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Blast в предложении (на )

  1. A blast of a horn.
  2. It could be a blast.
  3. It should be a blast.
  4. The kid had a blast.
  5. Then came a blast of.

  6. Blast it out of the sky.
  7. He had heard the blast.
  8. Let her hang, blast off.
  9. A trumpet blast or a yell.
  10. It was going to be a blast.
  11. What a blast that had been.
  12. By the blast of cold air I.
  13. The Entire Trip Was a Blast.
  14. If this should blast in proof.
  15. Some were struck by the Blast.

  16. Blast Jack and damn Shelagh!.
  17. It would have been a blast.
  18. A cold blast of air suddenly.
  19. This is a real y powerful blast.
  20. The gathering was a blast with.
  21. She’d get a blast out of that.
  22. Moses trudged against the blast.
  23. We listened to it on full blast.
  24. The sudden fog-horn blast of a.
  25. A hostile weapons fire blast.

  26. I’ll try to blast it clear.
  27. The Force of the blast blew the.
  28. We will not blast my son to bits.
  29. When that hits zero? Blast off.
  30. Well, they’ll blast you out.
  31. How did you survive the blast?
  32. They love the sound of the blast.
  33. A blast of sea-salt wind struck.
  34. The hunter could blast the bird.
  35. Oh yeah! That was such a blast.
  36. But Danny was killed by the blast.
  37. The blast lifted him into the air.
  38. They were a blast when they worked.
  39. Refer to the blast section above!.
  40. Can Hypnosis Blast Me to the Past?
  41. It could withstand a nuclear blast.
  42. Even if they guns at us did blast?
  43. We had a blast with the young ones.
  44. If required grind, sand blast the.
  45. There was a roar and a blast of fire.
  46. Just that one, short blast of water.
  47. The blast depicted by this event is.
  48. You can then blast all your problems.
  49. A strong blast of wind shook the trees.
  50. Some temporarily stunned by the blast.
  51. The blast killed two more infantrymen.
  52. The blast slammed into several of the.
  53. You loved life and lived it full blast.
  54. Damn and blast the Chateau Nova Hotel!.
  55. Every window facing the blast blew out.
  56. The blast sent it flipping on its back.
  57. The blast goes off, and the car rattles.
  58. For the blast of the terrible one is a.
  59. The blast sent debris flying, covering.
  60. Just that the higher the EMP blast, the.
  61. Any minute now, he’d hear a gun blast.
  62. Blast it! He couldn't finish it in time.
  63. Hot blast, in the manufacture of iron, T.
  64. Then, in the next chapter, we blast off.
  65. But the Blast struck them in the morning.
  66. The blast was so powerful, my ears popped.
  67. I could have one last blast before I leave.
  68. Sorry, I’m afraid he died in the blast.
  69. The blast blew so strong I could not stand.
  70. Just the blast wave which felt like a jolt.
  71. Brian also was stunned by the blast furnace.
  72. There beyond the blast zone, Morg saw them.
  73. The blast of dust and radiation should.
  74. Blast! There was someone at the front door.
  75. He's not going to blast you out of the sky.
  76. They were a blast when they worked.
  77. Even with a blast of the horn from the car.
  78. He couldn’t see where the blast came from.
  79. The idiots had the CD player on full blast!.
  80. I wondered if she would blast me to cinders.
  81. I had a blast – and won my girl’s heart.
  82. OUTPUT of a blast furnace is called PIG IRON.
  83. There was that one long blast, then nothing.
  84. No one could have lived through such a blast.
  85. SG 550 assault rifles that can blast off 700.
  86. The door opened, letting in a blast of icy air.
  87. I WAS STRUCK with a blast of blinding sunlight.
  88. He weathered the first blast of sound, blinking.
  89. I was inside a cave at the time of the blast.
  90. We sat in the car with the heater on full blast.
  91. Archie listened to the horn blast with annoyance.
  92. At the blast (nshahmuh) of his anger they perish.
  93. What! Elizabeth, in a blast, reacted in fury.
  94. Another blast of thunder rumbled across the valley.
  95. Anyway, as it turned out, I not only had a blast.
  96. The person must have been thrown out by the blast.
  97. A trumpet blast stopped the advance of the pikemen.
  98. He heard a blast somewhere in the recesses of the.
