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    1. He could do it at a time when the presentation was getting loud, and everyone had their attention diverted

    2. Henry had interrupted whatever presentation he was giving by trying to enter as quietly as possible

    3. Audience has to be interested in listening to your views on the chosen subject because of your experience, knowledge and the clarity of presentation

    4. There is always a need for an orderly presentation of suggestions and oppositions

    5. This was one of those places where Bahkmar had to bite his tongue and not blurt out, 'they are just a few thousand pages of 'if' statements, some few-level neural simulation loops, a few gig of customizable data and some presentation rendering loops' but the vow was sacred and he understood even to the sociological level why the people who can't understand it anyway need to believe it is holy

    6. It had been a tense day, Thom had given his presentation, and been terribly distracted while he did

    7. He wanted to make that announcement at his presentation, but that was more than a week away

    8. Little more than a week after he left Ava in Dos was the day of his presentation

    9. He had been up later than he should have the night before, but he wanted to be sure everything about the presentation was properly updated and he wanted to be sure the new data didn't hit a bug in his animations

    10. He had to wait quite a bit longer than he anticipated to give his presentation

    11. "That's my presentation," he said, and tried to leave it at that

    12. "This presentation is based on his work

    13. "He just said his work was based on your presentation

    14. He knew he couldn't be as sharp as he should be, especially in the all-important social aspects of this presentation

    15. That was the bulk of the time in his entire presentation

    16. The presentation was done, and now came the hard part, the questions

    17. This was the day Thom was to make his presentation and most of the crew was here

    18. He could understand someone's nerves at making a presentation before the whole crew, but he looked as much dejected as nervous, in fact he hadn't seen that kind of face on a man since he was mortal and saw someone who just had a close family member die

    19. The only thing he allowed himself was a magic wand to project his facts and figures during the presentation

    20. As soon as Thom was done with his direct presentation, he went to the podium and said, "This is all very interesting and sounds like it may well be significant, however, we still have a possible enemy warship on our flank and my senior officers and I need to continue our discussion of that situation

    21. She slapped him with it on his way to give his presentation

    22. "Eeeww," Heymon cringed, "and to think he pulled off the presentation in spite of that

    23. “Was there a presentation?”

    24. “It just took a while, I had to get a new appointment with the Adept and he had already been in a coma for days, but lets not get distracted with the presentation I was trapped in

    25. I was being fed a presentation in that case, and we can’t be sure of any of the things I learned

    26. “It was all part of the presentation

    27. She didn’t want to have to get into this, “In the presentation I was encapsulated in, they use a sensory deprivation tank to travel between universes

    28. “I cannot say it is not,” Ava said, “and that is what I was told in the presentation I was given while encapsulated

    29. “Oh,” I said, numbed by her deadpan presentation, and I turned away from her

    30. and applauded politely at the presentation to all of the other newly-

    31. The children have been learning some special songs with an Easter theme and the Yr 4 and Yr 5 classes have put together a dramatic presentation of the Easter story from the point of view of a child in Jerusalem at the time

    32. His face was perpetually blank, he spoke in a dead monotone, he was the kind of guy who wouldn’t know what Fun was if it gave a detailed presentation on its benefits with detailed charts and graphs

    33. Her grandfather met her at the bottom of the steps, and made the presentation of her to everyone, an older boy, then stepped forward and was introduced, as Mr

    34. The progress toward the stated deadline was exemplary, and when final presentation of the completed plans was made to Mr

    35. Strenhowell, the Director said, “Well done, I look forward to your presentation at the meeting with Brown & Backhouse and the Scottish Rite principles Monday next

    36. Her body was soft, smooth, and perfectly shaped, clothed in a one-piece, skin-tight jersey-like outfit with a low, low as in under, cut top that made a very fine presentation of very fine features, just the right shape between curve and point, voluptuous but not sloppy or out of proportion

    37. The prophetic can be scary to people because they don’t understand it, but I find that the presentation of a word can make it more inviting

    38. Another bonus having experts—your marketing presentation and the

    39. This could be software training or a seminar style presentation

    40. What matters in PR is the idea & the presentation

    41. Can you name the 3 most important things when giving any presentation?

    42. How should I make this presentation?" What approach should you use? Formal or informal? Lots of visual aids or only a few? Will you include some anecdotes and humour for variety?

    43. You will no doubt discover many ideas that you want to include in your presentation

    44. You also need to create a title for your presentation (if you have not already been given a title)

    45. You can always give additional information during the questions after the presentation

    46. A well organised presentation with a clear structure is easier for the audience to follow

    47. You should leave time to practise your presentation two or three times

    48. you will be able to check the time that your presentation takes and make any necessary modifications

    49. Generally speaking, it is better to stand rather than sit when making a presentation

    50. If we hypothetically imagine a German working for an Israeli company making a presentation in English to a Japanese audience in Korea, we can see that there are even more possibilities for cultural misunderstanding

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