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    1. She flew off, over its head, smacking her knee on the hard shell of its big middle eye and then tumbling thru yards of splintery brush before coming to rest

    2. The paper boy took a stumbling step back, and then another, and ended up almost tripping and tumbling down the stairs

    3. He only had to watch for a few seconds before wire-framed geometries appeared around the storage containers making them look like tiny, slow-rolling dice, tumbling over each other through the debris, accompanied by the product codes of the contents and range to the junk

    4. Three Earth years worked their way by while they debated the merits of a national boundary versus integration with the native economy and ignored the iceberg tumbling ever deeper into the brown dwarf's gravity well

    5. set south across a wind tumbling

    6. Before he realized it, she had jumped him and they went tumbling down the slope before them

    7. crashing thump sent her tumbling to the ground in a

    8. Words come tumbling out

    9. Janet and John come tumbling down the hill

    10. The ladies were on tumbling mats at the far end when he entered and they called him over to them

    1. He tumbles and flips in the dirt before stopping near a fence

    2. A few crates topple and John and Khalid end up on the floor, Russ tumbles behind some boxes

    3. Methinks the One dost well with the Other, whilst the Other tumbles so, in wild free fall

    4. The rest of the debris falls on the ground and tumbles towards Paul

    5. Jaden tumbles forward about twenty feet into the forest while sliding on the snow

    6. Then, in a flash and without any warning, the slug slips off the Administrator's nape, tumbles to the ground, and bursts into dust on impact

    7. It takes a while for his hands to follow his bidding, but at last the book tumbles to the stone floor and he is scrabbling inside the alcove for the only treasures he has

    8. Prudence screams again and tumbles to the floor

    9. As he tumbles from side to side in the circle, the mind-executioner sees first Simon, then the cane, the white wings of the snow-raven, and always the mountain hounds

    10. As in my thoughts, I step away from the rebuilding of my mind, the net Iffenia has left tumbles in

    1. KA-BOOOOOOM! The shell fired by the militants explodes near the tail section, the plane shudders violently and cases of liquor tumble in every direction

    2. I imagined the space around me to be infinite, falling away from the edges of reality like the seas that tumble over the edge of a flat earth

    3. the rattle of chain and the tumble of teeth

    4. at matelot faces as they tumble down

    5. Slowly, we undress each other and tumble onto the bunk

    6. Tindairn was so into the gloss she made Nuran look like a erudite intellectual instead of the rough and tumble herdsman's daughter that she was

    7. I drop through and tumble over and over and over through the void

    8. Hipolyta had just glanced up the street from her numbers when she saw the tumble

    9. He took the brunt of the energy and sent his body forward in a tumble

    10. A gentle shudder was felt, then the rumble grew to a tearing tumble like sound

    1. combined, water formed as notes tumbled over cosmic cliff edges, and proverbial

    2. The cockpit module tumbled slowly next to Greenstone and Tipperary on her way to the terminus

    3. Cells coalesced as notes in the song combined, water formed as notes tumbled over cosmic cliff edges, and proverbial butterfly wings fluttered in their thousands over the future-distant space of Beijing

    4. that tumbled through the glowing gauze

    5. They tumbled from old oil drums, petrol cans and from anything that could hold a growing plant

    6. They tumbled down the knoll and she pinned him down, trying to kiss him

    7. Tendrils of hair snaked over her shoulders and tumbled down her bathrobe in waves of moonlight as she flowed to the left and the right then stopped

    8. The gown tumbled to the ground leaving her completely exposed, utterly physical and utterly vulnerable, if only for a second

    9. bucket tumbled down the memorial steps, Jack and Jill nursed their

    10. He watched, transfixed, as it slowly lost its grip on the grimy cold earlobe and tumbled towards the floor, merging in the small pool of water slowly gathering there; tiny radiating circles running from the point of impact

    1. tum field theory of point particles ’ Bekenstein, however, believes that the

    2. tum state This means that bulk matter in a non-coherent state is effectively

    3. tum behavior in the biomolecular body is therefore generally limited One

    4. a full tum was why she insisted on the female superior position later

    5. tum deep within the waters of the wellhead to everlasting life

    6. Once during a phone conversation, he suddenly said, ‘Arre, tum aur tumhari biwi aaj kal bahut Twitter pe ho!’ (You and your wife are on Twitter a lot)

    7. "Yes, the next song will be Tum paas aaye

    8. "I don't know how Ashutosh could select you for singing Tum paas aaye

    9. Queen of angels, queen of patriarchs, queen of prophets, of all saints, they prayed, queen of the most holy rosary and then Father Conroy handed the thurible to Canon O'Hanlon and he put in the incense and censed the Blessed Sacrament and Cissy Caffrey caught the two twins and she was itching to give them a ringing good clip on the ear but she didn't because she thought he might be watching but she never made a bigger mistake in all her life because Gerty could see without looking that he never took his eyes off of her and then Canon O'Hanlon handed the thurible back to Father Conroy and knelt down looking up at the Blessed Sacrament and the choir began to sing the Tantum ergo and she just swung her foot in and out in time as the music rose and fell to the Tantumer gosa cramen tum

    10. tum was associated with a high level of craving and higher cue-induced (alcohol

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