  99. I escaped the blast by coming aboard the Harbinger.
  100. Yousef escaped to Pakistan shortly after the blast.
  1. Without blasting it to death.
  2. They're blasting us to pieces.
  3. Did they use blasting caps?
  4. Louie was blasting the porkers with his.
  5. Resume blasting is a low percentage effort.
  6. What about the blasting caps? he asked.
  7. The girl in the car just started blasting away.
  8. The Blasting supervisors who have received the.
  9. Blasting this place would be a prestigious move.
  10. In the old days, they would use that for blasting.
  11. I forgot to tell you they were blasting today!.
  12. Only a detonator or blasting cap could do the trick.
  13. Blasting Officer & countersigned in the Transit slip.
  14. He kept blasting the problem with cycles of beta waves.
  15. Do you mean as in blasting caps for excavation?
  16. Suddenly, the phone rang, almost blasting in their ears.
  17. You are better off if you have a MANUAL SAND BLASTING.
  18. I rolled out from behind the dumpster and began blasting.
  19. For all I knew, he was blasting tree stumps or something.
  20. John had awakened early, the sun was already blasting the.
  21. He was convinced that the blasting cap would go undetected.
  22. Why the hell was the KST blasting his ‘jack lighting’ me?
  23. Radio?! I remember feeling that a Boom Box was blasting static.
  24. The blasting officer shall be assisted by the blasting Overman.
  25. That saves my friend the trouble of blasting him with a missile.
  26. It’s all about punching through all the flack And blasting out.
  27. The Fuzers opened fire, blasting the mysterious craft with high-.
  28. I seem to remember that they used it in the Old West for blasting.
  29. The ground would shake several times a day when they were blasting.
  30. And that takes a lot of blasting, Nadir suddenly comprehended.
  31. Nicky closed her eyes and put her headphones on, blasting her stereo.
  32. Hare's Apparatus for Rock Blasting, with aid of Galvanism, 355, 356.
  33. You round on the kitchen and dining room where Jane is blasting away.
  34. The air was always thick with dust from the blasting and coal trucks.
  35. My favorites are the mine safety inspectors who monitor the blasting.
  36. The ear pads were packed with BBs, and each contained a blasting cap.
  37. Max tried the next weld down, his hole blasting technique was improving.
  38. If you view the casting after sand blasting, you will be able improve.
  39. I peeked around it and an old professor type dude started blasting away.
  40. The light, the unfamiliar cold wind blasting his face…he wept for joy.
  41. The snowballs flew in the next heartbeat, blasting the notebook from his.
  42. Well’s power all to one’s self, they sealed it up with a blasting cap.
  43. Before starting charging operation, the blasting officer and the technical.
  44. The Marines exited the room first, blasting anyone that stood in their way.
  45. He hopes also that there will be shelter from the blasting heat of the sun.
  46. I found the headphones in the house and blasting caps and BBs in the garage.
  47. If she burst into the woods blasting away, she wouldn’t last three seconds.
  48. Telkit switched targets as a Dawhawk came at him, blasting explosives his way.
  49. Earlier, the sky had been filled with mage-fire blasting out from both sides.
  50. Her flaming fist led the way, blasting a hole through the Dead God’s chest.
  51. During blasting operation the blasting overman shall ensure that all persons.
  52. The Blasting Officer shall be the overall In-charge of blasting operation and.
  53. Gunmen popped out of everywhere blasting away with automatic pistols and rifles.
  54. Jake finished his blasting as Danny’s side of the screen turned red with blood.
  55. A loud sound like a firecracker blasting in her ear made him freeze in his tracks.
  56. Blasting him with both barrels of the truth didn't seem to stagger him that much.
  57. I just found my Toyota and went straight to home, blasting the AC to calm myself.
  58. The car’s heater was still on and blasting hot air but her hands were still—.
  59. Don’t know if it has an official name, but it’s known as the blasting truck.
  60. He got a blasting that shook the walls for an order that had not made the deadline.
