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Bat в предложении (на )

  1. Ish picked up a bat.
  2. I don’t bat a lash.
  3. Yes, this is the bat.
  4. The stupid bat is dead.
  5. Joey stooped for his bat.

  6. Big Poe was first to bat.
  7. Didn’t even bat an eye.
  8. And he was bat shit crazy.
  9. A bat and a ball cost $1.
  10. Ben spotted the bat first.
  11. He didn’t bat an eye.
  12. Meatloaf, Bat Out of Hell.
  13. He waved his bat at Delane.
  14. He was thinking like a bat.
  15. I had not picked up a bat.

  16. The idea hit her like a bat.
  17. A bat attacking in the dark.
  18. His mother's blind as a bat.
  19. He’s as blind as a bat.
  20. Ish dropped the bat on the.
  21. Once, a bat fluttered past.
  22. You’re always up to bat.
  23. Ish blocked him with his bat.
  24. Esyth didn't even bat a lash.
  25. I remembered to bring the bat.

  26. Think of a bat hitting a ball.
  27. He chose me right off the bat.
  28. He felt the bat hit something.
  29. At least she's blind as a bat.
  30. Or hit him with a baseball bat.
  31. A bat flickered by and vanished.
  32. Ali lifted a bat from the floor.
  33. Joey pointed a head with his bat.
  34. We found a dead bat yesterday.
  35. His gory bat bore the evidence.
  36. There’s a dead bat under here.
  37. Jason lowers his bat to his side.
  38. He tightened his grip on his bat.
  39. Mayank did not wish to bat longer.
  40. Ish struck the bat on the man's.
  41. Where did you get the bat?
  42. Now she thinks of herself as a bat.
  43. He rested the bat on his shoulder.
  44. We believe it’s a Vampire bat.
  45. Kane handed Joey his bag and his bat.
  46. She swung it like a bat at the wall.
  47. And I went back to bat in the field.
  48. Right off the bat, he has a problem.
  49. The servants didn’t bat an eyelid.
  50. Diane D sways the baseball bat again.
  51. Once upon a time there was an old bat.
  52. Not a single bat can resist the dawn.
  53. Still, he had come home with his bat.
  54. The monk then slowly raised the bat.
  55. He could try to turn into a bat and.
  56. Jason, I caught this bat in Brazil.
  57. In case it’s a bat instead of a fly.
  58. The human swung a makeshift bat at me.
  59. No feathers had they, but as of a bat.
  60. Slam! Ali struck the ball with the bat.
  61. Aunt Billie was an interesting old bat.
  62. Katie slumped over, using her bat to.
  63. Nuuke swatted Punk's bat way with his.
  64. And he saw it was neither bat nor bird.
  65. He waved his bat in the air with menace.
  66. He once again avoided Punk's bat as he.
  67. This is a regular car not the bat mobile.
  68. The Buzzard, The Bat, and The Bumblebee.
  69. So they left you with just a bat?
  70. Twittering the bat flew here, flew there.
  71. Joey waved at the orderrans with his bat.
  72. Tom didn't bat an eyelid at the warm fog.
  73. He prepared the bat to deal another blow.
  74. Most guards would never shoot at a bat?
  75. Ron went in to bat and he made seven runs.
  76. You shoulda told me right off the bat.
  77. There was a dead bat lying on the ground.
  78. But Laxman connected with the ball and bat.
  79. A bat flew past the main veranda, and up.
  80. Hugo had his bat under the covers with him.
  81. Maybe with a bat? His eyes opened, still.
  82. He helped his cause with his bat, hitting.
  83. The monk flicked the bat upwards once again.
  84. I stained to hear the bat striking the ball.
  85. The bat tumbled to the floor and landed at.
  86. One asks, What is that, a fungo bat?
  87. They could see but he was as blind as a bat.
  88. Maybe we should just let her use the bat.
  89. She picked up the bat and charged after him.
  90. Joey blocked the knife with his bat and ran.
  91. Snarling, he yanked the bat out of her grip.
  92. The handle of the bat was now aimed towards.
  93. Meat from this large bat (adults are about 0.
  94. The man was standing and raising the bat again.
  95. He reached into the cage to bat Frances, but.
  96. Typically some old bat is warbling about the.
  97. If the employer persists bat the question back.
  98. Disappointed, he threw the bat on| the crease.
  99. The eagle gripped a baseball bat in one talon.
  100. Ali's bat had not hit the ball, but his pride.
  1. I was surely batting a.
  2. His lifetime batting average is.
  3. His batting average was down to.
  4. His lifetime batting average was.
  5. She smiled back at him, batting her eyes.
  6. In the beginning, I was batting a thousand.
  7. By the age of twenty-one, he was batting.
