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Lick в предложении (на )

  1. Fenrir tries to lick it.
  2. He tried to lick his lips.
  3. Greta wanted to lick it off.
  4. With a lick, the man stood.
  5. They’d lick us in a month.

  6. Then it began to lick itself.
  7. Then it hits me: Lick the Pink.
  8. This type of blues lick works.
  9. Cynthia began to lick her daughter.
  10. Lick your lips if you‘re thirsty.
  11. There was no time to lick the pop.
  12. Conrad watched the man lick dry lips.
  13. The gentle lick of his yellow flames.
  14. Skip immediately started to lick it up.
  15. I laughed as it started to lick my face.

  16. He gave her clit another lick, tasting her.
  17. He went up to his room to lick his wounds, to.
  18. I groaned, swallowed and tried to lick my lips.
  19. Gary could only lick dry lips, unable to answer.
  20. But I still want to lick David Tennant’s face.
  21. If I licked my lips, I’d probably lick his too.
  22. They lick their lips as if Jaden is food to them.
  23. Cats lick themselves and would not like its taste.
  24. My boyfriend has told me that he wants to lick my.
  25. One last lick for the road, Stacey chuckled.

  26. Giving it a little lick, I placed it on Sue’s hip.
  27. This Panny-Tavor then went to give my face a big lick.
  28. Had to almost lick ’em to make ’em stan’ still.
  29. Joey had one last lick of the chocolate pie when his.
  30. She could, she said, lick her weight in City Councilmen.
  31. He held the envelope up before his huge face to lick the.
  32. Just in case, I threw in a kiss and a lick every-so-often.
  33. Then I went in again and gave Sue’s armpit a good lick.
  34. We returned to the salt lick and secured twelve more deer.
  35. The craving for iron causes veal calves to lick their own.
  36. All he wanted was to find a hole to crawl into, and lick.
  37. The old air traffic control building had a lick of paint.
  38. They were going to hit a lick and wanted some more muscle.
  39. Of course, I couldn't resist giving them a kiss and a lick.
  40. There ain’t nothin’ FROM THE OUTSIDE can lick any of us.
  41. Hello, Mr Cat, she said as she watched him lick his paw.
  42. She hadn’t held back a thing, not a single lick of her love.
  43. She picked Bob up and let him lick her face for the last time.
  44. Then Sue gave it a little lick and stuck the pedal to my chest.
  45. Or lick our wounds; take the hit and live to trade another day.
  46. In the end Josef limped back to his quarters to lick his wounds.
  47. But I want to lick you, I whined, yearning to taste him more.
  48. Lick him into shape!--lick what marrow there was out of his bones.
  49. Each lick was now matched with a flood that built deep inside her.
  50. What a mess! That Jim Lick was still alive was a huge mistake on.
  51. Again, this reinforces to me that the impetus to lick her must've.
  52. I had an intuition to lick the wound, and it healed before my eyes.
  53. I heard Ted counter the soap idea with, Dude I’ll just lick it.
  54. He closes up the envelope but, of course, does not lick the adhesive.
  55. His answer to that was a groan and a sloppy lick that covered my face.
  56. I took a look around and found that there was a salt lick in the spot.
  57. Other example is the death sign #2 ( when you lick your palate, it is.
  58. He buried his face in her and began to lick with long, powerful strokes.
  59. Straddling him in a curtained room, bending down to lick away the worry.
  60. When that wicked king was slain, the dogs, did they not lick his blood?
  61. I run down the hallway in search of a place to be alone and lick my wounds.
  62. The smaller of the two went to lick his mother’s wounds, hoping…when….
  63. I lick my lips, sprint the last few steps, and thrust the heel of my hand up.
  64. Got in a fight, an’ says her brother’ll lick that other girl’s brother.
  65. It was so good that he would smack and lick his lips after every single bite.
  66. He couldn’t move; couldn’t cry out; couldn’t lick his blood covered lips.
  67. Her fingers were sticky from the roll, and she resisted the urge to lick them.
  68. I had an urge to lick the moisture that trailed down the planes of his stomach.
  69. They could and did lick the Yankees every time the Yankees would stand and fight.
  70. She stood in the doorway and watched Daniel lick the golden syrup from the spoon.
  71. They caress his dark skin, kiss his full lips, and lick his tongue ever so slowly.
  72. She stared at Melinda, stuck out her tongue and gave a long lick in her direction.
  73. Shush, Marilyn said to her, raising her head to lick at the girl’s nipples.
  74. Jets of water attacked the blaze but the flames continued to lick the clouds above.
  75. She only had time to sense that every lick of his tongue was giving her an orgasm.
  76. My fantasy is to be coated in melted milk chocolate and then have Phil lick it off.
  77. The bat let out a heart-wrenching cry as Bella whipped him, one lick after another.
