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    1. "I get your point," she tried not to hiss even though she should have expected it, "but I can't go up North again

    2. She immediately knew what terror it held for them when it's jaw dropped, slowly and with an ominous hiss

    3. and then comes the hiss of water hitting the kettle,

    4. Kai went towards the back of the craft and unlocked the door; there was a hiss and the door opened

    5. The terrible discord that had filled the evening air wound down to nothing more than a faint hiss before falling into the deepest, darkest silence

    6. Apart from the tinny hiss from Lucy’s headphones the Roach household was as silent as the grave for weeks after the murder

    7. “I think they’re probably having a bit of a hiss,” Jorma said

    8. The cracked background hiss of ancient treble

    9. The hiss of the shower stopped

    10. Then the spaniel spotting the sitting swans and went for the female sitting next to me, well that was its first mistake as the male swan gave sharp hiss and drove the spaniel away

    11. By the time the paralysis of disbelief was over and she thought to scream, only a weak hiss came out

    12. There came a soft hiss as Adros’ grip tightened on his gnarled staff

    13. Lament 2:16 - ll thine enemies have opened their mouth against thee: they hiss and

    14. There was a swirl of acrid smoke, accompanied by a horrifying hiss

    15. They were nearly to the other end of the spacious room when the Centurion awoke with a grinding hiss

    16. Those eyes narrowed and his teeth clenched as he glared at it, letting slip a small hiss

    17. The towering automaton would hiss and clank and grumble as it staggered, possessed by uncanny determination to stay on its feet and to keep fighting

    18. But this one echoed with a familiar roar and hiss of rushing water

    19. in his ear the bitter hiss and bark of a woman who simply had no time for or interest in any sort of altruism

    20. For a few depressing seconds there was nothing but a faint hiss from the speaker, then suddenly a female voice replied, sounding slightly raspy through the speaker

    21. The speaker returned to its faint hiss and Hugh reached across and switched off the whole system

    22. There was a crackle and the speaker dropped back to its background hiss

    23. A sharp and rapidly fading hiss noise emitted from the door and then came a muffled clunk sound

    24. The door opened with a hiss, and now he was in another grey-white corridor

    25. With the clashing together of the couplings and buffers and a couple of jerks that rattled the trucks then a loud hiss of escaping steam as an accompaniment we set off for the front

    26. we heard a hiss, followed by a long, drawn out growl

    27. paw was withdrawn, I heard a hiss like that of an especially pissed off snake coming from my

    28. Suddenly, we heard a moan, combined with a clicking hiss

    29. crackle, no artificial hiss of static underlying it

    30. There were nearly a hundred feline friends living together in perfect harmony (except for the occasional hiss here and there)

    31. with the nerve to invade his territory found themselves on the business end of his hiss

    32. The flare died out and I heard Sam’s breathe hiss out and then he gulped loudly through sobbing

    33. (By the way, Alger Hiss also attended the Yalta Conference

    34. Is it any wonder that both the Yalta Conference and the founding of the idealistic United Nations were both such failures? Not with Alger Hiss involved at the top in both instances

    35. He heard the hiss of air, and numerous other ominous sounds as the unit came up to speed

    36. door closed with a hiss of vented air and a dull click

    37. received a hiss from the new arrival, and Soot bit my shoe

    38. always being wakened by the hiss of air brakes, and the stops and starts associated with this type of transportation

    39. He pushed himself to his feet, only to double over with a hiss

    40. The night was quiet, just the hiss of traffic passing along Military Road far below her

    41. Chuckles reached the top landing and looked back down, giving a soft hiss

    42. I heard the hiss of a can opening behind me

    43. Picking up another, he pulled the tab with a hiss then dropped it back inside the can, taking a long deep pull

    44. hiss and he slapped her really hard making her loose her balance

    45. A long sibilant hiss escaped his lips as his nail-less finger snagged the material

    46. “Herminia!” she called with a hiss, shaking her shoulder

    47. The inches of air between us seemed to hiss with energy as I climbed the stairs to the mezzanine, but I ignored it and started down the open-sided hall

