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    1. · Don't drink water or other beverages while eating, as this can dilute the digestive juices in the stomach

    2. It was just one drop of last dilute, only a few thousand doses, they made little over an aluminum off it and didn’t dare spend it now because their finances would be watched

    3. They dilute the original idea, pollute it with

    4. If bowels are loose, dilute combination in 2 to 2 1/2 cups water

    5. They did little to dilute the impression that Amaranthe and Maldynado were visiting a fortress

    6. You can not dilute and nullify the Word of God with silly and stupid, but politically and socially correct arguments to nullify his statutes, laws and the perfect examples He gave us!

    7. We will dilute contaminated material 1,000 to 1 with clean material and then

    8. ƒ Dilute your drink with water instead of soda

    9. Example: Fading in information will dilute the impact that it could have otherwise created

    10. body attempts to hold on to fluids to dilute the irritating sodium

    11. Using more than one format of link for the same page could dilute the impact of

    12. The more salt you eat the more water your system retains to dilute it

    13. much that we lose the focus and dilute the

    14. This finished product is then sold to the various drug distributors who dilute (or“cut”) the cocaine with choices of either dextrose or salt cuts, quinine or boric acid, but in most cases Talcum Powder…as long as the final product retains the white powder look of the original plus a lemony taste

    15. Dilute juice with water

    16. He quickly washed the pouch with dilute bleach, its laundromat ambience causing his young wife to wrinkle her nose and squint

    17. Tears may dilute the blood

    18. “By that time there should be enough new arrivals to sufficiently dilute the population that the problem becomes manageable

    19. of water consumption will dilute the potency of premarin

    20. allows the neurochemicals that your emotional brain has released to dilute

    21. If he elaborated, it would only dilute and crumble what had already been stated

    22. obviously would only serve to dilute the analogical keenness

    23. Relieved that Max was not nearby to dilute his authority, Buck readily agreed

    24. Leaving the door ajar and a window open helped dilute the stench with London air

    25. “Strong scented soap with a feminine fragrance will help dilute the smell of bleach

    26. these firms will dilute their EPS and market price with more shares outstanding

    27. Raising debt would dilute net income with interest

    28. company can find a level of additional shares that would least dilute stock value

    29. of equity is optimal, funding with retained earnings will not incur flotation costs nor will it potentially dilute the market value with new issues; any new stock issue represents a

    30. issues did nothing to dilute an already overheated market

    31. because such actions dilute the price of outstanding shares and have prohibitively high

    32. This will help dilute it from your system

    33. In fact for all children with diarrhea, I do not ask them to change milk just dilute it to half strength and take the medicines that I gave

    34. Prevention was to avoid the above food, drink lots of water to dilute the uric acid in the blood and take a drug called allopurinol which help to turn the uric acid to urea

    35. bowel, softens the stool for easier elimination, and by absorbing water it may help to dilute the effects of bowel

    36. Watering heavily also helps dilute the food for the hybrid teas to process more easily and acceptably

    37. In hot weather dilute 1 cup of ful cream milk to 9 cups of water

    38. water as required, then dilute it until it is the colour of very weak tea

    39. The melting of ice caps is acting to dilute the oceans

    40. Where maintaining this constant quantity of life giving water causes the oceans to become more salty and mineral laden, the earth will release stored water (ice) to return the oceans to a more dilute state

    41. 9) PREselling effectiveness -- Will broadening your niche dilute your ability to PREsell our product/service effectively? In other words, will it attract people who, for the most part, will not be interested in what you have to offer?