  8. He could be ready for a batting test anytime.
  9. I halted my batting in the middle of the match.
  10. The batting cages hung on cables and could be.
  11. I admire honesty in a man, she said, batting.
  12. Forty two, I said without batting an eyelid.
  13. He pointed to the Australian team batting on the.
  14. Just pretend that you are pitching batting practice.
  15. I remember batting painstakingly that day, whether to.
  16. My body perhaps? he said smiling and batting his.
  17. Batting without the protection of a helmet was always a.
  18. Without batting an eye, she wrapped both arms around Norah.
  19. Oh, I love the horse, I said, batting away my ill will.
  20. There appeared to be a virtual batting cage off the left of.
  21. In other words, in a random batting world, there is a 1.
  22. Since then Tendulkar's batting has tended to be less attacking.
  23. Patches begins batting it with her paw, and then chewing its edge.
  24. In clear, my batting average regarding sons and daughters is a zero.
  25. There appeared to be a virtual batting cage off the left of the room.
  26. Let’s say that the mean batting average among baseball players is.
  27. In the final match when I was batting on 49 runs, I felt very thirsty.
  28. That same day, he could come home and beat my Mom, without batting an eye.
  29. Market Leaders enjoy similar batting averages when compared to the S&P 500.
  30. Stop it, Emily said, batting behind her as she felt a horse smell her.
  31. During the rest of the session I pitched batting practice with great success.
  32. Typical Boglehob, croaked Dawes, batting away more chickens with his arms.
  33. You’re mean, she said impishly, batting her eyelashes in mock flirtation.
  34. Why should I have to? She sped next to my head, batting wings against my ear.
  35. I felt like I was in a batting cage facing an automated pitching machine set on kill.
  36. It could be he changed horses in mid stream and had been batting for the other side.
  37. A key reason for our success is that we have a high batting average on the long side.
  38. He made his major-league debut with the Yankees in 1936, batting ahead of Lou Gehrig.
  39. In a fit of pique, someone had snipped the fur on his head down to the cotton batting.
  40. Emory sent him a withering look and bumped into a woman with furiously batting eyelashes.
  41. That’s a little hard since she keeps batting her lashes at you right in front of me.
  42. He was very carefree and without batting; even he did not know what was happening with him.
  43. He was the National League MVP in 1966 and four times batting champion in the senior circuit.
  44. She was sick twice in the bathroom, batting me away when I tried to hold her hair up for her.
  45. She opened the little box and peered at the brooch, resting on a bed of white cotton batting.
  46. You’d better hope Darcy is a hell of a woman because so far, she’s batting zero with me.
  47. Batting that whorl in the direction of some stately manors the Daitya began focusing on his sword.
  48. The batting analogy is useful because it forces us to think about the statistical nature of skill.
  49. His batting is based on complete balance and poise while limiting unnecessary movements and flourishes.
  50. Wind howled, and deep gloom, thick as mattress batting, cold as a hibernating toad, lay over the valley.
  51. I feel its weight and the prick of talons and fling my arm forward to shake it off, my hand batting at it.
  52. It was way too short for me, the couch, but I really could've slept standing up without batting an eyelash.
  53. The crowds are noisy and wild, but you can leave with whoever you want, without anybody batting an eyelash.
  54. She was having trouble dealing with the fact that Derek was a player, let alone batting for the other team.
  55. Fanny, I— she began, ineffectually batting at clumps of mostly dried dung that clung to her coarse robe.
  56. Don’t settle for strategies that may have done very well recently but that have poor overall batting averages.
  57. I was able to provide details, answer questions and have her fill out a form – all without her batting an eye.
  58. I stood ankle deep in the muck of the swamp, batting at the cloud of mosquitoes that whined around my face and arms.
  59. Whenever I’d phone Jagdishbhai seeking time for an interview, he’d talk to me about my father’s batting instead.
  60. Sabina crossed into Mexico while Inacio slept, batting her eyes and pacifying the guards with her promiscuous clothes.
