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    1. He continued to argue about it, trying to convince her the missing aluminum was going to disrupt the world's economy

    2. Uncharacteristically, she doesn’t argue and, contenting herself with merely glaring at him, she agrees unenthusiastically that he’s got a point

    3. She wasn't willing to argue about it however, she was still new here

    4. And yet I found a small degree of happiness in realising that I no longer had to argue

    5. Nobody can argue with her battle record, but the officers and crew of Hardway and the Lancers of the 133rd Fighter Test Squadron may be all that can keep her pilots alive in a knife-fight deep behind enemy lines

    6. ‘She told him I needed him and wouldn’t let him argue her out of it

    7. They argue that He might have possibly sinned if He had sin nature

    8. Damn sexual equality! This woman was certainly was not going to argue with that particular decision

    9. I shoulder my backpack, but don’t argue when the men split the remaining baggage between them

    10. She had no idea why they were suddenly starting to be useful, but with a fresh packet of fags laying open on the kitchen table, with the kitchen cleaned, with something smelling lovely bubbling away on the cooker and with a head that was hosting a motorway maintenance crew, she didn't feel inclined to argue

    11. That rang about as true as a leather gong, but he wasn't going to argue about it

    12. I see his mouth open to argue but jump in before he can say a word

    13. He thought about saying that this war may provoke settlement of this region, but decided he didn't want to argue with her, worked on his gin and tonic instead

    14. ‘Well, we had better get to bed early then, hadn’t we?’ he countered, I cannot argue with that logic

    15. You can’t really argue with that without appearing downright ungrateful – underhand of him – but he’s a lawyer -

    16. She tried to argue with her grand-mother, but mindful of the rules and of the power of the moving image, she could not change her grand-mother’s mind

    17. I felt it was stupid of Ish to argue with a twelve-year-old

    18. For a moment she looks as though she’s going to argue then I see her smile to herself and she gives in gracefully, thanking him nicely

    19. I can’t argue with that

    20. "What were you before?" he asked, not wanting to argue the point because he never thought there was much distinction anyway

    21. The guy with the bullhorn gave her a lot longer introduction, presumably telling them that she can never argue with them because she doesn’t speak a word of Minoan

    22. She tried to argue with her grand-mother, but

    23. He would not argue about pining

    24. The diary for 2005 starts cheerfully enough, saying she is going riding with P and how she has had to argue with him

    25. ‘Well … claiming a liking for classical music was stuck up … it was pointless to argue that my ballet exercises were usually done to classical music

    26. They would be a week later getting back there, but maybe there was something more to be learned here? He decided he would not argue strenuously about it

    27. Jorma wanted to argue that, went right to his nemesis

    28. He stands by the door and lets Sensible Billy argue the case for retracing his steps

    29. Members of the general public stop and stare at the two of them as they argue

    30. She can't argue with that

    31. Mum and Dad used to argue dreadfully; I remember hiding under the bedclothes while the shouting went on

    32. “I’m not going to stand here and argue with you mother

    33. 'Nevertheless,' said Soissons, not willing to argue the

    34. Elmore snorted when Alan said that, but didn't stop to argue about it

    35. She looked like she was going to say something, then thought better of it, making a face like it would be lowering herself to argue with one such as Luray

    36. " When she didn't argue his comment, he went on to ask, "Would they hurt you?"

    37. Originally, she’d figured everyone would just move into the Lytle-White house, but when Jewel wrote the contract for eighty rooms per night, well who was she to argue with profit

    38. parents might have looked on and claimed lunacy, they couldn’t argue the fact that

    39. by trying to argue the point rather than halt it altogether

    40. I don’t even argue with him

    41. It was useless to even argue anymore about Johnny’s gun

    42. "You live in a dangerous world," he said, not trying again to argue that he was not

    43. He didn't want to argue that point, they would just go back and forth and not get anywhere

    44. "Of course, I cannot argue with what you say

    45. He wanted to argue with the Cure,

    46. The pair continued to argue the statue's merit, while Brice used the momentary lull to further study their surroundings

    47. ’ Jean was about to argue, but

    48. How much they looked like father and son, the way father and son would argue

    49. It would take a little longer than sitting in streetcar after streetcar, but it would be a much more pleasant trip, so Desa didn't argue

    50. “The council can argue this question later

    1. ’ He argued good naturedly

    2. He always hated being told but, invariably, by the time we had argued it through a couple of times, he came round to my suggestion, pouncing on it as though it was a new idea he had just had

    3. But it might be Stephen, I argued

    4. They argued that if I let the nightmares out into the real world, then they might

    5. ‘But the carpet …’ he argued

    6. "I must say you haven't argued this side before, you were always all about their sovereignty

