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Argue в предложении (на )

  1. Who was he to argue?
  2. Who were we to argue.
  3. You only want to argue.
  4. You may argue that our.
  5. I won’t argue with you.

  6. I was too tired to argue.
  7. I can’t argue with that.
  8. She had no time to argue.
  9. I won’t argue with God.
  10. She can't argue with that.
  11. He didn’t argue with me.
  12. Chapters 16 and 17 argue.
  13. But why do I argue thus?
  14. There was no time to argue.
  15. I am not going to argue.

  16. The pair continued to argue.
  17. But I do not wish to argue.
  18. I shall have to argue and.
  19. I couldn’t argue with him.
  20. That was hard to argue with.
  21. They can't argue with that.
  22. I never argue with the tape.
  23. He couldnt argue with that.
  24. I couldn’t argue with that.
  25. Simon did not argue with her.

  26. One could argue that it is.
  27. Raul was in no mood to argue.
  28. Will doesn’t argue with me.
  29. No one could argue with that.
  30. Don't fucking argue with me.
  31. Credit wasn't about to argue.
  32. I couldn’t argue with her.
  33. I can’t argue that, Mike.
  34. Tim knew better than to argue.
  35. We heard him argue with Myra.
  36. They argue that nothing can.
  37. I won’t argue that point.
  38. This is not the time to argue.
  39. I decide not to argue with her.
  40. No one could argue that point.
  41. Don’t argue with me on that.
  42. It was hard to argue with that.
  43. Never ever argue with a client.
  44. It was hard to argue otherwise.
  45. Hadn't even begun to argue yet.
  46. Don’t argue with me about it.
  47. Can’t argue with you there.
  48. Henry couldn't argue with logic.
  49. Tobias, do not argue with me.
  50. Wiggles didn't argue the insult.
  51. I don’t even argue with him.
  52. I didn’t need to argue at all.
  53. Ciere knows better than to argue.
  54. Come! let us argue the question.
  55. Though one could argue for all.
  56. He would not argue about pining.
  57. Tyrus knew better than to argue.
  58. That’s not true, I argue.
  59. I doubt anyone would argue that.
  60. Emeka opened his mouth to argue.
  61. Mayfair couldn't argue with that.
  62. They didn't argue over that one.
  63. I don't want to argue with you.
  64. There is nothing to argue about.
  65. But we could argue it both ways.
  66. And here is nothing to argue with.
  67. I can’t even argue with you.
  68. He didn't want to argue with her.
  69. But I really didn't want to argue.
  70. You can’t argue with historians.
  71. We do not argue so on other errors.
  72. She doesn’t argue with him, she.
  73. I couldn’t really argue with that.
  74. Janelle felt too miserable to argue.
  75. I can’t argue with that….
  76. Toulmin and Searle argue otherwise.
  77. Amy doesn’t try to argue with him.
  78. He was too tired to argue and the.
  79. She was too upset to argue with him.
  80. I cannot argue with your reasoning.
  81. They should not argue or teach men.
  82. Please, Zoe, don’t argue with me.
  83. Walker was not going to argue about.
  84. Please! she continued to argue.
  85. Although some would argue that the.
  86. The Shumi couldn’t argue with that.
  87. Unable to argue with that, Diggory.
  88. He loves to argue oh and it kills me.
  89. Psychologists argue that fear is an.
  90. Garcia couldn’t argue with that one.
  91. I didn't come here to argue with you.
  92. I knew it was hopeless to argue, but.
  93. Although one might argue it has mass.
  94. Before she could argue he disconnected.
  95. So I can't argue with you on that one.
  96. Still, now wasn’t the time to argue.
  97. He cast her a look, but didn’t argue.
  98. Kate, I'm not going to argue with you.
  99. So it is that I do not argue with her.
  100. You two continue to argue, right?
  1. He was tired of arguing.
  2. No, it's no use arguing.
  3. But there was no arguing.
  4. And they kept on arguing.
  5. I began arguing with him.
  6. No Use Arguing with a Mule.
  7. He started arguing with me.
  8. Arguing was not his nature.
  9. There was no point arguing.
  10. Arguing will not feed anyone.
  11. Why was I arguing with him?
  12. Instead of arguing with the.
  13. It is arguing without evidence.
  14. She thought of arguing with him.
  15. There is no point in arguing.
  16. Of course they would be arguing.
  17. I couldn‘t be bothered arguing.
  18. They kept arguing about the issue.