  61. Blasting cold at a body of water can create a bridge that a character can run across.
  62. Does anyone else remember Jack LaLane in the 80’s and 90’s blasting the airwaves.
  63. For fun, the driver, a black guy, was blasting non-holiday rap with the windows down.
  64. Finally, when the blasting truck backed away, Donovan said, It won’t be long now.
  65. People are forced to leave their homes because of blasting, dust, sludge, and flooding.
  66. Did you see what they used to blow it up? I asked, hoping it involved a blasting cap.
  67. He was soldering a red wire into a wooden table leg that she knew encased the blasting cap.
  68. She opened her palm and a flash of light exploded out, blasting back the Raider holding her.
  69. Cars and vans crept toward him and sidled past, wipers flailing, heaters no doubt blasting.
  70. A wave of power swept the room, blasting James off his feet and dashing him against the wall.
  71. A wave erupted from the creek, blasting into Thalia's face and dousing her from head to toe.
  72. Tom was blasting a song last week in his room and the chorus shouts, „We're all suckin'.
  73. Blasting off from the top of the huge starship he heads back to his flagship and robot legions.
  74. Twanging fingers bounce to out the rhythm on the neck of the guitar blasting out of the radio.
  75. The internal air of Hermes rushed through the open VAL, blasting Hermes in the other direction.
  76. Molly had her sci-fi pistol and was blasting away, mostly hitting what she aimed at and blowing.
  77. Ken Evans had the engine running and the heater blasting when Rudolph reached him in the car park.
  78. Masses, that have been separated by blasting, and weighing from 100 to 200 pounds, lie on the surface.
  79. You have ten minutes to get your ships out of my line of fire, before I start blasting the lot of you.
  80. Angrily he spits a grenade from his cheek at the force field, blasting the thin structure apart easily.
  81. We swung out the gate to the music of the band, with the cadence of drums and the blasting of trumpets.
  82. We waved at each other and Charlie stared at me instead of blasting me with his usual obnoxious barking.
  83. Decades earlier, long before they began blasting tops off mountains, there were almost a million miners.
  84. They fell back, front lines pushing on back lines, trying to escape the stairwell and the blasting cold.
  85. Turning the key she opens the Flat door to be greeted by the new television blasting out a music channel.
  86. The concrete canyons of Citadel City are painted by the glow of morning sun, blasting through the clouds.
  87. As they got close to the cave, a blasting sound hit the tree next to Will leaving a burn mark on the tree.
  88. The dirt and sand were blasting me in the face from the force of the prop wash as I coward under my blanket.
  89. A blasting truck, front-end loaders, a dragline, mining trucks and haul trucks, track shovels, track loaders.
  90. Such pikemen as had survived the blasting charge of the knights were cut to pieces by the ruthless Gundermen.
  91. The two hovering ships moved towards the gully and began firing, blasting the trees part way up the hillside.
  92. He still wore makeup, he still wore pirate shirts, and he could hear eighties music blasting from the hallway.
  93. Along the length of the Bible‘s spine, Santiago placed a slender blasting cap about the size of a harmonica.
  94. The foreman showed me how to do it when we were blasting ledge for those six houses my dad put up last year.
  95. The T-90’s shells have already gouged the outcrop, blasting holes in the wall of rock that’s protecting Zia.
  96. Although the music gets annoying, he always feels sorry for her every time he hears it blasting through the wall.
  97. She stands and walks quickly over to the window and whips open the drapes, blasting sunshine throughout the room.
  98. The annual fair was in Bremerhaven, blasting Rudi Schurike’s hit song Caprifischer non-stop over the fairgrounds.
  99. It flew almost over them in the sky, only a few thousand feet above, blasting wind they could feel even down here.
  100. Then in ’99, he was caught in Arizona trying to buy blasting caps from a gang member who turned out to be local ATF.