  78. My object was to form his character, to lick him into shape, to make a man of him.
  79. That being the case, he must have had great power, but he never utilized a lick of it.
  80. She would always let him lick the spoon or dip his finger in the bowl to taste things.
  81. Jim Lick took a deep breath, and could almost feel his connection with this Mihail guy.
  82. After scanning the area and not seeing any predators I began to lick water from the pond.
  83. His tongue gave an experimental lick on her tender folds and it earned him a sharp gasp.
  84. Did Jim Lick think he could send two punks - who I was sure were scratching their heads.
  85. Picking up the cat crap, he proceeded to lick it, a huge grin plastered across his face.
  86. About a month into our assignment, we heard that the Lick Brothers had found a different.
  87. The dog stayed beside Jordon and kept nudging him in the shoulder and trying to lick him.
  88. Jim and Bruce Lick were sitting in their conference room of their corporate headquarters.
  89. You lick your lips pursing them, sleepy, you reposition your legs over the sides of hips.
  90. He took one last look at his mistress, gave her hand a lick and sped off down the passage.
  91. He kicked me in the face and ordered me to lick his arches while they rested on the floor.
  92. But then the beast will crawl to us and lick our feet and spatter them with tears of blood.
  93. The dog whined and looked like he wanted to rise and lick her face, but she held him steady.
  94. To demonstrate how some men with initiative lick a climatic problem, there is a 59-year old.
  95. Nimblefax gave her a lick and she saw he had both wheels and the wheel rod jammed to one side.
  96. Once confirmed, I’m inside the main menu where the words Lick the Pink flash on the masthead.
  97. I recently found a subcategory of women being forced to lick toilet seats and bathroom floors.
  98. Lick's plans, told me that Jim Lick was back working with the Violas, which I had a hard time.
  99. I reached out and stroked his silver-gray short fur and he responded by trying to lick my hand.
  100. A small bunny appeared out of the apple orchard and began to lick his paws on the fluffy grass.
  1. He returned to his licking.
  2. Once he started licking, her.
  3. Ulfur laid down, licking his.
  4. The licking became more intense.
  5. He started licking his other paw.
  6. That is why I see it licking its.
  7. Lap up: The act of licking up water.
  8. Licking its wounds the mind gave in.
  9. Hal, you’re licking your lips.
  10. There would be no licking of wounds.
  11. They were still licking their wounds.
  12. Sim just stood there licking his lips.
  13. Houston said, licking his parched lips.
  14. Anup is licking the tears from my face.
  15. Already flames are licking the ceiling.
  16. Um, he says while licking his lips.
  17. Then he came up to them, licking his lips.
  18. As such, if you recognize that licking a.
  19. It’s more of a case of licking my wounds.
  20. The puppy was licking his face frantically.
  21. Licking my bone-dry lips I answered the voice.
  22. Your friends will be licking the plate clean.
  23. Silver was licking Bigwig's wounded shoulder.
  24. Oh, yes, licking the bone is probably a very.
  25. But now he wished the licking had never ended.
  26. Licking his lips, the chief looked back in his.
  27. He stopped licking her neck and took a step back.
  28. Smuts crossed the river licking his wounded pride.
  29. The big cat sat on a branch, licking herself clean.
  30. Dodds would be licking her lips with anticipation.
  31. A large cat-like creature sat there licking its paw.
  32. He looked me over, licking his lips in the process.
  33. Then slowly, licking his lips, he unbuckled his belt.
  34. A spaceship… repeated Sorren, licking his lips.
  35. He was lying behind the destroyer licking his left paw.
  36. He stretched out a paw and began licking his upper arm.
  37. The dead dog is licking your wounds and healing them.
  38. It was early morning and I was licking a malted vanilla.
  39. Is this what you meant? she asked, licking the tip.
  40. Antonia looked up at Sal, licking her suddenly dry lips.
  41. As soon as I felt completely satiated, I stopped licking.
  42. Bubba began whining and nuzzling my hand, licking it too.
  43. I gave her what she requested and an extra licking of her.
  44. That same day Al Ulbrickson was licking his wounds again.
  45. As soon as we started licking the ice cream from our cones.
  46. Midnight replied, by repeatedly licking his master’s chin.
  47. I know, she replied, licking the blood from his chest.
  48. Bernard's biting, rubbing and licking, turned the heads of.
  49. Chait nodded in agreement and then continued licking himself.
  50. He kisses my belly, licking my belly button and sucking on it.
  51. His mouth on my neck, drinking my blood, licking, sucking it.
  52. The fire grew around him, licking away the floor beneath him.