  19. That?s why I am arguing with you.
  20. He was arguing with some girl.
  21. Of what use is your arguing for.
  22. She was usually arguing with him.
  23. There was no use arguing with her.
  24. Their arguing had grown quite loud.
  25. I’m not arguing; it’s an order.
  26. It is arguing in defiance of reason.
  27. He refused to keep arguing with her.
  28. This time it was two slaves arguing.
  29. They looked as if they were arguing.
  30. I knew there was no point in arguing.
  31. But there seemed no point in arguing.
  32. It was pointless arguing, there was.
  33. All on their feet, arguing with Wolfe.
  34. Alice could hear Anna and John arguing.
  35. No more arguing with everybody anymore.
  36. They are always arguing and boasting.
  37. There was no arguing the fact that he.
  38. There was no point arguing with the guy.
  39. Alright, there is no point in arguing.
  40. Then why are you arguing with me?
  41. Arguing that at this rate he would not.
  42. What she had heard sounded like arguing.
  43. We were arguing, then it attacked Steven.
  44. For days, Matthew and I had been arguing.
  45. Instead of arguing, try to find out what.
  46. What point was there in arguing with the.
  47. Ellie had never bothered arguing with them.
  48. The arguing continued until the early hours.
  49. Harry and Tina were arguing about something.
  50. I don't think that he wants to be arguing.
  51. Nathan, this is not the time for arguing.
  52. There was no point in arguing that with her.
  53. They appeared to be arguing about something.
  54. They were arguing with someone on the phone.
  55. That’s what they were arguing about? Me?
  56. But he knew there was to be no more arguing.
  57. He stopped arguing and rose from the armchair.
  58. Victor decided not to try arguing with Gorham.
  59. He watched Sonny as he contemplated arguing.
  60. Last thing I want is the two of them arguing.
  61. My mother knew it was futile arguing with me.
  62. This guy argues just for the sake of arguing.
  63. We have to forgive and stop arguing, we have.
  64. No point in further arguing with these idiots.
  65. We’ve been arguing almost constantly and.
  66. They stopped arguing and turned to look at me.
  67. The two Mexicans were arguing and shouting at.
  68. It was no good arguing, nor had they the energy.
  69. Someone's arguing with the guards at the gate.
  70. My parents were always arguing about something.
  71. Elena: Would you both just stop arguing already.
  72. I woke up to the sound of mom and Nathan arguing.
  73. They were arguing about who should approach her.
  74. The foreman seemed to be arguing with the others.
  75. Felix and Sean were arguing over who stole whose.
  76. She heard a radio, more arguing and then laughter.
  77. There was no point in arguing the dragon’s grace.
  78. Zarko knew that arguing with Helez would be futile.
  79. Allison said she overheard her parent’s arguing.
  80. Alex imagined the kid arguing with his boss about.
  81. I tried arguing, but Andy and Jess agreed with him.
  82. And we kept arguing each other until the day ended.
  83. Cut to mum and bf in house, they have been arguing.
  84. We are not arguing for one specific style of music.
  85. I can hardly stand the arguing and fighting anymore.
  86. Of course not! I was only arguing the justice of it.
  87. I left it alone, arguing the point wasn’t worth it.
  88. Sam struggled with himself, arguing this way and that.
  89. To make matters worse, Mel and Jean had been arguing.
  90. He was still arrogant, he still insisted on arguing.
  91. We both turned at the sound of arguing in the kitchen.
  92. After arguing so hard to get here, I had to get away.
  93. Now, empty your pockets on the table and stop arguing.
  94. There was no arguing with such logic, and the Abbess.
  95. While Vanessa was in the kitchen arguing with someone.
  96. In a year or two she’ll be arguing with me fiercely.
  97. Make it quick, Garcia said, not arguing with her.
  98. Nikko could see there was no point arguing any further.
  99. There were voices, arguing and finally a minor scuffle.
  100. There was no arguing with Chin’s logic; whatever was.
  1. No one argued with him.
  2. No one argued with her.
  3. He always argued with me.
  4. He even argued with his.
  5. I argued with him, Mom.
  6. We argued that based on Dr.
  7. They argued in front of him.
  8. Camilla idled as they argued.
