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Boom в предложении (на )

  1. The boom, as many have.
  2. He heard a boom then a.
  3. Boom: I’d found my shtick.
  4. Out of nowhere came a boom.
  5. Boom stared across the desk.

  6. With the high-tech boom of.
  7. I don’t do boom investing.
  8. Good old Boom was a big man.
  9. The Bowling Boom Tops in 1961.
  10. BOOM, morning was already there.
  11. Boom was grinning by this point.
  12. This happened in the dotcom boom.
  13. The baby boom was in full flight.
  14. Yes, Boom liked me, for some reason.
  15. It was all sizzle, no boom, no gas.

  16. This boom could be bigger than.
  17. And boom, there it was, Beth Israel.
  18. A far-off but massive "BOOM" is heard.
  19. Boom! came from deep within the temple.
  20. BOOM! The earth shook and I looked back.
  21. Boom pointed it out to his companion B.
  22. It was all sizzle, no boom, no gas.
  23. The boom crashed deafeningly on his ears.
  24. But ine xora bly the boom ing continue d.
  25. The boom grows stronger and more audible.

  26. One last hard push and BOOM! They succeed.
  27. Downstairs she heard music boom into life.
  28. Boom! The sound of a 45 rung in John’s ears.
  29. Israel, the boom beginning in the early 1990s.
  30. Inspirational writer Corrie Ten Boom puts it.
  31. Boom, CP M'Coy,—M'lntosh and several others.
  32. I had been asleep, and then boom, I was awake.
  33. Denny brought the old boom box up from the car.
  34. That’s when I heard the boom of Stone’s gun.
  35. The boom seemed terrific to his unprotected ears.
  36. Ring the bell and BOOM, Al told his friend.
  37. Boom! Kevin slammed into the earth at full force.
  38. You can’t break the sonic boom at 31 thousand.
  39. The door swung shut behind him with a solid boom.
  40. The boom of the explosion was audible 1000Km away.
  41. And herein lies the problem of boom and bust cycles.
  42. Another car went boom about two miles from my house.
  43. BOOM! The plane hits another seemingly intense bump.
  44. The baby boom that happened after the 2nd world war.
  45. This new mining boom wouldn’t last forever though.
  46. Boom in the late Nineties, he made the bold move of.
  47. The entire cabin blew into smithereens making a boom.
  48. Tatiana handed him an ear piece with a short mic boom.
  49. Source: The Gloom, Boom, and Doom Report (9/09) The U.
  50. During the Internet boom, high P/E stocks did well.
  51. The Internet boom enhanced the evolution of web design.
  52. Hey, Boom, I said, then sat and waited patiently.
  53. This cover expresses skepticism about the housing boom.
  54. By the time Dave was born the boom times for wool were.
  55. He carried a stereo – a boom box – on his shoulder.
  56. You cut that it accelerates the time to zero, and boom.
  57. It shut with a heavy boom, and Jess heard a lock engage.
  58. It stood as a testament to the boom and bust that came.
  59. But a boom will be very interesting/tricky to get right.
  60. It had a fire at the end of it, and a loud boom said.
  61. The 1990s tech boom created a bubble in the stock market.
  62. That put this chemical in contact with the gas, and boom.
  63. Then came the ICT boom in the 1990s, when the Multimedia.
  64. This is what happened in the Internet boom years of 2000.
  65. I think what sank IOS was the end of the long boom in the.
  66. We would lie in bed listening to them boom boom all night.
  67. A half second later I hear another boom, even more distant.
  68. Typically a boom will end when one of the following occur:.
  69. Think hard about why such a company’s products could boom.
  70. A flash and a loud boom announced the firing of the first 5.
  71. The result was a boom in lending on commercial real estate.
  72. When the mining boom ends, those blokes will be owing money.
  73. They had arrived at the agreed time, a radio boom box under.
  74. Then boom! We moved, we had a child and my ex got a new job.
  75. And he laughed, a deep-throated boom gusty as the hill wind.
  76. Boom bang-a-bang (not to be confused with Ding ding-a-dong).
  77. A few minutes later, another shudder and a low, menacing boom.
  78. There was another, louder boom, with a more vigorous vibration.
  79. When the boom turns into a bust, virtuous cycles turn vicious.
  80. The building crashed to the ground with a boom, and the sound.
  81. You fill Silver City with games of chance, create a boom for.
