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    1. · Store things in labeled or transparent containers

    2. The computer he was using was connected to a transparent plastic box beside him

    3. It was dim, there was a setting for how transparent each lens was to the outside world, as well as its optical magnification

    4. It was pretty transparent in this dim light, but she could get something on it

    5. His eyes were almost transparent and his hair was tangled

    6. The blackness of the glass flickers before returning transparent

    7. Despite years of neglect made visible by thin, almost transparent patches of rust and jaggedly flaking automotive paint, the front wing of the little Austin Metro barely flexed under heel

    8. that her skin shifts in transparent waves,

    9. They are as transparent as plastic wrap and will not impress

    10. Where once a stout Edwardian family had warmed themselves by the great living room fire and eaten roast meats on Sundays in the capacious dining room, there now existed within these walls a selection of small private worlds inhabited by transparent people who warmed themselves next to two-bar electric fires, who shared bathrooms and cooked tinned meals on single ring electric cookers

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    Synonyms for "transparent"

    crystal clear crystalline limpid lucid pellucid transparent guileless cobwebby diaphanous filmy gauze-like gauzy gossamer see-through sheer vaporous vapourous candid honest open genuine ingenuous translucent vitreous cellophane clear apparent plain unmistakable manifest

    "transparent" definitions

    transmitting light; able to be seen through with clarity

    so thin as to transmit light

    free of deceit

    easily understood or seen through (because of a lack of subtlety)