  9. It is argued that, in Mark ix.
  10. I argued that if it was HER.
  11. He had argued with his good.
  12. And argued over whom to leave.
  13. And his people argued with him.
  14. No one argued with his decision.
  15. So I argued it out with myself.
  16. It is argued that Adam did not.
  17. He argued for trade, not aid.
  18. It can be argued that the fear.
  19. But how could that be? he argued.
  20. In fact, he argued, it would be.
  21. They argued it was cheaper for U.
  22. Back and forth the lawyers argued.
  23. And the defense argued that point.
  24. Someone argued with me on this one.
  25. Of course I am! Bahit argued.
  26. But it might be Stephen, I argued.
  27. This is the same position argued.
  28. The men argued angrily for a moment.
  29. As he hoped, Carlus argued with him.
  30. He argued that it was self-defense.
  31. So was the other one, he argued back.
  32. She argued with me that it was not.
  33. This is the same position argued by.
  34. You need me to help, she argued.
  35. I argued for a few minutes and then.
  36. It is often argued that free weight.
  37. Bernard and Josie Clark never argued.
  38. That’s not true, Lenar argued.
  39. I had to report it, Vicky argued.
  40. Jacob was angry, and argued with Laban.
  41. But it's pointless now! I argued.
  42. In vain I argued and pleaded with her.
  43. They argued in this vein for some time.
  44. I don’t have a lisp! he argued.
  45. Ish and I had argued about this before.
  46. It can be argued that it is better to.
  47. What else can be argued about?!.
  48. You’re bluffing, the man argued.
  49. It won’t grow there, Josh argued.
  50. Not a hundred years ago, he argued.
  51. Besides, she's so rich, Mitya argued.
  52. No, that can't be true! argued Rip.
  53. She said I could stay, Kyle argued.
  54. This was a fact that could not be argued.
  55. Yeah, but what if— Robbie argued.
  56. He argued that the driver of the truck.
  57. You said you trusted me, she argued.
  58. He fought and argued, told dirty stories.
  59. Ana Elisa argued that had already done so.
  60. Jack argued over who would drive the cart.
  61. It appears to be a mammal, he argued.
  62. Desolé had not argued because it was true.
  63. Tony argued with him, saying that he had.
  64. He would have argued himself out of a job.
  65. It’s the principle,’ argued Siamantak.
  66. Entry criteria were argued about and the.
  67. In desperation Moses argued with the Lord:.
  68. For instance, it could be argued that the.
  69. Mattie argued that $3 million was too much.
  70. You can go eat with your friends, I argued.
  71. I argued, not admitting what I had witnessed.
  72. She had argued with herself, felt sorry for.
  73. It could be argued that local mobile search.
  74. Captains argued about who was on who’s side.
  75. But it was there for decades, he argued.
  76. But his eyes are hazel, Kletsova argued.
  77. The phases of Venus argued for motion of at.
  78. Megan and Scott argued on Saturday evening.
  79. There was a time I would have argued with you.
  80. Alpheus should be with himself, I argued.
  81. It should be the other way around, she argued.
  82. He had often argued that in his dive classes.
  83. We cannot go home, Zuri! Corallyn argued.
  84. Rumor has it that you and he argued tonight.
  85. Cynthia panicked, and they argued, overwrought.
  86. But Moses argued and said, Oh, Lord, please.
  87. His isn’t the best sample though, argued.
  88. Captain, this is a bit much, Anson argued.
  89. James, I am not Benandanti! Hunter argued.
  90. Not according to the new rules, she argued.
  91. Being a lawyer himself, Gandhi argued the case.
  92. They argued about the decor of the kitchen once.
  93. But you can read his touch on me, he argued.
  94. Gerar argued with Isaac's herdsmen, saying, The.
  95. What did you expect would happen? argued Wilx.
  96. Scott argued that it would be more efficient on.
  97. They argued for control of the growth of health.
  98. We argued the toss for a while, her claim being.
  99. That would have been a real test, he argued.
  100. I argued that it wasn’t safe without him around.
  1. He argues his way forward.
  2. No one argues with Tobias.
  3. Rajan (2010) argues that U.
  4. She argues with her teacher daily.
  5. His reply to this censure argues.
  6. Bernice silently argues with Charlotte.
  7. No one argues the truth in Davis’ rebuttal.