  82. A muffled boom announced that the bizarre elevator had arrived.
  83. The very thought of survival made my heart-rate swell and boom.
  84. The cat"s out of the bag, and there"s going to be a big boom.
  85. Radio?! I remember feeling that a Boom Box was blasting static.
  86. A second later, the bomb exploded with a muffled boom barely.
  87. An extensive and valuable program was supporting the baby boom.
  88. This market boom eventually became known as the Nixon rally.
  89. I should have asked Boom for a couple of good radio technicians.
  90. The first was a long boom in the stock market that began in the.
  91. Busta Rhymes was doing his thing on the boom box at high volume.
  92. There is a boom, the car shakes, but the window does not shatter.
  93. BOOM! The airplane hits a sharp bumb and some of the cargo shifts.
  94. The sound of conversation rises with the deepening boom of the PA.
  95. Desa knew and went to the boom ropes while Luray unwound the sail.
  96. Probably that sonic boom as you buzzed the tower, Scully said.
  97. There was a mining and share market boom and bust, similar to ‘73.
  98. Constant sonic boom sounds spread out in all directions in the area.
  99. Th e new boom of satanic movement came to the West in 60-ies of the.
  100. I could have anything; and then boom, everything changes in a flash.
  1. Of course there was a booming.
  2. Then a loud booming voice replied.
  3. Our trader education arm is booming.
  4. And business is booming, thanks to.
  5. It was a booming economy in its own.
  6. His booming voice dominated the room.
  7. A truck barreled past us, horn booming.
  8. Haye’s booming voice was directed to me.
  9. My heart was booming at a tremendous rate.
  10. Liam laughed, booming echoes off the walls.
  11. The hostelries were doing a booming trade.
  12. Hello there, declared a booming voice.
  13. The US market is booming and near bubbling.
  14. Their booming sounded like a funeral dirge.
  15. Booming out of the still spring morning and.
  16. Suddenly there was a loud booming sound, and.
  17. He addressed his companions in a booming voice.
  18. Hello, said Everette in a booming voice.
  19. Thanks, Jed replied in his booming voice.
  20. The booming laugh of Black Francis answered her.
  21. A few minutes later, there was distant booming.
  22. No wonder the family shelter business is booming.
  23. Barron’s booming voice interrupted his thoughts.
  24. It made a hollow booming sound, like a giant drum.
  25. As far as they are concerned business is booming.
  26. Business was booming all along this seaboard, sir.
  27. Humphrey's booming voice carried across the green.
  28. He clapped his palms together with a booming thud.
  29. And the booming in her chest started all over again.
  30. Nothing happened, no booming voice, no pain, nothing.
  31. Joseph's large frame was a booming welcome presence.
  32. Crash Trash Hash was still booming from the speakers.
  33. Their howls, booming across the sky, had been savage.
  34. He is unconscious, the booming voice proclaimed.
  35. Suddenly Greg heard a booming noise from behind his seat.
  36. The king began to address the crowd in his booming voice.
  37. And all the time the business at the Bear Flag was booming.
  38. She listened to a poet’s booming voice as he declaimed:.
  39. Somewhere ahead there began the rhythmical booming of a drum.
  40. Notice how they managed to kill the booming economy just in.
  41. His face was large and ruddy, and his voice loud and booming.
  42. She almost was startled by the sound of his low booming voice.
  43. Saul, come out of there! he calls out in a booming voice.
  44. Oxholm addressed the gathering of dwarves with a booming voice.
  45. What about a wig? suggested Gaskin, booming with hearty.
  46. He spoke in a booming voice to the surviving goblins and orcs.
  47. She ran with her hair tied high and her iPod booming in her ears.
  48. In his customary booming voice he began a toast to the newlyweds.
  49. In a booming voice, he threatened arrest and prosecution for any.
  50. I heard the booming voice of the Prophet attempting a whisper first.
  51. Richard hobbled towards it and heard Walter Gallor's booming voice.
  52. This presumption was enforced by a booming announcement over the P.
  53. He laughed long and hard again, booming out his mirth in the womb-.
  54. Eight big ones, the Ghoul replied in that booming voice of his.
