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    1. · Store things in labeled or transparent containers

    2. The computer he was using was connected to a transparent plastic box beside him

    3. It was dim, there was a setting for how transparent each lens was to the outside world, as well as its optical magnification

    4. It was pretty transparent in this dim light, but she could get something on it

    5. His eyes were almost transparent and his hair was tangled

    6. The blackness of the glass flickers before returning transparent

    7. Despite years of neglect made visible by thin, almost transparent patches of rust and jaggedly flaking automotive paint, the front wing of the little Austin Metro barely flexed under heel

    8. that her skin shifts in transparent waves,

    9. They are as transparent as plastic wrap and will not impress

    10. Where once a stout Edwardian family had warmed themselves by the great living room fire and eaten roast meats on Sundays in the capacious dining room, there now existed within these walls a selection of small private worlds inhabited by transparent people who warmed themselves next to two-bar electric fires, who shared bathrooms and cooked tinned meals on single ring electric cookers

    11. street of the city was pure gold, as it were transparent glass

    12. He takes a large transparent bowl out of his props box and puts it on the table

    13. was slightly amused that his approach had been so transparent to

    14. almost completely transparent, lending to the

    15. was of gold, as pure as transparent

    16. the transparent shower in the middle of the room, the

    17. Bent over, her naked backside white, nearly transparent in the lamplight, she finally stopped rumMaging through the room

    18. A uniformed doorman sat behind the counter, directing girls in transparent flowing robes who hurried by with trays of steaming food

    19. First the elder child -- her body transparent and ethereal, the beams of light from above slicing right through her

    20. They were floating above him, facing her, transparent from his side and mathematically thin

    21. She knelt down, touched him with a hand that was incredibly slender and completely transparent

    22. "You're just like her," the man said, his naked form drawing nearer -- his own pain transparent in his voice

    23. They were transparent like a thin layer of mist, and though they had elven physiques, they were more like elven silhouettes than the real thing

    24. This matter, because it is transparent, can remain invisible to the inexperienced and untrained eye and mind

    25. within few fraction of a second of seconds it passes to the moist nearly transparent membranes of the lungs

    26. The dullness of the rock's surface glistened at once, its translucence became transparent, then crystalline, and became warmer in her hand

    27. Orb kept some of her previous transparent, spherical form but in addition she was now vaguely cat-shaped and had sprouted a tail

    28. He yearned just to smash the transparent container and destroy its occupant

    29. On the floor, woven into the carpet, were long, transparent light-conducting tubes

    30. The transparent material contoured itself to Alistair's head

    31. The walls of the house started to shine and fluoresce becoming transparent

    32. Suffice to say, no one can suppress his conscience, at this stage, for everything will be transparent

    33. Victoria strengthened her resolve and told herself to stop being transparent

    34. Walking right up close to the thick glass, Jim could not help but marvel, as always, at how not much more than three centimetres of transparent material protected him from certain death in the nothingness beyond

    35. The underside transparent as the ship appeared to any outside observer, and for a while disconcertingly vertiginous, like actually being suspended in space

    36. The only fortunate thing was to have landed upright, still encased in the transparent life-support box with its adjoining nutrient/blood supply capsule

    37. Staring down into the still and transparent sea

    38. A crack of thunder broke the air, and then twin bolts of lightning flared in the distance, the pale blue glow transparent through the roof and wall of the tent

    39. The shields appeared as a transparent glow of blue-white liquid fire though they were mostly formed of Air

    40. (a transparent bubble with a green tint – so you can see her inside of the bubble)

    41. there along the way there were alcoves carved into the walls, their transparent plaz coverings in

    42. This is the message Republicans should be sending; rather than engaging in awkward, half-hearted overtures that are oftentimes perceived as transparent and insincere

    43. What‘s next on the agenda, proposed Statehood for The District of Columbia that will further increase the number of Democratic seats in both houses of Congress on the chance of attracting potential African American voters? This bill is without question a lose/lose proposition for the Republican Party which would better serve its (own) political interests and the interests of the nation by attracting party support on the quality of its (own) party principles rather than its transparent pandering for problematical votes

    44. Carter‘s endlessly quixotic ―peacekeeping‖ overtures to autocratic regimes throughout the Third World in a transparent attempt at redeeming his failed presidency; this is not to imply, however, that our ex-president does not (otherwise) share a certain sympathy with such leaders as evidenced by his fawning indifference to human and civil rights abuses routinely evident in many of those countries

    45. This sporting pogrom is another transparent attempt engineered by Feminists (men and women alike) who are hoping to advance a unisexual agenda aimed at feminizing robust young boys and transforming them into

    46. I am referring to his allusion to dunking basketballs and running one hundred yard dashes that seemed rather transparent if not racist

    47. O‘Connor (privately) subscribes to the archaic notions oftentimes conveyed to his readers, his transparent agendum however, apparent to those properly schooled in divisive matters, must continue to sow confusion and reap resentment among the uninitiated and other individuals who are otherwise straddling the fence; whose (own) imbedded impressions about Race continue to color their thinking

    48. Americans on both sides of the political aisle who simply regard this bill as a transparent attempt at extending blanket amnesty to millions of ―undocumented‖ aliens who routinely flaunt our nation‘s laws without apparent consequence

    49. He announced his election bid in Philadelphia, Mississippi, the site of the murder of three civil rights volunteers by the KKK, in a transparent attempt to court racist voters

    50. Lifting it to the light, she could see it was opaque, yet almost transparent

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    crystal clear crystalline limpid lucid pellucid transparent guileless cobwebby diaphanous filmy gauze-like gauzy gossamer see-through sheer vaporous vapourous candid honest open genuine ingenuous translucent vitreous cellophane clear apparent plain unmistakable manifest