  8. This guy argues just for the sake of arguing.
  9. No one hinders this word, no one argues with it.
  10. He never argues or questions his orders, he just does it.
  11. Shultz argues that shame is an emotion that kept us from.
  12. Mosaic creed, and actually argues therefrom in assertion.
  13. He argues that hatred begins the instant we start having and.
  14. He argues that cars and gasoline were cheaper and taxes and.
  15. Without a way to win these people over, Raymond argues, pro-.
  16. Waller (2004) argues that competition lies at the heart of.
  17. Shiller argues that equity market bubbles have four elements:1.
  18. None argues against God's revelations except those who disbelieve.
  19. Still, your mind works true, and argues not a particulari ad universale.
  20. Over the long run, Asness argues, the Fed Model gives poor timing signals.
  21. She argues that mispricing due to skewness preferences is the likely explanation.
  22. Although some academic literature argues that short-term debt is only a factor in.
  23. However, Wyckoff argues that this is precisely the goal of the longer-term players.
  24. The Theory argues that dark matter is largely in the form of plasmas of exotic particles.
  25. That alone argues for the earthly condition of a certain perceptive diminution of capacity.
  26. JERRY CROSS: It is important to notice that Paul argues for a resurrection, and not a release.
  27. Stupidity and lack of logic argues strongly on those who have separation from God in a beleif.
  28. This also argues the importance of looking at a variety of factors, as we do in Chapter Fifteen.
  29. A theory which argues that values should be closely related to the views of people of common sense.
  30. The conscious does the awareness of Gold in absolute admiration which argues for the yellow color.
  31. Thus, the author argues what is the difference between Osama and Mohammad in the sets of standards.
  32. He argues convincingly that computers will learn to truly ‘think,’ employing a variety of methods.
  33. Under these conditions, the hopefulness of the past argues for a more hopeful future of missionary work.
  34. Admiral Sato argues that Japan should be a nuclear power even though that’s prohibited by our constitution.
  35. To call "Don Quixote" a sad book, preaching a pessimist view of life, argues a total misconception of its drift.
  36. Hughes argues with a great deal of evidence that the bombing was chiefly designed so Nixon would win reelection.
  37. A 2003 editorial in Nature Biotechnology argues that legislation regulating development of higher forms of life.
  38. But, he argues, “Apollumi” is applied to a waste—“To what purpose is this waste of the ointment?” (Matt.
  39. Chapter 7 discusses data mining further and argues that it is an inevitable feature of systematic trading models.
  40. The anti-corn side argues corn is a cheap and useless filler that causes multitudes of health and behavior issues.
  41. That cushion, he argues, will give you the courage to keep the rest of your money in stocks even when stocks stink.
  42. Maybe it is because that is what she wants to hear argues the voice in her head; but Paris knows what she has heard.
  43. It argues the degree in which I had lost touch with my profession that the name of Leslie Armstrong was unknown to me.
  44. He argues, not that there will be a thousand years’ difference in the punishment of the unsaved in the Day of Judgment.
  45. He does not appear to think about a subject in our sense of the word at all; he never argues it out and thereby arrives at a.
  46. Survey forecasts are often influenced by some compelling fundamental story that argues against exploiting the carry advantage.
  47. For him to have succeeded in it, however, argues that Abernethy has to have decided to support him—passively, at the very least.
  48. Christina defends Will’s plan; the Dauntless-born initiates vote for offense; everyone argues about who should make the decision.
  49. No one argues much about Slovenia, but historians and commentators argue fiercely over whether or not recognising Croatia was wise.
  50. The strength of bearish sentiment about the stock market and the economy argues for the start of a new bull market from the November 20 low.
  51. That Chénier was sensible to the magic of this passage argues that, in spite of prejudices, he would recognize beauty wherever he found it.