  61. Without batting an eye, and without pausing, he gently said in a way only Chris could, You’re a package deal, babe.
  62. One way to do this is to focus on the rolling batting average of how your portfolio is performing versus its benchmark.
  63. They have a tough plastic or hide side to expose to the ground, or sand in this case, with a nylon lining and dacron batting.
  64. Even the weather folks sometimes risk their batting average to venture a percentage of probability that it might rain tomorrow.
  65. Sir Donald Bradman, considered by many as the greatest batsman of all time, considered Tendulkar to have a batting style similar to his.
  66. A baseball player never really gets paid, no matter how many homeruns he hits or what his batting average is, unless he gets to the big leagues.
  67. Then his tenderness had sprung from a wealth of fond memories of childhood when his Gran had gamely bowled to his fantasy Colin Cowdrey batting.
  68. When I went home the cats thought that the tubes coming out of my stomach were great cat toys and kept batting at them and trying to hang on them.
  69. He often bowls when two batsmen of the opposite team have been batting together for a long period, as he can often be a useful partnership breaker.
  70. Up until even a year ago, my great-aunt had managed all the hills in Jerome without batting an eye, but time seemed to be finally catching up to her.
  71. Page after page featured adorable kittens batting at strings and showing off their fat fuzzy tummies, but nothing resembling my hiding, hissing kitten.
  72. They might be all batting for the same team, but most State officers thought less of the AFP—they were to be tolerated and only if absolutely necessary.
  73. There’s a cricket game in the backyard, and who’s out there batting in her stilettos, all blinged up, exactly the same, but little Madeline from across the road.
  74. They scooped their wings, batting them madly and fanned their tails to drift slowly above the melee, tiny heads darting from side to side, scanning for the perfect morsel.
  75. They cared for their own, that was for sure, but when it came to the billions of people living on—and in—Earth, they would kill without even batting an eyelash, if they even had any.
  76. Sophia had wrapped her long braids around my knees, and I was batting away her hands as she tried to tie them together, I need to pick up another one of my daughters across town and I’m going to be late.
  77. She was acting as his fiancée not to enjoy the normal intimacies that accompanied it but to get the one thing that he was batting around the bush for—and what she had to have—; and that was her story on him.
  78. She’d sit there batting her eyes and give you the feeling she was a pretty dumb girl, but then there was this intense, almost secret-like sincerity behind what she’d say, and that left me with the idea that this girl is a mystery.
  79. He slowly helped her negotiate the stairs, their progress somewhat hampered by the cats who were playfully chasing each other up and down the staircase, getting underfoot, and periodically batting at their mistress’s crutches with their playful paws.
  80. After watching a few of his neighbors leaping out of the showers buck naked, yelping and batting at themselves, Joe finally took to carrying a broom into the shower each evening to clear the rafters of eight-legged intruders before he turned the water on.
  81. When did they build it? You'd think each house would have a toilet, but oh no! It's just a stone's throw to the toilet, where I spent two minutes trying to find the light switch, and five minutes after that batting off a big moth while I tried to wash up!.
  82. Explaining this change in his batting style, he has acknowledged that he is batting differently because, firstly, no batsman can bat the same way for the entire length of a long career and, secondly, he is a senior member of the team now and thus has more responsibility.
  83. He wouldn’t have been able to see as well, and the interior of the conning tower left a little something to be desired in terms of comfort and breathability when the big guns were in action, but at least the armor would have prevented his feeling as if the Tellesberg Krakens had decided to use him for batting practice.
  84. Tránsito Ariza pulled apart and then sewed together again for him the clothes that his father decided to discard, so that he went to primary school wearing frock coats that dragged on the ground when he sat down, and ministerial hats that came down over his ears despite the cotton batting on the inside to make them smaller.
  85. And in out of the Dublin morn, sweeping through the front doors of the Royal Hibernian Hotel, along the entryway, and to the registry was a tall willowy man of some forty years, followed by five short willowy youths of some twenty years, a burst of bird song, their hands clapping all about on the air as they passed, their eyes squinching, batting, and flickering, their mouths pursed, their brows enlightened and then dark, their color flushed and then pale—or was it both?—their voices now flawless piccolo, now flute, now melodious oboe, but always tuneful.
  86. During the afternoon, while the children were having their nap, Aureliano Segundo sat on the porch and Fernanda pursued him even there, provoking him, tormenting him, hovering about him with her implacable horsefly buzzing, saying that, of course, while there was nothing to eat except stones, her husband was sitting there like a sultan of Persia, watching it rain, because that was all he was, a slob, a sponge, a good-for-nothing, softer than cotton batting, used to living off women and convinced that he had married Jonah’s wife, who was so content with the story of the whale.
