transparent sätze

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Transparent sätze (in englisch)

  1. Had he been that transparent?
  2. A transparent train followed it.
  3. Pretty transparent, as ploys go.
  4. There the pipes are transparent.
  5. Transparent o'er the Neva beamed.

  6. By transparent, I mean that the.
  7. This open, public and transparent.
  8. He was transparent but impenetrable.
  9. The transparent panel was the only.
  10. On top of each panel a transparent.
  11. The profit from it is so transparent.
  12. Small transparent ovals pulsed from.
  13. It leaves you more transparent and open.
  14. The beasts were still faintly transparent.
  15. Everything in her life was so transparent.

  16. The sheathed transparent ovoid functions.
  17. And nearly all of them are not transparent.
  18. When transparent water freezes: death begins.
  19. When this illusion is all a transparent scam.
  20. It was annoying how transparent I was to him.
  21. The bed is transparent like that of the water.
  22. O, those transparent! Besides they don't know.
  23. Great management teams are open and transparent.
  24. It was untrue to the point of being transparent.
  25. She is as simple and as transparent as a child.

  26. Transparent diamonds are an object lesson for us.
  27. People are not, nor should they be, transparent.
  28. The furnishings were sparse and also transparent.
  29. Staring down into the still and transparent sea.
  30. Children are much more transparent than we adults.
  31. It must be of thick material and not transparent.
  32. We replied in the best and most transparent way we.
  33. Transparent stockings, stretched to breaking point.
  34. Not so much transparent as translucent, he thought.
  35. To her, for the rest of that day, I was transparent.
  36. Peppermint Shrimp have transparent bodies with red.
  37. To love a being is to render that being transparent.
  38. Do this in a transparent manner so you receive the.
  39. It was a half transparent, rotten, human-shape thing.
  40. The green man body was almost transparent and seemed.
  41. So, in spite of the transparent wall and noise during.
  42. Kiva provides a data-rich, transparent lending platform.
  43. Transparent mineral crystals of carbon called diamonds.
  44. She was semi transparent, but still quite visible to him.
  45. You cannot buy it within blank, transparent plastic-bags.
  46. Digg made this process completely transparent for people.
  47. The beams overhead grew as transparent as glass and even.
  48. His eyes were almost transparent and his hair was tangled.
  49. The vegetation was entirely transparent, from root to leaf.
  50. It was transparent, as if it was made of a light grey smoke.
  51. Donovan smiled at her transparent attempt to discourage his.
  52. They wandered across the office and sat at a transparent desk.
  53. The transparent material contoured itself to Alistair's head.
  54. They are as transparent as plastic wrap and will not impress.
  55. She was transparent, as ghosts tend to be; but her voice was.
  56. And besides they’re made of glass and therefore transparent.
  57. In addition to being transparent to us, our practice should be.
  58. The yellow, golden, transparent haze of the warm afternoon sun;.
  59. Transparent carbon is the most useless, worthless shit on Earth.
  60. Cover it with a transparent plastic sheet and tie both the ends.
  61. The blackness of the glass flickers before returning transparent.
  62. Every computational process is rapid and transparent to the users.
  63. And the street of the city was pure gold, like transparent glass.
  64. Make sure this fee is the only fee and is completely transparent.
  65. Just removing background or transparent objects from the images.
  66. A transparent covering enclosed the walls and ceiling of the cabin.
  67. Above all, lo, the sky so calm, so transparent after the rain, and.
  68. Do you know that it was all too transparent on purpose, that those.
  69. Lezura went over and looked at his face behind the transparent mask.
  70. This snare is already transparent and but slightly veils the truth.
  71. How thin you are! What a hand! Quite transparent, like a dead hand.
  72. The exterior wall was as transparent as the living room’s wall was.
  73. The colour is a pale rose, rather more transparent than the emerald.
  74. That this is no cheat, this transparent green-wash of the sea which.
  75. Whatever is transparent, acts as a Medium for other kinds of Energy.
  76. A smal cubicle on the other end had a sleek table and a transparent.
  77. It was a got-up thing and it was too transparent, and so badly acted.
  78. Marketers should be transparent in who they are, why they are posting.
  79. Now she is dull and thick as bacon; now transparent as a hanging glass.
  80. Listen Samiya she pleaded, the pain in her voice too transparent.
  81. Space is a Formless transparent Medium which Energy can travel through.
  82. The air seems to become lighter and more transparent, and the sur-168.
  83. Hence in order to view out this transparent factor of a translucent 74.
  84. Very soon, we all meet and everything will be as transparent as it has.
  85. I hadn’t seen it before because it was half transparent, like the dead.
  86. Space itself is not nothing; it is a transparent Medium of Formlessness.
  87. When he looked at himself, he was transparent and twinkling, but when he.
  88. In the transparent stillness of morning the smallest sounds were audible.
  89. Snow is actually transparent, although reflection from the many sides.
  90. Then a slow triumphant smile played across thin, almost transparent lips.
  91. The air was becoming more transparent, and the villagers were getting up.
  92. Although it was noon, but his complexion was very pale, almost transparent.
  93. Just as water is murky on top, but the deeper it is, the more transparent.
  94. The detective held out a transparent evidence bag with a stock cube inside.
  95. The second thing she saw were transparent tubes running into her right arm.
  96. Helene was wearing a white dress, transparent over her shoulders and bosom.
  97. All lies and bullshit made up on the hoof, because MacDonald is transparent.
  98. The hall became wider at the end with eleven transparent doors side by side.
  99. The walls of the house started to shine and fluoresce becoming transparent.
  100. Just as water is also a Transparent Medium through which energy can travel.

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