  1. Gritty snow blasted into eyes.
  2. Where are those blasted keys?
  3. I was drenched and sand blasted.
  4. Soon the officer blasted the sirens.
  5. He lifted his magma gun and blasted.
  6. I had to admit that blasted my theory.
  7. She just wished that blasted Louisa.
  8. He took everything for a blasted joke.
  9. She blasted me with that winning smile.
  10. But we all know her hopes were blasted.
  11. Nibbles couldn’t see a blasted thing.
  12. And look at this blasted rag, says he.
  13. It was almost blasted out of existence.
  14. They later blasted a hole in the wall.
  15. We’d been blasted right off the road.
  16. A song from the Doors blasted from the.
  17. With a three shot burst, he blasted the.
  18. I need your help with this blasted TV.
  19. He blasted them on minimal provocation.
  20. He blasted the jackals with waves of sand.
  21. Yaf fired Shap’s thrusters and blasted.
  22. When do we kill the blasted thing?
  23. He side stepped it and blasted it with the.
  24. Prepare to hoist the sail! Erik blasted.
  25. It must have been blasted out of existence!.
  26. A volcano blasted its bowels into the heavens.
  27. Some blasted Set with gusts of wind or water.
  28. Just then Ansh came there and blasted at Divya.
  29. Losira tried to intercept Apollo and was blasted.
  30. The siren blasted and the shift left the waterway.
  31. I blasted those as we rode down the country roads.
  32. Loyal by Chris Brown blasted through the speakers.
  33. We'll be landing in an hour on that blasted place.
  34. Goran blasted 37 aces and won a total of 25 games.
  35. He then lifted his rifle and blasted a hole into it.
  36. Zia blasted fire at the spot where he’d been lying.
  37. Behold, seven heads of grain, thin and blasted with.
  38. Just like when I blasted those other three Red punks.
  39. He blasted it with the Iotian phaser he had acquired.
  40. Barnes’s worried voice blasted through his earpiece.
  41. Now hearing the hypocrisy in her words, I blasted her.
  42. Without it, the atmosphere would be blasted away into.
  43. That's all she needed; some blasted man following her.
  44. The driver of the van blasted his horn with full force.
  45. Molly blasted them into shards like it was a video game.
  46. Targeting Akbar one of the troops blasted away at Akbar.
  47. She blasted me with her wand when I went after her son.
  48. How about me, though? I blasted that one really good too.
  49. This blasted child is so hard of hearing! Halirit thought.
  50. Anything that tried to stop or challenge her she blasted.
  51. Ook! Blasted woman! She had jabbed me in the short-ribs.
  52. He blasted the controls, hoping that would slow them down.
  53. Yeltsa blasted it a second time and ripped open his chest.
  54. Hemingway blasted his head using a shotgun on July 2, 1961.
  55. Adam blasted straight past the Royal National Park turnoff.
  56. Those blasted prophets, Lucifer’s voice steadily rises.
  57. But then you got on a giant bomb that blasted you to Mars.
  58. The event was blasted on every television news station, the.
  59. The last of the sedated absent-ness blasted away completely.
  60. But it was back now and it blasted my face, my brow, my nose.
  61. And a hose of water blasted from the paper into Joey’s face.
  62. Batistuta grasped the trigger and blasted him with his magma.
  63. The ships shuddered as the missiles blasted from their tubes.
  64. The radio blasted out the rest of its song, the voice bellowed.
  65. Then new cracks appeared, and the force of Chaos blasted its.
  66. The announcement of a virtdrone blasted across the neighborhood.
  67. I was saying… in the first war, Othrys was blasted to pieces.
  68. The trumpets blasted as the men on the balcony disappeared into.
  69. Katy Perry blasted in their ears as the car swiftly moved along.
  70. The blasted dog fried my motherboard and heaven knows what else.
  71. As she swung the window open cold air blasted over their bodies.
  72. Next comes the layer of rock, which is blasted out of the ground.
  73. What a blasted shame! Miserable snobs! May their dirty souls be.