    48. It swept past, barely missing the front of her nightgown before withdrawing with a sibilant hiss

    49. Then, if they don’t listen to you, fol ow it up with a hiss, the classic ‘ugly, low,

    50. He even defended Alger Hiss, a diplomat smeared as a Soviet spy by Nixon, an enormously brave act in the middle of McCarthyism

    1. They gurgled and hissed

    2. " He hissed and cut the connection

    3. ‘Who is it?’ she hissed

    4. "Is she alive?" He hissed

    5. Finally she hissed to herself: "Come on Woman of Mass Destruction

    6. "Jesus," Stuart hissed, "I hope youse'll be alright

    7. “What was you saying, boy?” he hissed

    8. The serpent hissed and bared its’ fangs at Son

    9. ’ She hissed back, her eyes warm as they gaze at him

    10. ‘Run!’ he hissed moments later

    11. ’ Joris hissed, his eyes scanning the woodland behind us

    12. ’ He hissed angrily as he reaches us

    13. ’ I hissed excitedly

    14. "Psst", hissed the soldier

    15. Uttah and Mateo stood up to pay their share, Felix took his time collecting the money then hissed under his breath, 'Godfrey! Walk out with us

    16. 'Shut up,' Ish hissed as the ball came rolling back to him

    17. The door hissed shut behind me

    18. Lord Tarak jokingly teased her throughout the meal until Rayne kicked him under the table (much to his surprise), and hissed at him to stop

    19. “You let me win,” she hissed under her breath, “I am well aware that you could have taken me at any time; why the deception?”

    20. “Mind where you put your hands, Al Frasier”, she hissed as he

    21. ‘Who’s that?’ Simon hissed at me, ‘Should I know him?’

    22. “It is not the point Sera,” Kai was livid, “they acted on their thoughts and desires; they touched you!” Kai hissed, his eyes flashing angrily

    23. “There are others in this forest today,” she hissed

    24. “Then wait we will,” hissed Rayne

    25. I will not allow you to hurt this man, he hissed at her

    26. You and your friend are not of this world, hissed the hawk again

    27. ’ Chris hissed at me

    28. Angry voices hissed and barked behind them as

    29. you to death!’ hissed Kassim

    30. by a long shot!’ he hissed

    31. ‘A sheriff then?’ hissed Grinly

    32. was being held, ‘Where is it?’ he hissed

    33. ‘So says the mother of lies!’ hissed Jenna

    34. ‘Don’t try my patience!’ he hissed

    35. 'What has happened to you?' he hissed beneath his

    36. not in this one!’ she hissed, spitting again

    37. Nicola's face was a wad of scorched flesh, her nose -- a nub of red with a single hole on its side which hissed with every breath she took

    38. ‘Look – there he is,’ he hissed

    39. Pierre clipped his son about the ear and hissed through

    40. ‘You’ve sold us out!’ he hissed

    41. “The man!” she hissed

    42. while the gas hissed out

    43. “Yes,” he hissed, “But quietly!”

    44. The giant bug lurched and hissed as it dropped, and Penelope took the occasion to wipe away the poison from her face and arm

    45. Through clenched teeth she hissed and gave a deep cry, a cry that sent forth blue waves of energy and a rush of wind

    46. “What have you done?” hissed the dragon, twisting free from the druid’s grip

    47. Gerald leapt up, with what was undoubtedly an expression of fear on his face; he backed away and hissed

    48. “Wait!” he hissed

    49. The oxygen mask hissed, a heart monitor

    50. knuckles around his weapons, he insanely hissed at me, with raw, hate-fuelled, tortured madness

    1. There were millions of tiny hisses as laleets called for mates from the reeds lining the tiny creek that meandered around this clump of trees

    2. "What the fuck is he doing here?" she hisses

    3. "Fucking ape!" he hisses

    4. answered by a multitude of clacks and hisses

    5. And among all of the hisses and growls and roars, Penelope swore she could make out what sounded like a voice

    6. into the cafeteria walls in a medley of moans, groans, hisses, whispers and growls as five of the most

    7. over his sharp little teeth, in a menagerie of moans, groans, hisses, whispers and growls that

    8. Then I heard yowls and hisses from the couch as, Bob?, reacted to the intruder

    9. But before the wallet could pass from one hand to the other, the ally was filled with a cacophony of loud hisses that seemed to come from everywhere at once

