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Statement в предложении (на )

  1. It was more a statement.
  2. So not a true statement.
  3. That was an odd statement.
  4. In the above statement Dr.
  5. This statement is a basic.

  6. ZJ wrote out the statement.
  7. Because it is a statement.
  8. Paunero said in a statement.
  9. I had made a bold statement.
  10. I want to make a statement.
  11. The next statement asks if.
  12. What this statement real y.
  13. As a statement of hypocrisy.
  14. A statement, not a question.
  15. This line is a C++ statement.

  16. This statement at the label.
  17. Nero scoffed at the statement.
  18. Paul makes no such statement.
  19. Then we placed our statement.
  20. This statement is so harmful.
  21. The Default statement is the.
  22. I can read a bank statement.
  23. It was a statement of benefits.
  24. That is a very true statement.
  25. The latter statement was a lie.

  26. The bank statement, of course.
  27. A statement as rhetorical as.
  28. This was a statement of terror.
  29. Her statement left him stunned.
  30. He acted as if this statement.
  31. The statement of Pausanias (II.
  32. Tuples and the print statement.
  33. The switch statement is a multi.
  34. And a statement of conviction.
  35. Try to make a statement with it.
  36. This is clearly a statement of.
  37. Don was stunned by the statement.
  38. The statement amused the Russian.
  39. Her statement gave me the creeps.
  40. But I got this statement, 'God.
  41. In the Strasbourg Statement of.
  42. It’s a bold statement, I know.
  43. He shook his head at my statement.
  44. I paused shocked by her statement.
  45. It was in their mission statement.
  46. Now we'll add a FORMAT statement.
  47. Would that be a fair statement Mr.
  49. In an organizational statement Mr.
  51. Making the one abiding statement.
  52. That’s a hell of a statement.
  53. This statement is a basic truth.
  55. This simple statement helped me.
  56. That statement made Wisdom smiled.
  57. A minival valid if statement is.
  58. It’s quite a fashion statement.
  59. When’s the next statement due?
  60. Th e fi rst statement about the.
  61. With that in mind, the statement.
  62. She seemed to ignore his statement.
  63. This simple statement is in fact.
  64. That statement took me by surprise.
  65. This is handled by the statement.
  66. Several agreed with that statement.
  67. She shocked me with that statement.
  68. This was about making a statement.
  69. Their mission statement says the.
  70. This is the illegal statement in C.
  71. Q: Still you have made a statement.
  72. Each murder scene was a statement.
  73. That's a rather obvious statement.
  74. This is a statement of degradation.
  75. It is merely a statement of fact.
  76. Else if (statement 3) is true then.
  77. It was a statement, not a question.
  78. Her absence made quite a statement.
  79. A vision statement describes what.
  80. Read this "time statement" in the.
  81. Torhan has concluded his statement.
  82. That statement caught my attention.
  83. Davis was confused by her statement.
  84. I rest my answer on that statement.
  85. This is certainly a true statement.
  86. They ignore the statement he made.
  87. Each statement has a common element.
  88. Now that's an interesting statement.
  89. It was a true statement in every way.
  90. Then a sort of conclusive statement.
  91. Zoe snorted at Thanasi’s statement.
  92. I want to hear your statement again.
  93. Frank didn't reply to this statement.
  94. This must be a new fashion statement.
  95. How can you confirm your statement.
  96. What’s the value statement here?
  97. This is such an important statement.
  98. A statement, rather than a question.
  99. We can expect a statement very soon.
  100. This is a clear statement about the.

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