    42. Use one capful only of shampoo and spread it between the palms of your hands; for very greasy hair you can dilute the shampoo and repeat the shampooing process

    43. He closed his eyes and breathed in, trying to dilute the alcohol on his breath as much as possible

    44. I had to get out of the barrack and dilute the gas somehow

    45. acquiesced to their undercurrent and tow of influence which only served to dilute my

    46. If you can't take it then dilute the lemon a little bit

    47. Since it is a stronger astringent you need to dilute it with water

    48. In an effort to dilute the power of the slave states, the Northern delegates secured a compromise

    49. A round of drinks might dilute their natural antipathy to the point where they’d cough up something useful, a name, a number to call

    50. The bomb is their statement that the hedging position with their bank is crippling them and they might have to dilute through an issue of shares

    1. This principle is applied in homeopathy, where it's believed that the more a substance is diluted the more potent it becomes

    2. But his nuttiness just diluted all the menace and turned it into farce

    3. unable to warm the land, was a diluted shadow of

    4. 'Not in the diluted form I use

    5. But this isn’t diluted at all! I

    6. ” replied Brian, gingerly undoing the cap, “I don’t usually use it neat, but I don’t think there’s any point trying it out diluted here

    7. Call her diluted, but I prefer pastel

    8. Most of the smell was gone, diluted by water

    9. His bike whizzed through the fields until he came to a small stream that he crossed before cycling up a hill into a long diluted mountain range

    10. In the recent past, I have championed the idea that many mythological accounts take their basis from oral history where the retelling over the generations diluted the real experience at its core with magical and mystical add-on descriptions, and stories

    11. This would have diluted the salinity of at least the surface waters that flooded the low-lying lands bordering the southern or African part of the Mediterranean

    12. Another shame of its impotence is to allow the deviations of trillion dollars that are diluted in the corruption, wastes or illicit enrichment

    13. Besides, more and more the country is deepened in the misery and it is in total infrastructural calamity, without hope of income, because its wealth are diluted every year in social budget that consumes all its wealth in an eternal state of transfers

    14. “When I was developing the Dauntless simulations, years ago, we discovered that certain levels of potency overwhelmed the brain and made it too insensible with terror to invent new surroundings, which was when we diluted the solution so that the simulations would be more instructive

    15. judgment that is the primary cause of the diluted

    16. diluted Gospel coming from the pulpits, the Church

    17. found only in the diluted Gospel

    18. becoming the diluted hydrogen that seems to be

    19. The reason was quite simple - the vision of one nation under one God would be diluted with the infiltration of foreign beliefs and idols

    20. “And the best part is, the power of the curse is now intermingled with our power, and the limited mind it had is now diluted and distributed among both of our minds

    21. The question now arises: Are the dynamic Akashic records being continuously written or is it simply an alternate reality where time is absent or diluted? When we ‘read’ the Akashic records, are we peering into another reality where the measure of time is different, relative to the reality we are viewing it from?

    22. diluted by thought and choice

    23. However, for more efforts that he was doing in pursuit of the acquisition of the so renowned value, this seemed to become diluted at his self-pity's hills

    24. Three days had passed, and with them, the chances of my survival were gone away, diluted

    25. Her skin the color of diluted amber, she is darker than Ren now, white wine to the color of heavy champagne and honey

    26. All your energy has been diluted in that silly fight with Duprina

    27. In those waters, my regrets were diluted

    28. Instantly, the first steamers were diluted in the atmosphere and in seconds the screams and movements became more serious and ferocious

    29. So many personalities had been inside that all I got was a jumble of muted emotions so diluted that nothing came through strongly

    30. I knew it was pure blood, not tainted or diluted or poisoned

    31. Aside from that, put lots of ice cubes into the drinks, so that they would become diluted with water

    32. The vaporous form materializing in the center of the clearing as the resonant tunka-tunka diluted itself in the resident hammock stridulation

    33. before their percentage can be diluted, or the directors face jail

    34. diluted by the appearance of things

    35. possibility of the news being diluted or altered and usually released to

    36. the potential amount and variability of earnings per share because net income and market price are not diluted by more shares outstanding

    37. abilities rise to the top, in fact we’ve further diluted meritocracy with

    38. The ashes mixed and diluted with the flowing water of Ganga

    39. I will have a glass of diluted red wine that is a slightly

    40. and more diluted as it approaches us

    41. “It’s too diluted

    42. Moreover, there is an accompanying fear that a diluted sharia would obviously weaken the socio-religious hold of the mullahs on their community

    43. to be diluted in the breath separately, it is already blended with the breath

    44. ‘The energy has been transferred into the walls, trapping any emotions with it until such time that they are either diluted out with new energy or cleansed away

