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    1. I wince and close my eyes again

    2. The warm water diluting it only makes the stuff worse; a fact which amuses Gilla as I express my distaste and wince

    3. 'And you,' I tried not to wince

    4. Admirable Aristethes would perform his duty even if it made him wince

    5. “Hooooooik, ptoi! The Terrifying and Terrible Lord Ursa just spat in your cereal! Wince in disgust and fear as your source of morning nutrients has been spoilt by the Terrifying and Terrible Lord Ursa!” Said the Terrifying and Terrible Lord Ursa

    6. ‘Don’t,’ said Jean with a wince

    7. a wince of pain as I imagined, but a sigh of relief, that of a heroin addict finally

    8. Although the blood streaks on the wall still made him wince, somehow they didn't seem as large as he had remembered

    9. metallic wreckage with a ‘crunch’ that made me wince

    10. ” I watched Elijah wince as she continued

    11. Soffen lifted her head and studied the small bedraggled stranger with a critical stare, but the effort proved too much for her, and she dropped her head back with a thump that made the old badger wince

    12. The sudden flood of sunlight made me wince even with the sunglasses, but it was no longer unbearable

    13. “Aye, aye, aye,” he said with a wince

    14. The sim nodded with a wince

    15. “Expect the unexpected, with Brendan,” said Sim with a wince

    16. She was sure that she could carry Ea if he tired, but the occasional wince as she walked along said more than she could deny

    17. I sort of tried to do it on the Down low, and once I saw them wince or gag from the shoes green fumes –Bamm, I would smash that shoe right into their face

    18. His smile pulls at the piercings in his lips, making the holes they occupy wider, and I wince

    19. Her elbow prods one of my sore muscles—I have more sore muscles than not-sore muscles, this morning—and I wince

    20. I wince and try to focus on his calm face

    21. I see a blue patchwork quilt under my head and wince as I tilt my head to see where the water sound is coming from

    22. I laugh, and then wince, covering his hand to steady my rib cage

    23. the wince and the scream,

    24. “The headphones?” he asked with a wince

    25. bread savored by anyone with no wince

    26. A man will show no pain while taking the most ferocious beating, but will wince when a woman tries to clean his wounds

    27. I only hope they can’t read my thoughts through my face, he mused as he felt himself wince slightly

    28. Then, settling on her loved one’s countenance, her arms slowly reached up to him, causing her to wince as they closed around him

    29. It made a hissing sound as it left the scabbard, causing those closest to him to wince and take a step back

    30. my thoughts through my face, he mused as he felt himself wince slightly

    31. her loved one's countenance, her arms slowly reached up to him, causing her to wince as they

    32. made a hissing sound as it left the scabbard, causing those closest to him to wince and take a

    33. He gave a small wince followed by a loud sigh of relief

    34. " Edith watched Alana bring the injection to Eva’s arm and slowly push it in, causing Eva and Zoe to wince in unison

    35. hair back from her face, and watched her wince at his touch to her

    36. My rash, angry words echo in my ears even now, and I wince at them

    37. ' He saw Gorham wince

    38. Twisting his mustache, he let his gaze travel up and down the shrinking queen with an effrontery that made her wince

    39. He caught her to him in a grasp that would have made her wince at another time, and crushed her lips with his

    40. He brooded for an instant, scowling with the intentness of his thoughts; then seized Sancha's olive shoulder in a grip that made her wince

    41. A bone snapped loudly, and Balthus saw the Pict wince and falter

    42. Mason lashed out with the cane and caught Terry in the leg making the boy wince

    43. You wince when

    44. It was pain but not physical, not like the wince of a wounded soul or the stabbing pain of an old woman, but there was a depth of sorrow within her glossy eyes

    45. He burped off the effects of the drink he just had with a wince, and reached for his pistol off his hip

    46. The woman took four rounds with a grunt and wince

    47. Forrest saw Donna wince and rub the side of her neck

    48. Ingrid lay down as asked and did her best not to wince as the doctor, helped by the nurse, removed her bandages and inspected her burns

    49. Lisa slapped him hard on the shoulder, eliciting a slight wince

    50. The woman�s green eyes glared at Jane, making her wince as if expecting to be hit

    1. old cove in front of her winced

    2. I winced at the sound of complaining metal

    3. Kara nodded … and winced

    4. She propped up two pillows behind him and he winced once as he tried to settle himself

    5. ‘I’ve only got a twenty’, and she winced that sad tourist smile,

    6. I cocked my leg over the Yammy and winced

    7. After a while, he straightened his back, coughed a special postman's cough, then when he was ready, looked up, peered over the rim of his glasses and winced