    10. hisses Alex “that high-class son of a bitch”

    11. Staggering to his feet, Conal followed Piers towards the gate, trying to ignore the crackles, pops and hisses issuing from the burning bodies behind him

    12. “Well, Christina, if I wanted to put up with Candor smart-mouths, I would have joined their faction,” he hisses

    13. “Who’s that?” hisses Christina

    14. Air hisses between my teeth, and I look away

    15. “Don’t say that word,” she hisses

    16. “I will not be outranked by a Stiff,” he hisses, his face so close to mine I can smell his stale breath

    17. “Did you do that?” hisses Will

    18. “Do it,” hisses a voice next to me

    19. hisses and the like, eager to exact their revenge

    20. My brothers attempted ineffectually to ward him off with fake snarls and hisses, but the beast was not interested in playing with his meal before he devoured it

    21. “Are you out of your mind?” he hisses, grabs both my arms, and pulls me toward the back door behind the counter

    22. “You!” He hisses at me playfully and rises to his feet

    23. “Where’s the guitar?” Madeline hisses

    24. “Don’t! Don’t come near me,” she hisses at him

    25. The circle hisses and flares

    26. “You do not have time for thinking,” he grabs her arm and hisses in her ear

    27. He hisses between his teeth, from instinct drops into battle pose and then almost at once realises how meaningless that is

    28. Before he faints, he hisses at the blacksmith who can hear nothing, but Ralph is honour-bound to say it

    29. The hisses were becoming

    30. Howls and hisses of the beast, shouts and screams from the many spectators split the heavens

    31. The room echoed with Cerdic’s ragged inhales and rough exhales along with the soft pops and hisses of the peat and dung fire

    32. The spirits made muffled hisses as they dissipated, like the air let out of tires

    33. whistling sounds, and whispers and hisses

    34. again until the mostly incoherent hisses, whispered noises,

    35. “What do you think, cunt?” she hisses at you

    36. The artificial breathing pump hisses like Darth Vader

    37. Hisses of disapproval from their audience

    38. the loud pops and hisses, he could hear Kalum‘s panicked, stricken voice coming through a

    39. Hisses filled his ears as the golden serpents, suddenly vibrant with hideous life, writhed and smote at him

    40. � hisses Dippa from the window

    41. Steve laughs and looks at Sheila who is busy at the cooker, the bacon hisses and spits as she turns it over in the hot frying pan; �That's why I asked Sheila to join us, you like to hurt men don't you Sheila?� Steve asks raising his voice so that she can hear above the noise of the cooking

    42. ‘Go fuck yourself, bloody elf,’ the guy hisses between his teeth

    43. ‘Come along, you,’ she hisses through her teeth

    44. The crowd erupted in hisses and rude noises until Bucky stood up

    45. "I don't think Scriptics is necessary for the continued existence of Tcl," Stallman said to hisses from the fellow audience members

    46. “Don’t get smart with me,” he hisses and takes a step towards her

    47. There were explosions, and cracks and hisses, and huge sides of cliffs were splashing down into the lava pools

    48. ‘Really? You think so? I can still hear the sounds, the cracks and hisses and explosions echoing around the canyon, and I can still see the place, red hot and molten

    49. pleaded in desperate hisses for her to flee, to run run run, but she could not, she was

    50. ‘We’re going to be in Ilfracombe, Devon in three hours’ explains Watkin to the kids as they enjoy the bracing sea air and enjoy wandering around the paddle steamer, looking at its enormous wooden paddle on each side of the boat and the onboard, coal fired steam engines, sending out hisses and snorts as it works

    1. Mom thought she was hearing static but it was the mermaids hissing and spitting into the phone speaker

    2. Flopkins sprang forward and started hissing

    3. In old movies you would have people in hissing space suits fumbling with obsolete access codes and overcoming the dead batteries in the security system as the air supply in their suits ran low

    4. At one end of the room two elderly women sat at a terminal, hissing information at each other as they scoured the database

    5. Two little dragons were screeching and hissing loudly

    6. of chains and cogs on flywheels hissing steam

    7. The storm whipped up from nowhere, spitting and hissing at the boat

    8. He closed his eyes and listened; creaks and groans of metal on metal; hissing of other steam vents towards the back of the large room