  74. The loud voice blasted, Michael Wayne, we know you are in there.
  75. The machine completed the wash cycle, then blasted me with hot air.
  76. Amos blasted the monsters one after the other, but they just kept.
  77. It is about blasted time, officers, I want that car removed this.
  78. This blasted the straps off the crowd that came for the opening act.
  79. Flames didn’t affect it either when I blasted full strength at it.
  80. Your new star boarder wants to cross-section the whole blasted town.
  81. A Federal Court ruling has blasted the biased musings of Judge John.
  82. Brendan powered up suddenly and blasted his way into the clouds again.
  83. Also, many binding, deeply entrenched beliefs are being blasted away.
  84. Loud music and laughter blasted out of the large cave as we drew near.
  85. Sebastian blasted off a heartfelt prayer of thanks as he looked skyward.
  86. Then my sister came on the line and blasted me for having faith in You.
  87. It had, in fact, blasted free, but only their data channels went with it.
  88. His grip has been upon me these twenty years, and he has blasted my life.
  89. Just leave the blasted animal and come back here, Joey! Lezura said.
  90. On the outside the Cygnus looked as though it had been sand blasted, any.
  91. The blasted air conditioner is the problem that caused the fuse to blow.
  92. They looked up as rotor blades blasted a path around the jagged headland.
  93. And we got a little happier every time we were blasted for our stupidity.
  94. The ground trembled as the monstrous thunderclap blasted its way past him.
  95. Tanya gave chase and she blasted him out of the sky with a guided missile.
  96. All of our trash was blasted out of cannons onto the surface of Garbotron.
  97. Flat! Thoth blasted another demon, who col apsed and shriveled into.
  98. An arcane wind blasted over the great Audience Chamber of the Abyssal Cairn.
  99. It had blasted down on him relentlessly, adding to his pain and discomfort.
  100. Pul ! The red god shot lightning at a stone sphinx and blasted it to.
  1. Several blasts came his way.
  2. Then another two blasts and silence.
  3. One of the blasts hit Joey in his gut.
  4. More disruptor blasts came his direction.
  5. Blasts of air race towards TK’s temples.
  6. Suddenly a horn sounded three longs blasts.
  7. Blasts soothed the flowers born without seed.
  8. Suddenly a louder gun blasts in the distance.
  9. Blasts of fire leaped up from below shaking the.
  10. A toy machine-gun sent tinny blasts into the air.
  11. Jet reacts and blasts a beam of photons, sending the.
  12. Modi was just landing in Patna when the blasts occurred.
  13. Then the driver sounded its horn with three long blasts.
  14. Four helicopters are destroyed in huge explosive blasts.
  15. He fires again and blasts the antenna off that tank, too.
  16. Every car and truck began to honk loud, sustained blasts.
  17. Two blasts roared out of the car, the shots sounding as one.
  18. Violent blasts erupted in the crowds and amongst the police.
  19. Snow and rain fell alternately between cold blasts of wind.
  20. After putting in two blasts, some large pieces were obtained.
  21. He gave three short blasts, and Sig started to bark on the run.
  22. Willie blasts his way out of the area with the bike's forward-.
  23. Nobody took the responsibilities of that deadly blasts and explosions.
  24. The explosions and blasts were so powerful that I had lost my hearing.
  25. His armor was resilient, however, and deflected the blasts completely.
  26. To indulge his eccentric urge they would brave the icy blasts of night.
  27. The volume blasts handclaps and a steady drum beat, guitars over the top.
  28. I heard more blasts, shouts, male and female screams coming from above us.
  29. Then the shotgun blasts again, and something tears through Ciere’s shelter.
  30. Mind Blasts can effect targets that are in ghost form, but they have no effect.
  31. River Queen gave seven short blasts on her whistle-horn and started back upriver.