    45. thyme, mint, clove, cinnamon, and lavender diluted in alcohol, in the amount of 20 drops three times daily, reduced the number of recurrent infections in people with chronic bronchitis

    46. This was her crime, passed on to her children through their diluted blood

    47. In the process, substances that form kidney stones are diluted, reducing the risk of kidney stone recurrence

    48. The therapeutic use of DMSO (dimethyl sulfoxide) is controversial because of safety concerns, but some preliminary research shows that diluted preparations of DMSO,

    49. A small, preliminary trial found that a mouthwash with diluted tea tree oil was effective in decreasing the growth of Candida albicans and in improving symptoms in AIDS patients with oral Candida infections (thrush) that had not responded to drug therapy

    50. ™ 5µl of diluted DNA was loaded with loading dye in the gel

    1. This dilutes the very objective of the debate, and the ‘liberal’ thus avoids the necessity of proposing positive ideas and discussion

    2. dilution in the effect of time on our consciousness This dilutes the impact

    3. 66 % rise in variable costs totally dilutes the effect of a one

    4. The problem is: the English translators translate the same word 13 different ways! If you translate something 13 different ways, it dilutes its importance by a factor of 13, correct? I'm going to show you some of those ways

    5. When this conversion takes place is dilutes the oxygen in the air

    6. This dilutes the wealth of the

    7. water dilutes the concentration of elements, and the currents carry them away

    8. Nothing transpires, at least to her knowledge, though with each passing moment the air grows cold and the dappled, golden sunlight dilutes until it is nothing more than grey

    9. dilutes the experience we are having

    10. In sales, rounding off figures dilutes its impact so state numbers without rounding off

    11. For one thing, there aren’t that many strong research inputs, and dealing with 20 or 30 firms dilutes the value and impact of the few good ones

    12. It’s a low-volume setup, and when too many people dive into a low-volume setup, it dilutes the effectiveness of that setup

    1. Perhaps he had desecrated his heritage by diluting his seed in the immense native population, but with all their catholic reproductive zeal, there were still less than a hundred pure-blooded Brazilians and less than a thousand known any-blood Brazilians on this planet of forty billion

    2. The warm water diluting it only makes the stuff worse; a fact which amuses Gilla as I express my distaste and wince

    3. ” “Multiculturalism” is a means toward diluting the value and accomplishments of Western culture and has Marxist roots

    4. scattering from one place to another place, without diluting the content of the

    5. brain even more directly, diluting the sense of being an

    6. The ice in his glass was melting rapidly, diluting the whiskey

    7. When I removed your restraints back in the Examining Room, I had already sent Medusa what’s called a ‘reverberation’—an influx of code, echoing back and forth, diluting her senses, and making her work harder to monitor any speech or movement within that quadrant

    8. see and admire, whilst diluting the power of the individual's vote

    9. power clearly understand the effects of diluting the vote

    10. Just by returning to the old milk and diluting the milk the child was able to handle the digestion of his milk

    11. The food is often concentrated and requires diluting

    12. WFI should be used in injectable product preparations, for dissolving or diluting substances or

    13. Diluting the oceans is reducing the concentration of salts and other minerals

    14. The Smile turned into a giggle, the giggle into belly laugh, belly laugh into near hysteria causing salt tears to tumble across the dried blood, diluting it to a strawberry pink, and leaving a salty rich taste in his mouth as it coursed in

    15. systems of nations, diluting the value of real

    16. Democracy has merely succeeded in diluting the usual pyramidal process and dynamic of accumulation

    17. The possibility of it seeped in, diluting his conviction

    18. In a subsection entitled “A Dangerous Device for Diluting Stock Values,” the authors write,

    19. There is a huge difference between derivative contracts with third parties that do not result in more shares being issued and company-issued options that increase the number of its shares outstanding in the future, thereby diluting the interests of the current stockholders

    20. And the presence of a mass of outstanding options can only dampen the returns to investors, diluting earnings as the options are exercised

    21. Pennzoil infused cash for 80 percent of the stock, thereby diluting existing shareholders (and edifying short sellers who managed to stay short), and paid off Hindman handsomely for not working

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