    9. snarled petulant hissing protests at the squall, in

    10. dripping from the meat and hissing as it hit the fire, and

    11. Sky, not even the hissing

    12. "Mages," the woman said, hissing

    13. My suggestion is get a cat if it happens again, but believe me the sight of that poor spectre after Fliss appeared on the scene with barred teeth and a terrible growling hissing noise made me think you've have seen the last of that particular program

    14. "We do what we've always done, Stone Master, we guard the Rift," Nicola plainly stated, air hissing from the hole in her cheek

    15. Meanwhile, the distant mages continued to regain their strength, their shields only thin layers when the hissing flames washed over them

    16. "It won't be long now," Nathalia said, stepping back, her blades hissing out of their sheaths

    17. Ome floated down the glassy hall, the single, circular orifice on his face hissing as it sucked in air

    18. When even the long-toothed feline halted its hissing and DRAFT

    19. She landed hard strikes on the hissing and clanking behemoth

    20. doorway beneath the great beckoning statue were two large hissing and spitting Chaurus

    21. we heard a hissing noise coming from out on the ocean, and it brought our horseplay to a stop

    22. He carefully faced away from the spray of the shower as he washed, moving gingerly, hissing every time the hot water dripped into his wound

    23. There was a quiet clunk from the hatch and then, with a low hissing sound, it gradually swung open, two pneumatic pistons controlling its fall

    24. When you were under the water you could see the shrapnel as it hit hissing and cooling down as it sank past you in a jig saw of different shapes

    25. His bulk got him to the bar with the first wave and his booming and hissing order could be heard above the rest

    26. After hissing, it slowly rumbled

    27. Suddenly, Ozzie abandoned his attempts to roust me and leaped, hissing frantically, to the arm of the sofa

    28. Page after page featured adorable kittens batting at strings and showing off their fat fuzzy tummies, but nothing resembling my hiding, hissing kitten

    29. As my hand moved closer, the hissing grew louder, like I’d kicked a nest of vipers

    30. The hissing stopped, and Amadeus froze

    31. As the remains of the burning hulks went hissing and gurgling

    32. Hayley made a soft hissing noise when she noticed them trailing behind them but did not try to stop them with further words

    33. The rat tried to fight back, hissing in return and trying to bite the cat's paws, but the cat was too fast, too strong

    34. Manna looked over his shoulder, hearing a hissing sound of the oars dripping water at the end of their cycle

    35. The cat cleared the fence, landing on the road, turning back towards her, hissing like a snake

    36. The second cat jumped up onto the windowsill, watching Chuckles, its black pupils wide, hissing as the rage mounted in its own brain

    37. The cat slid along the side of the cot until it was standing at the baby’s head, then lent over and looked directly into its eyes, teeth bared, hissing softly

    38. When Alex reached out the cat lifted a paw, extending its claws, hissing and growling in the back of its throat

    39. Hissing low in its throat the lead cat slunk to the next tree, slithering around it, body close to the ground, yellow slit eyes fixed on the man lying on the ground

    40. They shall be sheltered from all this hissing, from all these murderous aspirations brought Yet I have reserved to Myself a remnant, a precious remnant who shall be hidden from this world, though they forth against My elect, and they shall learn holiness for a time and times and half a time

    41. Leaning forward, I looked on while Aunt Martha extracted the central part of the instrument, hearing a loud hissing as the gas escaped through the trocar

    42. There was a honking and hooting, and a flapping and a hissing, and I was aware that Detective Inspector Grunt was close behind me, his webbed feet splatting in the mud as he waved his feathered arms over my head

    43. I started to bog down in the sticky goo and he gained ground on me, his hissing breath stirring the hairs on the back of my neck

    44. "Who is it then?" he queried, hissing open a can

    45. As he moved forward, he could feel the wheat bushes hissing along with the breeze of the wind

    46. As he left, he could hear the hissing sound of the escaping gas engulfing the building

    47. Initially the cat stared at Sim, hissing and growling a little

    48. She clenched her teeth hard before she answered, hissing

    49. A few of the others do the same thing, hissing “coward” into Tobias’s ears and then continuing on their way

    50. Hissing lanterns made pools of yellow light

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