  52. Pinker argues that the development of the state and the police have dramatically reduced the level of violence compared to the ancestral environment.
  53. It argues: the universe is nothing but myself, my mind and its idea it leaves the universe nothing but the sequence of thoughts which occur in me.
  54. Modem investment theory argues that return is compensation for risk, that higher returns are achieved only by increasing the volatility of the portfolio.
  55. He argues that our classical philosophical systems, inherited from the ancient Greek and so on, always start with subjects and objects interacting somehow.
  56. Also, at around $6 billion in market capitalization, CERN was a large-cap stock, which also argues for using the 50-day moving average as our selling guide.
  57. What he argues is, she is afraid of him, Dmitri Fyodorovitch (Mitya, as he calls him), ‘and so,’ says he, ‘she'll come the back-way, late at night, to me.
  58. Augustine maintains the opposite thesis; he argues that the destruction of the Roman Empire is due, not to the rise of Christianity, but to the vices of Paganism.
  59. The study argues that this spread is especially useful for style timing in conjunction with variation in the expected growth gap between growth and value stocks.
  60. The first school argues that the world has already reached peak production and that demand is going to quickly suck out what’s remaining of crude oil in the world.
  61. And, in very truth, would the prisoner have returned had he once escaped? Lord Farquhart’s presence here argues Lord Farquhart’s innocence of this latest outrage.
  62. Swensen (2009), just to give one example, is highly critical of non-government debt and argues that the principal–agent problems in corporate bonds are underappreciated.
  63. Moreover, Taleb (2004) argues for an opposite skewness preference bias that may have become more relevant as delegated fund managers control a larger share of global wealth.
  64. He further argues, One may lose his own soul eternally, but to take the lower meaning of that word and apply it universally reduces the Bible to a mass of contradictions.
  65. Nonetheless there is an emotional truth in regressions that argues for their being taken seriously, no matter whether they are real (whatever that means) or merely figments.
  66. For all men believe in their hearts that injustice is far more profitable to the individual than justice, and he who argues as I have been supposing, will say that they are right.
  67. But such flagrant disregard for orders on Wyrshym’s part argues that this is something he’s been thinking about for some time, exactly as Father Ahndair warned us he might be.
  68. He argues that in an attempt to save money up front by handling legal, accounting, and investing matters on their own, the poor and middle class end up losing money in the long run.
  69. A practical compromise argues that although markets are not quite efficient, it is so difficult to beat the market that for most investors it is best to act as if they were efficient.
  70. Fred Alan Wolf argues that according to a new interpretation of quantum physics, observation and awareness have a far greater effect on the physical world than was previously suspected.
  71. Fritz Muller argues that this close similarity in so many points of structure must, in accordance with the views advanced by me, be accounted for by inheritance from a common progenitor.
  72. He argues that average returns are unrelated to volatility except in two extreme cases: people overpay for certainty (least volatile assets) and for hopes and dreams (most volatile assets).
  73. Behavioral finance argues that certain anomalous asset-pricing patterns—where market prices appear to deviate from fundamental values—can be explained by the presence of irrational traders.
  74. In his book, The Wisdom of Crowds, James Surowiecki argues that, Under the right circumstances, groups are remarkably intelligent, and are often smarter than the smartest people in them.
  75. The other side argues that the world still has abundant crude oil supplies and that, through technological developments and other means, crude oil that wasn’t previously extractable will be brought to market.
  76. JURGEN, about 40, a big guy, 6 feet and 250+ pounds, the owner of the cantina, wipes off a table and simultaneously argues in Spanish and German with ROSITA, 30-something, a waitress and his sometimes girlfriend.
  77. What Romney would have done as president depends on whether one takes him at his word during the campaign, or argues he only said these remarks to pander to pro-war conservatives who looked at him with suspicion.
  78. Cornell (2009) argues that investors who are overconfident in their stock-picking skills want the most bang for the buck in their investments and often prefer high-volatility, high-skewness stocks, making them overpriced.
  79. The fashion of dressing sitters in meaningless, so-called classical draperies is a feeble one, and usually argues a lack of capacity for selecting a good arrangement from the clothes of the period in the artist who adopts it.
