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    1. Boo! Say what? Well, my good friend Morty el Mago always had a positive attitude about everything—incredible, huh?—and in relation to that, I’ve been thinking about a story he once told me that he referred to as the Tale of Bob the Buho

    2. “Boo, boo, boo!” he would screech out again, and then one could hear the “Ha, ha, ha!” of his ecstatic laughter echoing through the woods for the longest time afterwards

    3. Night after night, week after week, and month after month during his extended life of some 15 odd years, the “Boo, boo, boo!” and “Ha, ha, ha!” of Bob the Buho could be heard reverberating through the dimly moonlit forest that he called home

    4. What do you think? Boo!

    5. What a frightening subject that is, huh? On a personal level, it’s usually a “Boo, boo, boo!” without the “Ha, ha, ha!” afterwards when we are the victims of someone else’s pranks, or worse yet, their evil actions

    6. Boo! Yeah, that’s cool

    7. Boo! Hey, that’s not cool, but extremely cruel

    8. The crowd would boo, and favour would be placed on the opponent

    9. Then the punky teen in me started having a little more fun, I started shouting in this taunting (na na na na boo boo voice) as I was walking toward the parking lot, “You guys are putting butts in your mouth, you guys are putting butts in your mouth

    10. " "I forgot boo, but that gorilla over there needs to go back to the jungle

    11. Like me! Boo!!!!

    12. "Boo! Boo!" the crowd shouted

    13. He gave me a look almost as ugly as his Boo! face

    14. You pull into your driveway on your motorcycle, Boo, Jenny Kryss, and Richard sit semicircle around a telescope rig, the picture runs through lens mounted camera onto rectangular touch screen tablet in the middle of them

    15. Boo rolls around in the grass with Oreo and Wafer growling at the dogs and opening and closing the jaws of the beasts to her amusement

    16. “Shut up Dick, you know Boo isn’t a lesbian

    17. “Boo, are you into thighs and v?” Jenny is pointed in her question, attempting to catch Boo off guard with a sucker punch

    18. Water runs in the kitchen sink, you make a slow look around the door, you left your siblings an hour earlier, Boo in her bedroom, Jenny passed out in the living room where the two of you recorded audio and scrubbed video for the website, Richard fast asleep on the lawn

    19. Boo lets out a little squee and licks your finger

    20. "What's up, boo," Sonja said

    21. You pass it to Boo, breathe in deep on the blunt and hold it till on release only the slightest haze lifts itself to the lights

    22. You and Boo are past three bottles of champagne and six beers between you when you feel the grip of soft fur locking around your forehead and draping over your shoulders

    23. You grab Kaite off of Boo and into the frame

    24. Ren hugs you taking a seat, Jane and Kaite steal seats on the other side of Boo

    25. “Har har, you know no one gets AIDS anymore Kit Kat,” Ren, “plus, Boo Berry has never been penetrated by the baser sex

    26. “Who’s that?” Boo is composed again, she sniffs and wipes her eyes

    27. Boo has nodded off, your other passenger still sound asleep in the trunk space

    28. You stand on the edge of wooden sinkhole waiting for the nose to rustle out where Boo Bear is hibernating

    29. “How was the party?” Boo

    30. “Undoubtedly,” Boo snores slipping into sleep a little bit at your recount over the gore

    31. How were they?” Boo

    32. “Emmy’s gone to Rio, she said you’re welcome to come whenever, of course,” Ren, Jane, Kaite and Boo sit on the four sides of the sunken bed, Jenny Kryss stands with a glass in hand grinning down on you

    33. Boo stands up and walks over to rub Kaite on the back

    34. “And Boo is your baby too?” she is still pinching your nose, you give up trying to shake it off

    35. Boo is special

    36. Boo paws at you from the opposite seat, the armrest raised so she can wiggle against you, shiny and returned from the dead

    37. That pretty reporter, um, Mel Hoover, she disappeared, crazy right?” Boo

    38. She was dating Dickie and then, ffffptt,” Boo mimes a bird with her hands

    39. Richard Ashby and his two younger sisters the on the left, Boo Ashby consoling her older sister Jennifer Kryss

    40. "Don't worry, boo, I got this," Raekwon assured as he opened the bedroom door

    41. Miss Moon introduce herself to Peter, and then Peter to the entire class; some children began to clap and others began to boo

    42. How could you woo me and then boo me?

    43. “I thought jumping from behind you guys, shouting boo wouldn’t have the same effect,” she sat on the bed

    44. One book I did read and recommend was The Boo by Pat Conroy

    45. “The Boo” Courvoisie, Commandant of Cadets at The Citadel

    46. During a 2007 interview with Golf Digest, Boo Weekely, a Professional golfer, said that when he was 16 he fought an orang-utan at a county fair to win the $50 prize

    47. lab named Boo may not have the sight he once possessed, but that doesn’t stop him from being a great teacher and healer

