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    1. aggrandize the faults of others

    2. This drain on our energy can cause us to fall into the warming arms of self-absorption, where everything is about us, and we grasp for the illusionary prizes dictated by our cultural agreements to aggrandize functionally useless things

    3. It was only disturbing to consider that word may have reached other sources that would broadcast and aggrandize the event, bringing negative publicity upon the Ocean Forest and damaging its reputation even though the circumstances had been beyond anyone’s control or ability to prevent

    4. Undoubtedly, the spectacle would only aggrandize the

    5. The intellect, as much as we aggrandize ourselves for it, and

    1. 9 And Pharaoh received him with great honor, for he had heard of his wisdom, and he gave him presents and made him for a counsellor, and aggrandized him

    2. 9 And Pharaoh received him with great honour for he had heard of his wisdom and he gave him presents and made him for a counsellor and aggrandized him

    3. cases making the news are aggrandized, for each case therein,

    4. I had thought I would find adventure and romance that is aggrandized in the press by coming here on such a noble and virtuous cause, but I have only found treachery, misery, and despair for the last few weeks that now convince me I should have stayed home in South Carolina, even though this exposure to the world and the sights I have seen have been an excellent, poignant experience

    5. It would indeed boost his already-lofty reputation in the legal community and the press as an aggrandized showman with a knack for savvy yet convincing, eloquent 281

    6. As he watched the suspects’ individual expressions and reactions as the life of the deceased was briefly aggrandized, he found it curious that those he would have expected to sympathize with the unfortunate loss, namely Preacher Cooper and Elizabeth Bascomb, were in fact the two who were most out of character, as they seemed disgusted by this wretched little gathering at this pitiful ceremony

    7. Sure they may have aggrandized things a bit,

    8. she was, even without the French accent and the aggrandized family

    1. Further aggrandizing my demotion, within one year of my departure, Pressly had been made “Regional Counsel” and had hired two GS-12 assistants

    2. More likely, she was born after the war but is aggrandizing things

    3. He had seen this behavior on many previous occasions; it was a way of coping with the loss while also somewhat aggrandizing the deceased

    4. Unless this woman was prone to aggrandizing affairs or given to delusions of grandeur, what she had to say could only be legitimate and important, at least in her mind

    5. But we have to remember that rumors have a tendency of aggrandizing people and attributing to them things of which they are not capable or guilty

    6. Amin not only showed his courage and contempt for self- aggrandizing behaviour, but directed a stunning parade, the likes of which had rarely been seen by the assembled dignitaries

    7. He is pleased in aggrandizing the United States

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