  87. Were there no such thing as batting skill, then their performance this year would be merely average—in other words,.
  1. She batted at my shoulder.
  2. The colored men batted first.
  3. His eyes swiveled and batted.
  4. The Count batted it away again.
  5. Ralph batted the question off to Alan.
  6. Her eyes filled with tears she batted away.
  7. Then she batted my hands away and dressed me.
  8. She sniffed here and there, then batted the.
  9. With a tentacle it batted him out of the way.
  10. I batted at an insect as it caromed around my face.
  11. She turned around in her chair to face him and batted.
  12. In her final throws, the dying girl batted a Sycler away.
  13. He batted the blows of his new opponent aside and, with.
  14. Claire nudged him and batted those long eyelashes of hers.
  15. Eva flipped her hair and then batted her eyelashes at Bryce.
  16. She tried to unzip his trousers, but he batted away her hand.
  17. Its large brown eyes batted as if it was trying to charm me.
  18. Sergeant McKinistry batted the spear head away with his sword.
  19. She batted her eyelids and said: Don’t stare at me, please.
  20. Then it grinned at me again, raised its paw and batted my hand.
  21. Batted about in the West without much historical understanding.
  22. He batted his head against the headrest and spoke with sharp words.
  23. Gina didn’t blush, only batted her eyes at the shower of compliments.
  24. Scared, I batted her behind me, and the dog pushed me into the shop door.
  25. He hadn’t batted an eyelid when she had told him she had nowhere to stay.
  26. That had them smiling even more, as they batted their flirting eyes at me.
  27. Every fucking sport that has a ball, or has something that is batted around.
  28. Pretty please? Hands in prayer position, she batted her clear green eyes.
  29. When Yuki feinted, Mori only batted the sword away with the back of his hand.
  30. I burst out laughing as it twitched his tiny ears and batted its eyes again.
  31. I barely batted the javelin to the side with my sword before he was upon me.
  32. The ball dropped towards Garcia and he batted it away with his Pain/Catcher.
  33. Paras batted a catch towards Ali, whose hands were busy tightening the cords.
  34. Passersby looked at him with complete indifference; not a one batted an eyelid.
  35. GET OUT!’ He threw himself forward at the wall and batted his face against it.
  36. He batted wildly at his target, shredding through marble columns in the process.
  37. You are so understanding She batted her eyelashes, gazing at him with adoration.
  38. Thick black lashes batted twice before her mesmerizing blue eyes to focused on him.
  39. He batted playfully at my hand as I flipped the dial in search of an educational program.
  40. He gestured to the phone pressed to his ear and batted off her words with a flick of his hand.
  41. In that game he also recorded a two-run single, becoming the oldest player with a run batted in.
  42. Conal batted a couple from Piers’ shoulders, pulling his coat over his own head as protection.
  43. I batted some of his blows aside, sidestepped others and countered with light scores where possible.
  44. Muttering under his breath, Colin batted it ahead of him as he stalked toward the edge of the room.
  45. Women batted grudging lashes while the men stopped whatever it was they were doing and simply stared.
  46. Please, D’ven? Please, oh pretty please? She batted her eyelashes at him and he sighed, but shook his head.
  47. The score now read 7-6; he had just batted two players in from second and third, helping the team take over the lead.
  48. Even ten years ago there probably would’ve been a hell of a ruckus over that, but these days no one even batted an eye.
  49. In dutiful fashion she batted her eyelashes at the man, who was slightly shorter than her and old enough to be her grandfather.
  50. David Ortiz (Dominican Republic) has batted in 1,147 runs in his career with the Minnesota Twins and Boston Red Sox since 1997.
  51. The thought of having children, him going back to school, their renting a house in a terrible neighborhood–he’d never batted an eye.
  52. His eight runs batted in broke a school record as he was carried on the shoulders of his ecstatic teammates, to the middle of the field.
  53. In the opener, the Bucs whipped the Cincinnati Reds, 13-0 with Clemente going three for four while collecting five runs batted in (RBI).
  54. He wheeled to face my charge, but I batted his sword away and with a roar of pure fury, I grabbed hold of him and threw him bodily away from Zarsha.