  80. Physicists have Superstring theories that involves around ten dimensions and now a new ‘brane’ theory that argues that our universe was created when two membranes collided in a fifth dimension that is unobservable to us.
  81. Wallison (2009) argues that the housing boom of the 2000s was government-program-driven (at least in the United States) and would not have occurred if mortgage agencies had not been directed to aggressively lower their creditworthiness standards.
  82. Plexus argues persuasively that, just as most of the mass of an iceberg lies below the ocean surface, the bulk of brokerage costs are invisible—misleading investors into believing that their trading costs are insignificant if commission costs are low.
  83. Excessive accumulation of sand on the bed of river when comes to a point of obstruction the river never argues with sand to get out of its way but instead river shows flexibility and takes turn to avoid the sands and carves out new ways to continue its journey.
  84. The same gentleman argues that every thing now calls upon us to make a stand; that there was no danger to our liberties in a standing army of twenty or thirty thousand men, and that all admitted there was justifiable cause of war, and he believed it had now become necessary.
  85. The murderer, we are told, leapt down to find out, as a precaution, whether the witness was alive or not, yet he had left in his murdered father's study, as the prosecutor himself argues, an amazing piece of evidence in the shape of a torn envelope, with an inscription that there had been three thousand roubles in it.
  86. Soros (2008) argues that 2007–2008 is not only an end to a cyclical housing bubble but also to a more secular super-bubble—decades-long trends of credit creation, globalization of finance, and deregulation—whose underlying misconception was excessive reliance on the market mechanism (market fundamentalism).
  87. Lo argues that various apparently irrational behavioral traits could reflect our ancestral behavior having not yet had time to adapt to modern contexts, so that individuals adapt to a changing environment through simple, and ultimately incorrect and unprofitable, heuristics (such as naive extrapolation of the recent past).
  88. There is often some hypothesis that presumes that investors are rational and risk neutral, and argues that expected returns are equated across assets if any asset’s initial carry advantage is offset by expected capital losses (which reflect the market’s expectations of future exchange rates, interest rates, and so forth).
  89. This has caused a headache for Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, who’s had to scramble to find common ground between environmentalists and the coal mining industry, which argues that Rudd’s proposed cap-and-trade policy would unfairly penalize it by allowing other countries to leapfrog ahead of Australia in the global coal markets.
  90. Terrie Moffitt's developmental theory of crime argues that "life-course-persistent offenders" make up only 6% of the population but commits more than 50% of all crimes and that this is due to a combination neuro - physiological deficits and an adverse environment that creates a criminal path that is very difficult to break once started.
  91. He extends the idea of happiness so as to include the happiness of others; and he argues ingeniously, 'All men agree that we ought to make others happy; but if others, how much more ourselves!' And still he thinks that there may be a more excellent way, but to this no man's reason can attain unless heaven should inspire him with a higher truth.
  92. The same doubt is implied in the earnestness with which he argues in the Republic that ideals are none the worse because they cannot be realized in fact, and in the chorus of laughter, which like a breaking wave will, as he anticipates, greet the mention of his proposals; though like other writers of fiction, he uses all his art to give reality to his inventions.
  93. The aforementioned Hong–Yogo study argues that aggregate roll across commodities has historically been useful for market timing an aggregate commodity portfolio (general backwardation of commodity term structures predicts higher near-term returns), as have certain interest rate indicators (low short rates and an inverted yield curve both predict high near-term commodity returns).
  94. Diane rushes towards the kitchen as Teresa nervously follows behind her! When Diane and Teresa enter the kitchen, they are shocked and stunned to see Dana handcuffed to her mother Christine as Christine argues with her brother Alan right in front of Dana! Diane and Teresa see Dana, dressed in a gray denim jacket, matching denim pants and hair all pulled back in a long thick braid hanging down her back.
  95. What talents lie wasted there! What genius thrust away into corners! What worth left neglected! Still it seems to me that translation from one language into another, if it be not from the queens of languages, the Greek and the Latin, is like looking at Flemish tapestries on the wrong side; for though the figures are visible, they are full of threads that make them indistinct, and they do not show with the smoothness and brightness of the right side; and translation from easy languages argues neither ingenuity nor command of words, any more than transcribing or copying out one document from another.

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