  32. As soon as they leave, the company blasts away with little regard for the rules.
  33. The trumpeters blew lonely blasts, and only the desert answered with a dying echo.
  34. Meanwhile, gunshots were happening everywhere, loud blasts that echoed in the night.
  35. His head throbbed from the magical blasts of the Key Mage and his red-haired friend.
  36. From the missile blasts they sustain some damage to their tracks and hydraulic pumps.
  37. Justice raised an eyebrow for a second and smirked as the ineffectual blasts struck him.
  38. Between the blasts, screams of terror could be heard, echoing throughout the Sanctuary.
  39. Marco and Bellona’s shield systems become very visible and absorb the powerful blasts.
  40. Lather blew back across a sweat-glistened body as the beast blew out great blasts of air.
  41. Those 25 puny nukes at the major domes did little damage, the blasts were mostly contained.
  42. Id forgotten there was once just Ben, shy and serious, those weird unsettling blasts of humor.
  43. Two shotgun blasts tore open the back door, and the robot, remote camera attached, rolled in.
  44. With feline reflexes the Viceken rolled onto its feet and fired more blasts of plasma at Dunit.
  45. But Joey fired two consecutive blasts of honoi that knocked the animal over with a guttural whimper.
  46. Their legs clung to the animals as the horses raced headlong into the blasts of the automatic fire.
  47. In high school, she would drive up here with Chip McGillicuddy after double features or beer blasts.
  48. Some of the guards had turned their attention to them and chabazite blasts were striking all around.
  49. Then, for a while, there came over her face a repose which was like spring after the blasts of March.
  50. Again I had witnessed the deadly serial blasts and explosions that shaken the entire city of Guwahati.
  51. Horn blasts rent the night air apart and drove the drunken revelry of the enemy camp into consternation.
  52. The laser blasts sailed harmlessly over his head and both robots ended up shooting each other in the chest.
  53. Her hair looking shampoo-perfect was lifted away from her face by the percussive blasts of explosive shells.
  54. She took out three more guards in this fashion before she was subdued by several blasts from their weapons.
  55. Mother was very happy that I had safe returned from the places of blasts, explosions, bombings, and gunshots.
  56. First the trumpet blasts of warning issued from the porch back in dream-six, and now judgment precedes from it.
  57. Once a few plasma blasts went over their head, they popped up with a hailstorm of gunfire at Bensaur’s signal.
  58. A blue energy ribbon surrounded the warriors and captured the destructive energy of the blasts from the dragons.
  59. He felt its breathy bubbling hatred, growing in volume in short rumbling blasts of intent as it approached them.
  60. A FEW SECONDS later, the entire greenhouse reverberated with a half dozen or more gun blasts coming from outside.
  61. Serial blasts had taken place, but the crowd just wanted a glimpse of Modi,’ remembers a senior police officer.
  62. A one-man vigilante, Bickle blasts his way down the dingy hallway to where Iris’s liaison is being consummated.
  63. It was no time for special moments; blasts of fire balls came flying through the air as they were being attacked.
  64. I could smell blood, magic blasts and heard the clash of steel as the entire group massed around the one carrying me.
  65. And then there were a series of explosive blasts and as a result smoke and dust clouds everywhere were in the scenes.
  66. The surface of the surrounding sea broke apart as great marine bodies rose to the surface with blasts of water and air.
  67. On this the White Rabbit blew three blasts on the trumpet, and then unrolled the parchment scroll, and read as follows:--.
  68. On this the White Rabbit blew three blasts on the trumpet, and then unrolled the parchment scroll, and read as follows:–.
  69. The Peshawar CMH was on the front line of the war on the Taliban and Junaid dealt with gunshot wounds and blasts every day.