  55. I waited a moment before I went to her, just to be sure these were sad tears rather than angry ones which may result in my being batted away in a fury.
  56. He probably had his horse abducted from beneath him by the leader of the pack, mused Evans, and we do know he was one who batted for the other side.
  57. The scene was a little bizarre, but nobody batted an eyelid as he walked with his usual indestructible self-confidence through the park with Melissa in his arms.
  58. He was not able to wrest the dart gun from its grip, but it did fire wide when he batted at it and it might take Vic more than a second to get the next dart loaded.
  59. He batted at Gasbag’s head a couple of times, only vaguely hearing the voice in the back of his mind that said Hold your temper, hold your temper, hold your temper….
  60. Pujols shares the record for the most runs batted in during a World Series game – six – which he scored for the St Louis Cardinals in Game 3 of the 2011 World Series on 22 October.
  61. Bruno flashed a light into one of Mackie’s eyes and said, Concussion, but the rest of her words were lost as Morales batted the doctor’s hand away and opened her eyes on her own.
  62. He turned back around to continue his solitary drinking and the woman rushed off in a huff to sweep - in between assailing the other male patrons with honeyed words and batted eye-lashes, of course.
  63. Maybe it was the place I belonged after all the crap we had went through and all the sites we had visited the place I needed to be was the place I hadn’t even batted an eye at… even, after all this time.
  64. Needless to say, no one in the place even batted an eyelid, but the South was so alien to us then that I would have believed it if someone had told us they served fried alligator toenail sandwiches down in Florida.
  65. She taunted him, giving him the worst case of blue balls Toronto has ever seen, but refused sexual advances saying that she wasn’t the sort to engage in casual relationships, then batted her eyes in mock surprise when he suggested that he move in with her.
  66. Lori’s features twisted harshly, Enough of all this! I want to know what this little misbegotten adventure has all been about tonight! She said, as she lifted the pistol, but Asia batted it away and slammed her fist into the pit of Lori’s stomach causing her to gasp for air.