  55. When business was booming, the food served here was fit for royalty.
  56. The cracking and booming of the ice indicate a change of temperature.
  57. He heard his grandfather's voice, booming and echoing around the bowl.
  58. Listen to the booming, angry, tigress, as she bares her teeth and cries.
  59. His voice was covered by the booming of the great bell of the cathedral.
  60. What the hell’s goin’ on? bellowed Barret, his booming voice a.
  61. What the hell are you doing down here? This voice booming from the.
  62. The joyous yelling from inside the flat got louder, the party was booming.
  63. Been planting onions and cloves, he said in a cheerful booming voice.
  64. He was cut off by a booming, ringing alarm that sounded from all directions.
  65. If there’s a slump in America, business may be booming in Europe or Asia.
  66. A booming market in health care products in the middle 1980s produced high.
  67. Loud with booming laughter, Kestides and my cousins drained bowl after bowl.
  68. Then I heard quite distinctly a booming exactly like the sound of great guns.
  69. And the Millers were forced to see that the Davidsons’ business was booming.
  70. They had to be loud and booming to rise above the buzz of the milling masses.
  71. I remember my dad had that kind of booming laugh that came deep from the gut.
  72. And what if he is wrong? came the booming electronic reply at her back.
  73. Comrades! his booming voice resonated in the room even after his mouth.
  74. Keljar laughed at that, a deep booming chuckle that seemed to fill the chamber.
  75. Crackling reports of M-16s, booming incendiary bombs rang against his eardrums.
  76. Nil satis nisi optimum, interrupted my father’s voice, booming inside my head.
  77. The lithe son of the hearty Burgomeister spoke to his friends in a booming voice.
  78. In the midst of this scene he heard the unmistakable dry and booming voice of Mrs.
  79. Gnoll walked to the base of the hall and addressed the audience in a booming voice.
  80. Socially responsible investing (SRI) is a booming market in both the US and Europe.
  81. There were many more complaints of loud booming sounds from New Jersey to Chicago.
  82. Go get it! he repeated, his voice this time booming with masculine authority.
  83. We need him sober now! Rafe said, his deep voice booming from his child-like body.
  84. Who comes here, claiming to be of House Thurin? he demanded in a booming voice.
  85. Dorothy Hollister laughed, a loud, booming laugh that could be heard across the room.
  86. The booming was louder, louder, and then it was over them again, tremendous crashing.
  87. In my eyes you still were! Torre crackled, his voice booming throughout the room.
  88. As stated before, the value of a home can shoot up quickly when the market is booming.
  89. Rory to burst into a booming thunderous laugh and slapped his thigh and again spill some.
  90. Keljar began to chuckle again, a deep booming laughter that seemed to make the walls shake.
  91. The booming sound of a shotgun echoed like thunderclap around the small bar; mayhem ensued.
  92. In the Mountain could be heard faintly, far away, a low dim booming that might have passed.
  93. Booming sounds echoed along the halls, along with the screeching of warping, twisting metal.
  94. Brodin replied with a booming laugh, even though Grandlefist hadn’t intended it as a joke.
  95. When the main indices are booming it is often the case that the minor stocks take a breather.
  96. A booming crash sounded behind him, followed by the rolling, cracking, whirring of the Griever.
  97. The booming power of his voice scattered flocks of squawking birds and even parted the clouds.
  98. Real estate started booming in 2004 and banks started lending recklessly to sub prime borrowers.
  99. The blond boy spoke in his older man's voice, booming with authority and brimming with arrogance.
  100. It was only the booming war economy that saved America from total economic and cultural collapse.
  1. A voice boomed around them.
  2. The tent boomed its canvas.
  3. His vast green wings boomed.
  4. Speakers boomed as the band.
  5. He boomed his vast green wings.
  6. His voice boomed with its more.
  7. The metal boomed with the impact.
  8. Then again, the voice boomed out.
  9. From deep within, something boomed.
  10. No problem, boomed the voice.
  11. THE VOICE boomed over a loudspeaker.