    7. ’ he argued not very convincingly

    8. We’ve frequently argued that I should be more positive in my outlook

    9. Ahmed kept him busy the next few days supporting many other meetings as different groups of important souls from the expedition argued this way and that regarding the world of Satan

    10. No doubt he and the Haadij had already argued about it many times in the fifty years they had been on this expedition together

    11. I’ve no qualms at all on the basis that it is your child, and I argued with myself that if you’d already had a child, I’d have no difficulty with that …

    12. Iain is a good man and, once he realised that JJ would be able to have a life unaffected by the curse of the migraine that is destroying him, he argued for JJ to go across

    13. They had argued, violently, but in the end, she had complied

    14. He was busy grooming Starlight – something they had argued about, until he had pointed out that if he couldn’t do something practical, he would go crazy and she had conceded the point – and she was perched on a hay bale watching him

    15. One of the few occasions I had been permitted to set foot outside the villa and I had been carefully cloaked so as not to reveal anything to anyone watching, I suppose … I’d rebelled at that, argued as only a stroppy teenager can but Wiesse had got his way in the end

    16. Nuran waved a cheerful goodbye but Desa was sure Alan would have argued if Nuran wasn't there

    17. After we talked and argued all night he stormed out of the hospital and I didn't know what to do

    18. Entry criteria were argued about and the cost of his treatment at the expense of the public purse became an issue for some of the more garrulous members of the establishment

    19. Sir John, aware that he had to make a strong showing in the midst of so many hawk-eyed, elected members, exclaimed, "Oh yes Sir, isn't it magnificent, so well argued, so concise, so irrefutably true

    20. Ish and I had argued about this before

    21. They had argued some more about Ava’s loyalty while he had that reverie

    22. Entry criteria were argued about and the

    23. Using her as translator, Ava went thru the whole story, the parking garage, how it was planked in, how people argued about bathroom duty, the landfill that the pistolieros busted open and how her father scavenged there

    24. It could as well be argued that they are Christian, in some

    25. Sheila doesn’t say what it was they argued about, but I get the impression that it may have been something to do with Don wanting to help Bunty out … Bunty’s fatal attraction coming home to roost again no doubt

    26. ’ Owen argued, ‘It’s a marked difference so there has to be a cause somewhere

    27. I could not recall any such story in the news, and I paid attention as they argued pro and con over executing women for killing husbands, divorce laws, and then back to the subject woman

    28. we'd only been married a short time and I don't remember what it was we argued about, but by the end of it, she was in tears in one room and I was not far off in another

    29. we never argued like that again

    30. argued against its use

    31. ’ Billy argued patiently, not giving any ground despite her dissatisfaction with the state of affairs

    32. favourite routes, and argued vociferously on the supposed merits of

    33. They argued some more about it, but she didn’t learn anything more from him

    34. ‘I’m not so sure,’ the man with her argued

    35. laws of science argued that it could

    36. They argued for awhile about ways to get it closed down, but these were old rants that never lead anywhere

    37. finality that Sarah recognised would not be argued with

    38. I'm only doing what he and I have planned for years, she argued silently with herself

    39. The actors did as much as anybody, and they argued about the dialog and the meaning of the parts

    40. Grouse argued about whether Johnny the Killer was going to take the mound after

    41. If she didn't know better, she would’ve thought Jim and Mike might have had words, while she’d argued with Todd

    42. They argued about the decor of the kitchen once

    43. They argued about how it's re-written anyway with Wuffs wanting it based on a much more mysterious chord

    44. know,’ Jean had argued when she first raised her

    45. ‘That’s not the point, is it?’ Argued Ruan

    46. they had argued is the Agorá, at the foot of

    47. They argued on while our shadows crept back to our toes

    48. Scott argued that it would be more efficient on

    49. In the 1,800’s British geologists and other scientists argued that, from their observations, the world was considerably older than the 17th-century scripture-based calculation of less than 6 millennia

    50. Then we stepped through the door to the Court of Women where Priests, prophets and preachers spoke and argued with each other about the merits of their various religions

    1. She argues with her teacher daily

    2. JURGEN, about 40, a big guy, 6 feet and 250+ pounds, the owner of the cantina, wipes off a table and simultaneously argues in Spanish and German with ROSITA, 30-something, a waitress and his sometimes girlfriend

    3. argues their beliefs as vehemently as they are

    4. argues this war constituted genocide

    5. ” This is a Cold War nuclear doctrine that argues one should launch an all out attack on civilian populations

    6. What Romney would have done as president depends on whether one takes him at his word during the campaign, or argues he only said these remarks to pander to pro-war conservatives who looked at him with suspicion

