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Say в предложении (на )

  1. He say put it here.
  2. I just want to say.
  3. But what can I say.
  4. I didn't say a word.
  5. When I say, he is.

  6. But I will say for.
  7. Then I hared Sam say.
  8. We say it into the.
  9. I say as much to Jo.
  10. It was time to say.
  11. It goes to say that.
  12. He had nothing to say.
  13. I did not say a word.
  14. Then I had to say it.
  15. Then I have him say.

  16. She could say no more.
  17. I dare say she has.
  18. She was about to say.
  19. I say when it’s over.
  20. What was there to say.
  21. He might say that he.
  22. But rules say a five.
  23. Sad to say, she wont.
  24. A lot of guys say that.
  25. ERICK: She did say no.

  26. What did he just say?
  27. I'll say it another way.
  28. No one had more to say.
  29. I heard Lt Howarth say.
  30. He didn’t say a word.
  31. What does it say when.
  32. You say he raped you?
  33. I guess you could say.
  34. I say when this is over.
  35. I dare say this woman.
  36. He was going to say no.
  37. Do not say the moment.
  38. Can’t say that I have.
  39. There was nothing to say.
  40. That’s all I could say.
  41. You know that, I say.
  42. Say this prayer with me.
  43. Jack, she wanted to say.
  44. I'm sure she'll say yes.
  45. Q say that on the radio.
  46. Raven had nothing to say.
  47. Berenice say to his wife.
  48. Where is he? I say.
  49. How could he say that?
  50. What was there to say?
  51. Then I heard Steve say:.
  52. What does it say to me?
  53. You say that it snowed.
  54. LUIS: Should be, you say.
  55. She’d say yes to him.
  56. I didnt know what to say.
  57. He had a gun, I say.
  58. I couldn’t say the rest.
  59. He heard her say, softly.
  60. I have nothing to say.
  61. Lie morally, you can say.
  62. She did say she was bored.
  63. Say what you want to say.
  64. And what more can I say?
  65. Eh, you could say that.
  66. I didn't say he ruled me.
  67. You could say that again.
  68. What did you say, Mrs.
  69. Nerissa wanted to say yes.
  70. Techs and thus had no say.
  71. You could say they gossip.
  72. I can't even say that I.
  73. He couldnt say a word.
  74. I did not dare say a word.
  75. As you say, the wound.
  76. I did not know what to say.
  77. What say you to that?
  78. But I say unto you, Love.
  79. They say just the opposite.
  80. And you say that you need.
  81. He had to say something.
  82. No, I did not say that.
  83. It is not me who say this.
  84. But they say every cloud.
  85. Needless to say, at that.
  86. I don't know what to say.
  87. There isn’t much to say.
  88. That was lame, I say.
  89. Laino had no words to say.
  90. I say she rests here then.
  91. Not much to say, really.
  92. Say seven in the evening?'.
  93. Who would say no to that?
  94. The thing she couldn't say.
  95. He didn't want to say that.
  96. Does it matter what we say.
  97. Think what you want to say.
  98. What else have you to say?
  99. This is what I say to you:.
  100. Quite a shame, I’d say.
  1. He spoke to me saying.
  2. He was saying good bye.
  3. He looked at me saying.
  4. Dodd by saying that Sen.
  5. He turned to me saying.
  6. I'm not saying I wasn't.
  7. Like I was saying, the.
  8. He was wise in saying so.
  9. She turned to me saying.
  11. He began his tale saying.
  12. By what they are saying.
  13. She smiled at me saying.
  14. He hated saying his name.
  15. He dropped my arm saying.
  16. She kept saying she was.
  17. I wonder what he's saying.
  18. I heard Dr Durkin saying.
  19. I was saying could be true.
  20. Why was she saying that?
  21. In saying so they are of.
  22. Your Method = Saying: 'Hey.
  23. Bert talked to him saying.
  24. Helen took my hand saying.
  25. George turned to me saying.
  26. That is a way of saying it.
  27. I recall you saying that.
  28. I wonder what he’s saying.
  29. She settled back now saying.
  30. Jesus is saying, there is.
  31. I know what you’re saying.
  32. Neither am I saying that a.
  33. I’m not saying that in a.
  34. Listen to what he is saying.
  35. Diane was saying, `Show off.
  36. I’m saying that men long.
  37. Notice what I’m saying here.
  38. Archie watched her go saying.
  39. He was saying, Honest, Ms.
  40. Ah, so he is still saying No.
  41. Listen to what God is saying.
  42. I was in the habit of saying.
  43. His wife glared at him saying.
  44. Elijah came towards me saying.
  45. Everyone had been saying that.
  46. Nobby Clarke butted in saying.
  47. Nobby looked at George saying.
  48. Sgt Kenny looked at me saying.
  49. He started his briefing saying.
  50. Fred Hargreaves eyed me saying.
  51. He looked at me, saying nothing.
  52. Listen to what he’s saying.
  53. Minister Tareen saying this now.
  54. A more accurate way of saying.
  55. Saying, "What would you, Sir?".
  56. I turned to the countess saying.