  12. And George Mellis's voice boomed out.
  13. A voice boomed over the loudspeakers.
  14. A few seconds passed, and she boomed.
  15. Sebastian Jesup? The Voice boomed.
  16. AHA! boomed the troll above him.
  17. The wind boomed and roared into the.
  18. Her voice boomed through the speakers.
  19. Simon’s thoughts boomed in her head.
  20. Then the big, confident voice boomed:.
  21. On seeing this, the Asian woman boomed.
  22. His voice boomed out like a cannon shot.
  23. The sounds boomed heavily through the.
  24. Did you do that, Regina? He boomed.
  25. Her emotions took charge and she boomed.
  26. A police bullhorn boomed out to his left.
  27. Wow! His voice boomed off the walls.
  28. Business had always boomed in time of war.
  29. An inhuman voice boomed out high above them.
  30. You, the ancient voice boomed at Rhone.
  31. Ser Uthor Underleaf, the herald boomed.
  32. It boomed from every speaker in the terminal.
  33. The door boomed with the pounding of the drones.
  34. No one, he said, and boomed with laughter.
  35. Tulip's voice boomed down with startling clarity.
  36. Suddenly a stentorian voice boomed across the room.
  37. Pull the hell over, Sampson’s voice boomed.
  38. Sven spoke in a voice that boomed across the plain.
  39. He rarely spoke, but when he did, his voice boomed.
  40. President, a voice boomed over the sound system.
  41. You’re crazy! He boomed out in exclamation.
  42. The promotion has not been given, boomed Rakitin.
  43. And as quickly as the city had boomed, it went bust.
  44. Keith’s laughter boomed around the small cloakroom.
  45. Bors’ voice boomed down the third tunnel from above.
  46. How ya doin’, his voice boomed through my phone.
  47. Who cares who did it? boomed Barret triumphantly.
  48. Built at a time in Ontarrin history where trade boomed.
  49. The egg-shaped metal hull boomed with a knowing voice:.
  50. Again his laughter boomed out as he offered us cushions.
  51. Gunfire boomed and a whizzing shot came close to her ear.
  52. The voice boomed in the room and I recognized it at once.
  53. A voice boomed from the porch and Walter Gallor appeared.
  54. That is enough! he boomed, feather moustache blowing.
  55. We are Riaz, and he boomed it out proudly this time.
  56. He boomed that workaday worker tack for all it was worth.
  57. Now both of you jokers get out of my office! he boomed.
  58. Cheryl! Rex boomed when I walked into the restaurant.
  59. Real big, Miles's voice boomed as he hurried to his post.
  60. Get the hell out of here… boomed the voice of Neil.
  61. Simon’s voice boomed through their minds, and I flinched.
  62. Thunder boomed again and the monster was standing next to them.
  63. What county is he from, boomed the male voice through my.
  64. Well, who is it that you request, boomed a male voice of.
  65. A loud snoring noise suddenly boomed from her sister’s bedroom.
  66. Saddlebrook about the Eryx, did you?' His voice boomed with anger.
  67. Silence, boomed Neil, and he too was surprised by the power.
  68. You think you can escape the judgments of God? a voice boomed.
  69. Where are you going? the officer's voice boomed out over the.
  70. Have you found that sales report yet, Clinker? his boss boomed.
  71. Our weak voices faded away, and the silence boomed loudly in my ears.
  72. His rich baritone voice boomed out over the great sea of heads in St.
  73. He spoke freely while his deep baritone voice boomed above the noise.
  74. But--careful! Salt waves boomed, hissing on the beach outside Laguna.
  75. The answer boomed inside the heads of the Romans and of the bodyguards.
  76. What? Barron’s voice boomed in the close confines of Mort’s.
  77. You did what? he boomed as he bent down to pick up the cigarette.
  78. The pair jumped when the Preceptor's gravelly voice boomed out at them.
  79. And the great woman boomed, Mornin’, Mis’ Joad, ain’t it?
  80. An amplified voice boomed, This is the police! Stop immediately!.
  81. It’s your Doctor Elfi, he boomed, says she has to talk to you.
  82. Eva glanced back at the window when it rattled as thunder boomed overhead.
  83. Moments later Dempsey's voice boomed back loud and clear confirming that.
  84. There were a couple of bright flashes, and then the thunder boomed loudly.
  85. Voices boomed outside; then the door was kicked open, and Conan strode in.
  86. When the oil stocks boomed in 1979 and 1980, all of them doubled or tripled.
