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Borderline в предложении (на )

  1. He hoped at least for borderline.
  2. You must cross over the borderline.
  3. This is a condition of borderline panic.
  4. As expected, the pilot was borderline obese.
  5. Their intransigence seemed borderline insane.

  6. I know your temper‘s reaching the borderline.
  7. Borderline people have great difficulty with identity.
  8. In between there was Downtown and pockets of borderline.
  9. Being Asexual – This one’s borderline Inner Game or Outer Game.
  10. Her mother was a borderline alcoholic who couldn’t get out of bed.
  11. The borderline zones or resopasons is a very provisional notion.
  12. He had suffered through a year and a half on the borderline of suicide.
  13. He started blabbering excuses, borderline lies about what they were doing.
  14. It prompts you to drop marginal plans and not chase borderline trade ideas.
  15. Butterfield concluded that Pat was what he called a borderline abused wife.

  16. It wasn’t like the relatively safe life I was living straddling the borderline.
  17. The river was a borderline between civilization and the wilderness, freedom and prison.
  18. Paul would call it borderline hoarding, but Claire felt the warmth of a lived-in space.
  19. I found her to be very proactive in wanting to treat those borderline symptoms, as well.
  20. Greenson that she presented borderline symptoms of the disease that had run in her family.
  21. For the most part, Bob was marginalized in the press as a crazy kook borderline celebrity.
  22. His mother had been borderline manic-depressive, abusive—almost impossible to live with.
  23. Suffering from borderline paranoid schizophrenia, she obviously had severe bouts of paranoia.
  24. In most places, she would have been a borderline case for a quick ambulance trip to a hospital.
  25. These are the sort of figures that, according to our pilot, make our departure a borderline case.