  57. Listen to what she’s saying!.
  58. So what you are saying is you.
  59. Sara continues by saying that.
  60. Parker read his thoughts saying.
  61. What Horse saying about it?
  62. That's exactly what I'm saying.
  63. He turned to Ted Wallace saying.
  64. But what God is saying is that.
  65. What God is saying is there is.
  66. How? I’m not saying that you.
  67. Elijah spat on the floor saying.
  68. The Major smiled at this saying.
  69. Are you saying that you and I.
  70. S/Sgt Cocker turned to me saying.
  71. I'm not saying such a thing is.
  72. Q: You’re saying he loves me?
  73. I nodded without saying anything.
  74. Gorge came up to me first saying.
  75. Saying goodbye was harder for her.
  76. Pay attention to what I'm saying.
  77. I am saying no more blank checks.
  78. She knew what Shelagh was saying.
  79. What’s he saying about it?
  80. She understood what he was saying.
  81. I am only saying you must choose.
  82. What are you saying, Torin?
  83. Yes, I remember you saying that.
  84. That’s not what I’m saying.
  85. Bert punched me on the arm saying.
  86. He then startled Michael by saying.
  87. She looked over at me again saying.
  88. Her doctor kept saying that they.
  89. The truth, without saying too much.
  90. She trailed off about it, saying.
  91. Piece of cake, as the saying goes.
  92. He handed out parkas, saying that.
  93. When it comes to saying something.
  94. Even saying that much was difficult.
  95. It goes without saying that Roman.
  96. Funny you are saying that….
  97. Then she heard a voice saying they.
  98. He wiped a tear away before saying.
  99. Alex wiped her eyes, saying nothing.
  100. It was just there, saying his name.
  1. I said it to him.
  2. I said I was sure.
  3. Her look said it all.
  4. She said, I got it.
  5. I said I don't know.
  6. We have to,' I said.
  7. I said he is a klark.
  8. We saved it,' I said.
  9. People said it was Dr.
  10. So like I said in the.
  11. For my sake,' Omi said.
  12. We, we did it,' I said.
  13. He said he needed help.
  14. Said you were doing a.
  15. We will said Fred.
  16. It has been said many.
  17. Notice I said qualified.
  18. Take me home,' Ali said.
  19. I am in a booth,' I said.
  20. It's the rule,' Ish said.
  21. No, he never said a word.
  1. The clock now says 4.
  2. He says you know why.
  3. Says this is my song.
  5. I know what it says.
  6. Says The Lord of Hosts.
  7. He says they are safe.
  8. It says that you will.
  9. The law says a master.
  10. He says girls are dumb.
  11. Who says this is a war.
  12. I do, the girl says.
  13. He says, not very long.
  14. He says I have big ears.
  15. But here it says in Eph.
  16. He nods but says nothing.
  17. But Mary Vance says Mrs.
  18. It upsets him, she says.
  19. John: But the Bible says.
  20. Yes, I do, he says.
  21. What is it? he says.
  22. Who says I need you?
  23. And then she says no more.
  24. Inside the card it says:.
  25. How is he? she says.
  26. I doubt it, he says.
  27. Look what it says after.
  28. And a half, he says.
  29. You did it, he says.
  30. She says that it is the.
  31. Says The Lord your Healer.
  32. It says that they have a.
  33. Says The Lord God of Hosts.
  34. What is it? she says.
  35. About his writing he says.
  36. She says something to him.
  37. He says he only knows you.
  38. He says this was also.
  39. All is Mine! Says The Lord.
  40. You chose us, he says.
  41. This is cool, he says.
  42. He says it’s urgent, sir.
  43. Get him up, Eric says.
  44. He says it’s from Ava.
  45. The person says ‘I do’.
  46. She says we are rewarded.
  47. Just then Ted Wallace says.
  48. They attacked him, she says.
  49. So they knows what we says.
  50. Everyone says yours is in.
  51. Not up close, he says.
  52. Neither means what he says.
  53. When God says in His Word:.
  54. Simon nods but says no more.
  55. Most of them, he says.
  56. Dad says that he misses you.
  57. Then she says she wants it.
  58. Who did that? he says.
  59. This spy says he is an Elf.
  60. It is the last thing he says.
  61. She says that she was told.
  62. Up there? Why? he says.
  63. The doc says to avoid booze.
  64. Yeah, I could, he says.
  65. It says that all our organs.
  66. Whye says the Lord of hosts.
  67. It says so in the good Book.
  68. It is the Lost One, she says.
  69. That is what my wife says.
  70. That is well, she says.
  71. Jack says you're a good man.
  72. Here you go, Tori says.
  73. They love it, he says.
  74. Then the priest says three.
  75. Of course not, he says.
  76. In fact I did, he says.
  77. Climb over it, he says.
  78. Oh my Lord, Torin says.
  79. But what she says is true.
  80. This is so weird,’ he says.
  81. It says in verse nine,.
  82. Says The God of Heaven,.
  83. The ego says 1 + 1 = 65,.
  84. There is a song that says,.

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