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    1. Diatoms (Diatomite) are either lacy-like snowflakes in appearance, or tubes, which are better

    2. He never seemed interested in sweet women so he seemed to care little about his appearance

    3. solution? It changes its appearance

    4. fame in these still relatively tender years had been a youth appearance for Scotland,

    5. The old American term 'do-rag' was coined for the garment closest to it in appearance

    6. Now that he was present in this space but not calling on any of them, the houris took turns changing to other appearance settings and coming forth to undress for them

    7. Its appearance changed little from month to month, except when they looped around it two and a half years ago

    8. Moreover, he shows his interest in me, he makes a kind compliment about my appearance, he accosts me without getting pushy, ridiculous or vulgar

    9. something that might interest you in a person"s physical appearance

    10. ' In Earth years their first two children were eighty one and seventy seven now, but neither had anything over thirty five showing in their appearance, and even that made them quite mature among the natives

    11. His main claim to fame in these still relatively tender years had been a youth appearance for Scotland, although sadly a combination of injury and a tendency towards dilettantism meant that such early promise remained as yet unfulfilled

    12. JJ returned some ten minutes later, his appearance hitting Kara harder even than she’d anticipated

    13. ’ He said, taking in the still battered appearance of her face and plainly appalled at the sight

    14. ’ He said, stumbling a little over the phrase as he took in her appearance

    15. Almonds are also high in vitamin E, a nutrient which helps to Their superior antioxidant content means walnuts are useful improve the condition and appearance of your skin

    16. False humility will come with an appearance of being humble, but it is only self-effacing

    17. You have lost your aged appearance

    18. ’ I said, trying to remember anything at all about their appearance

    19. Michael did not miss any of these changes in Sally’s appearance either

    20. His appearance was that of a younger man

    21. As he came down the last path, Daniel noticed the swagger in his walk and the changes in his appearance

    22. A daily dose of vitamin A is proven to be an effective way of reducing the appearance of

    23. Decreases the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines

    24. The primary reason for undergoing dermabrasion is to improve the appearance

    25. For those who desire to improve their appearance, face lifts and other skin treatments has

    26. healthy glow and the appearance of soft, smooth, radiant, and younger looking skin

    27. This treatment uses a lactic acid peel to improve the skin’s appearance

    28. He was unwashed and unkempt in appearance

    29. It is more difficult than I anticipated but I achieve it and by the time Berndt knocks on my cabin door, I have the words firmly in my mind and am just putting the finishing touches to my appearance

    30. Yoga will do wonders for your health and your appearance, and for your figure but do please give it a helping hand by watching your diet

    31. As soon as he said this there was a sound like thunder at the back of the stage, followed immediately by the appearance of a towering wall of smoke and dry ice

    32. They were changed in appearance; they were stronger, more muscular, their bodies fine-tuned to perfection, every inch leaders among men

    33. I think it was my sudden appearance that startled her and her sudden axe that made me jump

    34. The people were all quite friendly and stunning in appearance

    35. Appearance matters both in the real world and online

    36. She certainly made her point as far as appearance

    37. The seamstress and tailor were astonished at the simplicity of the gown and asked if they might use her design as they were sure that after her court appearance they would be inundated with requests for gowns of a similar design

    38. "One look at his cherubs and you'll understand how wrapped up he is in female appearance

    39. Jake eventually puts in an appearance in the kitchen and Karen suggests that Katie might like to come over to her house next weekend

    40. Except for a difference in appearance, she found they were warm and friendly and not at all as the Elders had pictured them

    41. back of the stage, followed immediately by the appearance of a

    42. He was a slightly smaller guy than the sergeant, at least ten years younger, probably younger than she was in appearance

    43. responsible in a readily seen way: by appearance

    44. a considerable amount of time in their appearance

    45. Her entire face held an angelic appearance

    46. Well, he’s humanoid in appearance, he thought with a sigh

    47. appearance of minimum use of space

    48. two could not help laughing aloud at his appearance

    49. appearance to the farmer and his wife

    50. I get the feeling that despite her appearance and the fact that she worked at being unattractive, men found her desirable

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