  87. He very nearly succeeded in killing me once! Father boomed out loudly.
  88. As he was halfway up, an amplified voice speaking Russian boomed in his ears.
  89. Suddenly from out of the ensuing silence, a voice boomed directly above them.
  90. Across the now-crowded roadway Gaétan’s bow boomed as if to echo Karyl’s.
  91. Through the hot, stifling night the temple gongs boomed and the conchs roared.
  92. Then a voice on the official loudspeaker boomed out, California by two feet.
  93. His voice boomed through the ballroom, and Kyrin looked up at him with wide eyes.
  94. I did not see him as he left but his voice boomed from the stairway as he departed.
  95. Their leader boomed out with cruel mirth, And who is going to stop us? You?
  96. I sent Uvárka at dawn to listen, his bass boomed out after a minute’s pause.
  97. I spare not a single unit of thought on these cybernetic simpletons! he boomed.
  98. Who said that shit? his voice boomed as he walked towards the front of the cell.
  99. They had reached the first chorus when an additional voice boomed out of the speakers.
  100. The station commander boomed over the comm speaker at such a volume his voice distorted.
  1. Two more loud booms, then nothing more.
  2. After a few more booms there was a lull.
  3. Sir! she booms as she crosses the gym.
  4. The thunder booms stopped, but I kept running.
  5. Of course, a voice booms from all around.
  6. What if it doesn’t? booms the Jamaican.
  7. More booms above them did nothing to comfort her.
  8. But we didn’t wait for the cracking booms to stop.
  9. In many booms it seems that everyone wants to buy in.
  10. The deflated width of such booms normally ranges from 0.
  11. The booms were echoing in the distance as the city was being.
  12. Drago storms into the room, hearing the chorus of yelling and booms.
  13. Wakes of sonic booms move in directions behind the UFO and Blackbird.
  14. When Orcher next speaks, his voice booms above the cheers and applause.
  15. The first and most lucrative category of short ideas are the booms that go bust.
  16. Booms and bubbles are about a kind of systemic pressure that drives prices mad.
  17. Flashes of lightning and big thundering booms didn't allow me to sleep very well.
  18. Rigging: general term for ropes, chains and gear supporting masts, yards, booms, and sails.
  19. It was an old fishing boat, white, with booms extended and its hatch cover set to one side.
  20. A distant sound caught my attention — a clattering roar punctuated by sharp pops and booms.
  21. The girl nodded and then changed subjects abruptly, Did you hear the thunder booms earlier?
  22. Credit carry fares best in stable or disinflationary booms, but the evidence for FX carry is mixed.
  23. One after another, massive eruptions shook the Sanctuary, flooding the tunnels with thunderous booms.
  24. A few seconds later, constant sonic booms are heard and felt on the ground like very loud bass thumps.
  25. A few distant booms to seaward - the navy exchanging courtesies with Morro - were the only evidence of war.
  26. In real estate booms, the reasoning is usually based upon the inherent permanence and growth of land values.
  27. THAT NIGHT, FIREWORKS EXPLODED with incessant booms and rapid-fire cracks over Pillar Point and bloomed in the sky.
  28. There have been already hundreds of calls of that bogey creating sonic booms throughout the area, FAA Controls says.
  29. She speaks into the microphone as her hoarse baritone voice booms out of the stereo speakers saying, Okay guys and girls.
  30. Raul pulled the car into the empty lot to park at the foot of the fishermen’s dock and sat studying the forest of booms and masts.
  31. There may not be many comparisons to the 15 year rally in Brazil, but other emerging markets have gone through similar economic booms.
  32. There was however plenty of firing further in the distance, including the loud booms from tank main guns and some powerful explosions.
  33. Thankfully, by following the repetitive booms of his father’s hammer, he was easy to find amidst the walkway full of prowling shadows.
  34. I heard the cracks and booms of the onrushing water then and I almost regretted, as I had with the fire, what would befall the invaders next.
  35. The troll slammed his club into the ground of the clearing and cast a crude Concussion with it as he did so, revealing the source of the booms.
