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    1. the hoot and rave of hounds at my heels,

    2. cuckoo was slowly replaced by the hoot of owls, and he

    3. into my office - that would be a hoot, we

    4. "Hoot, chiel!" cried the King at length, spluttering wrathfully in the broadest of his native Scotch, as was his habit when angered or

    5. Suddenly he stopped and pounded the ground three times as he gave another hoot of attention

    6. It was over! He had won! He displayed the grimace of satisfaction, while giving a middle range hoot of invitation

    7. Papa San thought it was a big hoot too

    8. Chorus was always a hoot for Jason

    9. She played a stanza of Sweet Betsy from Pike and they all had a hoot

    10. hoot if the money was good

    11. out on the shelves and on sale, ain’t that a hoot?”

    12. Young Frankenstein, what a hoot!

    13. "Isn't that a hoot," he said

    14. enough to be my mother but she’s a real hoot

    15. What a hoot!

    16. and putting on lipstick, but neither of us gave a hoot that I was

    17. After the decree was read, in the midst of a deafening hoot of protest, a captain took the place of the lieutenant on the roof of the station and with the horn he signaled that he wanted to speak

    18. ‘’I don’t give a hoot about what your American superiors would think about this

    19. “Dad, you may not give a hoot about this one, but I loved Stacey O’Brien’s Wesley the Owl:

    20. ” came the soft exclamation, before Reno threw his arms around his partner and let out a hoot

    21. It should be a hoot

    22. The damp, mist blanketed the graveyard, only a lone owl gave a hoot as Max glided stealthily over the wet grass

    23. Not only were they serious, they were a hoot

    24. circling the black monolith of heaven as we hoot and bash each other

    25. hoot and howl and beat our chests to illustrate our superiority, but it’s

    26. Schnottweiper knew it would be a hoot

    27. No one would point and hoot

    28. " He and Gaal let out a hoot, but the rest of them just chuckled a little

    29. I don‘t give a hoot about where you‘re currently located and what town you‘re the

    30. In an interview to the media watchdog website, The Hoot, AAP leader Yogendra Yadav complained that the incessant coverage of Modi did give him an incremental vote

    31. Then it's easier to maintain until you have see, so I watch people in services, and I don't mean any disrespect, because I can remember myself sitting in a service with all these people doing hoot and Hannah and jumping up and down and stuff, and I just thought what is this! Then they want us to raise the hands - no, they couldn't get past the waist

    32. A world that wouldn’t give a hoot if poetry were led off into the woods and left there

    33. The 1971 Soccer Intervarsity was a hoot

    34. the last function of the year was a hoot

    35. Sera handed the necklace over to the hermit who let out a hoot of excitement

    36. Upon its’ tail came the hoot of

    37. liked to hoot about following the signs of the Earth, he had to admit that he didn’t have the slightest clue about what he was doing

    38. hoot of an owl

    39. hoot and howl once again

    40. Upon its’ tail came the hoot of an owl,

    41. “Wouldn’t it be a hoot if it turns out you and Jillian are neighbors!?”

    42. Now that is a real hoot

    43. Away from the crowd’s clamor she heard crickets, a hoot owl, and animal noises coming from the stables

    44. The woman looks most upset and a few of the guys in the audience hoot

    45. “This is a hoot,” Paul said

    46. Ever the vexer's hoot! hoot! till we find where the sly one hides

    47. As Owen made no response to the invitations, the crowd began to hoot and groan

    48. On the other hand, Trabb's boy might worm himself into his intimacy and tell him things; or, reckless and desperate wretch as I knew he could be, might hoot him in the High Street, My patroness, too, might hear of him, and not approve

    49. In response he waved his arms and gave out a joyous hoot, and then he walked straight up to me and pulled me in for a hug

    50. I was so startled, I dropped the box on the grass as the man shook his fists in the air and let out a joyous hoot that I recognized but couldn’t place

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