    8. These ordinary people cringed and winced as the experts subjected them to crushing and horribly patronising witticisms, The ultimate aim of this personal degradation was focussed on one thing; to single out only the most exceptional talents, while ensuring that the audience at home was vicariously thrilled and titillated by the humiliation of those who failed

    9. “Shoulder, Rayne… shoulder blade;” he winced, his voice reflecting his pain, “came out of nowhere

    10. ” He winced from the pain again, “then the damn thing made a beeline for the lady

    11. He patted Rayne’s hand and smiled, “Couldn’t let him get away with that, could I? You should have seen me Rayne…” he winced as Tarak checked his wound; “you would have been proud

    12. The man winced as

    13. Ali winced as his right wrist hurt when he lifted the bat

    14. cringed and winced as the experts subjected them to crushing and

    15. The three companions winced at

    16. Naturally, they winced and slumped forward in surprise and more than a little uncertainty

    17. He winced involuntarily and his head shook back and forth against his will, while he tried as best he could to smile as if it were the best thing he ever tasted

    18. ” Lawrence winced slightly at what he thought was coming

    19. winced whenever they dug too deep and cut into the roots

    20. Marguerite winced at the memory

    21. ” Otto winced at the thought of ever being called Babs’ friend

    22. ” They shook hands and Otto winced as usual

    23. shoulder and winced in pain

    24. ” My heart winced at hearing ‘shameful’

    25. “Why do you have a first aid kit if you are a witch?” He winced as I applied the hydrogen peroxide to his split eyebrow, and then lifted one side of his mouth to smile

    26. “It would seem so…” Carius watched as the man named Quintus very softly winced at the doctor’s touch

    27. “I…well…” Penelope winced and stammered

    28. Melissa winced visibly as Lucy poked at her arm

    29. Alex nearly sat up, but winced and stopped halfway up, suspending her pointed finger at Mars

    30. Melissa winced as Kate moved her arm

    31. Whilst he manipulated the joint and Chris winced in pain, he tried to ask the Doctor about the previous patient

    32. I must have winced

    33. ” she winced as she said it, “I know it’s silly, but my mum thought she was a bit psychic and sometimes dreamed about things that really happened a few days later

    34. He winced visibly, but otherwise ignored her comment

    35. Agent Thomas winced at her outburst and started to gesture to her to keep her voice down

    36. ’ Parmayan coughed and then winced, clearly in pain

    37. gave the poor idiot such a horrific backhand even my blond neighbour winced as the boy collapsed

    38. ” I winced when I heard this and nearly turned round and left but Tommy was saying

    39. He should have winced or grimaced with disgust, but all he could do was stare at Millicent, unable to tear his gaze away from her

    40. He winced visibly

    41. She winced, sure the guards would hear

    42. ” Daltrez winced as he slipped the explanation out

    43. ” He winced a bit, then said, “Say, could you pull that cord closer to me, I need to call the nurse for more medication

    44. ” As soon as she said it, she winced

    45. He winced but managed a goodnight for the hosts as he backed out

    46. She winced and rubbed away tears, her wool mittens scratchy against puffy eyes

    47. ” An alarm bell clanged at the fort, and Amaranthe winced

    48. Remembering her wanted poster, she winced

    49. And then winced

    50. The walls were filled with long shelves of jars, there were hanging herbs … she winced

    1. She winces at the mention of me and stares knives

    2. He winces as he hears it

    3. Khalid winces with pain as the truck bounces along to god knows where

    4. Billy winces slightly as the coffee curls around the back of his tongue

    5. His younger partner winces slightly

    6. Ted winces but soldiers on

    7. She winces occasionally, rubs at her bruises

    8. Mark winces, shakes his head

    9. She winces at the reminder

    10. He winces and hunches his shoulders, preparing for a second strike

    11. He is proud of the fact he only winces once

    12. He winces at the word ‘shit

    13. was it to run up the stairs?" Allan asked and Michael winces on

    14. Tripwire winces at the thought, “Scary

    15. I now regret those winces, and hope that they remained as internal as

    16. The masked woman winces and says, "Sorry" in a tiny voice

    17. ” She tries to push a wayward hair out of his face but he winces and backs up a few feet

    18. Catching his gaze, Amy winces and holds a finger to her lips

    19. Loki winces from where he lays atop Hoenir’s workbench, the self-satisfied smile slipping from his lips

    20. Beatrice turns her head and winces

    21. Rubbing his neck, Loki winces and remembers Thor’s fist connecting with his temple, and a blow to the back of his neck

    22. “What if it was Chrissy?” She winces as though I just slapped her

    23. Your higher self never winces, so be a man and allow the powers of the higher

    24. Evans is struck in the thigh, and winces slightly, but does not release the grip

    25. PADDY DIGNAM: (With pricked up ears, winces) Overtones

    26. (He winces) Ah!