    7. Waller (2004) argues that “competition lies at the heart of

    8. He argues that hatred begins the instant we start having and

    9. argues that revenge has always been part of the human species

    10. Shultz argues that shame is an emotion that kept us from

    11. That alone argues for the earthly condition of a certain perceptive diminution of capacity

    12. He argues convincingly that computers will learn to truly ‘think,’ employing a variety of methods

    13. Physicists have Superstring theories that involves around ten dimensions and now a new ‘brane’ theory that argues that our universe was created when two membranes collided in a fifth dimension that is unobservable to us

    14. “The book’s title refers to the idea that our emotional states are themselves examples of what Minsky dubs ‘ways to think,’” Shapiro offers, as he continues quoting Minsky: “‘…general methods of problem-solving that our brains use to tackle the tasks of everyday life…Rather than being impediments to reasoning,’ Minsky argues, ‘emotions can actually help us to focus our attention in ways that are relevant to our immediate goals…They do this by changing the “resources,” or processes, that our brains use at any given moment

    15. Christina defends Will’s plan; the Dauntless-born initiates vote for offense; everyone argues about who should make the decision

    16. No one argues with Tobias

    17. ” That’s one of the “isms,” he argues, that inhibit the development of advanced ethical theory

    18. A 2003 editorial in Nature Biotechnology argues that legislation regulating development of higher forms of life

    19. Fred Alan Wolf argues that according to a new interpretation of quantum physics, observation and awareness have a far greater effect on the physical world than was previously suspected

    20. argues that helical dust structures in plasma would have a

    21. The Theory argues that dark matter is largely in the form of plasmas of exotic particles

    22. netism rather than biochemistry leadbeater argues that no doubt there

    23. conditions He argues that to be visible, it must either reflect or radiate light

    24. argues is that artists should freely express themselves, and THEN audiences can decide if they

    25. He argues that cars and gasoline were cheaper and taxes and

    26. Admiral Sato argues that Japan should be a nuclear power even though that’s prohibited by our constitution

    27. This guy argues just for the sake of arguing

    28. He does not appear to think about a subject in our sense of the word at all; he never argues it out and thereby arrives at a

    29. Terrie Moffitt's developmental theory of crime argues that "life-course-persistent offenders" make up only 6% of the population but commits more than 50% of all crimes and that this is due to a combination neuro - physiological deficits and an adverse environment that creates a criminal path that is very difficult to break once started

    30. [2] Steven Pinker in his book The Blank Slate argues that in non-state societies without a police it was very important to have a credible deterrence against aggression

    31. Pinker argues that the development of the state and the police have dramatically reduced the level of violence compared to the ancestral environment

    32. He never argues or questions his orders, he just does it

    33. ' he argues to himself, but his anger wins as he shouts in a terrifying voice to Cheesey; �What do you mean by running after us? I told you to cut him off

    34. Maybe it is because that is what she wants to hear argues the voice in her head; but Paris knows what she has heard

    35. Without a way to win these people over, Raymond argues, pro-

    36. "Hack has only one meaning," argues Agre

    37. Although some academic literature argues that short-term debt is only a factor in

    38. She argues for

    39. 1960s, argues Mosher, was China's economic weakness

    40. Bernice silently argues with Charlotte

    41. Charlotte argues back

    42. new orthodoxy, one which argues that truth is amoral and facts are independent

    43. No one argues the truth in Davis’ rebuttal

    44. Nonetheless there is an emotional truth in regressions that argues for their being taken seriously, no matter whether they are “real” (whatever that means) or merely figments

    45. The anti-corn side argues corn is a cheap and useless filler that causes multitudes of health and behavior issues

    46. ‘The problem with Modi is that he argues all the time and you can never win an argument with him

    47. A theory which argues that values should be closely related to the views of people of common sense

    48. It argues: “the universe is nothing but myself, my mind and its idea” it leaves the universe nothing but the sequence of thoughts which occur in me

    49. Thus, the author argues “what is the difference between Osama and Mohammad in the sets of standards

    50. Stupidity and lack of logic argues strongly on those who have separation from God in a beleif

    1. As they drifted to a stop in an indoor quay, he was interrupted by arguing with the docking attendant about who was going to park the boat

    2. Arguing with him thrilled her almost as much as bedding him

    3. Unfortunately we still think our life is about paying bills, earning more money, arguing on non-issues and so on

    4. They are bickering happily as they leave the house, arguing over the relative merits of various colour schemes … what a pair!

