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Adulterate в предложении (на )

  1. I will not allow you to adulterate my lineage with your mixed species, bastard.

  1. He’d never understood why so many people insisted on adulterating cherrybean with milk or cream, and—unlike most mariners—he’d never developed a taste for dried milk, anyway.
  2. The story in Justice concluded by saying that Lorenzo Daza did not leave San Juan de la Ciénaga at the end of the last century in search of better opportunities for his daughter’s future, as he liked to say, but because he had been found out in his prosperous business of adulterating imported tobacco with shredded paper, which he did with so much skill that not even the most sophisticated smokers noticed the deception.
  1. It is preserved in only fragmentary and adulterated form.
  2. Several Chinese herbal creams for eczema have been found to be adulterated with.
  3. Its identification is difficult because it is commonly adulterated with Ipomoea spp.
  4. But who will purify Linden? What dark maid will cleanse the chambers of her adulterated heart?
  5. He was happy because most of the whiskies sold in Cairo apart from their high price were routinely adulterated.
  6. They had children whom they had to bring up for the most part on `skim' milk, bread, margarine, and adulterated tea.
  7. Nations have sometimes, for the same purpose, adulterated the standard of their coin ; that is, have mixed a greater quantity of alloy in it.
  8. Madeleine had set were tangled and broken, the methods were adulterated, the products were debased, confidence was killed; the market diminished, for lack of orders; salaries were reduced, the workshops stood still, bankruptcy arrived.
  9. Toil-worn women, most of them dressed in other women's shabby cast-off clothing - weary, tired-looking mothers who fed their children for the most part on adulterated tea, tinned skimmed milk and bread and margarine, grew furious as they thought of the wicked Socialists who were trying to bring Ruin upon them.
  10. And so we see the merchant (who often goes further and commits acts of direct dishonesty, selling adulterated goods, using false weights and measures, and trading in products injurious to health, such as alcohol and opium) boldly regarding himself and being regarded by others, so long as he does not directly deceive his colleagues in business, as a pattern of probity and virtue.
  1. So this merchant (who, besides, often sells bad commodities, adulterates, and uses false weights and measures, or deals exclusively in commodities that imperil human life, such as alcohol or opium) frankly considers himself, and is considered by others,—always provided he only does not cheat his colleagues in business and knavery, his fellow-tradesmen,—a model of conscientiousness and honesty.

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