  1. There are no bats in.
  2. Rumor has wings like bats.
  3. Their bats will be replaced.
  4. I knew bats could see.
  5. Above, I saw some bats flying.
  6. Three more of the bats remained.
  7. Those old bats will believe you.
  8. To the moles and bats by the way.
  9. The others carried baseball bats.
  10. That are struck with wooden bats.
  11. Bats have many enemies including.
  12. They seemed sad, if bats can be sad.
  13. The last of the bats lunged at Rodnik.
  14. Saw bats for the first time this year.
  15. Like stones or baseball bats or boulders.
  16. We investigated and found the bats had gone.
  17. They were al armed with bal bats and bars.
  18. The bats seemed to be telling her something.
  19. A flood of random bats blocks out the moon.
  20. Ish dumped the bats for repair on the floor.
  21. I reckon I could find it—but then the bats.
  22. Clubbed with bats, boomerangs, punches and kicks.
  23. Bats, cave crawlers and small voles and rodents.
  24. It could have been bats, but they were not sure.
  25. A full moon was in the sky and bats flew overhead.
  26. Davie bats the ball back into the doctor’s hands.
  27. We moved the bats and the ball baskets inside and.
  28. All of them wield sticks, clubs, and baseball bats.
  29. Baseball bats broken with the back in one minute.
  30. Bailey is looking to buy baseball bats and ammunition.
  31. I appreciate the offer Bats, but it could take years.
  32. A number of bats were attracted to his predatory aura.
  33. Bats can be protected in abandoned caves and mines by.
  34. Bats kept the insect populations down to normal levels.
  35. The range of these bats covers much of Mexico and into.
  36. Of the approximately 1000 species of bats 250, including.
  37. Smith, did you see any bats, or have other nightmares?
  38. Then, suppose three humans with baseball bats exited the.
  39. Detective Allen shakes his head trying to clear the bats.
  40. Bats squeals could be heard like seagulls near the shore.
  41. He went to the box and checked the other bats for cracks.
  42. Look at them, thirteen-year-olds holding their bats with.
  43. Behold! the bats are above his army like a sea of locusts.
  44. The evening bats flashed into the firelight and out again.
  45. Who are they as bats and night-dogs askant in the capitol?
  46. Let us just say bats have their elimination process too.
  47. Uncle Bruce told me he’s going to bring home some bats.
  48. He flapped clumsily down among the firs, silencing the bats.
  49. Over and through it all went the bats, heeding it not at all.
  50. Can't you hear the bats? They're trying to tell you something.
  51. Now other creatures came and went — bats, owls, mice, coyote.
  52. They were waving Gaelic football bats in the dimly lit hallway.
  53. All I care is I saw a dozen kinds of bats and clubs and air guns.
  54. Ultra with their bats, until Punk took out of his boomerangs and.
  55. With a couple of their baseball bats, you would look even fiercer.
  56. Bruce’s collection of preserved bats was at the back of the room.
  57. Kurt and Brian stood behind Chuck, tapping their bats on the ground.
  58. He would skip the meteorite and the bats and concentrate on the Natives.
  59. A minimum of thirty percent of any colony of bats is infected with rabies.
  60. It was their nine-hole hitter who had struck out his previous at bats and.
  61. The blind animal uses radar to move around, similar to bats on your planet.
  62. The plants sucked and drank the blood of the bats, and chewed up their bones.
  63. Without warning a flock of vampire bats plummeted down from the shadows above.
  64. Signs: Roosting colonies easy to spot, often in caves, fruit bats also in trees.
  65. The bats were telling her she was not too old to get married and have children.
  66. Bats were evil itself to Halon with their leathery wings and their stinking fur.
  67. You should have seen Bruce fishing for bats down there in that jungle, Juliet.
  68. Old mitts and bats were stacked neatly against the bottom of the walls, and they.
  69. Very big, I think, really; but in the glass they looked like bats wheeling round.
  70. Lucas lobs his sphere at Glacia, who bats it away, mouth twisted into a smug smirk.
  71. The bat screeched which brought the other bats who tried to hit Alex off of its back.
  72. The eaves had many holes and a colony of bats had taken up residence under the roof.
  73. Example: A marine in uniform was beaten with baseball bats in the state of Washington.
  74. Far away the wind went over a hill with its last cargo of dark bats, echoing, chittering.
  75. They entered the bodies of living bats: they develop ears of bats, and the wings of bats.
  76. She could see that they were just bats that were hanging upside down that were trying to.
  77. Bats dive and swoop through clouds of gnats, and the insects scatter and re-form once more.
  78. He swung six bats in his thin hands, eying them critically with his shiny green little eyes.
  79. Bats, startled by the light, fluttered in their faces, and then disappeared in the darkness.
  80. There are baseball bats, baseball gloves, baseball uniforms and other sport gears on the side.
  81. One by one, the plants ripped out the hearts and flesh of the bats and munched on their bones.
  82. The top of his staff emitted a cone-shaped flame that scorched one of the circling vampire bats.
  83. The attackers carried weapons of all sorts: Guns, axes, shovels, baseball bats, kitchen knives.
  84. It wasn’t night falling, but thousands of fruit bats descending on the law enforcement group.
  85. He had also contrived to catch a few bats, and these, also, he had eaten, leaving only their claws.
  86. She bats him lightly over the head with her napkin and laughs coyly; he turns to me looking distraught.
  87. Silas hammered his wings through the air, getting lift, dodging the battling birds and bats around him.
  88. As soon as the bats started to come out they would dive down and swoop up a bat for their evening meal.
  89. Felines, canines and apes and many other animals can carry rabies, there is even a form carried by bats.
  90. Tendulkar is cross-dominant: He bats, bowls and throws with his right hand, but writes with his left hand.
  91. Among mammals, we see it strikingly displayed in Bats, and in a lesser degree in the Felidae and Canidae.
  92. No, vampires can't turn into bats, as I have told you already, he spoke as though he had read my mind.
  93. They formed a small but very determined mob, carrying broken glass bottles, box cutters, and makeshift bats.
  94. Mister, just walk in, knock out the bats, stomp the spiders, and any place is yours for thirty bucks a month.
  95. Two of the guards said something about a colony of bats, but I don’t think that had anything to do with it.
  96. There is only plunging night and owls calling from the trees and bats straining insects above a roadside ditch.
  97. Luckily for the survivor the bats were killing each other and the survivor ran away before they came after her.
  98. They suspected he would not trouble them anymore, even if he did survive the Hendra Virus the bats were carrying.
  99. Terry had always been terrified of bats, ever since he’d climbed into the loft as a teenager, disturbing a roost.
  100. Many of the old bats were really just reacting to being startled and shaken after hearing secrets about themselves.

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Синонимы слова bat

bat flutter clobber cream drub lick thrash

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