  26. The final exam would count very little; it would be used primarily to separate borderline grades.
  27. Have the doctors and the authorities considered you schizophrenic or borderline schizophrenic?
  28. And the final result is obvious — possible refocusing in the Direction of borderline Proto-Forms.
  29. Chanoch was borderline hysterical, fighting him off, when Nathan said, No, no, that’s no way to be.
  30. Greenson turned to for a second opinion about Marilyn’s condition of borderline paranoid schizophrenia.
  31. He was in some dim borderline country where time was standing still and Ellen was always in the next room.
  32. Did they officially confirmed that you’re schizophrenic or borderline schizophrenic? the woman asks.
  33. At first, he had described her in a letter to Anna Freud as a borderline paranoid addictive personality.
  34. Buchanan was an utter incompetent whose inaction and borderline treason made the Civil War almost inevitable.
  35. That the Branch Davidians may have a strange religion to many is completely irrelevant and borderline bigoted.
  36. The six Jewish Cadets ended the spring term clustered around the borderline that marked the top ten percent of the class.
  37. Now that the cat is out of the bag, yes the doctors and the authorities have considered me schizophrenic or borderline schizophrenic.
  38. Borderline cases can be handled without undue difficulty however, by considering them from the standpoint of either category or of both.
  39. For a woman who was already thought to be borderline paranoid schizophrenic by her doctor, such pursuit had to have been extremely frightening.
  40. They were the borderline cases and could, with a little bit of charity thrown in here and there, eventually become full members of the new society.
  41. I realize there are lots of borderline cases where it's not immediately clearwhat counts as stealing, but let's leave that to the lawyers to figure out.
  42. Wexler also felt strongly that Marilyn Monroe suffered at least from borderline paranoid schizophrenia after sitting in on three sessions with her in Dr.
  43. To attempt to intervene physically with words in any form, would be borderline illegal, unethical, and probably quite disturbing to the patient and family.
  44. One of the most interesting superimpositions produced by new media is that due to a borderline which is increasingly weak between working time and free 44.
  45. Equity-value style portfolios and FX carry portfolios are on the borderline between static and dynamic because their constituents change, but quite slowly.
  46. For instance, I’m almost certain I suffer from undiagnosed cases of paranoia, irrational snacking, abrupt rage, and borderline clinical-level superficiality.
  47. We think, however, that borderline and difficult cases will be relatively few in number (although our second example above belongs, perhaps, in this category).
  48. She had a job interview with the Defense League at ten, and although they’d called her, she’d been borderline nauseated since she’d agreed to talk with them.
  49. Coughing up to the top of the valley, Team Sydney were borderline rancid and in serious need of an early stop for the daywhen the small village of Kurtun kindly appeared.
  50. I could almost hear the scratching sound of mice nesting in the stacks as we crept along the narrow aisles and edged past customers who looked psychologically borderline.
  51. As one put it, [Greenson] even spread lies about his patient to the professional community, including the unsubstantiated report that she was borderline paranoid schizophrenic.
  52. The world doesn't end when we pass on a borderline investment that later works out; the danger we seek to avoid is the temptation or pressure to make too many borderline investments that later turn out badly.
  53. For a heartbeat or two she wondered if someone could be travelling to them through the wild green passageway the emeralds were able to create, but she felt neither movement nor the punch of the borderline between their two countries.
  54. Greenson began to treat Marilyn more intensively, he started telling colleagues that she’d begun to exhibit strong and growing signs of borderline paranoid schizophrenia, just like her mother and, possibly, her grandmother before her.
  55. It means that terms which has borderline meaning that means, such a meaning that it can be interpreted as per the individual intends; for such case some limits or appropriate meaning should be fixed, to avoid the conflict in understanding.
  56. He said that my stress levels were so high that I was on the borderline of requiring psychiatric treatment – perhaps at the Maudsley Hospital! He asked me if I had experienced a terrible trauma recently and I told him that I didn’t think so.
  57. If by this superhuman concentration you succeeded in converting or resolving the physical and higher energy universes with all their complexities into sheer ideas, he would then reach the causal world and stand on the borderline of fusion between mind and matter.
  58. This naturally attracted every wackjob, nutcase and borderline Greeg-like being there was to the place; along with every heroic, bravado seeking adrenaline junkie who wished to seek out and destroy every wackjob, nutcase and borderline Greeg-like being in existence.
  59. Three psychiatrists interviewed for this book, who requested anonymity since all are still treating patients in Los Angeles, say that when they were younger and studying in the city Greenson shared with them (on separate occasions) his concern about borderline paranoid schizophrenia in the case of Marilyn Monroe.
  60. If “the Observer moves” toward “the borderline zones”, some of potential Cosmic Qualities, first, will start to manifest in the form of new recessive dynamics, and then, with a greater degree of the Synthesis with characteristic Qualities, their recessiveness duvuyllerrtly transforms into a dominant activity.
  61. Manifestations in GOORR-VVU-Forms, and in a great many other Forms, is a part of the prerogative of the Collective Creativity of each LLUU-VVU-Form that passes duvuyllerrtly (that is, inertially, gradually, and sequentially) through certain borderline states in different types of Realities into other realization Forms.
  62. After that storage room door incident happened at the hospital, some people have heard that doctors and the authorities now consider you schizophrenic or borderline schizophrenic, especially after the doctors and authorities saw the damage and destruction that was done to the storage room door and inside the storage room.
  63. The extreme limit for dynamics of such frequency displacements are manifestations in adaptative (borderline, diffusgent) Forms which, despite their primitiveness and intellectual underdevelopment, don’t consider themselves disadvantaged , unhappy or deprived of anything at all by civilization (if they have any idea of it).
  64. Such Forms are able to finally help your UFS to refocus (for example, by changing the place of residence) into a half-wild tribe or into a remote, “godforsaken” village whose residents (by Configurations of their Self-Consciousness) represent borderline Forms between “people” and specific bodies of manifestation of this Proto-Form.
  65. All “solid” states of “substance” in any of irkkulligren Realities (on the condition that there is no water in it) include only 1% of “solid matter” and 99% of “air”, that is, interatomic and internuclear Space that belongs to a borderline vibration Level depending on its quality state — either to a flakglaass (5-4-dimensional) or to a loolgsloor (2-1-dimensional) one.
  66. In general, such change in the Process of Synthesis will result in a gradual transformation of the electromagnetic Field into the specific dynamics of flluuy Fields-Consciousnesses typical of the higher-qualitative dynamics of borderline resopasons formed between irkkulligren (3-4-dimensional) and flakglaass (4-5-dimensional) Levels of the synthetic Creativity of Energy-Plasma (more particularly — between 3.
  67. For example, excitations of such field structures of RRGLUU-VVU as flakses, which, being creatively activated on their typical Levels of the 4th-5th dimensions of Space-Time, not only propagate within their own (flaks) space-time structures (iskon Fields-Consciousnesses) but also spheroidally penetrate into other Levels of dimensions and retransform in borderline resopasons into elementary particles typical of each of these Levels, — in 3.
  68. Universal FLUU-VVU-doubles are more involved in the general creative dynamics of FLUU-LUU-complexes, that is why they resonate more with transitional, borderline resopasons, where it is possible to perceive oneself in completely different modifications of Forms of the 4-5-dimensional Formo-systems of Worlds, which I would subjectively define (for myself) as “Communities of Altruism and Light of Knowledge” or “Spheres of high Feelings and Intellect”.
  69. These dynamics not just weaken, but are duvuyllerrtly reprojected (transformed) into borderline resopasons with the predominance (in them) not of our two Dominants, but the specific dynamics of other “Fields”, where wave (either flaks- or dolls-type) parameters move toward a greater dominance of Aspects of another Pure Quality or even a change of the dynamics of both existing Dominants by two (or three — in iskon “Fields”, or one — in uykkuy “Fields”) other Qualities.
  70. Such “differences” and dual interpretation of the same notions are formed in any OLLAKT-DRUOTMM-system literally for every moment of One Life, creating inside all numerous realizational “niches” that are as if “subjectively closed into themselves” all possible different-qualitative interrelations, that is, forming their own “fragmented little worlds” that cannot be hold together within vibrations of one “UU-VVU-niche” and duvuyllerrtly penetrate into those “niches”, the vibrations of which correspond in a greater degree either to one of dualities or reach the levels of borderline, diffusgent relations with other “niches”.
  71. But first it is necessary to understand the main thing: that “quantum” state of Formo-Matter, which you unambiguously define as “one” electromagnetic Field, in case of a change of some of its parameters (for the time being, the frequency of wave oscillations is considered the main parameter), constantly and sequentially transforms into “Fields” of other types typical of the creative dynamics of transitional states of the Tertiary Energy-Plasma (in borderline resopasons) with a duvuyllerrt reprojection (change of the quality of creative realizations) of Universal Focuses of Self-Consciousness from the Forms characteristic of the Realities of irkkulligren types into the Forms of the Realities of flakglaass (4-5-dimensional) or doollttrok (2-3-dimensional) space-time Continuums.
  72. Seeing her must have struck a hidden chord, because I was beginning to sense that the borderline between our world and the Other World, the psychic world,.

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