  70. BILL STOP THAT! The high-pitched shouting contrasted with the deep report of the shotgun as Bill let fly 2 more blasts.
  71. There were large strikes, hartals and bandhs throughout the state after the serial blasts and explosions in the Guwahati city.
  72. His automatic defensive screen instantly surrounds his body in an electrical field protecting his body from the phaser blasts.
  73. On the day of these serial explosions and blasts I was just completed my rounds on duty in the entire city of Guwahati at noon.
  74. What means this? Desire's wind blasts the thorntree but after it becomes from a bramblebush to be a rose upon the rood of time.
  75. The field was not large, and long before the blasts of autumn had hushed the voices of the flowers, not a single daisy remained.
  76. Later it was known that some extremist groups of the regions to demand for their separate states did those blasts and explosions.
  77. The road was lined by tall trees, the windows were open a bit, and the air, reverberated by the trees came into the car by blasts.
  78. The wizards pulled out all the magical powers they had, from fire balls to laser blasts, and Hoyle threw his cards at the children.
  79. She defensively grabbed the fur hood of her overcoat and pulled it tight onto her face to prevent the bitter blasts from entering.
  80. I was returning on the way to my camp when a huge and deadly explosions and blasts were occurred one after another all of a sudden.
  81. In the distance I heard sirens once more, sirens combined with stentorian horn blasts that identified the vehicles as fire engines.
  82. Then one after another, many serial blasts and explosions were occurred in different places in the Guwahati city within few minutes.
  83. Hundreds and thousands of innocent people were brutally killed in that explosions, blasts, and many of them were seriously wounded.
  84. Significantly, not once did he refer to the blasts in his speech, only asking people to go home safely at the very end of his address.
  85. Both Çrámerr and I fired at him, the blasts gouging craters out the floor and scattering red-hot chunks of Konkreet in all directions.
  86. Alit’aren and Ael Tarael threw balls of flame at the chests of the creatures though the blasts were absorbed by the dark-plated armour.
  87. The Patna blasts only seemed to consolidate this ‘Hindu’ vote bank, with the needle of suspicion pointing at Islamic militant groups.
  88. We refrain from racism, which blasts out these comparisons or locks them as ego comparisons in our hearts, where we push people below us.
  89. The wire snaps as he blasts on through, aiming for a gate in the wrought-iron fence that has been kept open to allow vehicles to move freely.
  90. Here was a time of racial rejoicing, mingled with sacrifices, Levitical chants, and the solemn blasts of the silvery trumpets of the priests.
  91. Its blasts pursued us even into the recesses of the dingy wooden hall we took our ears into, vainly trying to carry them somewhere out of range.
  92. They who heard it listened with a curdling horror at the heart, little inferior to that dread which may be expected to attend the blasts of the final.
  93. Suddenly, emerging from an intricate cave and crater system created by cannon blasts, I saw what I was certain must be the new dwellings of Rip and Wilx.
  94. I made upwards of fifty blasts in this manner, as well as several hundreds in the usual way, and can therefore depend upon the accuracy of this statement.
  95. Then suddenly with a deep-throated call a great horn blew, and the blasts of it smote the hills and echoed in the hollows, rising in a mighty shout above.
  96. It was a matter then of accurately counting the blasts as they went off in turn; again an operation prone to error amid the dust and noise and beating sun.
  97. The ‘POP’ of the launch was nearly inaudible in the middle of the grenade explosions and the screams from men being mauled by the blasts and fragments.
  98. The worshipers passed down the steps leading from the court of Israel to the court of the women while successive blasts were blown upon the silvery trumpets.
  99. By gum, where do you spider monkeys keep popping up from? He exclaimed, as he blew several more to kingdom come with blasts from the canon in his hands.
  100. In the morning the chill blasts of winter entered their humble home, and on looking out they saw that the houses, fields, and roads were thickly covered with snow.

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