  53. He moved back to her wounded wrist and began licking it clean.
  54. She bent to pat him, and he wagged joyfully, licking her hands.
  55. The cub was licking his fur, the jesterfish wheezing for breath.
  56. Licking her lips, she says, Is that a … a … real gun?
  57. The dog licking my bloody foot, the flies swarming over my face.
  58. I laughed at him and he gave me a doggy grin, licking at my face.
  59. In less than 90 seconds, she was back at the screen door licking.
  60. He moves to my lower leg, kissing, licking and sucking so tenderly.
  61. Tt was standing seemingly casual against a wal , licking its own.
  62. It hovered next to his face, almost licking his skin but not quite.
  63. Lobo responded by licking my hand and thumping his tail on the floor.
  64. Feeling him retract his fangs and licking the wound shut, she sighed.
  65. Then he clumsily went at licking his paws and rubbing his nose clean.
  66. Licking my dry lips, I said, Listen – there was no more I could do.
  67. The flames in the fire-place were licking at the wood and nibbling at it.
  68. His red tongue protruded in a licking motion as he washed his furry paw.
  69. Danny seeing his opportunity, What did she say? licking his fingers.
  70. It was like a living thing, with arms of red color, licking at the stars.
  71. Anup is licking my neck and cheeks and trying his best to break my trance.
  72. She purred very content, licking one of her paws to wipe her head that was.
  73. There’s thirty-six red bandits back there just licking their alien chops.
  74. Just slide it in the slot, Chantelle said while licking her upper lip.
  75. Then there were just waves licking the side of the boat, and below, nothing.
  76. Next he tried licking the encrusted surface but that proved much too painful.
  77. I'll tell you all about it, said Pavel, licking his lips with pleasure.
  78. Hi, Cassie, he said, licking a thick layer of green slime from his nose.
  79. He felt it licking his face, and some sort of liquid spurting on to his chest.
  80. Then he was licking between her legs and she was coming in wave after wave of.
  81. The detective bent down in my face, positioning himself within licking distance.
  82. Then he was licking along her pubic bone and running his lips across the satiny.
  83. This time he continued up to the back of her thigh with his touching and licking.
  84. The plasma curled itself around Danny's feet, the cool slime licking at his toes.
  85. His cat sat there, licking its paws and then rubbing them over its face and ears.
  86. He opened his mouth and a long, red tongue lashed out licking Em's neck and face.
  87. She leaned in and kissed his neck, licking it when she felt the urge to bite him.
  88. Then her mouth took him in, sucking, licking, torturing him with wanton sexuality.
  89. She put her paws on his shoulders and her cheek against his, licking at his beard.
  90. Theakston thought this was great and continued licking, with more gusto this time.
  91. In the photo, Gabriel was watching her play with a puppy intent on licking her face.
  92. Just beyond him is Fenrir, licking her tiny jaws, and wiggling forward on her belly.
  93. He let his face fall on the cold window laced with condensation, and started licking.
  94. She was driving me crazy with the way she was licking the chocolate off her fingers.
  95. Balthus ducked and then caught the wrist that drove the knife licking at his throat.
  96. A cat sits in the road licking a paw and smoothing it over its ears and watching him.
  97. Purvis was licking his lips and couldn’t seem to tear his eyes away from Schwartzie.
  98. She lifted herself up on her toes very slowly, licking her lips with her eyes on his.
  99. I stared up at him as I began circling the tip with my tongue, licking around the base.
  100. Ben could imagine Roqford lying on the floor or on a big couch licking one of his paws.
  1. He licked his dry lips.
  2. When I licked it, he.
  3. Then, I licked her chin.
  4. He licked his lips with.
  5. Kevin licked his dry lips.
  6. He licked her bottom lip.
  7. So I licked his chin and.
  8. Warm waves licked her legs.
  9. Mick licked his parched lips.
  10. Connor licked my neck again.
  11. Sweating, he licked his lips.
  12. She licked her lips and ran.
  13. Tui nervously licked her lips.
  14. Corey licked off all of the.
  15. He licked his lips and nodded.
  16. He frowned and licked his lips.
  17. She licked his face and whined.
  18. They both licked their dry lips.
  19. The horse licked David’s face.
  20. Houston licked his cracked lips.
  21. Will licked his lips and nodded.
  22. Andy licked his lips nervously.
  23. Cherva licked his lips nervously.
  24. He licked his lips spasmodically.
  25. Lips were licked in anticipation.
  26. He licked Than all over his face.
  27. Russell licked his lips, nervously.
  28. As she licked her lips she prayed.
  29. He turned his head and licked my.
  30. He licked my face as he jumped out.
