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Assertion в предложении (на )

  1. Sir, the assertion is new.
  2. Is this assertion just so.
  3. All assertion calls for a.
  4. Ah, yes, the Picard assertion.
  5. Her lips compressed with his assertion.
  6. Spiritual freedom is God’s assertion.
  7. As about the men, the assertion that they.
  8. Minchin and the trenchant assertion of Mrs.
  9. Incontrovertible facts prove this assertion.
  10. Sir, I perceive no reason in this assertion.
  11. I shuddered to hear the infatuated assertion.
  12. But certainly this is an arbitrary assertion.
  13. The Vatican inspired Christian assertion that.
  14. Colling found Quarles’ assertion unbelievable.
  15. She paused to see the effect of this assertion.
  16. Was he white? Mochni had made the same assertion.
  17. However, that assertion may not be entirely true.
  18. But in this assertion lies an inner contradiction.
  19. Stress testing that assertion is highly recommended.
  20. But I fail to see evidence to confirm this assertion.
  21. Jackson reiterates the assertion that they were known.
  22. Ward was visibly appeased by this confident assertion.
  23. A short and sullen pause succeeded this bold assertion.
  24. Zaporavo scowled, knowing the truth of that assertion.
  25. However, this assertion can be refuted with many valid.
  26. Of that assertion you may be as confident as of the last.
  27. Mosaic creed, and actually argues therefrom in assertion.
  28. The assertion that a literal Garden of Eden was in.
  29. The assertion of independence and freedom of her new life.
  30. But this fresh assertion strengthened Comte’s assertion.
  31. It was an assertion of ownership, and I surrendered to it.
  32. I found this assertion irresponsible, opportunistic, and.
  33. There could be but one suitable reply to your assertion, Mr.
  34. Elinor hardly knew whether to smile or sigh at this assertion.
  35. Paul quotes; Deuteronomy 32: 35 in support of this assertion.
  36. Many will scoff at this assertion, so please contemplate the.
  37. Pilate’s continued assertion that Jesus has done nothing to.
  38. This laugh was the supreme assertion of certainty and authority.
  39. I do say so, and believe the nation will maintain the assertion.
  40. They were all confused by the very clear and forceful assertion.
  41. The assertion that the Messiah would seek riches, after millennia.
  42. What he disagrees with is the biblical author(s) assertion that each.
  43. And while his logic told him that it was a ridiculous assertion, his.
  44. What exactly is the meaning of the assertion that they, too, are mis-.
  45. However, the last assertion must be accompanied by one important note.
  46. Alan had some problems with that assertion, but he couldn't disprove it.
  47. No-mind state without positive assertion is like a seed without embryo.
  48. Arjun-to lend credence to this assertion? Vivaswat was born in the dis-.
  49. That accounts for Krishn’s assertion that the man who finally, that is.
  50. Suppose he intended it, and has not done it, our assertion is still false.
  51. This assertion, as we shall see in the next chapter, is certainly erroneous.
  52. In a previous book I made the assertion that we should be glad that we have.
  53. This discovery, strange as you may think the assertion, gave me pleasure; my.
  54. I categorically deny the assertion that the monsters are not paying taxes.
  55. I tried an experiment in my own household to prove the truth of this assertion.
  56. In support of this assertion, it has been shown that electrical stimulations.
  57. What do its terms necessarily include? They contain an assertion and a pledge.
  58. The other one of the two quickly nodded his assertion to his compatriots statement.
  59. A wink or a shrug is accepted as more significant than the most positive assertion.
  60. This assertion would seem to agree with the First Law of Thermodynamics: Energy can.
  61. The assertion that winter ice deters illegal migrants and activities was questionable.
  62. No gentleman need to have any difficulty in screwing his courage up to this assertion.
  63. I am speaking of Self-Mastery - the assertion of the "I" over the subordinate parts of.
  64. That fact alone supports my assertion that police cover for each other in these types.
  65. It is the force of the persistent assertion of one's own existence, and a denial of death.
  66. Let's summarize and accept the assertion that the nature of Space is holistic and indivisible.
  67. Jackson—an assertion, which so far from intimating the obnoxious idea of a knowledge in Mr.
  68. The next problem with the 144,000 number is the assertion that God would assign 12,000.
  69. With a nod, he seemed to accept Barrin’s assertion and replied, Then I will look into it.
  70. It makes the redundant assertion that the long-term effort that we view as the work of the Hebrew.
  71. There was therefore no plausibility in the assertion that peace had not been earnestly sought for.
  72. It is never like that you attain no-mind first and then you fill it with positive assertion of God.
  73. Ken balked at this new assertion and turned away in embarrassment hoping she had not been overheard.
  74. We have grown so accustomed to this assertion that we are no longer struck by the strangeness of it.
  75. Other interpretations add the assertion that the circle represents the female sex organ and the so-.
  76. The First Truth is an assertion that all manifested life is sorrow, unless man knows how to live it.
  77. But she put down this memory and giggled self-consciously as if admitting the truth of his assertion.
  78. Then, indeed, did Miss Farnsworth prove the truth of her assertion that she was accustomed to horses.
  79. So this assertion that is constantly put forward, that it’s simply a matter of maximizing hormonal.
  80. The problem with this assertion is that the Tribe of Juda is actually the lost ( cut-off) tribe, and.
  81. This is a complete and total refutation of the assertion that money is a positive store of value or a.
  82. But this assertion is so obviously absurd, that it makes one feel ashamed to give it a serious denial.
  83. Nevertheless the Scripture accords with Nature most completely in its assertion of the law of Heredity.
  84. I could not believe that an assertion of this sort could be printed in any book, and I asked to see it.
  85. This has been repeated, but I have heard no arguments in support of the position; it is naked assertion.
  86. We care not what the motive may have been which let to the assertion stated at the head of this enquiry.
  87. What you can expect from a liberal who has not the means to deal with a reasoned conservative assertion.
  88. Indeed, one might argue that the future is here and ample evidence exists of the truth of his assertion.
  89. Evans if he agrees with the Pope’s assertion that Muslims and Christians are more alike than different.
  90. Darby's assertion that the word 'destroy’ is never used for causing the final cessation of existence (p.
  91. They did not reply; they sat staring at him, assailed by a numbing realization of the truth of his assertion.
  92. A life was given for a life, with no assertion that one was priceless and the other comparatively valueless.
  93. This gives a meaning to every reason and assertion, which have been advanced, however wild and inconsistent.
  94. As all the birth records and adoptions were ostensibly legitimate, there was no problem in making this assertion.
  95. The assertion is, that the edicts of Great Britain and France are contrary to our rights, honor, and independence.
  96. As he spoke he took the servant to the door, and then repeated his demand to know her reasons for such an assertion.
  97. Barak Obamas recent assertion that Muslim history is intimately connected with American history is an absolute lie.
  98. And it is concerning what is contained in that letter alone, that the resolution under consideration makes assertion.
  99. In spite of Johnson, Reconstruction saw the beginnings of Black autonomy, mobility, self assertion, and civil rights.
  100. Whatever measures are confined within our territorial limits, is not an assertion or enjoyment of our exterior rights.

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