  36. More booms followed causing most of the lights in the hub to go out completely, shortly before a large chunk of the ceiling ruptured and collapsed.
  37. Even if they use the word `alleged,' it will be buried deep in the text while the headline booms out something like `USAF Pilot Murders Civilians.
  38. Other research also confirms that fast credit growth and financial deregulation /innovation are common characteristics of major booms that end in tears.
  39. The drumbeats came closer, the sound of it lifted the hair on my arms and neck, chills up my back-bone as it turned to the pounding booms of a war-threat.
  40. Screams and growls and booms echoed across the plain; and at one time, a few hundred yards away, he heard the sloshing of deep water and a pitiful bellow.
  41. The roof of that cabin was a deck, and there was another small cabin on top of it that reached to the lowest of the great horizontal booms on the middle mast.
  42. These funds enable you to take advantage of booms in foreign countries, while remaining within the safe regulatory and investing environment of the United States.
  43. I remain in this trance until General Hawke takes the microphone and booms, Quiet! Please! He’s not used to dealing with civilians, and the strain shows on his face.
  44. Evidence on inflation and housing booms is complex: one major boom occurred in a high-inflation environment in the 1970s and another in a low-inflation environment in the 2000s.
  45. Highlights from this study reveal that• Small-cap stocks outperform most in inflationary and/or volatile stagnations and only underperform in disinflationary or volatile booms.
  46. The chattering of the machine pistol came to a close several moments later, as did the booms of the shotgun, as there were no more available targets to be fired at within the gallery.
  47. Its use was to adjust speed during trolling operations, while busy with nets and booms; he’d used it to maneuver alongside the barge and remembered clearly that it was still engaged.
  48. Such dynamics were apparent with equity value, FX carry, and volatility-selling strategies in 2006–2007, just as they were with static asset classes (equity, real estate, and credit booms).
  49. Volume seems to be positively correlated with market valuations—over time (heavier turnover in booms) and cross-sectionally (greater turnover for glamour or growth stocks and positive-momentum stocks).
  50. Consensus forecasts are one way to proxy market expectations; retail surveys, especially, suggest that subjective investor expectations are irrationally high after extended booms and low following downturns.
  51. Piazzesi–Schneider (2008) argue that both low and high inflation can produce housing booms, due to disagreement about inflation and real rates between rational and confused or inflation-illusioned investors.
  52. This analysis does not show how valuations evolve during each regime, but it reveals that average equity market yields are low during booms and high during stagnations—especially during inflationary and volatile stagnations.
  53. Rising with his utmost velocity from the furthest depths, the Sperm Whale thus booms his entire bulk into the pure element of air, and piling up a mountain of dazzling foam, shows his place to the distance of seven miles and more.
  54. Booms, busts, manias, speculative fervor, a market crash, the biggest bull market in 70 years, the biggest bear market since the crash and Great Depression, and two other wicked bear markets are all woven into this 44-year market tapestry.
  55. Anything, from booms, to mast, to engine parts and decking could be hollowed out and, if done well, made into a cache undetectable even to trained dogs: the only way to find the drug, if one was certain it was aboard, would be a gradual disassembly of the entire craft.
  56. I do not remember how many days it was afterwards that I was on the carronade as usual, about the same time, and all parties were precisely in the same situations—the master by my side, the baboon under the booms, and the boy walking out of the cabin with his bread-and-butter.
  57. To be fair there is also in part a rational reason for all this: during booms people have higher disposable income both for direct investment and for pensions and insurance (with those companies then channelling part of the cash into the market), while during a recession there is unemployment, negative equity in one’s home and an absence of pay rises.
  58. The point here is twofold: it is not wrong to invest in a promising sector such as the internet so long as you can see real value in the business, but it is folly to get caught in the hysteria; and it is vital to separate the booms that are based on real business opportunities from the ones that are nothing but passing fads apparently created by some sort of market ramp.
  59. They blamed widespread belief in the EMH, and more loosely market fundamentalism, for the laissez faire attitude of policymakers and regulators: letting leverage and asset booms grow unchecked and allowing ever more complex financial instruments and questionable sales practices flourish without restraint, under the cover that the market would inevitably get the prices of these securities right.
  60. He stands erect and booms out,.

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