breath, but her lungs had shrunk to the size of a change purse

    22. “Hair grew from his face, his figure bent and shrunk until he was standing on all fours

    23. 6 What for the wicked shrunk for fear of him, and all the workers of iniquity were troubled, because salvation prospered in his

    24. shrunk to nothing in the cold waters of the cruel sea

    25. They shrunk so much that only tiny flames the size of a bean were left burning

    26. Instead, millions of American students every year are being shrunk back toward their childhood, toward innocence and ignorance

    27. the children's hands and jumped onto the drawing, they all shrunk

    28. By the time he had provided for the new depreciation for assets to be acquired and interest payments, taxable income had been shrunk considerably

    29. My stomach had shrunk with dread

    30. 6 What for the wicked shrunk for fear of him and all the workers of iniquity were troubled because salvation prospered in his hand

    31. ” Talia giggled, and Karbof realized with a shock that the entire squad had shrunk while he was concentrating on Povon

    32. There, a giant who has Shrunk to a third her height dances with a selkie, and there is a gnome who is two meters tall, due to his size-altering Simulacrum

    33. There is still much of the workings of reality that none of us knows, but our ignorance has shrunk by half this day, because each of our civilizations know important subsets of the rules that differ from what the other knows, and our combined knowledge will be far more complete

    34. There, a giant who has Shrunk to a third her height dances with a selkie, and there is a gnome who is six feet tall, due to his size-altering Simulacrum

    35. And against his weak skeleton, was his hardened flesh shrunk tightly

    36. Everything seemed to have shrunk

    37. But the only transformation was to his hideous baggy shorts, which seemed to have shrunk a little

    38. I glanced hopelessly toward Annah, but she'd shrunk

    39. The birds moved out of the way, and the long trees shrunk to make way for the herd of people

    40. They have tits enlarged by one doctor, brains shrunk by another

    41. "Jezzabell, the wing has shrunk," Daniel whispered

    42. Jezzabell had not realised that she had shrunk in size, she hobbled to

    43. As he‘d grown older the similarities between his life and that of other guys his age had shrunk, and differences grown

    44. Again, many times your problem is found to have shrunk in size and proportions while you have been resting your mind and body

    45. I don’t think he did any more damage but he still won’t put that hoof to the ground and you can see the muscles in his right haunch have shrunk

    46. The tendons had shrunk, pulling the toe up so that even if I wanted to, I couldn’t force the toe of the hoof to the ground

    47. Conan, who had not shrunk from Khosatral living, recoiled blenching from Khosatral dead, for he had witnessed an awful transmutation; in his dying throes Khosatral Khel had become again the thing that had crawled up from the Abyss millenniums gone

    48. " Judas had never shrunk from persecution, but he could not stand this sort of ridicule

    49. But their stomachs had shrunk to fit the ship's poor rations--except for Chica's, which had been kept full of rats

    50. I was afraid that father and mother would notice the feeling so I shrunk it out of me

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