    5. Judging by the way they both suddenly stopped dead once they realised they were on the verge of arguing about the carpet, they seem to have learned their lesson, for the time being at any rate

    6. The cockpit door opens and the PILOT enters, gesturing angrily at and apparently arguing with his co-pilot, who remains at the controls

    7. They were arguing about some local movies he hadn't seen before the evening was over and he did not accept her invitation to Dusksleep

    8. "Oh I wasn't arguing over the price of the trip," Vyinga said

    9. The men don’t appear to be bothered and spend most of the journey arguing good naturedly over how they are going to find Drens

    10. Berndt and Joris nearly came to blows over who should carry it, but in the end Berndt won, arguing that Joris, in his capacity as bodyguard, should be unencumbered

    11. A small group of workers are sipping coffee and arguing at a table outside a street cafe in a pocket-sized shady square and so I plop into a seat at a table in the corner and order some breakfast

    12. People and children everywhere; some laughing, some arguing, some chastising children - some chastising parents

    13. Despite my arguing myself blue in the face for the chance to spend some of the money I have been assured lurks somewhere for me, Betta refuses to forego what she calls ‘the fun of dressing her new daughter’

    14. 'And what about the man he was arguing with when he died? Is there any more information about him?'

    15. My mother knew it was futile arguing with me

    16. While that rattled in his head, he was suddenly arguing with Ava over sex again

    17. He was sitting with Darryl, but as usual, as soon as they were not in a formal meeting, Darryl began arguing with his critics

    18. As they went on talking to each other, other side conversations started up and before Warren was done, most of the people in the room were arguing with someone

    19. They appeared to be arguing about something

    20. They were perpetually arguing and driving the other tenants of the house bonkers in the process

    21. She was dressed in practical, unflattering skirt and jumper and sensible shoes, her tone was sensible – the combination created the sort of person Andy wouldn’t dream of arguing with … he’d had a school teacher a bit like this woman

    22. “She was arguing that she had to spend the year without sleep to earn enough to live on and he was saying that it couldn’t be done, she would kill herself

    23. “I did too,” he said, and they embraced right there in the front hallway near the room where Ava and Tahlmute were still arguing in a lower register

    24. There were more words, then Alan shouted 'The only choice you have is whether you answer the call or notཀ' like he was now arguing with his Pocket Prophet and the God who gave it to him

    25. smell of it achieved more than arguing could ever have

    26. and in seconds the two were arguing again, hopefully about whom they were going

    27. John stood at the truck door, arguing with the voice in his head, on

    28. Heather left without arguing, bypassing the staircase and running for the

    29. a second he was in the umpire’s face arguing the call

    30. After arguing several minutes about whether I was going to be

    31. Well, we could have stood there all day arguing over what

    32. There was no arguing with such logic, and the Abbess

    33. What point was there in arguing with the

    34. There was no arguing the fact that he

    35. "There is no sense in arguing with them," Alan told her

    36. Then the androids were silent, and Alan said, "They are talking or arguing with each other back in virtual space

    37. Over the weeks the residents of Dort and other villages congregated at various halls and committee rooms, debating and arguing on the effects of aircraft noise and pollution, Fizzicist was for progress, everybody else was against

    38. From the tones, I knew my mother was one of the parties inside and I guessed from the other voices that a handful of the elders were arguing with her

    39. As for the exterior, there were unending sounds of honking, revving, screeching, crashing, yelling, talking, laughing, arguing, crying, singing, and so on that were emitted primarily from the millions of cars, people, televisions, radios, cell phones, and stereos that had spread about in every nook and cranny

    40. arguing with your brothers and sisters to tell your father about your

    41. No point in further arguing with these idiots

    42. Zarko knew that arguing with Helez would be futile

    43. But I shouldn’t waste my time arguing with barbarians

    44. He seems to be arguing for an ability to be happy that does not rely on good things happening to us, but instead on man’s innate ability to be happy regardless of the circumstances

    45. Mother wasn’t terribly pleased, arguing that Korinna could just as well stay in Cheydinhal and work at her shop

    46. ‘And really, arguing over who is responsible is mere speculation

    47. If you and I hadn’t started arguing, you would never have wanted to follow me

    48. I’m not arguing; it’s an order

    49. That was a very odd sensation for him, as although his eyes were informing him that he was the right way up, as he was standing on the floor of a normal room, his sense of balance was arguing that down was behind him

    50. I knew there was no point in arguing

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    argue reason indicate contend debate fence maintain say assert claim explain insist submit dispute brawl altercate contest wrangle quibble oppose discuss plead differ talk about hold persuade convince remonstrate drive expostulate evince attest demonstrate denote imply prove infer

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    present reasons and arguments

    have an argument about something

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