    27. But what comes out of the mini speaker is shouted so loudly that Macourek winces and pulls the phone away from his ear

    28. A glance at the caller ID and he winces

    29. Macourek winces slightly, his shoulders hunching

    30. Ciere winces, turning to see the FBI agent

    31. Another has the toothache: the carpenter out pincers, and clapping one hand upon his bench bids him be seated there; but the poor fellow unmanageably winces under the unconcluded operation; whirling round the handle of his wooden vice, the carpenter signs him to clap his jaw in that, if he would have him draw the tooth

    1. ’ I said, wincing at the thought

    2. ‘Can I have something to drink, please?’ Berndt asked plaintively, smiling at me weakly, then wincing as Joris touches his shoulder

    3. ’ I said, wincing as I ease my boots off

    4. 'Come back? You'll come back?' he pleaded, wincing and rubbing the back of his head

    5. ' he said wincing

    6. Grinly, wincing with pain

    7. Maggie rises from the dirt, wincing, her back feeling as though it should have hoof prints all over it, but she ignores the pain and grabs Jock by the shirt collar

    8. Billy uses the fence to haul himself upright, wincing as he feels the bruise at the base of his spine bite and swell


    10. ‘And two children,’ said Jean, wincing to be reminded

    11. ” said Chris, dropping his rucksack off his shoulders and wincing from the pain in his right arm

    12. Sebastian yanked off his shirt, wincing as he moved too harshly

    13. ” she replied, suddenly wincing

    14. Turning her back to Logan she put her arms through the short cap sleeves of the wrap wincing slightly as it brushed her sensitive nipples

    15. He splashed water over the cuts, wincing as the cold liquid hit the wounds and stung indescribably

    16. She took a sip, wincing as the heat seared her lips and the tip of her tongue

    17. Wincing, she fell to the floor, turning pleading eyes on Josh

    18. Wincing, she rammed the heel of her hand into his nose

    19. She waited for him to remount, then she pushed her horse hard, headed back at a canter, wincing in agony with each movement, willing herself not to falter

    20. Kay pushed herself to her feet, wincing against the pain, but sturdy for the first time in a day

    21. Raising a paw he examined the wound, wincing at the sharp pain that lanced down his neck

    22. But now it’s different, he thought, wincing at the feel of the growling as he trudged ever forward

    23. ” I grabbed the linoleum and then Bruiser asked while wincing and wheezing; looking like he was in pain, “Can you grab the other one?”

    24. Bob started wincing and then hit the “nurse button,” which was unusual for him

    25. I jog next to the car, wincing, then grit my teeth and grab the handle on the side

    26. I grab my foot, wincing, and consider kicking her in the shins

    27. Wincing, he pushes himself to his feet and stares at me, his mouth open

    28. “Take me…ahh…with you,” he says, wincing

    29. Too quickly, though, because my hip slams into the corner of the table in the middle of the room, and I have to stop, wincing

    30. I drink it in one gulp, wincing as the bubbles burn my throat

    31. “It…” gulped Cloud, wincing as the searing pain in his forehead

    32. “Huh…?” she groaned, wincing in pain as she came to

    33. I slowly opened my eyes and shifted to my other side, wincing a little at the soreness

    34. Yazadril sat up, wincing and gasping, and waved her to silence

    35. She got into the bath, wincing as she sunk in,

    36. them, wincing through the pain of her cesarean

    37. on and the wincing grew less noticeable, his mind eased

    38. She touched her head, wincing slightly hoping that it looked convincing

    39. and sniffed the air in front of his face, wincing

    40. But since there was absolutely nothing he could do about it, he made sure he did all his wincing inwardly

    41. Now she lay on her side fighting for breath, her face contorted and wincing against the pain

    42. I hugged him as well as I could without wincing and with my cheek against his, I whispered, “Marc, I owe you my life

    43. The Captain staggered backwards, clutching his side and wincing with pain

    44. He retreated, wincing and growling in frustration

    45. Wincing, I reached up to cover the scar, but I was too late

    46. Annabeth and Grover got to their feet, groaning and wincing and cursing me a lot

    47. Wincing, I could hear the gush of blood and muscle give way

    48. Rochelle shook her head, wincing with pain at the movement

    49. She crept to the kitchen, wincing when the hardwood floor

    50. The Scientist crawled, scraping his belly across the cold mud and grass, slowly approaching his prey, wincing every so often from the pain radiating from his bandaged thigh

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