    48. Boo is known as a therapy animal

    49. Sister Jean petted Boo, and before long spoke for the first time in years, uttering the words, “Hello, Boo

    50. Youngsters Erich Schneider and Christopher DiSilvio were also greatly changed when Boo entered their lives

    1. The crowd booed at us

    2. The entire crowd, except the group I was standing with, booed

    3. balls and gets booed by the audience

    4. The audience hissed and booed, then broke into giggles

    5. One recalls that at this convention the Democrats booed a group of Boy Scouts that were presented on the stage for part of the program

    6. On Saturday, May 17, 2003, New York Times reporter Chris Hedges was booed off the stage at Rockford College in Illinois

    7. The next person actually got booed

    8. The other Gorn laughed or booed, it was hard to tell with all the hissing, but a

    9. Freeman booed the kid, but asked himself the same question not long after receiving his first command

    10. We left after they were booed off stage

    11. ated citizens of Lhasa are reported to have booed the god – the

    12. The crowd booed and in a fit of anger, Tiberius stood up from his seat and ordered the guards to seize the N'bari

    13. “When I first sworn in as the prime Minister, some of them called me ‘Muslim’ Prime Minister…” I said as people booed instantly

    14. Evan said it was because Gregory smelled bad, but he got booed for

    15. The crowd went wild, some cheered some booed, and yelled at their fighter to defend himself; this was futile, the man was knocked unconscious by the kick and dropped face first to the floor

    16. They would be draw too many penalties, and would be booed off the field for being a poor sport

    17. A VOICE: Turncoat! Up the Boers! Who booed Joe Chamberlain?

    1. have been booing me for loosing the state championship

    2. People began to shout at her, booing and throwing things – anything they could get their hands on

    3. Oh my god, I though, the booing is starting already but then I realized that what I was hearing was cheering and applause

    4. was sporadic, with laughing and booing interspersed with

    5. King looked out at the massive crowd all booing and throwing bottles and cans at the Chief’s car

    6. Someone in the midst started booing, yawing and dozed

    7. The booing got louder and the audience launched a second volley

    8. There was a lot of shouting, cheering and booing just outside their room, which lasted for about 30 minutes, and after they’d heard a cheer, a crack, and then voices grumbling that seemed to be moving away and then silence

    9. Barabbas started playing, and the booing turned into an

    10. What would happen to any fat-mouthed attempt to hype winning… just to please the audience, and keep the show ‘exciting’ if the winner did not show visible elation at winning? Would the spectators start booing the winner? Because the winner was not properly respectful of his hard earned win? What if a sportscaster stuck a microphone into the face of a winning athlete and he refused to smile or act happy?

    11. The boys didn't notice and reacted with lot's of protest and booing and sighs

    12. He finds himself being marched to the back of the stage, with the booing of the crowd in the distance, which seems like a harbinger of his demise

    13. banging the pots and pans and booing every time the villain of the story—Haman’s

    14. Meantime the news of their arrival had spread, and as they returned through the town they were greeted with jeers and booing

    15. crossing over to the corner of the room, ascended the pulpit, being immediately greeted with a tremendous outburst of hooting, howling and booing, which he smilingly acknowledged by removing his cap from his bald head and bowing repeatedly

    16. Usually when we were in a fight I’d end up saying something like “If we were on Jerry Springer everyone would be booing you right now,” but Victor doesn’t watch Jerry Springer so instead I moved to, “If we were at a therapist’s she’d be shaking her head at you in disappointment and throwing dollar bills at me in appreciation for my seemingly inhuman patience

    17. The audience absolutely hated them and started almost comical booing and catcalls the way people would hiss at a pantomime villain or wrestler

    1. Boos from the audience

    2. The boos echoed again in the Hollow

    3. ” There were a few boos in the crowd to this

    4. “I heard the boos,” I told him

    5. The crowd boos and shouts down the priest, preventing any officials from responding

    6. His cried however were drowned out by a sea of boos as Nuuke

    7. greeted with cries of ‘shame’ and a number of boos from

    8. On audio, all you heard was the disruption - and then the boos of the entire

    9. will it get a standing ovation? Or boos and hisses?

    10. There were boos

    11. The cheers turned to boos and foot stomping

    12. The courtroom erupted in cheers and boos and Cassidy sunk her head into her hands in disbelief and despair

    13. A sea of whispers, boos, and looks of confusion came from the crowd of seniors

    14. Cheers erupted from the other side of the gym in the senior section of the bleachers and also some cheers from the sophomore and freshmen sections as boos came from the junior section

    15. A good amount of boos came from every section of the crowd

    16. " Annie said over the boos coming from the freshmen, sophomores, and juniors

    17. Coming down the home stretch I clearly heard the boos

    18. Give him applause and he walks on air, give him silence and he hangs his head, but boos would surely lead to an appointment with his maker

    19. This usually brought on the catcalls and boos, till

    20. I can hear the boos and hisses now, I gave

    21. Mixed in with the applause, though, was a spattering of whistles and the stamping of feet, the European equivalents of catcalls and boos

    22. “It was the only time I’ve ever given a speech,” he said, “that started with a standing ovation and ended with boos

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