  31. He licked his lips before replying.
  32. A flame licked up and over the box.
  33. She licked her kitten, and shivered.
  34. He licked his lips and tried again.
  35. She licked a finger and held it up.
  36. It too licked at the same boundary.
  37. Examining his finger, he licked it.
  38. He licked her hands as she pet him.
  39. She took a bite and licked her lips.
  40. He licked his lips, tasting my tear.
  41. Amelia licked her lips and swallowed.
  42. Out of habit, she licked them clean.
  43. Stratham licked his busted lower lip.
  44. Principal Klieglight licked his lips.
  45. McLean licked his parched lips, and.
  46. He blinked once, then licked his cone.
  47. He jumped on Tim and licked his face.
  48. He sucked her nipples and licked them.
  49. The more he licked, the more she gave.
  50. He licked his dry lips and found voice.
  51. Mutt immediately ran over and licked.
  52. She licked her lips and smiled at him.
  53. My mother licked Cynthia's chin then.
  54. Justin licked his lips with his tongue.
  55. Others licked the blood from the floor.
  56. She licked her lips saying, Not bad.
  57. He licked his lips, which had become dry.
  58. She squirmed in ecstasy as he licked her.
  59. The dog licked her chin again and whined.
  60. Bryce opened his eyes and licked his lips.
  61. Sam licked his face, panting and barking.
  62. Bubba licked me and I patted him on the.
  63. Now… she licked her lips as she.
  64. He licked my face, and fell onto me dead.
  65. He licked his lips and nodded a few times.
  66. Alive! Mr Dark's lips licked and savoured.
  67. Janice licked her lips and stood straight.
  68. Ralph lowered his gaze and licked his lips.
  69. He licked slowly, carefully, and steadily.
  70. He licked his lips and looked at her mouth.
  71. Fizzicist licked his fingers and pondered.
  72. His mouth writhed, and he licked his lips.
  73. The wolf licked her face and then whimpered.
  74. She licked her lips as if to erase the look.
  75. He licked me and I got him in the headlock.
  76. Only metal when the worker licked the side.
  77. I licked the wound and it healed completely.
  78. Yes even the dogs came and licked his sores.
  79. Its tongue licked Smith’s face with gusto.
  80. Once he licked my face as I talked to him:.
  81. David looked back at her and licked his lips.
  82. He handed Astra to me and she licked my face.
  83. No companions but dogs that licked his sores.
  84. Dog breath! Sig licked him on the mouth.
  85. She smiled coyly at Bryce and licked her lips.
  86. She licked her lips and slid down to her knees.
  87. She licked her lips, as though she was thirsty.
  88. So, I licked the back of her hand, as a sign.
  89. Lemoss could have sworn it had licked its lips.
  90. Rooten coughed uneasily and licked his dry lips.
  91. Then, she licked her on the cheeks, chin, and.
  92. He licked his brown chops and jerked a hunting.
  93. The creature licked its lips and bared its teeth.
  94. She nodded and licked her lips, they were so dry.
  95. He licked it at once, while still in mid-climax.
  96. He absently licked his lips as he drove down 85th.
  97. He licked his lips and lifted his gaze to my eyes.
  98. Orange flames licked out from behind the plywood.
  99. If I licked my lips, I’d probably lick his too.
  100. It bled, and he licked it, then licked the blade.
  1. The mother licks its wound.
  2. He kisses and licks every single.
  3. Small tongue licks between each toe.
  4. It licks its chaps from time to time.
  5. After several licks, it was found to.
  6. She licks it off with catlike delicacy.
  7. That means he’d have to take his licks.
  8. Heat licks my throat at the sight of her.
  9. His glances were licks of fire on my skin.
  10. The woman licks her lips and sends him kisses.
  11. Tony Reilly licks his lips when he sees blitz.
  12. Whose hand he licks like a dog his master’s.
  13. He licks, sucks, blows that warm air down there.
  14. Instead, the beast licks its fangs and sits down.
  15. Boo lets out a little squee and licks your finger.
  16. Sharon’s chest then gave her three licks on the chin.
  17. Fenrir, Amy’s Fenrir, moves closer and licks his face.
  18. We hear the opening licks of the ZZ TOP song, La Grange.
  19. Roman, landing a few good licks of his own here and there.
  20. When he finishes speaking, Simon licks his lips and frowns.
  21. They chink glasses as the opening drum licks to the ZZ TOP.
  22. Johnny, who was laughing as Apollo bombarded him with licks.
  23. These licks are great places of resort with the hunters, who.
  24. For a moment, the mind-executioner licks his lips and ponders.
  25. Damn, you need to shave this thing, she said between licks.
  26. He starts small, biting licks of the crop against my belly once more.
  27. Simon licks the matches on his fingers and rubs his knuckles with them.
  28. Create your own licks out of these new fingerings and seek out the licks.
  29. In the next few examples I have put together a few licks that utilize these.
