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Breadbasket в предложении (на )

  1. In short, Matt, he predicted that the breadbasket.
  2. She put them in a breadbasket and covered them with a towel, and handed them to him.
  3. The table was set with two plates, two spoons, dishes of steaming rice, sweet peas, green salad and a small breadbasket.
  4. It was one of the most fertile areas on Earth: known far and wide as The Fertile Crescent… known as the Breadbasket of the World.
  5. It was the staple plant of the breadbasket of the Golden Triangle, the Garden of the Mesopotamian Field: the richest earth outside of Africa.

  6. Back in Indiana, and across the breadbasket of the former United States, community farms have begun replanting food that people can actually eat.
  7. Though to be honest, the former, located on the Bahía Grande near the breadbasket of the valley and the gold-laden foothills of the Sierra Nevada, has more worth shipping.

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