  30. I should feed you The Pill, Sadie licks the corner of Victoria’s mouth.
  31. Very slowly, he rains small, biting licks of the crop down my belly, heading south.
  32. Today it's "Eroshka licks the jug", but then Eroshka was famous in the whole regiment.
  33. He nuzzles your skull and licks the side of your face mass moving from underneath you.
  34. Either of us looking away, out of nowhere he flashes me his teeth then licks his lips.
  35. His thumbs pinch into my butt cheeks and spread them as he licks up the crease of my ass.
  36. Salt springs and licks are found more in the western than the eastern range of mountains.
  37. After six minutes of all variations of lip slides and tongue licks, he could take no more.
  38. Once we started following the Licks around Miami Beach, it was clear to us that they had.
  39. She bites her lips or shows her tongue, or she licks her lips and touches the front of her teeth.
  40. His masterful mouth loved her with various licks and sucks that made her groaning and twisting in his hands.
  41. Like the other woman's husband, their men had gone to the salt licks the day before, unsuspecting of any danger.
  42. In a split second he sees me and lets go of Kristin and looks at me flashes me his teeth then licks his lips like I’m dessert.
  43. Salines or licks are found in many places, where animals also, both wild and domesticated, resort in great numbers to drink the waters.
  44. In actuality the villain is played by the dog's master – that would be you – and the rabid attack eventuates as his death by a thousand licks.
  45. Explosions were heard far away, and the POWs could see licks of fire on the mainland, the last gasps of the 2,773 structures that burned that night.
  46. Her lips were thin but strong, and for many wonderful moments we explored each other that way, with little licks and kisses on our upper and lower lips.
  47. He lays her on the table, removes her clothing gently and kisses, licks, and suckles for endless moments, raising her anticipation of what he will do next.
  48. Between licks Melvyn suggested that we couldn’t rely on accidental meetings after school; we should make an appointment to get to know each other better.
  49. The beast holds the bloody thing up—God, it’s still beating!—narrows its eyes then licks it, forked black tongue unfurling with grace around the delicacy.
  50. He curled his body around her and began to groom her, covering her from head to toe with tender licks and refused to budge when I tried to get him out of the room.
  51. Why, convicts are the only— darky a couple of licks to speed him up, you’ll hear the Yankees scream from here to Melanie looked down into her lap at her twisted hands.
  52. But I am the strongest of the Order, and therefore by right, I am this world's Supreme Protector, LeCynic said, not bothering to hide the licks of energy dancing in his eyes.
  53. What a Wonder is that malleable Organ! It licks, it tastes, it wets, it smooths, it slicks; it causes Nipples and Pricks to stand at attention, and sucks the Savour out of Capons and Cocks.
  54. Moving down, soft small licks against my clitoris, once, twice, three times, again and again, until finally, that’s it – I can take no more – and I come, gloriously, loudly, sagging weakly.
  55. He cleaned his leg with long licks of his tongue, then turned his attention to the wound itself, but had only been working at this task for a few moments when he paused, his eyes widening in surprise.
  56. There were quite a few jump-pop ditties on the street today that were little more than new riffs and words to these same old rhythms so she had some fun putting some of those licks right over some of his standards.
  57. She kept saying these very corny, boring things, like calling the can the "little girls' room," and she thought Buddy Singer's poor old beat-up clarinet player was really terrific when he stood up and took a couple of ice-cold hot licks.
  58. The prince gently lifts her exhausted frame off of himself and soothingly licks her sore little vagina while mounting another girl as yet another girl stops playing her musical instrument for a few moments to offer the prince and his lovers a sip of refreshing mango nectar.
  59. Though the consciences of such men are awakened, yet their minds are not changed; therefore, when the power of guilt weareth away, that which provoked them to be religious ceaseth, wherefore they naturally turn to their own course again, even as we see the dog that is sick of what he has eaten, so long as his sickness prevails he vomits and casts up all; not that he doth this of a free mind (if we may say a dog has a mind), but because it troubleth his stomach; but now, when his sickness is over, and so his stomach eased, his desire being not at all alienate from his vomit, he turns him about and licks up all, and so it is true which is written, The dog is turned to his own vomit again.

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